The LP has a different political focus than the mainstream media

For some strange reason, the folks at Libertarian Party headquarters want the presidential candidates to be focusing on ending the Iraq War and straightening out our fiscal problems. From their latest release:

“While our soldiers are dying overseas and our economy is grinding to a halt, Republicans and Democrats would rather debate fashion and relationships,” says Cory. “Reading the Drudge Report has become like reading a supermarket tabloid. Aren’t there more important issues to discuss rather than what Obama wears or John McCain’s private life? It’s time to focus on real issues that impact the everyday lives of Americans, and get over this pathetic locker-room drama.”

The Libertarian Party calls for a return back to the political issues, and urges candidates to avoid distractions that do nothing to better the nation. The Party refers to the photos circulated by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign that show rival-candidate Barack Obama dressed in traditional Somali attire during a 2006 visit to Kenya, and the debate over John McCain’s alleged relationship with a female lobbyist.

“If the Republicans and Democrats won’t talk about how to fix this country, then the Libertarian Party will,” says Libertarian Party National Media Coordinator Andrew Davis. “America deserves better than muckraking and personal smear-campaigns. Perhaps if Republicans and Democrats focused on policy and not theatrics, our economy would be booming and our troops would be home from Iraq.”

5 Responses to “The LP has a different political focus than the mainstream media”

  1. David Gaines Says:

    I was thinking the same thing yesterday when I saw the Obama-in-Kenya photo. And people keep wondering why 3rd parties bother to run presidential candidates.

  2. Robert Milnes Says:

    I clearly have the best proposal for ending the war in Iraq.

  3. Trent Hill Says:


  4. Don Baughman Says:

    “As long as there is free speech the rational minority will alwasy prevail over the irrational majority”~ Ayn Rand

    Though she wasn’t a card carrying LP member her philosophy is admired and applys to many of the LP principles.

  5. Eric Dondero Says:

    The problem with the LP is that they’re not in touch enough with what real-world Americans care about. They are particularly disdainful of meat and potato Joe Sixpack blue collar or service industry workers.

    Cory is blaming Americans. He should look in the mirror. The problem is with Geeky policy wonkish 50s something pot-bellied computer programmer Sci-Fi watching Libertarians.

    The LP should try to look more like America, and stop badmouthing real Americans.

    Here’s a website that attempts to that very thing for the GOP:

    There should be the same for the LP:

    Oh wait, there already is. That’s precisely what we are attempting to do over at, reaching out to real America, not being condescending to them, like the LP National Director just was.

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