Constitution Party pronounces the GOP dead

From the Constitution Party:

Primary turnout and recent surveys show conservative “values” voters have abandoned the Republican Party.

Illustrating a dramatic about face from past elections, a recent study shows that if the election were held today, 40% of all evangelical Christian voters would choose the Democratic candidate and just 29% would choose the Republican candidate. The remaining 28% are undecided, saying they would make their selection without respect to party affiliation.

A Barna Group release titled: Born Again Voters No Longer Favor Republican Candidates cites figures that spell doom for the Republican Party, given that “in the past couple of elections, the born again vote represented about half of the total number of votes cast in the U.S. (and)… given the close tally in 2004, the born again vote (is) vital”.

“The political pendulum hasn’t swung this far since the Whig Party became extinct back before the Civil War”, noted Constitution Party National Committee Chairman Jim Clymer. “Just as the Republican Party, then a third party, wound up deposing the Whigs, we’re seeing the demise of the Republican party because voters have decided it’s lost its relevance. That explains the steady and solid growth of the Constitution Party”, Clymer added.

The Constitution Party, on course to have ballot access in all 50 states this November, is the largest and fastest-growing third party based on voter registrations (Ballot Access News).

“Conservative voters have made it clear they want no part of the Grand Old Party. Statistics show many are saying they will no longer buy into ‘party loyalty’ when their party has been anything but loyal to them. With candidates like Senators McCain, Obama and Clinton in the mix, voters will correctly assume they have nothing to lose by voting their conscience in November; even if that means a vote for a smaller party candidate”, Clymer predicted.

George Barna, head of the recent voter preference survey said “The evangelical vote is up for grabs. In recent elections, the faith vote sided with the Republican candidate… This year… however, the faith vote cannot be taken for granted. Republican candidates have a tough road ahead of them”.

“To succeed in his bid for the White House, McCain must consolidate his support among conservatives which will not happen just because he is the Republican nominee. In the wake of… Republican scandals… and… failure to advance… the social conservative agenda,… support for the GOP has diminished”, wrote Tony Perkins of the Christian political advocacy group the Family Research Council. Likewise, GOPUSA notes: “The problem the GOP faces is with turnout. Plain and simple, more (than double the number of) Democrats are voting in the primaries than Republicans”.

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  1. Robert Milnes Says:

    Come on. It is evil. You can’t kill it.

  2. Red Phillips Says:

    The GOP ought to die, but for an evangelical to vote for a Democrat instead is insane. People can just not shake their two party mindset.

  3. Dave Williams Says:

    Thanks GOP. Thanks for not following & supporting the Constitution, for pandering to Left Wing radicals and essentially joining them, for pre-emptive warfare that alienated us diplomatically from many nations around the world and which ignited a fire under extremists everywhere, for the illegal immigrant amnesty bill which encouraged countries to fund their terrorists to travel across the pond and work their way to our unsecured border…that should have been locked down post 9/11!! In addition to terrorists, thousands of people just like Che Guevara, (Marxists, the real ones, not like the watered down crap we have here that live in Hollywierd), were allowed to enter our country to undermine the very thing that makes us Americans…FREEDOM! Undermine and destroy America from within has been at the core of Communistic strategic interests for decades…almost a reality now. Thanks again GOP

  4. Ben Says:

    Two Words: Red Dawn.

  5. johncjackson Says:

    Evangalism has nothing to do with the COnstitution

  6. Eric Dondero Says:

    Bad timing on the part of the CP: A slew of polls have just been released today from a wide variety of major polling firms: Zogby, Gallup, Rasmussen,

    All polls have McCain and Republicans surging ahead of Obama, with Hillary making some headway for the Dem nomination.

    Here’s a sample: McCain is CRUSHING Obama in Kentucky, 56% to 28%. He’s also got a big lead over Obama in Missouri, 52% to 32%.

    Nationwide McCain is now leading Obama by about 4 to 5 points.

