Ron Paul Endorsed By Alabama Republican Assembly

Here’s the press release:


Texas Congressman also wins organization’s public straw poll

BIRMINGHAM, January 26—The Alabama Republican Assembly today announced the winner of its Presidential Endorsing Convention held on January 26, 2008 at the Birmingham Marriott.

Delegates from ALRA clubs around the state attended the endorsing convention to select their choice for the Republican nomination. The ALRA requires a 2/3rds majority to endorse a candidate, otherwise no endorsement is made.

Republican Ron Paul succeeded in winning the ALRA endorsement on the 1st round of voting. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee came in second.

“We congratulate Ron Paul on winning the ALRA endorsement,” said Elaine Little, Chairman of the Endorsing Convention. “It’s evident that the overwhelming majority of delegates determined that Congressman Paul best represents the Republican platform and the conservative values of limited government and personal freedom.”

Little went on to explain that in a crowded field of several candidates, it’s unusual that an endorsement would be won on the first ballot.

The ALRA hosted a corresponding straw poll that was open to the public while the endorsing convention was taking place. The winner of the straw poll, with 81% of total votes cast was Ron Paul, with Mike Huckabee coming in second with 13% and Mitt Romney in third with 6%.

“Ron Paul’s grassroots support is second to none among all other republican campaigns this cycle,” stated attorney Tom Davis, Vice President of the ALRA and delegate to the endorsing convention. “The results of our straw poll parallel the results in most straw polls throughout the country. Ron Paul has clearly excited many new people and energized them to get involved in the political process. The Republican Party should be grateful for all the ‘new blood’ coming in as a result of Congressman Paul’s message of freedom and returning to the Constitution.”

The Alabama Republican Assembly is a grass-roots volunteer organization chartered by the National Federation of Republican Assemblies. The NFRA was founded in 1997 to promote conservative values and principles in the Republican Party.

Ronald Reagan referred to the NFRA as “the conscience if the Republican Party.”

44 Responses to “Ron Paul Endorsed By Alabama Republican Assembly”

  1. Eric Dondero Says:

    There was a poll from Alabama released today: Paul at 3% statewide.

    Interesting that even in States that have large Neo-Confederacy constituencies, Paul is not polling well.

  2. John Bowery, D.O. Says:

    I am proud to see that the Republicans in Alabama can appreciate the importance of the message of this truly unique statesman and patriot, Ron Paul. This is especially admirable in light of the obvious media bias against his candidacy. Three cheers for Alabama!

  3. Dodsworth Says:

    Pretty bad form there to be so snarky, especiailly since the tables can so easily be turned. How’s your guy Rudy polling in Alabama, Eric? Oh, why did you keep working for “neo-confederate” for all those years even though you knew about those racist newlsetters?

  4. John Danforth Says:

    What’s your real last name, Eric?

    In the interest of full disclosure, you should probably reveal that you are a disgruntled former employee of Dr. Paul. You were fired, weren’t you?

    From what I know of him, you must be one real piece of work to get kicked out. From what I see of your posts, following news of Dr. Paul and putting in disparaging comments, you are a piece of work. You probably ought to tell everyone you are a shill for Rudy. While a statist might win the presidency this time, at least it won’t be the fascist you support.

  5. Dodsworth Says:

    Piece of work is right. Eric worked for a man he now considers a racist even (apparently without making any protest) though Eric claimed after Paul fired him that he left because RP “changed” his foreign policy views. In the end, Eric proved no more loyal to Rudy, who he has described as a “libertarian.”

  6. Teresa Says:

    Eric, is that the name you are using now? Everyone knows that you just want his seat in Texas. I can’t believe that when the racist thing came out years ago you defended him and this time you got on board saying that it was true. How low can a person stoop to get ahead in this world? Don’t worry what goes around comes around. I hope you have no bones in your closet. Well, there are the other names that you go by, and I am not just talking about your alternate last name.

  7. Freedom4America Group Says:

    Eric Dondero you can stick that statewide so-called scientific poll where the sun does NOT shine.

    Eventually this crooked Republican election will be exposed by We The People and the crooks will have NO choice but to play by the rules. Then let’s see just who is really in the lead.

