Interview with Angelo Cobrasci, National Chairman United Jeffersonian Party

TPW: You posted a comment to an article about the Jefferson Republican Party stating that “The Jefferson Republican Party has now merged with the Coalition of Constitutional Cconservatives and is now to be called the “UNITED JEFFERSONIAN PARTY,” and identifying yourself as national chairman of the party. When did this merger take place?

UJP: This has been in discussion for sometime now, yet the actual merger only happened 2 days ago..but because of this we have to meet the State Eletion Commission guide lines as starting a new 3rd party. this means we have to start a petition getting 45,464 signatures of “Registered Voters”.

TPW: Can you explain who or what the “Coalition of Constitutional Conservatives” is or was? Is it a political party? Do they have a website?

UJP: No this was not a Party, This was the National Coalition of Conservative Republican an education organization to help restore the Republican Party to its’ platform of smaller Government and Constitutional principles. Website closed.

TPW: Why did the new party decide to drop the word “Republican” from the name of the party?

UJP: It seems that Patriotic Voters have had enough of both parties and wish not to be recognized as either.

TPW: How many members does the United Jefferson Party have? How many came from the Jefferson Republican Party and how many came from the Coalition of Constitutional Conservatives.

UJP: At this time we cannot give out these numbers until the paperwork has been filed with the election commission, I will be sure to update you on this.

In what states do you have active state parties:

UJP - Once again, because of the Election Commission we have to start fresh…so until these petitions are filled out and submitted the answer is none.

TPW: Do you have any candidates currently running for office?

UJP - Carl Whitaker is gearing up for for the Gov. of TN. 2010…we did have a member who was running as a Republican since we cannot be issued on the ballot yet. (Betty Boyette for Shelby County Accessor of Property)

TPW:Does the merger involve any change in the philosophy of the old Jefferson Republican Party or is this just a change of name with additional membership?

UJP: Not really….just that we will now actually have a Party Platform, Bylaws, Guidelines…etc.

TPW: How did you become chairman of this new party? Were you elected by the members?

UJP: By those who wished to come over….yes.

TPW: Who are the other officers? Does William Potter have any role in the new party?

UJP: I cannot give this out until they are actually sworn in…Mr. Potter has given no indication, he is in discussion with Mr. Whitaker I believe.

TPW: Why isn’t the merger and formation of the new party mentioned on the Jefferson Republican Party’s website?

UJP: I was told by Mr. Whitaker that the webmaster has had family situations that has kept him from working on the website.

TPW: I understand that the new party’s website is currently under construction. Can you tell us what the url will be and when you expect it to be up and running so our readers can look for it?

UJP: website is to be please look for it in 3 days..if for some reason we have to change the url and readers cannot see it by Monday…the feel free to contact me for an update on url.

TPW: What is your personal political background? Have you ever run for office?

UJP: lol no, I have never run for office. I have been a coordinator on many campaigns at the local and state level, and at this minute I am the West TN. Coordinator for Ron Paul for President 08. .

TPW: Who did you vote for president in ‘04?

UJP - Sadly, I worked on the Imperial Bush Campaign, I have come to realize that the only wasted vote is one that you make that is against your principles…never again to vote for the lesser of two evils, but with the UJP you will not have to worry about that ( in the races we are in). This is a quote we could all live by: “Non carborundum bastardum”. Don’t let the bastards get you down. “Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.” -Benjamin Franklin. I look forward to hearing from anyone interested in the United Jeffersonian Party,

In Liberty I Remain,
Angelo Cobrasci, National Chairman
United Jeffersonian Party
[email protected]

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  1. Trent Hill Says:

    This is a stupid move. First of all, as far as I can see—neither organization REALLY exists,except online and in the minds of its architects.

    The JRP can claim something like 100 registered members as far as I can tell.

  2. Angelo Cobrasci Says:

    I understand what you are saying. This is why I have accepted this position. I have been in the Political Arena for 15 years and know how things work as well as I know many who wish for a real 3rd party. As far as being a real party…you’re correct, not till the paperwork is done, but be sure that this movement IS REAL and will make a large showing.

  3. jp Says:

    ah, Thomas jefferson. The man that lobbied for War with the Barbary Pirates and their City State Sponsors for 15 years then took us to war without going to congress and getting a “declarartion of war” passed.

  4. Trent Hill Says:

    Angelo Cobrasci,

    Why split the conservative-3rd-party vote? Why not work within the Constitution Party?

  5. Cody Quirk Says:

    Perhaps Angelo wants to shoot himself in the foot and help the GOP by dividing the constitutionalist vote?

  6. William Potter Says:

    Speaking as one of two members of the JRP which hold elected political office and as the Interim Chairman of the JRP, Alabama as well as a Co-Founder of the JRP this is the FIRST I have heard of this supposed merger.
    William Potter
    Jefferson Republican Party, Alabama

  7. William Potter Says:

    The following is from the official JRP Blog and posted by our Minister of Information this afternoon.
    William Potter
    Jefferson Republican Party, Alabama

  8. William Potter Says:

    Allow me to make public the email I have sent to Mr Cobraski.

