Ron Paul, Racial Issues, and the Racists Who Wish to Kill the Paul Campaign

A poster at Ron Paul Forums got the general story straight, but missed on a minor detail with respect to Ron Paul and ongoing allegations of racism. The posting below describes a source as being “disgusting, vile, and repugnant;” I’ll provide additional graphic examples. Here’s his take [I’m cutting-and-pasting verbatim, formatting translation errors and all]:

One of Jamie Kirchick’s sources for the New Republic hit piece has outed himself. And I’m not talking about his Reason/Cato collaborators either. This source is much more disgusting, vile, and repugnant - so repugnant that Kirchick would never dare name him publicly in any of his articles.

Kirchick’s vile source is Bill White, white supremacist extraordinaire, self-appointed Fuehrer of the U.S. nazi party, and vocal Ron Paul hater.

Justin Raimondo first hinted at this possibility yesterday (…popular_front/ )so I decided to investigate further.

I’ll get to the evidence shortly, but first I’ll comment on another ironic twist to this story. Bill White hates Ron Paul with a passion. He hates Ron Paul because - get this - he thinks Ron Paul’s campaign is infiltrated by “the Jews” and he cites none other than the Ludwig von Mises Institute (named after a Jewish economist and co-founded by another Jewish economist) as “proof” of this. So much for Kirchick’s “Ron Paul is an anti-semite” theme.

So how do we know that Bill White is Kirchick’s informant? Because Bill White himself admitted it all over the dark little toilet of the internet he inhabits - a repulsive neo-nazi website called the “Vanguard News Network” (VNN) More importantly Bill White admitted it before Kirchick’s story broke. Along with a couple of “beltway libertarians” who have already been discussed, Bill White was the only person who knew this story was coming before it hit presses. That is because the New Republic called him for background on the newsletters.

Bill White posts on the VNN site under the name “ANSWP Commander” (yes, for those who know their history that means American National Socialist Worker’s Party - as in Nazi - Commander). The sites this material comes from are hate-filled sewers and are not for the faint of heart, so be warned. The URLS are there if anyone needs proof, but the links are intentionally broken or redirected to google cache where it exists so we don’t give this scum any traffic. It is necessary to give the sources of them though because they reveal that Kirchick has been hanging out with some very shady company and he needs to be called out on it.

Proof #1:

Bill White’s post, made one week before the New Republic hit piece:


I spoke to the New Republic todayh, briefly. I don’t think I quite gave them as much information as they wanted.

Source: (

Proof #2:

Bill White’s post, made two days before the New Republic hit piece:


I am told that the New Republic has verified all my claims and is planning a huge front page story on this—they have even asked me not to give other reporters information so they don’t get “scooped”.

Source: (

Proof #3

Bill White’s statement yesterday where he admits his earlier communications with the New Republic:


Even I told the New Republic I didn’t think he was a “white supremacist”, just someone who takes money from “the movement”.

Source: (…lnk&cd=1&gl=us)
Hat tip: Justin Raimondo,…popular_front/

CONCLUSION: Bill White knew about the New Republic story a week before it hit the web, and admitted this all over his putrid little neo-nazi website. He knew about it because the New Republic called him up for material in their coming hit piece against Ron Paul. Jamie Kirchick would never dare publicly credit somebody as disreputable as Bill White, but Bill White’s own statements prove beyond a doubt that he was one of the unnamed “sources” the New Republic contacted. How else could he know that this story was about to come out before it broke? The only other people who knew about it were Kirchick’s friends in the Cato/Reason crowd who got tipped off by Kirchick.

But now we have proof that the New Republic smear piece came from a very disreputable source: the head of a neo-nazi party. People like Kirchick have an agenda to smear Ron Paul. They will yield to no boundary and stoop to any new low to conduct that smear, even if it means going to the nastiest piece of bigoted anti-semitic racist gutter trash on the web to do it. Of course Kirchick will never publicly put that in his text, but he didn’t need to because his neo-nazi source also has a big mouth.

I’ll start with the primary point where I disagree with Suarez’s posting: White wasn’t the only person who had advance notice. For example, I knew and I notified the campaign in advance on multiple occasions. Several others did, too. It was an open secret in certain echelons of the libertarian movement that the primary TNR article was going to be published, as too many players had either been interviewed or refused to respond to interviews. I had spoken with friends in the media, campaign staffers, current and/or former congressional staffers, LRC bloggers, and folks in the Reason crowd before much of this stuff was published. In several of these conversations, White’s name came up. This can probably be verified by my state Ron Paul chair, who was at my house one night when I took several calls, in his presence, pertaining to this general issue. I remember commenting on one call about the irony of names like Don Black and Bill White on an issue with racial implications.

The day before one major article hit, I learned that it was going to be covered a few hours in advance on Tucker from a couple of people. I knew about the general story weeks ahead of time. The night before another piece hit, several people called me from the Reason Happy Hour that Kirchick reportedly attended and told me he was blabbing about the pending publication. I was attending an Alabama GOP gala that night, and quite a few people noticed that I was on my cell phone a lot that night. Before the Economist story ran, I heard about that one, too.

