Root, Ron and wreaths

The Las Vegas Review Journal ran a nice piece on Wayne Allyn Root, the wreath the Libertarian Party sent to the Republican National Committee and the Ron Paul impact on Libertarians.

On Root:

With the probable nomination of John McCain as the Republican presidential candidate, the Libertarian Party sees an opening for its message, and a Las Vegan hopes to be the messenger.

Wayne Allyn Root, the flamboyant Las Vegas oddsmaker and “Millionaire Republican” author, won one of three informal Libertarian primaries last week and was the only candidate to place in all of them.

“I certainly consider myself one of the front-runners,” he said, noting that the English bookmaker Ladbrokes has him the favorite. “On the other hand, it would be incredibly stupid to get overconfident. Ask Rudy Giuliani about that, or Hillary Clinton.”

On wreaths:

The Libertarian Party last week sent its condolences to the Republican National Committee in the form of an actual funeral wreath and “sympathy for the death of small-government values within the GOP,” based on McCain’s rise.

“It’s sad to see the Republican Party drift so far away from what it used to be,” Libertarian Party spokesman Andrew Davis said. “Having a person like John McCain on the ticket, who is despised by so many limited-government Republicans, will definitely drive a lot of people to us.”

On Ron:

Also helping the Libertarian Party this year has been the presidential candidacy of Ron Paul, the Texas congressman who ran for president on the Libertarian ticket in 1988. This year, with him running as a Republican, his candidacy sparked a youth-driven online movement that raised astonishing amounts of money and made lots of noise on the unassuming 72-year-old’s behalf.

Despite an invitation from the Libertarian National Committee, Paul on Friday said he definitely will not run as a third-party candidate this year. He said he is scaling back his presidential campaign to run for re-election to Congress.

But Paul’s candidacy has nonetheless been a boon to the Libertarian Party, Davis said. “Ron Paul’s campaign as a Republican has brought so much attention to the libertarian movement, the libertarian ideology, and also to the party itself,” he said. “A lot of people have been exposed to the ideas of liberty because of him.”

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  1. Dan Anderson Says:

    I just switched my voter registration from republican to libertarian a few days ago, I urge other republicans to view the libertarian platform on their website LP.ORG and reconsider your affiliations in light of what is happening. We didn’t move away from the party the party moved away from us. TO HELL WITH THEM!

  2. dinnerbellbishop Says:

    I think candidates like Ron Paul (or Dennis Kucinich, for that matter) are the worst thing for third parties. They always lose and the increase Republicrat/Demipublican enrollment. OK, maybe not the worst thing. But their tendancy to stay aboard their major party ships is very frustrating.

  3. Dave Williams Says:

    An open letter to all American Citizens and Patriots.

    Mitt Romney was my last choice ever for a GOP candidate… A Washington outsider, he was our last hope for less taxation, a better economy and a smaller less intrusive Federal Government based on his 25 year record as a ‘Financial Genius’ and what he did as ‘Governor of Massachusetts’. (I’ve never heard of a politician who actually streamlined a system and cut 660 needless government jobs, all while accepting no paycheck from the taxpayers! But this guy did just that!) Now he’s out of the race due to extreme media bias, religious & social bigotry. This event has prompted
    me to join the Libertarians (the third largest political party in the U.S., their platform; FISCAL CONSERVATIVES, DEFENSE CONSERVATIVES, SOCIALLY TOLERANT).

    Bush is now pushing McCain as a ‘True Conservative’. Hahahah, Bush doesn’t know what a Conservative is! Record spending deficits, Preemptive war without Congressional approval to satisfy U.N. sanctions that have nothing to do with our country, support of McCains Illegal Immigrant Amnesty bill, Record entitlements (30billion more) to a failed Federal Education policy, the Patriot Act & warrant less wire tapping? This is still America, right? A fear based Big Brother government is not the answer, from the Left or the Right! The Bush tax cuts for the country was as if he were trying to buy us off so we would forget about our war in Iraq. Though I have never liked Bush and did not vote for him in 2000, I voted for Bush in 2004 because I felt our troops and Iraq were in a mess that his administration started, and it needed to be worked out with the folks who had just learned what not to do. Things have changed, the surge worked, let’s start the draw down in earnest! Ron Paul is right! We need to be ramping that operation down! It is bankrupting our country, our dollar is severely devalued, $100 per barrel of oil, we can only print so much fake money, we can only borrow so much money from…CHINA??

    One needs only to look at McCains left wing voting record and 20 year policy making history to determine he is a Center Left Liberal at best (McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy, McCain-Lieberman, Gang of 14, Keating 5, not voting for the Bush Tax Cuts, twice!!). Some are calling him a RINO (Republican In Name Only, as are Bush, Rudy, Mike, Arnold, Crist, Perry, etc…) especially since he almost switched parties and became a Democrat a few years ago. Even considered by John Kerry as a VP for 2004…and this is what we are supposed to vote for as a GOP candidate? More big government? More big war? Less Freedom? Low intensity conflicts are one thing, i.e., taking out isolated pockets of terrorists but nation building? Come on, a nations freedom at gunpoint? And by the way, John McCain sounds as if he were the only one that ever spoke out about the failed policy in Iraq, he spins this so that everyone believes not one other Congressman, the DOD or the American people had anything to do with promoting a new direction which ended up being called the ‘Surge’. This man, a Vietnam Vet & former POW is an American hero, but he has some serious issues. Whomever the Dems elect this year will have a chance to shred the establishment GOP candidate just based on these facts alone!!
    And since things are going well in Iraq because of the Surge, it may well be just that easier for a Democrat, OR A THIRD PARTY to become POTUS.

