Blogging CPAC: Ron Paul Takes Over Mitt Romney’s Booth

CPAC 2008 CHAPTER EIGHT: Ron Paul Benefiting from Romney’s Withdrawal?

Yesterday, I reported:

I was told by some local Paul supporters that Romney’s staff turned their table in the exhibit hall over for Ron Paul’s use. According to one of of these supporters (his name tag read Kevin O), the guys at the Romney booth, who only had ten minutes advance notice that Mitt Romney was going to drop, are now planning to vote for Ron Paul.

It’s now a fact, as the photograph shows. They’ve got slim jims, but a 4X8 sign and a few rolls of stickers would help out quite a bit.

It’s more than just a booth. At last night’s Mother of All Parties and from just hanging out near the LP booth, I am hearing more and more former Romney supporters starting to support Ron Paul.

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  1. Josh Says:

    Boy do I want to believe you.

    I really hope you are correct, but I am not going to get too optimistic right now.

  2. Gene Says:

    Mormons are very pro-constitutional. It remains to be seen what percent of Mormons and other Romney supporters buy the whole Zionist run “Islamofascist” rhetoric hook, line and sinker.

  3. Martina Says:

    I’ve noticed it here at home (Indiana). People that were vehemently WAR #1 Issue types are now willing to concede that Ron Paul is right about the party and if they don’t set aside the war issue for now, we’re going to get another 4+ years of “compassionate” conservatism rolls eyes

  4. Doremus Jessup Says:

    If I’m not mistaken, it was Ronald Reagan who said “Trust, but verify.”

    This all sounds very optimistic on the surface, but I would strongly suggest that all Paulites heed the advice of Ronaldus Maximus before getting in too deep with this crowd. After all, Romney only “suspended” his campaign. He has NOT dropped out.

  5. Kevin Houston Says:

    While this is a small sample, I have an uncle and a good friend who are LDS, and both are now supporting Ron Paul. They liked him initially too, but thought Romney had the best chance of beating McCain.

    I was wondering about why Romney “suspended” his campaign instead of withdrawing, and I think I understand now. This way, Romney gets to keep all delegates pledged to him up until now (and any who get pledged to him in the future, like what happened in TN, where peolpe voted for Romney even though he isn’t in the race anymore.)

    What if Romney and Huckabee throw in with Ron Paul at convention in order to stymie McCain? Stranger things have happened….

  6. Preston Says:

    Is Ron Paul’s son named Rand after Ayn Rand? If so, is Paul a social darwinist? Rand’s objectivism, though in agreement on most of the issues, is founded in much different principles than libertarianism.

  7. James Says:

    Paul needs to change his tone on the war, the way he presents his ideas. It’s difficult to argue with the pure logic that 911 was primarily a grassroots response to America’s meddling where it was not wanted, or necessary.
    However, It is however, easy to see how regular people can get defensive, and how Paul’s opponents can twist his words to say he meant 911 was a ‘reasonable’ response to US foreign policy.
    People are MUCH more likely to listen to Dr. Paul with an open mind and open ears if he couches US foreign policy as error prone and wrong headed, but GOOD INTENTIONED. Most Americans are no more eager to believe their government colluded with evil forces of globalization than a 10 year old is eager to believe their mother is a wh*re.

  8. Trent Hill Says:

    Paul’s son’s name is actually Randall—but Rand for shot. And yes, that is a hat-tip to Ayn Rand. But Paul is not an objectivist.

  9. Austin Petersen Says:

    No they are right, I was there yesterday. Mitt Romney gave his booth to Paul.

  10. Dr Ward Ciac II Says:

    Ron Paul at Liberty University today. Crowd: 10,000. Applause: Nearly continuous.

    Introduction by Jerry Falwell Jr.

    Parts 1-4

  11. Sean Scallon Says:

    My how many Paul supporters come out of the woodwork now that he has no chance at the nomination. But that’s okay, RP needs all the support he can get.

    Actually with McCain the prohibitive favorite now and Huckabee his butt boy hoping for the VP slot, this gives Paul all the room he needs to launch attacks at McCain like he did in his speech yesterday. And it gives him the opportunity to spread his message to voters looking towards the future once McCain is dispatched in the general election.

    And what’s nice too is RP is still willing to carry the flag against McCain when the other so-called conservatives who spent the last two months trashing McCain now try to suck-up to him (they’re good at sucking up). Ron Paul’s supporters are strong persons, not jellyfish and sheep. We’ll be the one who walk tall while the Beltway flunkies and the Orange Line Mafia crawl on their bellies humiliate themselves looking for crumbs from McCain. We will not endorse him, period. Everyone else can. We will remain true to what we believe in regardless.

  12. SteveF Says:

    Since everyone is clinging to Ronald Reagan…he once stated “I believe libertarianism is the heart and soul of conservatism.”

  13. MindStalker Says:

    Doremus Jessup: The suspend versus dropped out is fairly meaningless. Had he stated that “I’m broke I can’t afford to campaign anymore, so I’m temporarily suspending my campaign” people would have donated and still supported him. Instead he essentially said he wants McCain to be able to start campaigning now so he’s not suspending. His delegates aside from the first legal required round will NOT vote for him.

  14. chere Says:

    SCIENCE has proved that if enough people think a certain way that thing will come about. The Bible also speaks of this; “being in one accord”
    We’re not a minute too late, everything will unfold as it should. Hold fast to your faith. & dare to believe it into exsistance and work hard, there are meet-up groups on meetup dot com.

    “In the beginning of a change, the Patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot.”
    Mark Twain..

    Come Nov.2008[3VOL] will be sworn in, & “We the People” have his back, from the WHITE HOUSE door to the CONGRESS FLOOR. Some have said that RP has tapped into the peoples frustration, But I think RP has tapped into the peoples HOPES. Desperation did NOT lead us to RP but INSPIRATION was our guide.

  15. Elle Says:

    Romney suspending his run is the same thing as dropping out. That is the term the GOP uses for dropping out. Romney is done.

  16. Trent Hill Says:


    No its not. “Suspension” is a technical term. And it means that while Romney no longer is actively campaigning he is still capable of getting delegates and holds on to all current delegates (except Super Delegates of course).

  17. Andy Says:

    “Trent Hill Says:

    February 8th, 2008 at 2:52 pm
    Paul’s son’s name is actually Randall—but Rand for shot. And yes, that is a hat-tip to Ayn Rand. But Paul is not an objectivist.”

    I’ve heard that they just called him Rand for short and that it didn’t have any connection to Ayn Rand until other people started ASSUMING that it did, and after this they just stuck with that.

  18. loscielos Says:

    Ron Paul is the last man standing for fiscal conservatives! Anyone else, and it’s a guaranteed four more years of “inflation tax.”

  19. bagkitchenun Says:

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