To be clear, I’m not going to directly name my sources here. However, in most cases, I’ve had multiple credible sources who related the same general story about upcoming negative media pertaining to the Paul campaign. Two commenters on this particular Ron Paul Forums entry have indicated the same general picture.

A couple of people have asked if I personally know Kirchick. I don’t recall having ever met him before.

The rest of the forum entry seems to be fairly accurate from the bits and pieces of which I’m aware. I’ll provide examples of the racist agenda of White & Co. from a personal blog of mine. After my good friend Aaron Russo (one of the first prominent supporters of Ron Paul presidential campaign) died (Ron Paul went way out of his way to attend the memorial service), Vanguard posted the following:

Movies: Jew Russo Dies

Jew behind “America: Freedom to Fascism.” Which makes some points about Fed and IRS, altho of course remaining within SC confines.

This led to a new blog entry:

Here’s my love comment of the day:

I heard that Gordon is a well-known homosexual zionist who hates Christians.

That particular comment came because of this posting, where I went after two media sources for depicting the death of a Jewish friend of Ron Paul in a negative light. One media source was mainstream, the other was from an anti-Jewish organization. To show how vile some of these people can be, just check out this comment:

I won’t stand for Alex Linder being libeled in this way. He absolutely does favor the extermination of the jews!

“Like I say, jews should be physically exterminated. That is not an extremist position, that is a moderate position. The extremist position is that they ought to be shot with silver bullets and have stakes driven through their hearts.”-Alex Linder

Currently, Ron Paul is being accused of pandering to racists on quite a websites. Perhaps the most bizarre example is here, where the writer insinuates that Dr. Paul is a white nationalist because a racist site has a Ron Paul graphic on it. The title of the hit piece is “Ron Paul Watch: Paul Places Campaign Solicitation on Neo-Nazi Hate Site.”

For the record, I’m only half-Jewish and it’s on the paternal side. My dad is a Brooklyn born-and-bred Jew and my mother grew up in the Church of Christ in small town Alabama. With respect to the accusation of being homosexual, I’ll let my wife (or the women I’ve been known to ogle) answer that charge.

Additionally, I personally introduced Russo to a lot of the Mises crowd in 2004. I don’t remember everyone who was there, but some faces which come to mind belong to Lew Rockwell, Mark Thornton, John Sophecleus and Dick Clark. I never detected a bit of racism from them. To be equally fair, I know a lot of people at Reason who are Ron Paul supporters and some of the allegations from LRC and this Ron Paul Forums entry above may be a bit overblown.

To be clear, most Vanguard folks aren’t too happy with me. I received some not so cleverly veiled threats when I helped expose on a now dead website (HammerOfTruth) the racist tendencies of a certain Larry Darby, an ally of theirs, who was running locally for a statewide public office.

I’ve also spoken with Ron Paul many times, paid attention to the media he has generated for years and read most things he has written. I’ve never seen or felt a hint of racism from him. The other side of the coin provides that I’m not totally happy with all of his answers with respect to “NewsletterGate.”

The bottom line is that one should look at the sources and motivations of allegations against Ron Paul. It becomes important to examine such issues when the general source spouts quotes like: “Like I say, jews should be physically exterminated. That is not an extremist position, that is a moderate position. The extremist position is that they ought to be shot with silver bullets and have stakes driven through their hearts.”


70 Responses to “Ron Paul, Racial Issues, and the Racists Who Wish to Kill the Paul Campaign”

  1. paulie Says:

    Darby was in the closet?

    I’m pretty sure he announced his racism very publicly, although you may remember better than me.

  2. Stephen Gordon Says:

    Darby was in the closet?

    Valid point, Paulie. However, I’m sure you know the extent and effect I had on making sure a whole lot of other people knew Darby’s views.

  3. paulie Says:


    I just didn’t think he minded.

    It’s 4:20 am so I have no idea whether minded is a word.

  4. alex Says:

    Bill White and his organization are NOT real organizations. Real in the sense they actually believe what they publicly state or an organization for these ideas.

    These are front groups for OTHER organizations who simply create these organizations and run them behind the scences. This explains the over the top statements like: “... jews should be physically exterminated…”. Not even the real nazis were stupid enough to make official public statements like this.

    These ‘fake’ groups are simply meant to 1.) Smear actual white people who belong to responsible groups that advocate their self interests(like the NAACP for African Americans and La Raza for Latinos)

    2) Scare certain segments of the population to donate to organizations that combat such groups and people. If you run an organization the relies on bogeymen for the funding to keep coming what do you do when the bodeyman no longer exists. Simple, create one! Follow the money.

    3) To be used as a tool to smear ones reputation by using this group to ‘support’ a person or group. (Ron Paul was at first publicly supported by White) That didn’t work so now this.

    There are those who suspect that the ADL/JDL is behing Bill White and he is simply an agent for them or a similiar organization. If so, I have to send my congrats to them for being so clever.

  5. Jason Says:

    None of this matters unless they REALLY step up the campaign and start winning or coming in second in some states.

    The truth is that few people outside of us, the supporters and political junkies, is paying attention. This story was a “major scandal” in our circle, but it was a one night 30 second spot on most newscasts. The average voter probably isn’t even aware of it.

  6. Eric Dondero Says:

    The purpose of this article is confusing. Not clear as to where you are going with this Stephen?