    And it’s not just McCain. Norm Coleman, Republican US Senator from Minnesota has now surged ahead of Al Franken, 52% to 42%.

    Somethings going on out there. All of a sudden there’s a huge turn to the Republican Party. I suspect two things: The overwhelming success of the Surge and the Victory in Iraq, added to Jeramiah Wright controversy and the general chaos on the Dem side with the primaries.

    Suddenly McCan looks very Presidential.

  7. Dave Williams Says:

    Yes, BHO has shot himself in the foot with this one. One can’t preach ‘Unity’ if he’s been associated with the remnants of the BLA for 20 years.

    Things have been quite on this site for a few hours…hmmm the TPW Marxist wannabe’s must be crying in their beers. LOL

  8. Red Phillips Says:

    “the Victory in Iraq”

    Victory? So we can bring our troops home now then, right?

  9. Eric Dondero Says:

    Dave, notice how the Leftwing Libertarian crowd is completely silent on the whole Obama mess? Nothing! Tom Knapp - Nothing. Free Liber - Nothing. - Nothing.

    They’re in a trap. If they criticize Obama, they align themselves with the Pro-Defense Right against their Leftist America-bashing friends.

    Funny, the Leftwing Libertarians are willing to throw out the entire Economic Freedom agenda, if it will mean supporting opposition to the War.

  10. Eric Dondero Says:

    Yes Red, I’m all in favor of starting to bring them home. Not all of a sudden, but gradual pull-back. We’ve won, and we’ve won big. In fact, it’s perhaps the greatest Military victory in the history of the United States, (next to Afghanistan, and perhaps WWII).

  11. silver Republican Says:

    Well put Mr. Dondero. If more people thought like you, your party could get somewhere.

  12. Brent Burk Says:

    Eric, um, you want to come home now? Wow. Finally!?
    But, you supported Rudy, and McCain is looking presidential to you.
    I’m confused.

    I just read an issue of The New Individualist. You seem to be an Objectivist, at least when it comes to foreign policy, no?

  13. Dave Williams Says:

    I still think you’re a shitbrick for your over the top views concerning shit like torture…or should I refer to the comparison that you made of ‘games to torture’ on that one thread. Also for your stance on disbanding the LP.

    That being said, I do agree with this; “They’re in a trap. If they criticize Obama, they align themselves with the Pro-Defense Right against their Leftist America-bashing friends.” For the LP to attract middle Americans, they’re going to need to purge this party of the radicals, any radicals leaning in any direction.

  14. Dave Williams Says:

    Oh, and Eric, I’m not for the Iraq invasion…that was and is bullshit. I was for killing terrorists and low intensity conflict only…not nation building for freedoms sake at the end of a gun. And I do not agree with it being our greatest victory…I think that would be WWII & the end of the USSR.

  15. Dave Williams Says:

    I directly supported OIF-OEF, I posses skills that I knew would save lives, that’s why I went. I hesitate to even call it a victory…but it did happen, and we must support our beaten down military. And anyone who’s ever taken live fire, even for one day, deserves a victory.

    After all, the troops didn’t self-deploy, did they Congress/Bush? So, call it a victory for nothing more than morales sake. It will take years to repair the damage that’s been done to our military, our economy and our diplomatic ties with other nations. Let the draw down begin.

  16. Thomas M. Sipos Says:

    Dondero: “the Leftwing Libertarians are willing to throw out the entire Economic Freedom agenda, if it will mean supporting opposition to the War.”

    I’ve yet to meet a “leftwing libertarian” who wants to toss out the economic freedom aspects of the LP.

    You’re trying to create a left/right split among libertarians that just isn’t there. I know both Left and Right libertarians, and they’re indistinguishable from each other. Very slight differences in style and emphasis.

    Dondero, you’re not a rightwing libertarian, and you don’t speak for rightwing libertarians.

    Ron Paul is a rightwing libertarian (despite his party affiliation). You, on the other hand, are a supporter of McCain, Giuliani, and Lieberman. Not a libertarian in the bunch.