    ONLY A Doctor WILL HEAL Our Country,
    Freedom4America Group

  8. Lex Says:

    “Interesting that even in States that have large Neo-Confederacy constituencies, Paul is not polling well.”

    Not that interesting, unless you think Ron Paul is a Neo-Confederate. Not that surprising either—Ron Paul polls the best in the West and in the Northeast, least well in the Bible Belt, where there is still a lot of support for President Bush and the Iraq war.

    Here in California, Ron Paul is polling at 8% and has over 11,000 volunteers.

  9. TPW/CD Reader Says:

    Everyone should know by now that Mitt is now the libertarian Dondero supports.

    Mandatory health insurance, removal of the 2nd amendment, and saying you are 100% pro-life (completely opposite of one of Dondero’s pet positions) is probably what makes Mitt and “Mainstream Libertarian”...

  10. Dodsworth Says:

    And if Mtt loses Eric will be supporting that great libertarian John McCain.

  11. Toni Litsinger Says:

    Thank you, Alabama Republican Assembly, for seeing the true worth of Dr. Paul and acknowledging the fact that he is responsible for breathing new life into the Republican Party. I wish that all Republican state assemblies and organizations would realize this too. We are working to get back to the rule of law, our Constitution, nothing more, nothing less.

    Oh, and Eric Dondero, you are nothing but a worthless troll. I see your comments all over the web and also know all about your history of being fired by Dr. Paul.

  12. Alabama libertarian Says:

    Ron Paul is polling horrible in our state..That endorsement unfortunatly means nothing. I can assure everybody that Huckabee and MCCain will be 1 and 2 in our primary. Ron Paul is dead last with Giuliani.

  13. Republicae Says:

    This I know, that as this falsified fiat monetary economy begins its rapid decent into chaos, the people will not find the answers in the very entrenchment candidates that support and help assist the continuance of a system created by Socialists. There is only one man speaking with the understanding and knowledge of economics in this race and that is Ron Paul. If Dr. Paul is not elected in 2008 then by 2012 we will all wish he had been.

    This system is collapsing under the weight of the debt that creates it and there is nothing the government or the Federal Reserve can do to stem the tide of its collapse.

    I applaud the Alabama Republican Assembly in their support of Dr. Paul and hope that the People of this country wake from their induced slumber to realize that in their sleep this Nation has been stolen from them by unscrupulous thieves posing as political leaders and their collaborators in the banking cartel.

  14. Michael Cathcart Says:

    Alabamans are smart folks it seems.

  15. LetsRoll Says:

    It just goes to show you that some sane folks are alive and well in Alabama. I salute you ALRA.

    Dumdero, the word is that you actually wrote those slanderous newsletters, ready to fess up?

  16. Jose C. Says:

    “Dumdero, the word is that you actually wrote those slanderous newsletters, ready to fess up?”

    He did not do it. You how we know he did not do it? If he did Ron Paul would have flipped this “ex disgruntled employee” like a cheap suit. And he would have exposed him to the world saying, “He did it. He wrote those words.”

  17. Gene Says:

    Eric Dondero. Can’t help but laugh when that name comes up…

  18. dodsworth Says:

    I suspect that no one person wrote the newsletter….though it is entirely possible that Dondero had a role. It is worth repeating that he knew exactly what was going on and let it continue without protest.

  19. Micah Says:

    There was another poll released today.

    9 out of 10 respondents who knew who Eric Dondero is found him to be an unhappy, impish little man.

    According to one pollee: “Dondero is so miserable in his pathetic existence, he has to do something to convince himself that a bullet to the head isn’t the best solution. When he lost his job working for Congressman Paul, he needed a reason to go on living, and sniping at his former boss was the best he could come up with.”

    Of the approximately 1 in 10 who found him not to be pathetic, it turns out that more than 90% of those lived in trailers without running water. The polls internal reveal that they really do find Dondero to be a waste, but simply don’t want him to be a part of ‘their crowd’.

