Constitution Party of Louisiana State Convention

The Constitution Party of Louisiana State Convention convened today, and was attended by 30 delegates. The Convention was called in order to clarify the situation with where the state party stands as well as what it intends to do in the coming months and years.
The CP of LA heard from distinguished guest Tom Cryer of Truth Attack about the importance of protecting all of the Constitution and why each section of the Constitution protects the others. Mr. Cryer went on to explain how 56.14% of the Federal Budget is being spent on the unconstitutional departments.
Additionally, the CPLA heard from and endorsed Peter Vidrine.
At 3p.m. Alan Keyes called in (via teleconference) to address the convention and spoke for roughly twenty minutes on the betrayal of the Republican Party. His most interesting comments were dismissive of the Republican Party as the bastion of conservatism he once believed it to be. He even said the words “I know the activists and members of the Constitution Party to be tireless workers for self-governance and it is my most sincere wish that in the coming months and years we can find common ground to stand upon and forge a relationship to advance the revival of the American Republic.
He would also go on to remark that although he no longer thought the Republican party was the home of conservatives,
then I think this Era is not going to represent the end of something,but the renewal of something of paramount importance to America. It will assure us that whatever attempts are being made to destroy our Republic and our soviergnity, those attempts will fail as the people find, and assert, themselves as the soverign peoples of the United States of America
Keyes went on to say that although he felt his path and the GOP’s were now forever seperated, he did not know where that left him or his campaign and he was now considering what steps to take next.

After Keyes spoke,we read statements from three other people. I will quote the most importance parts of each statement. Max Rieske gave a long-winded pitch about his ability to win the presidential nomination and then at the end stated, “There has been a lot written about recruiting a ‘leading’ Republican to head our presidential ticket in November. If they were ‘popular’,they would not want anything to do with us. They are losers and the Republicans rejected them. They are not one of us; they will just use us and do nothing to build our party for the future; and the future of the United States depends on us.

Next we read Dr. Don Grundmann’s speech,which was rather generic but well recieved by the assembled delegates.

Lastly, we read a statement from former Rep. Steve Stockman who ended his statement with “We have witnessed the decline of our nation and the subjugation of our sovereignty. The only thing that will save our republic from ruin is to go back to the recipe that made our nation great…that recipe is our Constitution,written by our founders.

After reading the statements and listening to the speakers, we conducted a straw-poll run by Instant-Runoff Voting. Of the 24 people who took the Straw Poll, 11 chose Judge Roy Moore as first choice, 8 chose Alan Keyes, 4 chose Rep. Stockman, 1 chose Jerome Corsi. After eliminating Stockman and Corsi (as the lower vote-getters), the total is 15 for Moore, 9 for Keyes.
Also on the ballot were Baldwin, Grundmann, Templin, Rieske, and Rick Jore recieved two write-in votes. I will analyze these results further at a later date.

7 Responses to “Constitution Party of Louisiana State Convention”

  1. Jason Says:

    Congrats to all you Louisiana folks. Nice to see a successful meeting from a relatively new group.

  2. Trent Hill Says:


    Are you going to be backing McCain?

  3. Jason Says:

    Trent…why do you punish me by asking such a question…

    I don’t know man…I don’t think I can, I really don’t. But the pragmatist in me says, we’ll all be lucky if we get McCain out of this. Now, that is saying something.

    Personally, I can’t stand him and am absolutely floored by the success he had starting late last year. I still can’t figure that out.

    Someone very believable and very appealing will have to rise up to sway millions of people like me. I’m hoping just for such a thing.

    This will truly be the case of the lesser of two evils…

  4. Trent Hill Says:


    People make the same pitch every four years. “Oh Obama is socialist!” or “McCain is a fascist”. Replace Obama with Kerry and McCain with Bush—and tell me you havent heard that arguement before.

    You’ve brought yourself back into the Republican fold, and im dissapointed. You have advertisements for McCain, Gilmore, and Jeff Beatty on your website.

  5. Jason Says:

    It’s content= The Partisan Report

    Trent, who is going to beat John Kerry, Kevin Thompson for the CPoM? Not happening. Beatty is electable.

    The Republicans still have many good conservatives. Many fight everyday for the good of the true conservative movement. Politics changes everything, but not always.

    Ron Paul even gets the message, he is a Republican one in which you were going to vote for. Yet, he even allows politics to water down his puritanism (look at his ear marks that he loads in and then votes against) and you certainly don’t see him rushing to the CP or the LP. You have to win first before you can make changes. He realized that long ago. And many in the third-party movement are more interested in making a statement than a difference.

    The CP has many good conservatives who chant for the true conservative movement. However, they are not fighting because they are not involved in politics. That’s the biggest difference. And they never will be, their platform alone would raise the flag to 85% of the voting electorate. It just won’t happen.

    Many know that they can stay true to their principles and their beliefs because there is no chance of winning, therefore, there is no risk in doing so. A personality of honorable losers has developed and it’s counter-productive to the whole effort.

    None of that is said to be spiteful as I have a great deal of respect for everyone involved. But, I know that my involvement with the CP caused me to ignore reality for the sake of idealism.

    A shake-up and a new direction will have to come before the CP will be that alternative. Until that happens, it will continue to be a group of spectators.

    So having said all of that, what impact will the CP play in 08?

  6. Jason Says:


    Before I posted part of that, I should have put that was my modestly-informed observation and not an indictment.

    For the last question…I’ll say 1% of the total vote would be optimistic.

  7. Trent Hill Says:

    Sure,there ARE decent conservatives in the Republican party—-but you dont have any of their websites linked. You have advertisements for McCain, Gilmore, and Beatty.

    Only Jindal is listed and is conservative.

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