    Mr. Cobraski,
    While I am certain your intentions are only honourable
    I am completely puzzled by your interview with Third Party Watch. Am I correct that the Tennessee JRP led by Carl Whitaker made this merger decision? Speaking for the JRP, Alabama and also for the members in Arkansas as well as the North Carolina JRP, I promise you this is the very first we have heard of this news and our party remains as it has always been structured. Jefferson’s Party would never merge with anyone without a vote of the membership much less without consulting the members.
    For The Republic
    William Potter
    Jefferson Republican Party

  9. Angelo Cobrasci Says:

    Mr Potter,

    I am sorry for the confusion, But the TN JRP has decided to merge with us…so said Carl Whitaker.
    Sir, I have been involved in the Political battle field for 15 years and have made many friends in this arena, many who are willing to leave their parties to join us…many from the major parties…not counting many enlisted military.
    Sir, I did not mean to step on your toes…but Mr. Whitaker has said they wished to merge with us as did a few other groups.

    In Liberty I remain your Compatriot,
    Angelo Cobrasci

  10. Joe Says:

    But Angelo, if only the Tennessee Jefferson Republican Party decided to merge with you, wouldn’t that make you, at most, chairman of the Jefferson Republican Party of Tennessee, not “national chairman” as you have identified yourself?

    Furthermore, it is hard so see what the “merger” consists of. It sounds like Mr. Whitaker may have agreed to step down as state chairman and given you the opportunity. But who are the “few other groups,” you refer to? Your United Jeffersonian Party does not sound terribly united.

    You said that there was no mention of the merger on the JRP website because the webmaster just hadn’t made the change yet, when the reality is they have no intention of making the change because they did not know anything about it.

  11. Jason Says:

    Ahhh third-party stuff.

    Forgive me but this sounds woefully ridiculous and comical. Which is why I am claiming sole responsibilities, after I finishing merging in the merging, as the National Chairman of the United Jeffersonian Institute for A Better Republican Party.

    In Liberty and Freedom, I am your ally, friend of justice and guardian of the Republic in which it stands one nation under God, give me liberty or give me death,

    National Chairman of the United Jeffersonian Institute for A Better Republican Party

  12. Angelo Cobrasci Says:

    We could only wish that the Republican Party would go by their platform, of smaller government…..but since they will not…here we are.

  13. RPerdue Says:

    The Jefferson Republican Party has no intentions of merging with anyone. The JRP is an independent political party. Though “Republican” is a part of our name, we are in no way affiliated with the so-called Republican Party of today. We are republican because we espouse the republican views of the founders of our once great Republic. We would never even consider merging with another party without giving deliberate, careful consideration. We will not compromise, or give opportunity to compromise our convictions and ideals.

  14. Cody Quirk Says:

    So it looks like there is some fracturing in the JRP.

    At least the Constitution Party is large, seasoned, and organized to not have this crap going on.

    Is any JRP affiliate going to be ballot-qualified soon?

  15. William Potter Says:

    Cody Quirk said: “Is any JRP affiliate going to be ballot-qualified soon?”

    The JRP hasn’t sought ballot qualifications in the traditional manner as of yet, our members are currently free to run in the primary of any party they please. I am currently running for re-election to city council and Councilman Fred Works who is also a JRP member is considering doing the same and will most likely do so. If you do not worry about the rules invented by the “big two” you have one less headache.
    William Potter
    Jefferson Republican Party

  16. Angelo Cobrasci Says:

    Good luck on your campaign for re-election.
    Our prayers are with you.


  17. William Potter Says:

    Angelo Cobrasci wrote:

    Good luck on your campaign for re-election.
    Our prayers are with you.”

    Thank you, my campaign needs all the support it can get. We need thousands of constitutional minded individuals across this nation working on the local level and running for political office if we are to ever restore our republic. Jefferson’s Party supports all candidates with these ideals whether they are members of our party or not. We have an alliance with the CP, NY and very good relationships with the CP, Arkansas and my friends in my former party the CP, Alabama.
    For the Republic
    William Potter
    Jefferson Republican Party

  18. Angelo Cobrasci Says:

    Do you have a Campaign website?

    In Liberty I remanin,
    Angelo Cobrasci

  19. William Potter Says:

    Angelo Cobrasci Says:
    Do you have a Campaign website?”

    No website for me, I am a small town candidate and a door-to-door man. I online use the internet to work for the JRP and for activism, not for my own campaign.
    William Potter
    Jefferson Republican Party

  20. basic blue insurance Says:

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  21. Riston Says:

    I have been a fairly dedicated libertarian for the entirety of my adult life. The problem I had found is that you have the Libertarian Party, the Constitutional Party, and the Jeffersonian Republican party, all who are pretty much saying the exact same thing. Before I found out about Ron Pauls presidential bid in 2007, I was already considering how there might be an alliance of some sort among the different third parties. perhaps then we would create a formidable voting bloc. when I found out about Ron Paul, I had hoped that he would be the one to do that. While I respect his principles, I am a little disappointed that he failed to do that.

    Look, if you people really care about liberty, then somehow we need to put aside our insignificant differences for long enough come together to figure out some real solutions. perhaps A united Jeffersonian Party might not be such a terrible idea, after all, we pretty much all hold similar views on how government should be run. Uniting the llike minded third parties would do more for liberty than Bob Barr could ever hope to accomplish.

    In Liberty,
    Riston Denaux

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