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PolitickerNV describes Wayne Allyn Root’s win at the California Libertarian Party Convention this way:

Wayne Allyn Root, the Las Vegas odds-maker and television personality who last May announced his candidacy for president, this weekend won the 2008 California Libertarian Convention’s presidential straw poll.

“I’m grateful to the California delegates to have earned their trust and support,” said Root. “To have so convincingly won is a real boost to our campaign to secure the Presidential nomination.”

The convention’s straw poll was open only to delegates, or Libertarian Party members who have been a member of the State Central Committee for at least ninety days prior to the convention. Sixty-two delegates took part in the straw poll, with Root winning over sixty percent in the final run-off round.

Root’s win represented a major boost for him in Libertarian circles as it came over both Steve Kubby, the Libertarian Party’s 1998 candidate for governor of California, and Christine Smith, who won the Libertarian Party’s unofficial California straw poll earlier this month.

“If nominated,” said Root, “I will be the only presidential candidate who thinks you (the people) know better how to run your own business, personal and family life than politicians and government bureaucrats.”

In a campaign e-mail, Root added:

Mr. Root pledges to give voters, and especially small business owners, a clear choice to be heard this November. Having faced the same struggles that small business owners across America have dealt with, Root knows how abusive and counter-productive high taxation and burdensome government regulations are to the growth and prosperity of small business people and the self-employed. Root will be the only presidential candidate that can authentically give voice to the concerns of small business- the economic engine of the U.S. economy. Small business now creates a majority of non-government jobs in the United States.

Root and his wife Debra are Home-school parents to their four young children- including a 6 week old daughter. Root graduated Columbia University Class of ‘83 with his fellow candidate and Political Science classmate Barack Obama.

While I wasn’t in California for the convention, everything I know about the situation suggests that Root’s recent but strong disavowal of the Iraq War, combined with his speaking ability, greatly impacted the results. It looks like Root is perhaps now a clear frontrunner (I’m neither supporting him nor anyone else at this moment), unless someone like Bob Barr or Mary Ruwart jumps on board the LP presidential bandwagon. Being king of the hill is decidedly superior to being at the bottom of the hill, but it also makes one the obvious target.

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  1. BillTX Says:

    The burning question here really is: how will all this affect Daniel Impewacko?

  2. Hugh Jass Says:

    I think the more burning question is who Phillies and Smith delegates would be more likely to allign with: Root or Kubby? After thinking about it, I’m inclied to say Kubby.

  3. DenverDelegate Says:

    I’m impressed with Root’s passion, but his previously-stated support for U.S. intervention on the State of Israel’s behalf (and Root is Jewish, although any Rothbardian knows that not all members of the Jewish faith support U.S. taxpayer support of the State of Israel) gives me much pause.

    And post 9/11 I also don’t know how enthused I can get about—and whether I can develop a sense of humor for—a candidate who makes light of the word “War,” even though the word is what his initials form.

    Right now I’m inclined to support Phillies for the top spot and let him pursue the party-building strategy he has promised to devote resources to and implement through his campaign, and support Root for the V.P. spot so he can learn the ropes and demonstrate his bona fides on the campaign trail.

  4. Thomas L. Knapp Says:

    It’s amazing how quickly “glamorous multi-millionaire CEOs” metamorphose into “downtrodden small businessmen” when their companies can’t pay the bills.

    The lowdown for those too lazy to click:

    - Root’s company received a notice of default on a due debt payment of more than $90k in late January, and is attempting to negotiate a new payment structure on outstanding debt of more than $450k. Says the snapshot: “If the Company cannot reach a restructuring of the notes, which have an outstanding balance of approximately $456,522, the Company may have to seek bankruptcy protection.”

    Apparently this was not unexpected. In an SEC report (10KSB—Annual Report for Small Business Issuers) filed in late November of last year, the company’s auditor gave “an unqualified opinion expressing doubt that the company can continue as a going concern.”

    For those who were wondering why Root keeps dodging the “how much of your own money will you put into the campaign” question, you may have your answer.

  5. Sean Scallon Says:

    Can someone explain, and I ask this in all seriousness, in what way did Root denoucne the war in Iraq and what is his position on foreign policy now?

  6. ElfNinosMom Says:

    So I guess running for President gives him something to do now that his company is going belly-up. Interesting.

  7. debra dedmon Says:

    at our county convention in front of a room not so full of people , but enough to remember , he voiced his support for torture as a means of gaining intelligence . his adivisor should have told him to downplay or avoid questions related to his veiws on such things , but he stated it , out loud and proud .

    good luck to you thomas ,

  8. Joseph Marzullo Says:

    I call Root’s version of libertarianism “crony libertarianism.” It’s a mixture of libertarianism and nationalism. It’s not nice.

  9. Dave Williams Says:

    “he voiced his support for torture as a means of gaining intelligence”

    debra, ain’t WAR hell? I live in a major metro area, near a major airport. The last thing I want to see is the release of NBC weapons on a US city…some torture may be necessary to thwart such an attack. So be it.

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