  20. Opie Says:

    I don’t care how Alabama votes. The only person presently seeking the Presidency I will vote for is Ron Paul. I would consider Sanford, Gov. of SC if he was drafted and Paul was VP but a Paul-Sanford ticket would be better. I plan to write in Ron Paul for every elective office unless a candidate has endorsed him and his platform to indicate what it will take to get my support in the future.

  21. Anthony Lilja Says:

    Ron Paul is my President. Period.

  22. Scott Says:

    I too applaud the ALRA for thinking of the betterment of the Rebublican Party and acknowledging that Ron Paul and his supporters stand for what is best about the Republican Party and echoeing what Ron Paul has said; that the party has lost it’s way.

  23. MAC Says:

    I applaud the ALRA for their sensible vote today. Certainly, I wish they had more influence on the Alabama Republican Party but, alas, the Alabama GOP is no different than the rest of the party —it is between the Leftist Socialist Democrat Party and the Center, long ago leaving the center, let alone being to the right of center!

    Yes, Dr Paul is responsible for breathing new life into the Republican Party …and reviving some life ‘for a season’. That “revived life” simply stated are ‘Ron Paul Republicans’ and are here for the Ron Paul season only. How long the “NEW life” will hang around depends on how long it takes for them to realise the Republican Party don’t give a hoot about them and have no intentions of bringing the party around to ‘conservative’ values, constitutional and limited government. Fact is, that should already be clear to anyone!

    If Ron Paul is not on the ballot in November, those ‘Ron Paul Republicans’ will either write in his name, vote third party or stay home because they know that there is no difference between Hillary, Obama, Edwards, Giuliani, Romney, McCain or Huckster so why bother.

    I hate to bust anyone’s bubble but those state assemblies for the most part will vote their party in the end come November …no matter who the nominee is ...unless of course it wiould happen to be Ron Paul ...then a lot of them would be the ones staying home or even voting Democrat! :(

  24. Brian Says:

    “What’s your real last name, Eric?”



    Dondero and I attended Mountain Man Rendezvous two years ago and we had a ball. We were just nutz about each other from the first time we met. We met at survival camp and soon became great friends. We buddied up on tracking and shelter building and became very close. During the last week of survival camp we decided to share a debris hut, we are both small in stature so we built our debris hut to be very close fitting in order to heat the shelter with our bodies and a single candle. We both loved to sleep nude and at this particular all male survival school going nude or in a simple cloth was the norm. It was just a really great time for the both of us.

    Mountain Man Rendezvous was a blast as well. I stitched a set of buckskins and a pair of moccasins for Eric and I adorned them with some beautiful beads and quills, I added a lot of flowers and bees as decoration. He looked very fierce. He asked me to go as his captured squaw and I reluctantly agreed. As a man I made a pretty ugly squaw, but he loved playing the game and I was a very willing captive.

    If any one is interested I would be happy to describe our week long rendezvous, Just let me know.

  26. Andy Says:

    “Micah Says:

    January 26th, 2008 at 8:55 pm
    There was another poll released today.

    9 out of 10 respondents who knew who Eric Dondero is found him to be an unhappy, impish little man.

    According to one pollee: “Dondero is so miserable in his pathetic existence, he has to do something to convince himself that a bullet to the head isn’t the best solution. When he lost his job working for Congressman Paul, he needed a reason to go on living, and sniping at his former boss was the best he could come up with.”

    Of the approximately 1 in 10 who found him not to be pathetic, it turns out that more than 90% of those lived in trailers without running water. The polls internal reveal that they really do find Dondero to be a waste, but simply don’t want him to be a part of ‘their crowd’.”


  27. Lars Says:

    Thanks ALRA!

    We are collecting links to articles like yours at for all the latest news about Ron Paul.

    If you want to help ensure your future articles about Ron Paul are noticed by even more Ron Paul supporters and others following the Ron Paul message you can go to and post links to your own articles as soon as they are available online.

  28. David Says:

    I’m voting for Ron Paul in the primary. And I believe he’d stand a far greater chance at winning the whole race if he knew how to talk to the masses who grew up in the Cold War. Paul and every other true intellectual appreciates the harm caused our nation by industrial complexes that feed from the government tit in the name of real or perceived threats and crises.

