No Jefferson-Republican Party merger

There is to be no merger of the Jefferson Republican Party. The allegations of such taking place are complete fabrications. None of the members of the JRP, including the party leadership, had even heard of this until the JRP-Arkansas chairman read the interview with Angelo Cobrasci on Third Party Watch.

The Jefferson Republican Party has no intentions of merging with anyone. The JRP is an independent political party. Though “Republican” is a part of our name, we are in no way affiliated with the so-called Republican Party of today. We are republican because we espouse the republican views of the founders of our once great Republic. We would never even consider merging with another party without giving deliberate, careful consideration. We will not compromise, or give opportunity to compromise our convictions and ideals.

The Jefferson Republican Party would never make a major move without notifying all of our members well in advance. In the past we have entered into alliances with other like-minded parties, such as the Constitution Party of New York. In those cases we carefully considered the alliance, and all the members were allowed to vote on the matter. We do not want to suprise the public or the members of the Jefferson Republican Party.

Regarding Mr. Cobrasci and his “United Jeffersonian Party”, we have very little information on who he is, or where he believes he has received the authority to make the claims he has made in the last few days. Mr. Cobrasci mentions that he has been in contact with Mr. Carl Whitaker of the JRP-Tennessee. As of yet, we have received no confirmation or denial of this claim from Mr. Whitaker and our members in Tennessee.

Future updates on this situation will continue to be made as the information comes available.

Ray Perdue
Communications Director
Jefferson Republican Party

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  1. Kyle B Says:

    well that is a weird story. I wonder what the deal is with this Mr. Cobrasci

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