Constitution Party of Montana’s Filings

Filing closed in Montana yesterday and the Constitution Party filed 10 legislative candidates and 1 statewide candidate. Rick Jore could not run again due to term-limits,although some suspected he might run for the State Senate District he lives in. While the Constitution Party filed 11 candidates, the Libertarian Party filed only 3.

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  1. Phil Says:

    Do they have a one-term limit?

  2. SovereignMN Says:

    I believe he had a previous term from awhile back when he was a Republican and that still counts against him.

  3. silver Republican Says:

    Has Mr. Jore accomplished anything of particular note while a member of the party other than getting elected?

  4. Prolifer Says:

    Is this the Constitution Party of Montana that dis-affiliated itself from the national Constitution Party because of the pro-life compromise by National, or is there a new CP state affiliate in Montana that has filed these candidates?

  5. Trent Hill Says:

    “Has Mr. Jore accomplished anything of particular note while a member of the party other than getting elected?”

    He saved the Montana taxpayers $3 billion dollars. The State Healthcare Budget was originally 3 billion,but Jore opposed it. Since he holds the balance in the House,they had to compromise…and they cut the budget down to $300. Yes…three-hundred dollars.

    “On Thursday, the House cut $1.6 million in general fund money and $1.1 million in state fees intended for the state Justice Department to spend on digital driver’s licenses and identification cards.
    Reps. Rick Jore, C-Polson, and Diane Rice, R-Dillon, led the effort to remove this money, saying it was part of a controversial effort to get national identification cards, known as Real ID cards. There are two resolutions before the Legislature opposing Real ID cards.”
    $21.9 million was cut from the latest State Budget because of Jore’s work. And he led the charge against REAL ID.

  6. NewFederalist Says:

    So, did Rick Jore file for State Senate or any statewide constitutional position?

  7. silver Republican Says:

    Fascinating. . . so there’s a third party member actually making a difference somewhere.

  8. Trent Hill Says:

    NewFederalist—no. Rick Jore filed no where.

  9. NewFederalist Says:

    Bummer! Thanks, Trent.

  10. Trent Hill Says:

    Agreed. I was hoping he’d run for State Senate or even mayor of his local town or some county office. Anything to keep him working.

  11. ADGettis Says:

    NewFederalist and Trent,

    Rick is most certainly still working; he is one of the primary people trying to pass Constitutional Initiative 100, a personhood amendment based on his H.B. 403 from this session.

    The website for CI-100 is if you’re interested.

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