Did Ron Paul Win the Calif LP Primary?

Christine Smith easily placed first among candidates on the ballot in the California Libertarian Party primary.

However, it appears that Smith was beaten by “write-in votes.” The 12 ballot candidates received a total of 13,750 votes statewide, out of about 80,000 who are registered statewide.

A check of major counties shows that, in each case, the number of “write-in votes” exceeded Smith’s total. For example, in Los Angeles, the largest county in the state (making up a third of the state’s population) reported 2,157 write-in votes, compared to Smith’s total of 746. Orange County reported 1,279 write-ins compared to Smith’s total of 352. San Francisco County reported 145 write-ins, compared to Smith’s total of 86. Alameda County reported 138 write-ins, compared to Smith’s total of 133.

Unfortunately, the write-in votes will not be counted, since no one filed as an official write-in candidate, but one can make an educated guess as to what candidate LP registrants would write in.

29 Responses to “Did Ron Paul Win the Calif LP Primary?”

  1. Robert Capozzi Says:

    what would be equally interesting is to determine what percentage of the write-ins are aware of NewsletterGate. Will Ls overlook that gaffe?

  2. Bo Zimmerman Says:

    As Libertarians are generally an aware and educated lot, I’m betting they know all about it. And since there was nothing there to hold against Paul, it didn’t affect their vote one bit.

  3. Abe Says:

    Robert, instead of worrying about a tempest in a teapot you should be supporting Ron Pau. If you are really worried about this supposed “Newsletter Gate” you should educate yourself with Antiwar.com columnist Justin Raimondo’s expose of this supposed scandal.

  4. Robert Milnes Says:

    I’m sick of Ron Paul. Evidently his agenda is to go all the way to the convention & try to reform the gop to the good old days of the old equation, conservative=Goldwater right libertarian. The LP is beyond that. So is the gop. The Reaganites & evangelicals are not going to roll over & morph into secular libertarians. Get with the program, Ronulans. Let Ron Paul go with the gop warmongers.

  5. Brent Says:

    Robert is upset he didn’t do better. Or he’s upset that Paul is getting attention. Libertarians should be happy that he is exposing the truth, way more than any other candidate has done so far.

  6. Al Says:

    I am sick of the damned government lying and cheating every step of the way about EVERYTHING.
    Truth and integrity mean nothing to the American sheeple.
    They are brain washed and dead asleep at the wheel. If the good people of this land cannot see fit to elect someone with the same vision our forefathers had, then you damn well better shut up all you yuppies and enjoy your slavery and the coming draft. I cannot fathom how anti-war people can vote for McClinton and then willingly send their children off to war for 100 years.
    It’s time to secede.

  7. amy Says:

    Even if Ron Paul does not win the nomination he has opened the eyes of MILLIONS! And our eyes will stay open. We will retake the GOP and make it a respectable party with integrity and statesmen candidates instead pandering politicians. The fact that Ron Paul is still in the game should tell you a lot. We are not satisfied with free-spending, warmongering jackals that try to pass themselves off as ‘conservatives’. The only conservative is RON PAUL and soon the majority of the sheeple will awaken to this fact. The Ron Paul revolution is not over..in fact we are just getting started. The Media can continue to push McWar and Romdroid and censor Ron Paul but for those of us who have opened our eyes there is no turning back. We love liberty and support the CONSTITUTION.

  8. Susan Hogarth Says:

    We will retake the GOP and make it a respectable party with integrity and statesmen candidates instead pandering politicians.

    That’s so cute.

  9. Obama Chris Says:

    Smith is one of the best candidates the Libertarians have along with Kubby and Phillies. I’m glad to see her win.

  10. Sean Kamp Says:

    I know you guys would like to portray Ron as some sort of ‘traitor’ or something, but you should know the party isn’t as important as the message of liberty. I plan to switch my party to LP soon…unless there are some Ron Paul Republicans for me to vote into Congress. You guys know there is a bigger bully pulpit within the GOP than the LP. Aren’t prospects better for libertarians to run for Congress than for President right now?

  11. Gene Berkman Says:

    I wrote in Ron Paul in the California Libertarian primary, and everyone I know who is a registered Libertarian in Riverside County did as well.

    Several people called me or came by Renaissance Bookshop to complain that they did not see Ron Paul’s name on their LP primary ballot, and they had to write him in.

  12. Robert Milnes Says:

    Susan, finally something I can get behind.

  13. Robert Capozzi Says:


    I’ve read the Raimondo piece on NewsletterGate. While he makes the point that some of the quotes were taken out of context, to me the big picture is that for many years there was a series of bigoted statements. I am a Paul supporter, who’s is very disappointed in the campaign’s reaction to the TNR piece. I find the explanation insufficient.


    I assure you I’m not “upset,” merely disappointed. The Paul campaign had great promise on a lot of levels. I simply find that the opportunity for a surge in libertarian thinking and activism has been tainted by NewsletterGate.

  14. Robert Milnes Says:

    Gene, just tell them all Ron Paul is not on the LP ballot because he is NOT a libertarian. He is a republican self described conservative. NEVER AGAIN vote republican.

  15. Brian Holtz Says:

    Where is Eric getting his data on write-ins? I don’t see it on the SoS web site, or on the San Francisco web site.

    Also, any data on write-ins needs to be normalized against 2004 to be meaningful. The 47% vote for uncommitted yesterday in Missouri might sound like a vote for Ron Paul, but uncommitted won about 38% in the 2004 LPMO primary.

