Interview with John Finan for President

Jeff Russell interviewed Libertarian presidential candidate John Finan for Capital Outsider. Below is the short version, but you can view the entire interview here. John’s website is

5 Responses to “Interview with John Finan for President”

  1. Stephen Gordon Says:

    I’m a bit confused. Is Finan for or against the Second Amendment? His website says he’s for it, but his answer on this video seemed to be praising Giuliani and Bloomberg.

  2. Eric Dondero Says:

    This is a joke right? It’s some sort of satire production?

    Surely, this can’t be real, the two women standing in the background holding up tiny whiteboard signs. This is parody.

  3. Tom Blanton Says:

    I’m a bit confused. Is Finan for or against a free market economy? He implies he is, but then he talks about FICRO and having a government bank intervene in the mortgage markets.

    I’m also confused about the host. Is he trying to look like Dr. Evil or Uncle Fester?

  4. Brian Says:

    Some of these people running for president would be better off spending their time and money (and that of their supporters) running for governor of their own states. It seems like some may just be in it for an ego boost.

  5. severin Says:

    Is this guy really claiming to be a libertarian? He wants Bloomberg as a running mate?

    All of his incrementalism and wishy washy positions don’t sit well with me. I watched the long version of the show, and by the end I still didn’t really understand where he stands on anything. Maybe he should run for city council, not president under the LP Banner.

    Unless he is willing to use the presidential platform to make the case for liberty, every time, I don’t want him running as a libertarian, he seems to shy away from making the case for liberty and instead gets all weak in the knees, on everything from gun control, to bringing our troops home, to ending the war on some drugs.

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