Chris Garvey on Spitzer scandal

Here’s Libertarian Party of New York Vice Chair Chris Garvey on the Eliot Spitzer scandal:

The Libertarian Party opposes government prohibition of sex by consenting adults. We would abolish the prostitution laws, under which Spitzer is now in trouble.

But, there is a certain poetic justice in this particular case.

I’ve heard that Attorney General Spitzer used information he obtained by arresting prostitute rings, to blackmail stock brokers into big money consent agreements, that enriched the budget of the NY Attorney General.

So his own hypocritical weapons are being used against him. Libertarians would take such abuse-prone weapons away from such prosecutors.

The Libertarian Principle:

People should be free, to do whatever they wish, except to initiate force, the threat of force, or fraud, against others or their property.

7 Responses to “Chris Garvey on Spitzer scandal”

  1. BillTX Says:

    So long, Elliot The Whoremonger! LOL

  2. Brian Says:

    I already hear alot of people complaining about having a legally blind governor.I’m ok with it but it brings up the importance of knowing who the running mate is either with the governor or presidential candidates.

  3. Marc Montoni Says:

    Poetic justice indeed.

    Spitzer, like John Edwards and Rudy Guiliani and countless other grandstanding politicians, made illicit fortunes and thieved his way to power by walking with studded shoes over the backs of people who mostly just wanted to make money.

    If any of Spitzer’s targets ever actually committed any real crimes—such as those that involved coercion or fraud—it was likely entirely incidental.

    I love how the state has arrested four people for operating the prostitution ring, but the (wink wink) “financier”—Spitzer—still walks free.

  4. Fred C. Says:

    The real loser here is the hooker that only got $5K for porking that goon.

  5. disinter Says:

    What about Cheney’s DC Madam Problem

  6. Dave Williams Says:

    Hookers rule!! Go Root

  7. Vincent Darrah Says:

    If you live in New York and it is disclosed that Spitzer used taxpayer money to pay for his ho’s you should be incensed. After all you paid for it and didnt get any.

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