Constitution Party of Utah Fields Impressive Slate

Ballot Access News is reporting that the Constitution Party of Utah has fielded quite an impressive slate of candidates.

Filing has closed for the Utah primaries. The Constitution Party has 38 candidates for the State House, although two of them are running against each other in one district. Utah has 75 State House districts.

It is unusual for any minor party to run candidates in even half of any state’s legislative districts.

The Constitution Party also has candidates in over half the State Senate districts (8 candidates, in the 15 districts that are up this year).

The Libertarian Party has 8 candidates for the Utah State House.

In the U.S. House races, the Constitution Party has candidates in all three districts, and the Libertarian Party in two districts. Thanks to Frank Fluckiger for this news.

h/t to Richard Winger

5 Responses to “Constitution Party of Utah Fields Impressive Slate”

  1. Trent Hill Says:

    There are two races where CP candidates are facing each other. Additionally, there are only 3-4 races where CP candidates are in two-way races,most are three way.

  2. Robert Milnes Says:

    CP notwithstanding, I want to see EITHER ONE Libertarian OR one Green on EVERY ballot in 2008.

  3. Trent Hill Says:


    What does that have to do with this article?

    All I want for 2008 is another elected state legislative candidate for the CP.

  4. SovereignMN Says:

    CP is strong in Utah. Good work guys.

  5. Trent Hill Says:

    CP is strong in Utah, Montana, and Nevada.

    But it doesnt rival the strength of the LP in Missouri and Texas.

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