Paul and Kucinich safe in their congressional districts

I’d been hearing plenty of consistent rumors that Ron Paul was polling poorly in his congressional district, but didn’t publish any of them because there was no way to verify the sources—and some of the reports I had heard seemed a bit suspect. Ballot Access News has just linked to data which suggests that the opposite is true. Additionally, Dennis Kucinich seems safe in his district, as well.

Polls released yesterday and today show that Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are well ahead in their reelection campaigns. Both polls were conducted by Public Policy Polling.

Ron Paul leads his only GOP opponent, Chris Peden, 63-30%. He has no Democratic Party opponent.

Dennis Kucinich leads his Democratic opponents with 55%, over 29% for Joe Cimperman. Three other candidates register 5% or lower.

From the Public Policy Polling Texas release:

Ron Paul’s quixotic Presidential bid isn’t winning a ton of converts in his own congressional district but his constituents are happy to keep sending him to Washington, according to the newest survey from Public Policy Polling.

Just 18% of likely Republican primary voters intend to cast their votes for President next week for Paul, compared to 49% for John McCain and 27% for Mike Huckabee. Paul is at least doing better in his own district than his Democratic counterpart Dennis Kucinich, who fared at just 4% in a similar survey conducted earlier this week.

Facing a challenge on the right from Friendswood City Councilman Chris Peden in the Republican primary, Paul looks safe for reelection though. He leads Peden 63-30.

“Ron Paul basically suspended his active candidacy for President earlier this month to go home and focus on getting reelected,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “If he had continued to spend most of his time campaigning out of state he might have been in trouble, but it doesn’t appear he’s facing too much damage on the home front for his national candidacy.”

Peden has particularly tried to attack Paul on issues like the war and moral and family values, but the poll shows he’s not getting much traction. Paul leads 64-27 among voters who said Iraq was their biggest concern, and has a 65-28 advantage with people who listed moral and family values as their top issue.

The poll also shows Paul popular with young people, a trend that has held across the country. He gets 29% of their votes for President, and leads Peden 75-11 with that group for Congress.

PPP surveyed 468 likely Republican primary voters on February 27th. The survey’s margin of errors is +/-4.7%. Other factors, such as refusal to be interviewed and weighting, may introduce additional error that is more difficult to quantify.

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  1. Tom Bryant Says:

    More humble pie for Eric

  2. Chris Moore Says:

    Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if the rumors that he was polling poorly were started by his congressional campaign. It sure helped fundraising for the congressional race, which had been nearly zero a month or so ago.

  3. Ben Says:

    Chris, any one else I would have the same suspicion. However, I believe Dr. Paul to be an honourable man that keeps his word, and is unlikely to use such a subterfuge. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was discovered that [a] worried volunteer[s] started such a rumour.

  4. johncjackson Says:

    Ron Paul is a politician. Spare the moral high ground stuff. He uses the same tactics and engages in the same pandering and other things all politicians do. Please note- this does not mean I am criticizing him. It just means he is a politician.

  5. Chris Moore Says:

    My God, have you never received Paul’s fundraising letters? Did you ever read any of the his old sales letters for his newsletter subscription?

    He has a letter on his congressional campaign site right now implying that Chris Penden is being backed and financed by neo-con leaders hell bent on removing the last vestiges of small-government conservatism from the face of the planet. He implies that Penden is heavily financed (he is not), and that his courageous campaign is in desperate need and in an epic struggle (Paul’s way ahead).

    It’s not criticism. Like John said, the man is a politician.

  6. jre Says:


    I gave money to the first “money Bomb” and now I am receiving emails asking for donations for other “republican” campaigns. It is the nature of the beast I suppose.

  7. Delling Says:

    It’s probably a good thing that they are going to hold their congressional seats. It may be found that neither man is eligible to be POTUS. In fact, it may be found that nobody at all is eligible to be POTUS.

  8. John Fenton Says:

    I have given repeatedly to both Paul campaigns and have received NO other “republican” solicitations.

    Chris Moore:
    If such petty concerns outweigh a choice been Liberty and Tyranny, well then you are typical of Paul’s detractors: Cannot, WILL NOT, face the issues.