    Of course, I can verify what Stephen says here, regarding knowing of the articles pending publication in TNR. Numerous people who were contacted for the story, including myself, knew that it was about to be published days ahead of the publication.

    Even Norm Singleton, Ron Paul’s Aide, knew it was about to be published.

    But this article doesn’t really ad anything to the story. It’s not advancing the story, as should be done. Kirchik played the whole Ron Paul Newsletter scandal super safe. He could have said a lot more, but chose to keep the article safe and perhaps litigation-free. Reason has been the same way. They’ve avoided the really incriminating details of Paul’s past, and only chosen on the stuff that passes the lawyer test.

    Sadly, because the media, like TNR and Reason, is handling this story with kid gloves, we may never get the whole story.

  7. Andrew Panken Says:

    The problem is, there is no hard evidence beyond newsletters from many years ago, indicating that Ron Paul is a racist. That is the bottom line. Ron Paul is against collectivism, which is racism.

    Mr Dondero wishes to harness the taxpayer’s money to send troops all over the world, to further an agenda of empire building. The Iraq war is bankrupting this country and has served as a training ground for Al Queda.

  8. Larry Ward Says:

    A lot of us chirping for return to the Constitution would do well to read the damned thing. It’s only a few pages. The 6th Amendment secures our right in a court of law, to confront our accusers and challenge their testimony and credibility. The court of public opinion is of course, not a court of law. It is a kangaroo court, that is, a court which conspires to make it impossible to present a defense. Intimidation, entrapment, slander, hearsay, suppression of evidence are all used to support the presumption of guilt.

    It is not clever, but barbaric of “journalists” to go to press with testimony of “undisclosed sources.” The 1st Amendment gives them the right to do so. But it also gives responsible editors and the public the right to condemn such reckless, yellow press. This article is commendable in enforcing the spirit of the law and naming malicious parties for the scoundrels that they are. But we should not have to labor so hard to prove the obvious. The letter of the law is on our side and we should learn it.

  9. jp Says:

    paul has rabid neo-nazi support for a reason

  10. David Hauser Says:

    Hey Dondero! Shouldn’t you be revealing that you’re running for Congress in the 14th district of TX, which just happens to be Ron Paul’s district?

    How credible are you when you’re actually running against Ron Paul fro his seat in the House?

    Pound sand Dondero.

  11. Jay Matthews Says:

    You’re right jp, it must come from his constant praise (both in writing and speech) of Ghandi, MLK, and Rosa Parks.

  12. Jay Matthews Says:

    David, Dondero revealed that months ago. Click my name for more info.

  13. jp Says:

    Paul doesn’t praise them when speaking to neo-nazi’s and other like minds…..gasp he’s a politician

  14. FreeInChrist Says:

    According to poll that came out in the capitol city of Illinois’ State Journal Register on 1-23-08, the Ron Paul rEVOLution is 2nd behind McCain here also. We need to win Illinois. 21 Electoral votes.

    See papers poll results here.

    See what we need to do to win central Illinois.

    Also see this Ron Paul painting being auctioned on ebay!

  15. jp Says:

    “He hates Ron Paul because - get this - he thinks Ron Paul’s campaign ”

    Bill White does not hate Ron Paul, go to those forums and read his post. The only thing he does that I read there was tell his people they are in a financial rip-off the way that Pat Buchanan’s runs worked out. With the Don Black’s getting kickbacks from all the neo-nazi donations that come Paul’s way.

    White has said that he met with Paul to discuss “White Power” issues, to let them know he was ‘one of them’.

    also, the newsletters mostly came from archives in Universities.

  16. jp Says:

    Check out this DailyKos research on Paul the Libs would just love to smear all non-socialist with:

    Key part is about Ron Paul’s Newsletters! and neo-nazi ties.

    Reading the entire article will show that I have not taken these quotes out of context, though the article is definitely not for everyone: it’s a 3700-word racist tirade that is frankly stomach-turning in its depiction of African-Americans as violent, unevolved savages and even rapists. Without a doubt, it was articles like this one that prompted the Heritage Front, a Toronto-based neo-Nazi organization, to include the Ron Paul Political Report in its list of “Racialist Addresses and Phone Numbers.”

    The newsletters have been out there for a long time, just waiting to be discovered. The best thing Paul had going for him was being a fringe candidate, flirting with national attention is what got whats been exposed so far, exposed.

  17. Trent Hill Says:

    Please,everyone knew the newsletters were out there jp. Hell, im relatively new to this movement, and I knew they were in a library at the University of Kansas. In 1996, Paul’s democratic opponent tried to use them extensively—anyone who is shocked by this didnt do their homework.

  18. jp Says:

    in 1996, they didn’t use the same newsletters now exposed. it was a different set, and didn’t have the infamous Solicitation letter.

    Paul also admitted to writing them in 1996, now is trying to claim he didn’t write any of them or know there content over a 17 year period. Plus financial Records reveal he made nearly $1 Million off them and paid himself, his Wife and his Daughter, which brings them into this.

  19. Jay Matthews Says:

    What are the odds jp and dondero are related?