    Time to end all the charades, smoke and mirrors. The Cold War is over but real threats remain. Too bad most of them are today’s politicians.

  29. Not Donderroo Says:

    This first commenter claims to be Eric Dondero, but who knows for sure? However, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

    Good luck running against Paul for his House seat. Loser.

  30. Rob Says:

    Fellow Paulites, I like to slam McCain any chance I get, feel free to copy this and (edit if you like) and spread the WORD!!

    Remember John McCain and the “Keating Five” (Of the Savings & Loan Fame)

    Here’s what the “National Review” has written about their fellow Republican

    Charles Keating was convicted of racketeering and fraud in both state and federal court after his Lincoln Savings & Loan collapsed, costing the taxpayers $3.4 billion. His convictions were overturned on technicalities; for example, the federal conviction was overturned because jurors had heard about his state conviction, and his state charges because Judge Lance Ito (yes, that OJ judge) messed up jury instructions. Neither court cleared him, and he faces new trials in both courts.)
    Though he was not convicted of anything, McCain intervened on behalf of Charles Keating after Keating gave McCain at least $112,00 in contributions. In the mid-1980s, McCain made at least 9 trips on Keating’s airplanes, and 3 of those were to Keating’s luxurious retreat in the Bahamas. McCain’s wife and father-in-law also were the largest investors (at $350,000) in a Keating shopping center; the Phoenix New Times called it a “sweetheart deal.”

    more info about the Keating 5 on Wikpedia-
    (Names With Faces…)

  31. TPW/CD Reader Says:

    his last name is Rittberg

  32. Freedom4America Group Says:

    We are pleased to see that at least some Republican Groups realize a TRUE Republican when they see one. Thank you for this great endorsement of Dr. Paul.

    By now we suspect that you realize that We The People are running for President and Dr. Paul is our vessel and will represent us ALL in the White House. It is NOT about party but about the Message and the STATESMAN delivering this Message.

    Here is some stuff about McCain that the LSM is NOT reporting.

    McCain aide touts ‘Mexico first’ policy

    John McCain and Miss Teen USA South Carolina

    Arizona Senator John McCain is running for President (again). He has been courting various conservative leaders in his quest to secure the Republican nomination. McCain wants voters to believe that he is a conservative… but his record would certainly suggest otherwise.

    Take, for instance, his record on gun rights and political speech affecting Second Amendment activists. Abysmal, wretched, and pathetic are words that come to mind.

    Link for above -

    McCain has a Lobbyist on Staff even

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    If you are a Ron Paul supporter then register on the site below. This will give us all some accounting on Dr. Paul’s support.

    ONLY A Doctor WILL HEAL Our Country,
    Freedom4America Group

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  33. matt Says:

    I disagree with Dondero just as strongly as anyone here, but some of this crap is getting excessive. It’s not like you can’t roast the crap out of him just sticking to the facts, mentioning suicide and gay Indian rendezvous are just poor taste, IMHO.

  34. Stephen Gordon Says:


    I agree with you. I disagree with Dondero on quite a few issues, but I believe he is honest and says and has a track record of doing what he believes.

    It’s fair to rationally argue with Dondero on policy or electoral issues. It’s not fair to make up stuff (other than of an obviously satirical nature) or accuse him of things he didn’t do.

    “Indian rendezvous” are satirical and funny (there is a realMexican vacation issue as background on this), though. I was making phone calls to see if he was safe when he was gone longer than he should have been.

    Blaming him for writing racist newsletters isn’t fair, IMO.

  35. Dominick Says:

    Eric Eric Eric..

    You can vote for the most popular guy, you can vote for the tallest guy, you can vote based on race, you can even vote based on gender.

    You could also elect the president that best represents your interests regardless of your perspective on his appeal.

    If everyone goes voting for whomever they think will get elected we would just be electing all the people that garner to mass appeal.

    So, do you want to vote for someone to represent the bland obedient workers we have become? or vote for someone with principal, and based on their record and what issues are truly most important to the individual voter.

    Just looking at how the candidates present you with their message, the only other candidate that doesn’t leave me with a bad taste in my mouth is the LP candidate Phillies, and Ron Paul.