    Do you want Liberty? Or tyranny?

    Oh, well, Ron Paul isn’t absolutely perfect, so let’s settle for some tyrant, who BTW has NO good points and is FAR worse at the issue where Ron Paul is not ‘perfect’. Isn’t it interesting that no other POTUS candidates have any significant amount of grassroots financial support, while Ron Paul has essentially no ‘special interest’ financial support. But, gee, he points out the disgustingness of a neo-con victory for his Congressional seat. Is is OK with you that Chris Peden is an obvious, and very dishonest, hypocrite, who offers nothing of the Heroic conviction and strength of Ron Paul in promoting Liberty?

    Liberty? Or tyranny?

  9. MJ Says:

    Thank you for priting this article. We can not get too confident until its over though. With this in mind I will visit the campaign store. Heck between that and the 1.00 bumper stickers how could I not?

    I am now motivated to give more money to Dr. Paul’s congressional campaign. I do hope others will join me.

    Thanks again for the great article. It is much better than the horrible endorsement of PEDEN given by the Galveston News at:
    their article was so poor I had to respond (and I hope others will too!)

    I thought it only fair that I say something good about the more even handed articles such as yours. THANK YOU.


  10. johncjackson Says:

    I like that interpretation a little better than some RP supporters going around claiming McCain is an alien.

  11. Chris Moore Says:

    John Fenton assumes too much.

    I have given money to Paul’s presidential campaign and his congressional campaign. I have given money to his congressional campaigns in the past. I would love if Paul became President; however, I’m satisfied with at least 2 more years as a congressman.

    All I said is that Paul has a staff of professional fundraisers and ad-copy writers. He also targets that advertising for donor dollars to … yes … special interest groups! Libertarians, gold-bugs, 2nd amendment advocates, pro-life groups, etc. These are all special interest groups.

    Paul is no different as a politician than his opponent. He is certainly far better on policy than Penden. But let’s not make Paul a saint.

  12. James Says:

    I’m glad he will again be elected to run the 14th… with the possibility of younger Ron Paul-republicans being elected to congress this term it will definitely benefit them to have him around to show them the ropes.


  13. StopTheGOP Corruption Says:

    What is REALLY important in this article, is that the GOP is behind Peden for the sole puprose of distracting Paul from campaigning for the president. As you see he is spending all his time in his district instead of being in all other states.
    Do realise that this is a very well organised attack by the corrupt GOP? They are scared

    Yet another proof that we are winning and they are to go the way of dinosaurs. If not this election cycle then the next, but their days are numbered!

  14. Eric Dondero Says:

    I have to eat “humble pie?” Really???

    What about “Ron Paul is going to win Wyoming!!”

    Or, how about this golden oldie from Ron Paul fanatics: “Nevada is a slam dunk for Ron Paul.”

    And then there was this one: “Paul could pull out a surprise Primary win in New Hampshire which would embarrass the media.”

    And then there was this one: “Super Tuesday is going to be SUPER for Ron Paul”

    And, “Nobody can beat Ron Paul in Alaska; He’s got the best organization there on the ground.”

    And, let’s not forget, “Ron Paul didn’t really drop out of the GOP Presidential race.”

  15. jre Says:

    From….This November 5th

    Jim Forsythe for Congress >I do believe this site is possibly run by Trevor Lyman and the only way, I figure, that i wound up on this list is thru the original money bomb. Could have been some other way, but I never gave to the blimp project. Ron Paul is a good man and I am not downing him in any way. I was merely pointing out the fact that I gave to Ron Paul as a libertarian and now I have received promotional materials for other republicans.

  16. Eric Dondero Says:

    jre, in 2000 Ron - my former boss who I was employed for at the time - signed two campaign letters for the RNC, to help Republican incumbents Brian Bilbray and James Rogan in Southern California. The letters were sent out to every single registered Libertarian Party member in those Districts, from Ron Paul urging them to not cast their votes for the LP candidate, but rather for Bilbray and Rogan.

    Paul, as a Republican Caucus member is required to participate in fundraisig activities of the RNC. (Not that he’s all too happy about it.)