  20. jp Says:

    denial is more than a river in Egypt…it is nice to see that Libertarians aren’t immune from ‘circling the wagons’, group think and party-line policing. Julian Sanchez had a great piece on this,

    pushing back against demands that he put loyalty to the tribe over telling the truth.

  21. Jay Matthews Says:

    Produce some footage then you have a case.

    The idea RP is racist is baseless and his anti-Iraq war stance is also consistent with that. Hate groups do not view arabs or middle easterners as white. Considering the loss of civilian life that comes with war if he was some closet white supremacist he’d be pro-war. Of course the RP-haters conveniently overlook this.

  22. Stefan Says:

    your constant obsessionn with this issue and moreover, the bizarre “conclusions” you try to make is ver self-destructive and stupid. Eeveryone that studies the passages ind etail, within the context, will know that Kirchich overspin the issue totally, for maximum effect before New Hampshire. They did not publish it two days or more before, as they know people would go read the whole context and see the conclusions that Jamie (you know he may be a possibility for you!) makes, is simply so screwed and spin with half-truths. The whole motive was to “save” Rudy, excuse me Benito, who spent - apart from Romney - of allt he candidates most of the time with visits than any other candidate. Their strategic misinformation was that Giuliani concentrated on Florida, which is nonsense.
    You know I believe in kharma, good things will happen to good people, and bad things will happen to people with evil intentions. All the half-truths, spin, lies and distortions about Dr. Paul will come out and the good Dr. will rule rupreme (in humbleness). I can see Rudy is the ideal candidate for you, you fit his personality like a glove, and definitely not Romney etc. Romney lost to Paul in Louisiana, so this does not bode well for him against Paul in other Southern States as well as at least certain states in the north.

  23. jp Says:

    neo-nazi’s are very ‘anti-Iraq war’, they were marching with Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, which the major media ommitted as to not discredit sheehan.

  24. jp Says:

    White supremacist and Islamist have a long history and a common enemy. This goes back to atleast Hitler who allied with the Grand Mufti of Jeruslum, Arafats Uncle and told him his plans for the Holocaust.

    the unidentified “Third Terrorist” in the Ok. City case, is beleived to be Middle Eastern.

  25. jp Says:

    another side note, when Hitler put a yellow Star on Jews, he didnt’ come up with this on his own. This was done to the “Dhimmi’s” going back to atleast the 8th century in Islamic, Sharia ruled states. Were non-muslims are given sub-human designations and force to pay the “Jiyza” tax among other things to live. Christians had a red slash I beleive, without looking it up…...point is, Hitler borrowed that from Islam.

  26. Andrew Says:

    Stefan, you are a conspiracy nut if you think the media did this to “save” Giuliani in NH. Giuliani much to his disadvantage did not even compete in NH that much before the primary. If you had wanted this whole newsletter scandel to have gone away the day it happened, all Lew Rockwell had to do is come forward and say yes I wrote that stuff, probably looking back it was a poor choice of wording and I hope we can get back to real issues of this camapign. But know, the story keeps lingering because they will not be good libertarians and except responsbility for their actions Nuff said.

  27. paulie Says:

    Not even the real nazis were stupid enough to make official public statements like this.

    Some are, some aren’t. But alex agrees with them anyway - he just thinks they are stupid to say it in public, right?

    These ‘fake’ groups are simply meant to 1.) Smear actual white people who belong to responsible groups that advocate their self interests(like the NAACP for African Americans and La Raza for Latinos)

    There’s nothing responsible about white racist front groups that try to act responsible. Groups like the NAACP exist to countervail centuries of discrimination through public policy. Sorry, affirmative action doesn’t rise to the same standard.

    The NAAWP, NOFEAR, or whatever you call it now is just the Klan without sheets, and you are not fooling anyone with the “white civil rights organization” bullshit.

    There are those who suspect that the ADL/JDL is behing Bill White and he is simply an agent for them or a similiar organization.

    Yeah, the people who suspect that type of thing generally think OMG TEH JEWZ are behind just about everything. So what else is new?

  28. paulie Says:

    Speaking of Larry Darby, back when he was an atheist, he briefly sought the LP nomination for AG the one time we had full party status (2002). He went in lpalabama-discuss making all sorts of pronouncements about how we should officially promote atheism.

    Some people disagreed with him, and a few talked in general terms about running someone else, but no one else had as of yet stepped forward. He then unilaterally withdrew his name from consideration.

    Next thing we know there was a piece in a national publication talking about bigoted Alabama Libertarians not allowing an atheist to run for office, which was totally bogus.

    I’m not sure if it was LP News, Liberty for All, Libertarian Enterprise? I can’t find it anymore.

  29. Dodsworth Says:

    Is anyone in the LP trying get Gary Johnson to run? He is a dream candidate and can unite all the factions. Hey Dondero: do you still support Johnson now that he has endorsed your nemesis?

  30. paulie Says:

    neo-nazi’s are very ‘anti-Iraq war’, they were marching with Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, which the major media ommitted as to not discredit sheehan.

    Some of them, sure. Others love to pass around video clips of Iraqi “mud people” being killed. All kinds out there.

    I’m thinking your crowd is just as anti-semitic against Arabs and Muslims as the Stormfronters are against Jews.

  31. paulie Says:

    White has said that he met with Paul to discuss “White Power” issues, to let them know he was ‘one of them’.

