Stephen Colbert - You’re on Notice!

This is perhaps more of a rant than news, but bear with me. October 20th I took some official campaign pictures of Socialist Party nominees Brian Moore and Stewart Alexander soon after they were nominated to be the ticket: the first official campaign photos. Sadly, I parted with my Wriststrong Wristband; handing it over to Stewart Alexander, Vice Presidential candidate of the Socialist Party USA. I got some pictures of him sporting the band and he in turn handed it on to Brian Moore, Presidential Candidate of the Socialist Party USA, who in turn was more famous. We took pictures of Brian sporting the band as well. I sent the pictures, next day service, along with the release papers, on to the Colbert Report along with a statement regarding how important of an issue wrist violence is to socialists, as the pose seen here easily illustrates. That’s OUR pose! It’s useless if the wrist is broken!

Weeks passed and there was no mention of Brian or Stewart on the show or the site. Then we had the writers’ strike and I realized that the pictures weren’t going to be posted because Stephen Colbert hates America. I secretly put him on my own Dead to Me list and expected that to be the end of it. To my surprise, I opened my e-mail today, four months later, to find a message from Brian Moore:


“Thought you would appreciate this. Your picture is on comedian Stephen Colbert’s nationwide website, yesterday (March 5) and today (March 6). As you well know, your picture was taken in St. Louis, Missouri, at Socialist Party Convention on October 21, 2007. If you click the link below, the website is larger. Many, many thanks, Steven. Brian


As I check out the issue, expecting to see that there was merely lag involved, I see that there is only a picture of Brian, with the source cited as Wikipedia (I had posted the pictures there, releasing them to the public domain, when I figured they weren’t going to be shown). Does Mr. Colbert just throw away his mail?

Well, Mr. Colbert, you are no longer dead to me, but you are on notice. I expect you to also post Stewart Alexander’s Wriststrong picture, well at least one of them, as well. Only then I will know that I can too… I can too (“be America”). If not, then I will only be left to suppose that your admiration for “Papa Bear” Bill O’Reilly means that you are in league with the souless killing machines that are bears.
As I posted this, I went to go post a comment to the picture on and found out that I can’t, except through here because it magically posted this as a comment. So, what I was going to say there, and not here: I also mentioned in the accompanying letter, or did I electronically submit them and mail in just the release forms(?), that both Brian and Stewart would be thrilled to be on your show. It would be the least you could do to make it up to us, not the least you could do, but the least you could do to make it up to us. Vote Socialist!

4 Responses to “Stephen Colbert - You’re on Notice!”

  1. Jeff Wartman Says:

    Don’tcha wish sometimes we had those emoticons with the head banging against the wall?

  2. G.E. Says:

    I think we have found the perfect running mate for Milnes’s “Progressive Alliance!” If only Colbert would listen and put this nobody on the show, then clearly the math adds up to victory.

  3. Stephen Tash Says:

    You see Mr. Colbert? Even wretched little trolls who are so sad that they feel the need to degrade someone out of spite, living under a bridge because people walking above them is the closest human contact they can have without it being a negative experience want you to put them on your show!

  4. Chris Says:

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, that’s a lot of great exposure for the SP and 3rd parties.

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