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I don’t often directly ask for money for organizations in a blog entry on this site, but I’ve decided to make an exception in this case. I’ll highly recommend subscribing (it’s only $14) to Ballot Access News. It’s a great source of information not only about ballot access issues, but it also contains a lot of information about legislative activities and court cases which impact the third party activist. There is information in each issue which isn’t available online.

Richard Winger does a great job with the publication (He didn’t ask for this plug; I’ve done it on my own). I even keep the old copies in a binder because they are often great reference material. I just sent Richard a check for $25, just because the product is so useful. Your $14 will be well worth it.

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  1. Rich M Says:

    Don’t you just hate “me too” blog comments? But I really have to echo Mr Gordon’s compliments about Ballot Access News and the great job that Mr Winger does.

  2. Susan Hogarth Says:

    Me three!

  3. David Gaines Says:

    Me four. A very well deserved plug.

    Richard Winger is a national treasure, period. His efforts over a period of many years to expose and improve upon horrible, and in many cases irrational, ballot access laws are unique, as far as I know. He is THE go-to guy for national media outlets on this issue and I consider anything he has to say regarding ballot access for 3rd party candidates to be definitive.

    I’ve been knee-deep in the 3rd party world since 1973 and I’ve never met anyone who is more informative and reliable on these issues than Richard. Everyone who reads Third Party Watch should subscribe to BAN and also join Richard’s organization, the Coalition For Free And Open Elections.

  4. will Says:

    yeah ive been meaning to subscribe for months, i love ballot access news

  5. [email protected] Says:

    Literally a secular saint! [.... and was extensively instrumental in preserving the ballot access of a West Coast non Dem and non GOP political party!]

  6. Gene Berkman Says:

    Richard Winger is the outstanding expert on ballot access for alternative parties. He has given of his time and information to people of all political persuasions, in order to assure that voters have the richest possible choice on voting day.

  7. Fred C. Says:

    Ballot Access News is the only piece of mail I can look forward to when the first of the month rolls around.

  8. NewFederalist Says:

    Ditto… ditto… ditto! Richard Winger is a complete encyclopedia of all things related to ballot access. I have been a subscriber since the beginning. Very well worth many times the subscription price.

  9. Richard Winger Says:

    I’m turning various shades of red, pink and blush. This was perfect timing, because I came back from the COFOE meeting in New York last weekend with a severe case of bronchitis and that has me down. Great timing, Stephen!

  10. Andy Says:

    Ballot Access News is an excellent source of information that I have utilized for several years. Keep up the great work Richard, and get well soon!

  11. Wes Benedict Says:

    Ballot Access News, while certainly informative, in the end is just a newsletter.

    When faced with serious ballot access issues and in cases of emergency, it’s best to contact its author, Richard Winger, directly.

    And if you think your state might be going down the wrong path on a ballot access issue, that’s the time to break ranks and make a double-secret urgent call to Richard Winger to get a second opinion.

    Richard was enormously valuable to Texas in our 2004 ballot access drive. I save his newsletters and will keep on subscribing to keep tabs on things across the US.

  12. David Gaines Says:

    Contact Richard directly at your own risk. Not only will he correct something you said about the 1928 Oklahoma requirement for blah blah blah (and he will have that data at the top of his head), he will badger you until you give up your family and your livelihood in order to travel the length and breadth of your particular state to get whatever electoral inadequacies exist there remedied. He absolutely out-Naders Ralph Nader in this regard, if such a thing is possible. :-)

    The preceding may be a slight exaggeration, but only slight.

  13. Mark Rutherford Says:

    Ballot Access News is a great value!

    Also, a few years ago, Richard Winger, at the Indiana LP’s request, talked at length with an attorney with Indiana’s Legislative Service Agency about an onerous piece of legislation. The result - Richard had a newly educated friend and the problem with the legislation was rectified.

    He’s not a self-promoter. I”ll promote him - he’s been invaluable to the cause of reasonable ballot access in the United States.

  14. Eric Dondero Says:

    And a quite biased source of information to boot. Richard Winger loathes anything rightwing. He despises Right libertarians and Pro-Defense libertarians. He regularly portrays conservatives in a negative light.

    What we need is a balanced version of Ballot Access News; one that isn’t under the control of the ultra-left Eric Garris/Raimondo types.

  15. Eric Dondero Says:

    Winger is a “national treasure” alright. So much so, that he connives libertarians to drive 6 hours to attend non-existent conferences on ballot access. And he doesn’t even offer to pay for their reimbursement for gas and expenses.

    Day’s work of petitioning (to the tune of $200 to $300) and $80.00 lost because of Winger. And that’s for the record.

    Thanks Richie! You’re such a “treasure” to us all.

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