    And you believed him. Shame on you.

  32. paulie Says:

    Ron Paul is against collectivism, which is racism.

    The Iraq war is bankrupting this country and has served as a training ground for Al Queda.


  33. jp Says:

    Iraq was a training ground for terrorist, before the Iraq War. Its part of why we are there now.

  34. paulie Says:

    the unidentified “Third Terrorist” in the Ok. City case, is beleived to be Middle Eastern.

    Talk about your crackpot conspiracy theories….

  35. paulie Says:

    Iraq was a training ground for terrorist, before the Iraq War. Its part of why we are there now.

    Oh please. Can the lies get any more transparent?

  36. paulie Says:

    JP, are you in Iraq? If not…you shouldn’t say “we”

  37. jp Says:

    Ron Paul is against collectivism, which is racism. and “libertarians” don’t “group people”.......

    then Ron Paul says things like, “I have alot of blacks that support me”...

  38. Andy Says:

    “There are those who suspect that the ADL/JDL is behing Bill White and he is simply an agent for them or a similiar organization. If so, I have to send my congrats to them for being so clever.”

    Here’s the evidence to support this.

    Busted! So Called ‘White Supremist’ Group an Israeli Propaganda Front!

  39. jp Says:

    “Oh please. Can the lies get any more transparent?”

    uh, Iraq under Saddam being a State Sponsor of Terror is a well known fact. Its even in the Iraq War Resolution.

    as for the third terrorist, that is a fact too. atleast that there was an unidentified suspsect they never caught and Reno closed the case. A reporter in Ok. wrote a book about it called “The THird terrorist”,

  40. jp Says:

    andy, that proves absoutely nothing and has already been debunked.

  41. paulie Says:

    Jayna Davis book is not even good fiction. Tom Knapp has exposed that one here before.

  42. paulie Says:

    uh, Iraq under Saddam being a State Sponsor of Terror is a well known fact. Its even in the Iraq War Resolution.

    “Well known fact” here means widely circulated deliberate lie.

  43. paulie Says:

    The Iraq war resolution was a deliberate crock of shit.

  44. paulie Says:

    Here’s the evidence to support this.

    On the one hand, anti-semites accuse each other of being Israeli agents or secret Jews all the time.

    On the other, some really are: Frank Collin, former American Nazi Party commander, turned out to be Frank Cohn.

    The use of a publicity tool to “prove” that Bill White is an Israeli agent is weak.

    As far as I can tell, anyone can download and use the same tool.

  45. Jay Matthews Says:

    In addition:

    An excellent summary of the lies.

  46. paulie Says:

  47. Jay Matthews Says:

    Hey jp, what do you call someone who funds a state sponsor of terror?

  48. jp Says:

    CNN in 1999:

    “Saddam Hussein offered asylum

    Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has offered asylum to bin Laden, who openly supports Iraq against the Western powers.

    Despite repeated demands from Washington, the Taliban refused to hand over bin Laden after the August 7 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, demanding proof of his involvement in terrorist activities.

  49. jp Says:

    training camp called Salman Pak where sources have reported training activities including simulated hijackings carried out in an airplane fuselage

  50. paulie Says:

    Despite repeated demands from Washington, the Taliban refused to hand over bin Laden after the August 7 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, demanding proof of his involvement in terrorist activities.

    Yeah, and if the Taliban demanded the extradition of someone living in the US you might ask them for evidence first, too.

  51. jp Says:

    Senate Record from Sept. 12, 2002, Senator Frtiz Hollins(D) puts into record an Iraqi State owned Newspaper Editorial from July 23, 2001 predicting what Bin Laden was going to do and the targets themselves.

    Hollins being a democrat, and before the international big business interest in bed with Saddam in the largest financial scam in world history while starving the Iraqi people…politicized(LIED) about the war. Including a Democrat Oil Man from Houston, a big Democrat, who has gone to jail for giving Saddam aide and comfort.

  52. paulie Says:

    Wow, I’m trying to decipher that last post JP. It didn’t even make any sense.

  53. paulie Says:

    New headline:

    Ron Paul, Racial Issues, and the Racy Racists Who Wish to Race the Ron Paul Campaign?

    No, wait.

    Ron Paul, Racy Issues, and the Racing Racists Who Wish to eRase the Ron Paul Campaign?

    I think this about covers it….None of this matters unless they REALLY step up the campaign and start winning or coming in second in some states.

    The truth is that few people outside of us, the supporters and political junkies, is paying attention. This story was a “major scandal” in our circle, but it was a one night 30 second spot on most newscasts. The average voter probably isn’t even aware of it.

    Although now Ron Paul has come in second twice in a row.

  54. johncjackson Says:

    A lot of the people on Ron Paul Forums, are just nuts, to be kind. They are all about some vast conspiracy linking reason, Cato, TNR, Bill White, neocons, CFR, ABSDEFG, whatever.

    I am sure the guy who wrote that post on RPF, now thinks that YOU, Stephen Gordon, are part of some Ron Paul Smear Campaign. YOU KNEW before the piece came out? YOU Must be a part of the smear machine.

    FWIW, I am not in the media, not a well known entity in libertarian politics ( I was LP member 200-2004 but never attended a single event. I am a recluse.), not anyone special in this whole scene.