  17. Stefan Says:

    Eric, frist of all you are posting off topic posts (this thread deals with the Constitution Party) and your rooting for McCain has nothing to do with any third party watch! As mostly, you are way off base. If the US has already won big in Iraq (remember Bush infamous victory picture), why still stay after 5 years? I mean in any war, as soon as any party has won a battle or war, they go onto the next stage, they do not just stay there, unless they have some neocolonial type interests… which brings us to the crux of the matter here.

    BTW: The battle for the hearts and minds of the Iraqis have already been lost, it may have been won with the overthrow of Saddam (that could also have been achieved in another, much better way, from the inside namely).

    All third Parties: CP, LP, Greens etc. have in common that they have been and are against the war in Iraq.

    (May take on the Wright-issue: it may cost Obama the nomination, he may lose momentum and themajority super-delegates may probably vote for Clinton, but they may also enforce a Clinton-Obama ticket, as they will be afraid of a majority Afro-American “backlash”, going to the streets and/or stay at home as well as for his appeal among young voters and Independents and some GOP. McCain’s connection to lobbyists is to be exposed further, his emotional unpredictability is a matter of concern as well as his mistakes with connecting Iran with Al Qaeda and this will lead to him being a very weak potential candidate. The GOP should indeed be worried about not only the “backlash” of Evangelical support to the CP (Dobson etc.), but also anti-war GOP constituency as well as conservative GOP support that do no go along with McCain (Newt Ginrich, Rush, defection to the LP etc. They will be facing their worst defeat. With a possible Clinton-Obama vs McCain-Lieberman ticket, third parties may profit much more than usual ).

  18. Ronald Monroe Says:

    I am unable to speak for the national situation, but here in Michigan we have over 70 potential candidates so far, where as the last election we had a final total of 34. We are getting both Democrats and Republicans that are jumping ship. What does that tell us?

  19. Sean Scallon Says:

    Wow! Mr. Rittberg is already sniffing around McCain’s arse like the mangy dog that he is? Who would have thunk it?

  20. paulie Says:

    I have long said that the US should declare victory in Iraq and get out pronto.

    Should’ve done it back when Bush declared “mission accomplished.”

  21. Phil Sawyer Says:

    As I have been saying and writing for a few years now, the Republican Party will be a minor sized party by the year 2012. Just wait and see - or if you are actually in the GOP, get to the lifeboats now!

  22. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAFR Says:

    Remember the old WHIG party? There used to be just the Whig party and the Democratic party many years ago. Right before the Civil War (or War Between the States, as some of you call it..) there was no republican party. yet. Whether we liked it or not, the number one issue…SLAVERY was not properly delt with.
    Because one of the major parties at the time…Whig party…continued to ignore the SLAVERY issue, it eventually died on the vine (and rightfully so!)
    And, a new political third party…the Republican party rose to the stage and elected Lincoln, for better or for worse.
    I really believe history repeats itself!
    Today, the real number one issue is “ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION”.....not the media induced priority issues such as health care and the Iraq war.
    Iraq and all the talk about it by the republicrat front runners is nothing but a ‘smoke-screen’. THEY dare not talk about “illegal immigration”!!

    However, the Constitution party will talk about it! Their candidates are talking about it! And the C.P. Nominee will be talking about it, no matter how much the republicrats try to ignore the issue.

    Because the rotten Republican party has ignored illegal immigration and abandoned the Constitution, IT WILL DIE ON THE VINE JUST LIKE THE WHIG PARTY DIED IGNORING THE ISSUE OF SLAVERY in 1859.

    The GOP is the “sinking Titanic”. All that the ‘Huckleberries’ and ‘Romneys’ did, was merely ‘rearrange the Titanic’s deck chairs!

    And, guess WHO is the Titanic’s Captain, at the helm??? McAmnesty Insane McCain! ANOTHER CFR member (Council on Foreign Relations)
    stooge! I say, good riddance!

    -Larry Breazeale, Msgt. (ret.) USAFR

    National Veterans Coalition

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