Additional Post-Debate Coverage: Libertarians Ping Huckabee

From the national office of the Libertarian Party:

Mike Huckabee’s populist rhetoric may work in the private sector, but it has no place in politics, says the Libertarian Party. “Huckabee’s continual call for populism in American policy is making it clear that he will not be a President that is committed to limiting government, lowering taxes and increasing personal freedom,” says Libertarian Party Executive Director Shane Cory.

“Huckabee would make a great charity director or chairman of a nonprofit agency,” says Cory, “but, as President, he would completely undermine the liberty movement in the United States that seeks to decrease the role of government in American society. His solutions for economics, education and healthcare are in the complete opposite direction that we need to be heading.”

During last night’s debate, Huckabee suggested that a truly “long-term stimulus package” would be in the form of public works projects using “American labor, American steel [and] American concrete”—seemingly modeled off of programs instituted by former president Franklin D. Roosevelt. In FDR’s “New Deal,” which sought to rejuvenate America’s economy during the Great Depression, the federal government established the Public Works Agency that created construction projects in order to pump money back into the economy.

“A Huckabee presidency would plunge America into a new era of big government,” says Libertarian Party National Media Coordinator Andrew Davis. “Granted, the Republican Party has drifted far from its libertarian roots championed by icons like Barry Goldwater; however, Huckabee epitomizes the GOP’s fall from grace.”

“Americans who want less government and more freedom in their lives simply can’t find that in most of the current GOP candidates—least of all Huckabee,” Cory concludes. “Huckabee’s selection as the GOP nominee would ensure the demise of the Republican Party.”

3 Responses to “Additional Post-Debate Coverage: Libertarians Ping Huckabee”

  1. George Phillies Says:

    The reasonable conclusion from the above, for Libertarians with any sense, is that a Huckabee victory would be an extremely positive result, namely it would cause an opposing party to implode.

    Americans who want freedom, including freedom from more government, should be told that the Republican Party is toxic to their objectives.

  2. jre Says:

    Did anybody catch where Huckabee was talking about chuck taking his foot and putting it upside his head and there wouldn’t be a thing he could do about it?? Was it not “Billy Jack” that said that, not Chuck Norris. Am I the only one that caught that? Too much tv as a kid I suppose. Billy Jack needs to endorse RP or mabey julie annie because he has been getting his arse kicked so far.

  3. redcubestayw Says:

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