    However, EVEN I knew about the newsletters YEARS ago and at one point I read actual scanned copies. How? Um, Google, Wikipedia, all that stuff. Apparently all the “internet” people at RonPaulForums and other places dont know how to use those things or have the research skills taught at a low level community college ( or probably high school)..You know, there was no way a reporter could access library records unless a source at Cato gave it to him ( or something like that).

    My interest in Ron Paul was through the LP. After joining in 2000, I did a lot of web browsing and from the websites and newsletters was aware of Ron Paul touted as the #1 libertarian elected politician in the country. Somewhere I came across comments or rumors that Ron Paul was “racist.” I came across quotes and newsletter scans. I did not save anything because it didnt seem important enough and I never figured he would run for POTUS again. I just remember at the time reading some quotes in context, thinking that it made me very uncomfortable and Ron Paul was probably not “my kind of libertarian” BUT as far as politicians go he was better than most.

    Then of course places like Wikipedia linked to the 2001 news story. Reason and TPW covered the existence of the newsletters. Eric Dondero commented on them and so on.

    Then when TNR runs this story people act like its some huge shock WTF. I dont know any of these people but have enough sense to know that a lot of people from the RP campaign on down knew this story was coming well in advance. If they didnt know the specifics of the story they at least knew it was there.

    And some group of people from RPF ..mostly very big fans of lew Rockwell..have made it some agenda to link all the prominent libertarian groups and bloggers/writers to some conspiracy of “neocons.”

    I have observed the whole thing unfold, and I’ll say it again. Most of the people being critical of all the rational libertarians are people who didnt give a shit if Ron Paul wrote it ( and many tried to defend the cntent of the newsletters as well), but once anyone mentioned Lew Rockwell- all hell broke loose.

    People said they hoped Ron Paul didnt write the newsletters, but then when people like Reason, Cato, TPW, Dondero, and that list of a million libertarian bloggers tried to DEFEND Ron Paul by naming the other contributors- that’s when all of sudden these Ron Paul supporters ( presumably new converts and/or those who came to RP via LRC) went insane and started claiming everything is a big conspiracy and “Smear.”

    It is no wonder people think RP and his supporters are crazy. Because may of them are.

  55. johncjackson Says:

    The issue has never been whether Ron Paul is racist ( at least it hasnt been for a long time).

    Even most “critics” don’t say that. The issue is he put out racist newsletters and apparently pandered/panders to racists for $$$ and a political strategy advocated by Rockwell/Rothbard and others.

    And that there were ghostwriters. And people really didnt want to know the identity. ( Some RP “supporters” think Dondero wrote the newsletters as a conspiracy to harm RP, for christsakes. These people are nuts).

    Some people think its perfectly fine for libertarians to support state power on certain issues and pander to racial collectivists. others don’t.

  56. Stephen Gordon Says:

    I am sure the guy who wrote that post on RPF, now thinks that YOU, Stephen Gordon, are part of some Ron Paul Smear Campaign.

    Generally, Paul supporters are a bit more polite online than they used to be. At one time, I’d be criticized for smearing Ron Paul if I didn’t refer to his virgin birth. :)

  57. Stephen Gordon Says:

    Wow, someone bought the URL. Thats funny.

  58. paulie Says:

    ( I was LP member 200-2004 but never attended a single event. I am a recluse.

    I know you meant 2000, but it’s still funny.

  59. paulie Says:

    Kucinich out of the race? Could be good for Ron Paul.

  60. Brian Miller Says:

    So a Nazi was one of the (alleged) sources providing information about Paul’s newsletters to Kirchick.

    That makes sense, since a lot of the content of Paul’s newsletters would, of course, appeal to Nazis. I wouldn’t be surprised that an entire collection of Paul’s writings would be proudly showcased in any white supremacist’s library.

    The real situation is that Ron Paul has neither apologized for the newsletters nor taken steps to correct the bigotry in them that he profited from in a way equal to the damage.

    For instance, in one year it’s possible he made almost $1 million off the newsletter business. $1 million in personal profit from racist rants has 1,000 times the gravity of a mealy-mouthed “I didn’t write it” press release.

    It wouldn’t be hard for Ron Paul to repudiate the Nazis utterly, by apologizing for his newsletters, outing the alleged authors, donating a significant amount of the profits to organizations fighting racism/antisemitism/homophobia, blasting the Nazis as morally repugnant, and returning every dime of their donations.

    However, if he did that, he’d lose a significant amount of his support in the extreme right (including all the Constitution Party endorsements). So like a typical politician, he tries to walk the tightrope. Except that the rope snapped over a week ago and there’s nothing to walk on now.

  61. dodsworth Says:

    Brian Miller:

    Give me a break. RP apologized for the newsletters back in 2001 despite the fact that he didn’t have to. He volunteered the info. Let me also note that most of the articles in the newsletter dealt with financial issues/foreign policy and that the racist stuff was limited to very periodic issues over about a four year period.

    As to spending the money on anti-racist organizations, RP is running the most anti-racist campaign of any candidate this year (perhaps ever) incuding an end to the federal death penalty, an end to the drug war, and a release of all people convincted of drug crimes (disproportionately black). He has been invoked King and Parks as heroes since at least in 1999. Those are strange things for a Nazi to do…..though perhaps you believe in hidden conspiracies.