  36. C. Wesley Fowler Says:

    Dondero is a sad little stalker isn’t he?

  37. Cajie Says:

    Alabamians come to the real Constitution Bandwagon, VOTE FOR RON PAUL. Don’t believe false media hype, The newsletter story is just an opinion, the newsletters are not racist.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the negative effects of our society’s obsession about being anti-racist some time ago crossed the line and started to vastly outweigh the negative effects of racism itself.

    Larry Elder, the Sage of South Central
    KABC-AM/790 Mon.-Fri. 3-6 PM. Nationally syndicated talk show about current issues from a black libertarian perspective based in Los Angeles.

    Larry Elder’s straight talk and common-sense solutions spare no one and will inspire his passionate and growing audience.

    The Ten Things You Can’t Say In America, Revised Edition (Paperback)
    by Larry Elder (Author)

    Showdown, by Larry Elder, Paperback, Confronting Bias, Lies, and the Special Interests that Divide America, Elder, Larry Elder, Paperback, First, 1, Book, ISBN: 0312320175

    Stupid Black Men, by Larry Elder …
    How to Play the Race Card - and Lose, Elder, Larry Elder, Hardcover, Book, ISBN: 0312367333

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the negative effects of our society’s obsession about being anti-racist some time ago crossed the line and started to vastly outweigh the negative effects of racism itself.

    The first point is that the word has lost any claim to a reasonable definition. I still think that there is something to which one could attach a useful definition of “racism” which would retain its pejorative aspect; something along the lines of substantial invidious animosity against a racial group. But to whatever extent it exists, I don’t think it’s worth getting worked up about, at least in any way that gives it place of privilege over other human faults.

  38. BobHeuer Says:

    True Ron Paul backers stick to the facts. Leave Eric ( or whatever his name is) alone personally, but go after his actions (lies, half-truths, distortions). Love the sinner, but hate the sin. You will not burn up energy or time that could be used constructively. Watch the master, Ron Paul. Peace

  39. Mike Says:

    This may be a little OT but check out this website

    Ron Paul Racing

  40. BetsyRoss Says:

    Yeahhhhhhhhh Mike…I was also going to post this….

    Ron Paul and NASCAR….seems that #28 is being resurrected
    from the past and they are endorsing Ron…DONATE, DONATE,


    Imagine Fox news HAVING to report on the roadster….woo hoo!

    What a slap in the face to Fox Snooze….

    I am so excited…this is the BEST YET

    I am calling TONKA TOYS to see if we can get them to
    manufacture the Blimp, Limo, Nascar Auto, Grannywarrior RV, etc.

    How about dolls….
    The Mormon with Monopoly money
    The POW with hand grenades
    The Mobster passing out amnesty papers
    The Hitlery with swaticka and/or The Clinton Hillbillies
    The Huckleberry doll with his tax hike sheet
    The President Bush doll ripping our Constitution in half
    The Movie Actor with golden globe
    The Black Muslim pledging to the American flag with hands in pockets
    The Obstetrician doll, waving the flag and holding the Constitution

    America…Vote Ron Paul…the most honest candidate of them all…

  41. Farhad Says:

    Hello Eric,
    I just clicked on your name, and it took me to a website. The site claimed to be the mainstreem Liberterian. It took me a few seconds to realize that website is prompoting mainly the same stuff as Rudy the facist is pushing for.

    I just donated some more money to Ron Paul after seeing your comments here. If you had not repeated the lies that main streem media is spreading around, maybe I would not have sent that money yet.

  42. Mark Says:

    The only reason why Paul is at 3% in any poll is because they leave his name off most of them. Nough said, shut up and go hide in a hole. The US is changing folks, I would embrace it if I were you.

  43. Bob Says:

    Every other presidential candidate is immoral, Obama isn’t too bad, but has connections to the elite clubs (trilateral commision, wife). It is hard to really tell with him.

    But with Ron Paul, it is not hard to tell, he is honest and moral. Even if I do not aggree with everything he says(but in the high 90
    % aggreement), I aggree with his methods.

  44. John Says:

    Great news. One more thing we can add to the list that will only be seen online. These kinds of endorsements are to influential to be shown on TV.

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