  16. Thomas L. Knapp Says:


    If I recall correctly, Al Gore carried a number of counties in the 2000 California LP primary. I think y’all had some kind of different voting system then, though, where all the candidates of all parties were listed on all ballots or something.

    The “uncommitted” vote in Missouri doesn’t represent Ron Paul, for the simple reason that any Libertarian who wanted to vote for Ron Paul was free to do so in the GOP primary. We don’t have registration by party in Missouri. You can vote any primary ballot you want to (but only one).

  17. Eric Garris Says:

    I called up the LA County and Orange County registrars of voters to get the county info. The San Francisco and Alameda county numbers were posted on their websites:


  18. Rolland Says:

    Well I think there is a good possibility that Ron Paul will not win the GOP nomination. I am in complete agreement with Al, but would add my anger about the slime balls in MSM that pretend to be journalists. To anyone that has been paying attention, MSM has lost any shred of credibility they may have enjoyed. I look upon these talking heads with a loathing and disgust that words cannot adequately express.

    The traitors in MSM and their flock of millions of mindless sheep have once again sentenced this country to another election of the lessor of two evils. A game that I have long ago quit playing. If you support Ron Paul and his ideas, and you vote for one of the two idiots MSM has selected in the general election, you become part of the problem.

    If everyone that supports Ron Paul voted for the Libertarian candidate (whomever it might be) and garnered 10-20% of the popular vote, it would be a major blow. They would actually have to mention the Libertarian party when announcing results, which is something they absolutely hate to do (I’ve been a Libertarian since 1980 and this game by MSM is nothing new). Ron Paul, Christine Smith, Wayne Root, Steve Kubby, or any of the LP candidates are an infinitely better choice than McCain or Clinton.

    Fight back! Your candidate might not win, but make the MSM bastards at least take notice.

  19. Andy Says:

    I know for a fact that there were registered Libertarians in California who did a write in vote for Ron Paul.

  20. Sean Kamp Says:

    Robert sure is bitter. To say Ron Paul is not ‘libertarian’ is comical. I suppose if you narrow the definition down to mean ‘Robert Milner only,’ then sure, nobody else is libertarian. Ron Paul is the reason I would consider joining the Libertarian Party. This insistence on party loyalty reminds me of the two monopolistic parties’ exclusionary herd mentality. How about we just get people who care about the Constitution elected?

  21. Robert Milnes Says:

    Sean, why is Ron Paul on the gop ballot?

  22. Andy Says:

    “Robert Milnes Says:

    February 7th, 2008 at 2:53 am
    Sean, why is Ron Paul on the gop ballot?”

    Because it is an effective strategy for getting publicity. If Ron had started this race as an LP candidate or a candidate for some other minor party or as an independent he wouldn’t have gained anything close to the momentum that he has now.

  23. Sean Kamp Says:

    Andy beat me to it. I’ve heard Ron is still also an LP member. Robert, why aren’t you on the GOP ballot? Libertarians have to get elected into office, get on national tv to make a big, lasting difference. As for me, I would like to run for Congress in 2 or 4 years…but I don’t fit into a very simple mold. I completely hate Dem economics/rhetoric. I also am not firm on my stance on abortion (though I side with the Constitution at any rate) and am an atheist. I don’t know if I can even sit in the same room as some GOP folks without throwing punches. More power to Ron Paul and others who can.

  24. Thomas L. Knapp Says:

    “you should know the party isn’t as important as the message of liberty.”

    If that’s true, then why did Paul constantly sacrifice the message of liberty—especially on immigration—in order to position himself as a credible Republican candidate?

  25. Sean Kamp Says:

    The immigration problem really hinges on the economic problems of the handouts illegal immigrants can get for being here. That has been Ron’s focus. Hell, I oppose illegal immigration as long as the welfare state continues. The problem I’ve had with his campaign is their insistence on not running antiwar ads, as though the neocon wing of the GOP was going to change their mind on Ron Paul. I would have never registered Republican if not for him—and those are the biggest dots his staff failed to connect. If you don’t like Ron, that’s fine, but you should realize that he and he alone is bringing hundreds of thousands your way.

  26. Michael Seebeck Says:

    The only reason Dr. Paul was not on the LPC ballot was because the LPC Executive Committee ddin’t qualify him for the ballot. Rememer that the ballot was advisory only and non-binding.

    I too wrote in Dr. Paul. The rest of the LP candidates are unimpressive. That includes you, Robert.

  27. Fascist Nation Says:

    While I suspect Paul was indeed the write-in candidate I am pleased Christine Smith has won. I am fairly confident Ron Paul WILL NOT do a third party/independent run as he has been there and done that and knows the system is specifically designed to prevent third parties/independents from rocking the boat. While it makes sense for the LP and the Constitution Party to combine and rally around Ron Paul based upon the support and money he has brought to their plates, and his consistent and reasonably compatible message of liberty we all have in common, he isn’t going to play. [And Thomas tisk tisk, while you and I are I presume in agreement on open borders, a perfectly good Libertarian argument can be made from a limited government Libertarian standpoint on controlling the borders—even though I consider limited government Libertarian to be an oxymoron. I can live with those limited government Libertarians far happier than the government I live with now.]

    I want to congratulate Christine Smith’s supporters. She will make a fine libertarian and LP candidate, and I hope she wins your nomination.

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