    Since you apparently think RP is running such a racist campaign, please name a single candidate is running a more anti-racist campaign on the issues than RP.

  62. matt Says:

    One common feature that most racist message boards contain is derision for “Jew Rockwell” and his website.

    That fact, coupled with the fact that law enforcement agencies and “watchdog groups” make up a large segment of the racist movement’s membership and leadership, means that it’s difficult not to be a little bit conspiracy-friendly on this one.

  63. NH Says:

    Move on, no one cares about this. Ron is picking up MO…while you morons keep talking about some moonshiner in the south who hates people that no one else know? Gimme a break.

  64. NH Says:

    Racist pandering? Why is it OK for Hillary to hire LARAZA members and Obama to belong to a separatist church.

  65. Carl Says:

    Those of you who have back issues of Liberty should reread the January 1990 issue, in particular the article by Lewellyn Rockwell.In it, he outlines his strategy for going after old school white folks who like small government.

    There is much I agree with in the article, BTW. But there are problems. His emphasis on civil rights issues is telling. It doesn’t have the ugliness of the exposed newsletters, but there are similar themes. Attacking the double standard on race issue is a major point.

    (Of course there is some double standard. Whites had affirmative action in this country for ~350 years. To expect resentment from this injustice to disappear overnight is unrealistic. And to focus special attacks on lefty civil rights leaders over lefties in general is definitely racist. Had blacks been given reparations in the 1960s for 20th century injustices, then demands to end the double standard overnight would be justified.)

  66. paulie Says:

    Carol has good coverage of this.

  67. Bill White Says:

    Mr DiLorenzo, Mr Rockwell, Ms Raimondo and others:

    I have read the recent posts you have made concerning
    myself, my dealings with Congressman Paul and with the
    New Republic’s Jamie Kirchuk. I know that the lot of
    you know the truth about what had occurred between the
    racial conservative movement and Ron Paul, and know
    that I have dealt with Paul, just I have dealt with
    many other racial conservatives you know. I also note
    that your denial of this is disingeuous and has not
    been believed anywhere except on your own blogs.
    However, in case you are not aware of the real world
    in which you exist, I submit the following true
    statement to you:

    In 1999 and 2000 I worked for the Buchanan Reform
    campaign and was his petition drive coordiantor for
    the State of Maryland. Pull the petitions and you
    will find more than 10% of them bear my signature as
    collector. In this position I worked with Bob Bowes,
    and I withdrew from this position when I discovered
    Bowes has fixed the primary.

    Through this involvement I was introduced to many of
    you “paleo-” types, and received invitations to many
    dinners. Several of my writings were published in the
    Washington Times, and I was offered a position there,
    which I declined, because it did not pay well. During
    this time I made many friends in your bizarre

    In 2001 and 2002 I wrote for the post-communist
    website As a result of a column I wrote on
    the neo-conservative abuse of Joe Sobran, which you
    can read here:

    I was invited to a dinner at the Sala Thai restaurant
    in Arlington, and among the attendees was Norm
    Singleton, Ron Paul’s aide. Mr Singleton was so
    impressed with my outspoken denunciations of the Jews
    (which I refused to refer to as “Hawaiians”, and I was
    asked), that he invited me to speak to Daniel McAdams,
    another aide to Ron Paul, which I did on several
    occassions, before deciding I did not want further
    dealings with the Congressman.

    Later that year, I attended a dinner in which Jared
    Taylor and Mark Weber were also in attendance, and was
    introduced to the Congressman. I also encountered Mr
    Singleton and other Ron Paul aides at several events
    hosted by Willis Carto, including a “9-11 Truth
    Conference” and the 2002 Barnes Review Conference.

    At the time, I was an anti-Jewish “Third Positionist”,
    not fully transformed into a racially conscious
    National Socialist. At no point in time did I, or
    have I, concealed my anti-Jewish views, though my
    views on the other mud races were not yet fully

    During this time, you interacted with me by demanding
    I be fired from my position at, largely
    based on a column I wrote denouncing Jewish influence
    over the Center for Libertarian Studies. If you do
    not recall the column, you may read it here:

    You may also remember, Lew, that around that time you
    threatened to sue me after I republished an essay by
    one of your proteges, who has since been expelled from
    your organization after “going racist”. You may
    recall that you didn’t have proper copyright to the
    material, and that you spent several weeks trying to
    persuade the fellow to agree to assert his copyrights
    against us before he finally caved to your bullying.

    It may surprise you that, since then, I have continued
    to develop contacts in Washington, and individuals
    within your movement have repeatedly offered me
    writing positions or positions at various think tanks
    if I would renounce my anti-Jewish views. One
    incident in particular comes to mind: after I and two
    other uniformed National Socialists broke up a
    Minuteman press conference in Washington, individuals
    known to you contacted me and offered me a position
    writing against immigration if I would abandon my
    criticism of Jews. The exact argument used was that
    the Mexicans were a much greater threat to Jews, so I
    should put the Jewish issue aside and focus on
    Mexicans, and then receive a pittance from some
    paleo-institutions in exchange for putting on their

    Of course, none of you—not those who have tried to
    bribe me nor those who have tried to coerce me—seem
    to realize that I am a millionaire and derive a good
    independent living from the property I own in Roanoke,
    Virginia—a city which is 250 miles South of
    Washington, DC, and certainly not part of the Beltway
    inner circle. I rarely travel to Washington, and find
    the politics that occur there inane and beneath my
    interest. I would not do what the lot of you do for a
    living—be censored and self-censored in order to
    maintain bourgeois “respectability” in exchange for a
    sum of money so small I could do better as a day
    laborer at a construction site, not to mention the
    line of work I pursue now.