    Let it be known, I am not a defeatist, I support our combat troops and civilians 100%! I want a win in Iraq! For those who have shed their blood & for their families, to deny them a victory would simply be a tragic slap in the face! I believe we must defeat any remaining Al Qaeda elements, stabilize Iraq, leave a small garrison to assist the Iraqi’s if they fell it’s necessary but get the majority of our troops out ASAP! Then we need to get down off of our high horses and start doing some awesome international diplomatic damage control. It’s going to take decades for the Iraq debacle to fade…if it ever does!

    While stationed in Iraq for 20 months in support of OEF/OIF, those of you that were there with me saw my personal conviction to support our troops, just as you did, you are all men/women of honor and patriots (Even the ones I butted heads with, except for the corrupt, they know who they are!). Together we can change Washington, but that change will only come from a unified third party vote bent on making change happen in the direction of less government, less taxation and more liberty and freedom for the citizens of The United States of America. That vote will come from the middle, because that is where most Americans are politically, not the supporters of the WELFARE state or the WARFARE state!

    A valid Ron Paul point…While in Iraq, I saw many of our troops on their 2nd, 3rd and 4th rotations into the combat zone. I ask you, how long before the GI suicide rate, the divorce rate and the attrition rate take its ugly toll on our military and force a DRAFT? Then there is the STOP LOSS policy issue, troops scheduled to leave the military after their contracts are up are not being allowed to get out. What does that do to troop morale, IT DESTROYS IT!! So much for an all volunteer professional military, it took years to build into the force it was, to see it used & depleted in such a manner is a disgrace. Big Governments solution before a draft might be, call up anyone who ever served before and force them to go to war, that would be me and other veterans like me. Oh, I forgot about the felons…yes more felons are being allowed to volunteer…some professional military huh? To me John McCains recent statements on Iraq are unacceptable…he speculates that we’ll be in Iraq for 100 years???? The GOP is marching us over a cliff. That’s why they lost the Congress in 2006, that’s why I believe they will not win in 2008 and I KNOW that’s why they just lost this Patriots vote to the Libertarians.

    Economically I feel the problem this country is having simply by stopping at a gas pump! Every time you pump $3.00 per/gal gas into your car think of what this means…all shipping costs increase, all consumer product prices increase…but are your wages increasing, heck no, and if they are, it won’t even make a dent in stopping the financial carnage that’s just around the corner Why can’t we drill in Alaska John McCain? What was that? Caribou you say? How much harder can we be squeezed? If we do not fight the machine now with our voting power, in a few years there will be no middle class! It was darn hard to break with the GOP but it had to be done, just a big government enterprise soaking us…not as much as the Statists will when they come to power, but none the less, soaking us.

    The GOP pander to the right wing, religious zealots. The DEMS pander to the left wing, Marxists. That is something that always rubbed me wrong. And now our big government has so many people on the payroll from both sides that folks keep voting for it, I was once on the take too, but no more. Tyranny from the right wing is the same as tyranny from the left wing. Change is coming…and it may very well be in the form of a protest vote for Obama (Marxist) now that the only GOP change guy that had a chance to get elected as a Republican is gone. And because of this, I’m here today to tell you of another option to the Democrats & Republicans.

    I’ve found a man that has a fire in his belly. Go here and watch the 5 video segments of Wayne’s speech addressing the CLC. It will take about 40 minutes on broadband. Check out his platform & read his blog. I was blown away by this guy. His passion for Freedom is insurmountable. It may take a few years for him to make it, but I think the old football saying “Hey diddle diddle, right up the middle.” is the strategy that will eventually defeat both major political parties…if we can stop the bribery. The 2 party system is a joke. Check it out, then, join the W.A.R. Wayne Allyn Root, Libertarian for President. FISCAL CONSERVATIVE, DEFENSE CONSERVATIVE, SOCIALLY TOLERANT.

    So, in conclusion, I call on you as free citizens, to join a movement towards greater liberty for all citizens of this nation. To join a movement that does what our countries Constitution (our S.O.P.) tells it to do. To join a movement that will defeat tyranny from the left and from the right extremes of both major U.S. political parties. To join a movement that will end entitlements that are going to bankrupt our children’s futures. To join a movement that supports a stronger economy based on free market principles, with less regulation and that will move to repeal the 16th Amendment to the Constitution and abolish the IRS. To join a movement that would have the greatest military ever seen on the face of this planet do what it is actually intended to do, defend the liberties of all American citizens in the event we are actually attacked by a hostile sovereign nation!

    “Change can only come from the outside.” Ben Franklin

  4. Susan Hogarth Says:

    “I’ve found a man that has a fire in his belly.”

    Wayne Root has ulcers? Who knew?!

  5. Preston Says:

    I honestly think that the only way Ron Paul can affect the LP vote this year is to endorse the LP candidate. A lot of the people who got into the movement aren’t yet willing to think outside the two-party box. Most voters I talk to aren’t—but if Paul endorsed someone, things might change.

  6. Dave Williams Says:

    Susan I went over to your site and researched you. I yawned.

  7. Matt Kerbouchard Says:

    Hi. Your parties and your candidates are nothing to the average Ron Paul supporter. You do not understand the average Ron Paul supporter.

    If Ron Paul was running in your party we would have found your party through his message.

    ROOT IS A WARMONGER and goes into the round file with the rest of the warfilth.

    A vote for anyone running other than Ron Paul borders on criminal and you will pay for that crime.

    By the way…we are organizing a huge march on Washington and you are all invited. It is a march for PEACE, FREEDOM, CIVIL LIBERTIES, and the CONSTITUTION. Join us if you can. There will be a lot of good old average freedom loving Americans. Great Music and speakers. We are working on getting buses donated and will need help with logistical concerns. Go to any of the RP websites for details.

    Bring your party.

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