    Why should it surprise you that you’re now receiving such letters?

  17. Trent Hill Says:


    Because Jim Forsythe is not an establishment Republican. He’s a Ron Paul Republican,the one that introduced him at the large Boston Tea Party rally. He’s a new Ron Paul Republican.

  18. Stefan Says:

    Eric, how about some accurate understanding of the caucus process, and that the real winner of the caucus is not determined during the day of the election, but merely a glorified straw poll and the election goes through a process (not one time event) and the actual RNC delegates are only appointed later. Since Paul’s supporters are not only the most enthusiastic, but also - with exception s - the best informed about this process, Paul has in fact won the majority of delegates in a number of states, including Alaska and Nevada. How do you feel about Alaska changing their uncritical support of the Iraq war to wars can only be fought based on a declaration of war by congress etc etc.
    Let you be reminded, Paul has NOT dropped out of the presidential race for one second. He has merely and logical scaled down the campaign after SUper Tuesday, as many primaries/caucuses were held and not need to have such a large team anymore.
    You should also be informed that there are various Ron Paul Republicans running for congress and at least one for the senate, of which 4 in Maryland for instance have already been successful. We know it must be a bitter pill for you to swallow…

  19. Eric's Mother Says:

    Eric Honey, please come home, so mommy can give you some loving, you know what I mean baby.

  20. Eric Dondero Says:

    Alaska, the home of fiercely Pro-Military Governor Sarah Palin? I doubt that. The Alaska GOP is one of the most Pro-Military/Pro-Troops/Pro-War on Al Qaeda parties in the Nation.

  21. Tom Bryant Says:

    Yes Eric, you have to eat humble pie because you got owned.

    Your claims that Ron Paul would lose his Congressional seat, that he was behind in the polls, were shown to be just another figment of your vivid imagination.

  22. Sean Scallon Says:

    Here’s a whole humble pie right in your face Mr. Rittberg: “Rudy Guliani for President, Southern have a natural inclination towards New Yorkers! Look at Shawn Hannity in Atlanta.”

    We won’t know who has the majority of covention delegates in Nevada, Hawaii, Alaska, Maine, Minnesota, Washington and North Dakota until those respective states hold their statewide GOP conventions but Ron Paul supporters were at least smart enough to run and get nominated as delegates in their respective caucuses while Mitt Romney’s people went for the straw poll wins. We’ll see how it turns out.

  23. Tannim Says:

    Some comments:

    Delling, that link is absurd. Thewhole premise there is that becasue the founders put a comma after “United States” in Article II Section 1 Clause 5, then the following clause “at the time of adoption” etc. applies to both natural born or other citizens at the time of adoption. Clearly absurd and in contrast witht eh langauge rules, which indicate that a modifying clause set off by commas modifies the nearest reference point only unless it provides it’s own reference point in the clause. That’s junior-high grammar, folks. It also makes the ridiculous argument that the United States didn’t before the Constitution. What was the Articles of Confederation, chipped beef on toast?

    johncjackson, some RP supporters are not runnign around claiming McCain is an alien, even if he continually acts like it. Some independent people are claiming that McCain is not a natural born citizen but instead a naturalized citizen instead. See for the cited and fully cerdible argument, incliuding refuting the commonly-held misconceptions on the issue. Plus, Senator McCaskill has introduced clearly unconstitutional legislation to give McCain a fix out, and McCain himself has hired Ted Olson, former Solicitor General, to “research” McCain’s legal status (and probably bury the truth)—which is telling because McCain ought to know his own citizenship status better than anyone else and hasn’t released his brith certificate for public view.

  24. Tannim Says:

    Sorry, that was “with the language rules,” “only, unless it provides its own” and “United States didn’t ecist before” in that first paragraph. Apologies for fat fingers on the keyboard.

  25. Tannim Says:

    Blast it, “exist” instead of “ecist” in the correction! ARGH!

  26. Dan Says:

    You know why Paul is going to win?

    Because Dondero aborted his destined-to-be-victorious congressional run. Had Eric have done anything other than shit out message board posts, visit prostitutes, and shower WAR with man love, we would soon be free from the Demon Paulistas.

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