The good, the bad, and the ugly

2008Central paid some attention to the LP today.

On Daniel Imperato:

Politically irrelevant (and justifiably so) candidate, Daniel Imperato draws the ire of a librarian. Apparently, Imperato has been placing press releases framed as news stories in foreign news release services that are subsequently getting pick up by Google News and Yahoo News and making their way into readers mailboxes. Some headlines from Imperato’s stealth stories (I do not suggest reading them):

* Imperato on the Road to Recovery after Surgery - An article about Imperato’s “major eye surgery”
* 2008 US Presidential Candidate and Papal Knight D. Imperato Named as Grand Prior of Orden Bonaria for the US and Canada, & Wife Jan Deborah
* Media Alert: The G8 Summit: Subject Africa; Presidential Hopeful Dan Imperato Comments on the G8 Summit and Their Dealings with Africa
* Leading 2008 Presidential Candidate Imperato Speaks on Corporate America

For the record, every single Libertarian I know is embarrassed about Imperato, with one solitary exception.

On George Phillies:

Libertarian George Phillies leads his rivals in individual contributions, which will no doubt be one of his arguments at the Libertarian Party’s Convention (they choose their nominee at the convention). At a recent Libertarian candidates debate, Phillies argued that he had the strongest organization (or one of the strongest organizations) of all the candidates (video of the debate available here). For what it’s worth, Phillies’ claim is probably true. Of all the Libertarian candidates, he’s certainly the most active based on my experience/research/reading.

The blog posting also brings our attention to the fact that Jerry Rubin is fasting to protest Ralph Nader’s presidential bid.

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  1. Deran Says:

    Rubin’s fasting in protest of Nader, what a laugfh. I honeslty thought he was dead? Maybe this will help that confusion I had?! I’m glad Rubin’s is still so dedicated to free speech and such. Warms the heart.

  2. Thomas M. Sipos Says:

    There are two Jerry Rubins.

    This is not the famous 1960s one. That one died years ago.

    This one is a longtime Santa Monica “peace activist,” who had his name legally changed to “Jerry Peace Activist Rubin” because that’s how he wanted it to appear on the ballot.

    He’s often run for local office, and the courts wouldn’t let him put “Peace Activist” as his job (I think he claimed it was his job even before 9/11). So Rubin had his named changed to include that term.

  3. Mike Says:

    Now that Ralph Nader is running as an independent, can Imperato stop saying that he’s the “leading independent candidate for president” now?

    It’s bad enough that he’s pretending to be a millionaire jet setting world business leader about to be endorsed by the Pope and Michael Bloomberg….

    The guy’s got a real LaRouchian detachment from reality.

  4. Brent Burk Says:

    This guy is worse than that Robert guy. Now I know why the libertarian party is continually marginalized.

  5. NewFederalist Says:

    Well said, Brent Burk. It’s too bad the party is still attracting kooks but that is just the way it is.

  6. BillTX Says:

    How dare you question Daniel Impewacko’s legitimacy? Now he won’t be
    offering any of you jobs in his gigantic media empire.

  7. ElfNinosMom Says:

    Imperato is registered with the FEC as an Independent candidate, not as a Libertarian. Yet the LP actively promotes him on “Liberty Decides”, knowing full well that he is not registered with the FEC as a Libertarian candidate, and knowing full well that the man is an embarrassment. The LP therefore brought this particular humiliation upon themselves.

  8. Andrew Taylor Says:

    I’m starting to wonder if Daniel Imperato is the 2008 version of “Anthony Points,” who opposed former U.S. Senator David Boren (D-Oklahoma) in his first primary election for that seat in 1978. “Points” publicly accused Mr. Boren of being a homosexual—a charge Mr. Boren denied, swearing on a Bible that he was a heterosexual (no, I am not making that up).

    Here’s some information on this colorful and mysterious character:

    “Anthony Points, as it turns out, was not really Anthony Points—at least, not exclusively. At different times in his life, he had used the names Anthony Flores Reyes, Anthony Frank Reyes, Anthony Junior Reyes, Anthony Determan, John E. Determan, and Anthony Points, and at the time of the election he claimed, according to various documents, to be twenty-one or twenty-two or twenty-four or thirty-one years old. A week after the primary…Points/Reyes/Determan became an invisible man. A warrant was out for his arrest on a bogus-check count, and, having confused the public with so many aliases, he was charged with perjury. More than a few people wanted to know who had encouraged Points to become a candidate for the Senate. When the police finally arrested him, nine days after the election, he said two memorable things: He said that he had chosen the name Points because he liked it, and he said, ‘I was never trying to defraud anybody.’ He never did say why he entered the Senate race.”

  9. debra dedmon Says:

    Ruwart’ in the race , bye -bye everyone else!

  10. Kelly Parker Says:

    Bob Barr is now in the race and brings considerably more credibility and public recognition than any of the other candidates.

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