E-Mail of the Day

I’ll just pass this e-mail on verbatim:

Greetings California DNC representative:

A complaint has been filed with the Attorney General of California. This complaint is actually aimed at the FCC and MSNBC for allowing the Presidential debate process to be managed by private cable companies.

These private cable companies are not under the jurisdiction of the Federal Communications Commission. In fact, this is how the national presidential caucus and primary process is being rated and gamed in order to exclude the voices of millions of Americans, civic groups, and their issues.

While the US military is an occupying force in Iraq, in order to protect our freedoms so it would seem, our election process is being gamed in bi-partisan agreements with private communications networks.

This will not stand and this will be addressed nationally before the end of February.

Gary Witherspoon
California Congressional Fourth District

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  1. Preston Says:

    Hell yes.