Independence Party Adds Minnesota to List of State Affiliates

The Independence Party of America, which seems to be supporting Michael Bloomberg, has added a new affiliate organization. Here’s their release:

The Independence Party of Minnesota has voted to affiliate with the Independence Party of America today. The Minnesota Independence Party looks forward to building a new major party in America.

Frank MacKay, Chairman of the Independence Party of America attended the convention today and is very excited about the outcome. MacKay announced, “We are proud to have the Minnesota Independence Party as a partner in a new major party which will ultimately give Americans a real alternative in presidential politics. It will allow Minnesota voters to express their preferences up and down the ticket.”

Craig Swaggert, Chairman of the Minnesota Independence Party stated, “We are thrilled that the Independence Party will be able to come together in a new organization to give an overdue voice to the Independents across the country.”

Swaggart continued, “The Independence Party voted to allow cross-endorsement of ideal candidates from other parties who support our cause of reform; a practice last used in 1998. Entering presidential politics and reaching out to other parties will allow us to offer the reform Americans really want.”

According to the fine print at the bottom of the page:

The Independence Party of America has roots in 26 States through their alignment with the Reform Party of America, where Chairman Frank MacKay is the Executive Director. The IPOA has direct organizations in several other states such as Virginia and Pennsylvania. National Chairman Frank MacKay is also Chair of the New York State Independence Party with over 400,000 party members.

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  1. Fred C. Says:

    Sorry, your information’s all wrong. Mr. Rittberg declared the IP a quasi-secessionist organization. Your unbiased coverage of these Minnesotan neo-confederates necessarily implies your sympathy towards the Viking-supremacy movement. Expect to be exposed on a major partisan blog no one reads.

  2. Ben Says:

    Fred, I am assuming that you are planting your tongue firmly in cheek. However, if any one doesn’t note the sarcasm in Fred’s voice, the MNIP is most definitely not a neo-Confederate group. Neo-Confederates will find themselves much more at home in the League of the South,, or maybe even among the Constitution Party’s diaspora.

  3. Fred C. Says:

    Call it a preemptive smear. A certain someone is known to say the same about another presumptive IPA affiliate. Better I do it sarcastically than a Romnette do it seriously.

  4. Peter Tharaldson Says:

    Hi everyone-

    I am the 5th CD Chair or the Independence Party of MN (Minneapolis and first ring suburbs and also home to Tammy Lee, who in 2006 garnered 21% of the vote in a four way congressional race).

    Just as an introduction, the IPMN is a truly centrist party, socially inclusive, fiscally responsible. We have always and continue to advocate sound, long-term focussed policy decisions. We have a Upper Midwestern populist streak, but it is rooted in our policy values.

    Our local site is our state site is You are welcome to look around and checkout our policy positions.

    The convention of 120 state-wide delegates and alternates debated long and hard on the national affiliation (our local delegates only participate in endorsement proceedings). Given the level of state-level control being allowed for, we decided to affiliate (it was probably 90% in support in what was a very considerate crowd).

    Delegates were welcomed by Bloomington City Councilmember Steve Elkins, very active in the IP, former Congressman Tim Penny, Peter Hutchinson, 2006 gubernatorial candidate and many others.

    Tammy unfortunately was pulled away by business (she is spokeswoman for Northwest Airlines and is very busy)

    We had a thorough debate and had some fun too. We made some great changes to the platform and also voted to cross-endorse candidates in select races (note executive level).

    Sorry for the long post.


  5. Gary Newman Executive Director Says:

    Iam the cofounder and Executive Director of the Third Party Club of Long Island and the State of New York. We meet the last monday of each month and at every meeting we have special speekers The club has been in existence for over five years .If some of you would like to know how to start a club please call me at 631-258-0010 or e-mail me———————[email protected]

  6. Sean Scallon Says:

    Say Pete, is the IP having a caucus on Feb. 5 along with the DFL and the GOP and if so will there be a presidential preference poll?

    Affiliating with this national group was a good idea. Now if you want Bloomberg to run this year, he has state ballot lines he can already get on.

  7. Cody Quirk Says:

    If the RfP wants to save its own butt, it probably should team up with the IPA.

  8. Ben Says:

    As a ballot-qualified Minnesota party, the MNIP is required by Minnesota law to hold caucuses on Tuesday, 5 February. Presidential Preference Poll? Dunno. Contact the party at Visit SoS Mark Ritchie’s website,, for information on [a] caucus[es] you may visit. The CPMN is holding caucuses this Saturday, 2 February, for locations and times. The Greens are scheduling caucuses for March.

  9. Peter Tharaldson Says:

    Hi all-

    Yes we are holding caucus on February 5th. We are also holding online caucus from February 5th thru March 4th (which is still the statutory caucus date). There will also be sub caucus in the 5th district throughout February.

    Lots of caucuses! How come? Well, first off, while the caucus date was changed the legislature couldn’t get the statutory language done so technically the legal caucus night is March 4th. Fortunately, however, the state Supreme Court has ruled that the state government has no right, and the parties have no sanction, to hold caucus on a specific night.

    Anyway….that’s the scoop.

    Yep Bloomberg is exciting…I am of course concerned about McCain and California. It looks much more questionable, although there are some signs that he may just take a stand anyway (and I am not sure McCain will be the same McCain in the election process). Will see…

    While the Minnesota IP is not libertarian on government (we are on social issues), we are very much federalists…meaning we have a much more libertarian flavor on national issues than state issues…where we think government can work better. As an example…every federal candidate in 2006, including Tammy Lee in the 5th CD, endorsed movement to a flat sales tax and states rights (Tammy got 21%). John Binkowski (6th CD) advocated eliminating the US Dept of Education.

    There are some Ron Paul flavors here too! I do hope Bloomberg runs though

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