Libertarian Letson leads local tax victory

A Libertarian Party activist in my hometown was instrumental in killing a local tax hike last night. Jonny Letson has been in both dominant local papers several times as a leader in the fighting the tax increase—which was defeated yesterday by voters 1,690 to 1,459. Here’s a bit from one of the Letson-related articles leading up to the defeat:

Proponents of the school tax went door-to-door last weekend soliciting for votes and answering questions about the proposal. They reported many positive responses.

Some people, however, still have concerns about the proposal.

“I’m not convinced a new school will make our kids smarter,” Jonny Letson said. “I think raising taxes is just the easy way out.”

Letson, whose child attends Hartselle High School, has been a vocal opponent of the plan.

“For me, it’s a moral question,” he said. “To me, taxes are a form of stealing and anytime you increase someone’s taxes without their consent, then it’s a moral question.”

The proposal calls for a bond issue to be funded through a 7.5 mill property tax and a half-cent sales tax increase. The two combined would generate about $1.4 million a year.

As an Libertarian Party member, I knew that my mother would vote against the tax proposal. My father considers himself an independent and I wasn’t sure which way he would vote. Once he found out that his taxes would be paying for, of all things, a tennis court, his mind was made up.

As an aside, Hartselle has one of the best public education systems in the state.

3 Responses to “Libertarian Letson leads local tax victory”

  1. Sherlock Holmes Says:

    Go Johnny Go!

    Johnny did good.

  2. Dave Williams Says:

    A positive among so many negatives.

  3. Jeff Wartman Says:

    Good news in the realm of public policy seems hard to find these days. Kudos for some good news every once in a while!

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