    Aa to my comments on Ron Paul, on the day I made those
    comments on VNN, I had recently returned from
    emergency dental surgery, had had a heavy dose of
    Vicodin, and, after seeing Paul’s comments denouncing
    racism, decided to respond to them. At the time, I
    was not particularly opposed to Paul; I was merely
    opposed to his denunciations of the men who had made
    his campaign. I probably said more than needed to be
    said publicly, if only for the sake of intra-movement
    harmony, but did not lie and did not write what I
    wrote out of some spite for Paul.

    Since then, I have been largely unavaialable for a
    number of reasons I have not publicly discussed; I
    have not even had time to restore my website,, to the internet. I was contacted
    repeatedly by Mr Kirchuck, told him what I knew, was
    told that none of the information I gave him could be
    used because he had been instructed not to mention my
    name in print. The New York Times received a similar
    instruction from the hidden hand of the Big Jew when
    it printed its fallacious semi-retraction of its
    reporting on my comments. I am not susceptible to
    Jewish political pressure, and, as such, I am not
    permitted to be discussed publicly as a “racist”.
    Also, I have repeatedly shut up and exposed to
    laughter several of the Big Jew’s pocket commentators,
    from Alan Colmes to Glen Beck, and a general bar on
    the admittance of my existence in the Jew media has
    been in effect for many years. I have seen that even
    you have withdrawn Mr DiLorenzo’s comments.

    Mr Kirchuck found the Ron Paul newsletters in the
    independent media collection of the James Danky
    Wisconsin Historical Society’s archives. I saw his
    reference to Wisconsin and have been aware of that
    collection for many years; it is a vital resource for
    investigations into the independent press.

    Your own words outed the lot of you as racists, which
    you are, and your reaction has outed you as cowards,
    which you are as well. I’ve known enough of you and
    your associates long enough to know that you honestly
    hate blacks and honestly do not hate Jews—and that
    you honestly believe your positions are so
    reprehensible that you cannot express them honestly
    and publicly without a Jewish stamp of approval.
    Usually, guys who want that approval take the Jared
    Taylor route and go to David Horowitz; I see you guys
    as the Jew-approved ventilation system for those
    dissenters that can’t stomach Zionism. Personally, I
    long ago forsook any dealings with the political
    cowards—what Oswald Mosely refers to as the men “of
    the next five minutes”—which haunt Washington, and
    have no need for any of you, or your fears and

    I hold the deep religious conviction that the Aryan
    race is the natural leader of mankind and is fated to
    conquer—and continually reconquer—the earth.
    Equally, I believe the Aryan is opposed by the Jews,
    which are a race of demons in human form, and whose
    mission is to decay and rot the world, causing
    devolution and decline, until the inevitable day of
    rebirth and the restoration of the Golden Age. I
    believe Negroes are half-human animals that should be
    culled when they pose a danger to men and that the
    white race should leave in peace with the brown and
    yellow peoples of the world, respecting their national
    existences and natural spheres of influence, as long
    as such policy does not limit or harm the interests of
    white people. I believe in a National Socialist
    government whose primary role is to intervene in
    society and the economy to promote the interests of
    the social whole, and I believe that the individual
    separated from the race is lost in the enormity of
    time—and that all such separation, or
    individuation, is a reflection of the Jewish tendency
    towards disintegration and cultural poison.

    I am not afraid to say such things and, unlike you, I
    have built my life in such a way that I can say such
    things without fear of political or social
    consequences. Every time the Roanoke Times runs an
    article attacking me, people in this small mountain
    city hug me, shake my hand, and thank me on the
    street. You should try living in such a place some
    time; it will give you a much broader perspective on
    the world than Washington.

    I hope one day all of you can find the courage to be
    men and to reject the Jew—except Ms Raimondo, who
    is the Jew, and thus should kill himself. Until then,
    you can rant and rave and squirm and suffer—and
    while I have had the life of Job for the past month,
    unlike you, I know that all I have to fear comes from
    God and from failure to be true to the Aryan
    principles of Order and Light by which God governs
    this universe. The opinions of men and the
    denunciations of the Jew-demon mean nothing to me.

    Bill White, Commander
    American National Socialist Workers Party

    PS: I strongly recommend to you our expose on you and
    your Ludwig Von Mises, and the ruin his economic
    policies brought to Austria (and Germany) before our
    National Socialist predecessors rose up and ran him
    out on a rail, which we published in the November 2006
    issue of National Socialist. Copies are $8 from:

    PO Box 8601
    Roanoke, VA 24014

    PPS: The “criminal record” Ms Raimondo posted for me,
    claiming I once held a starter pistol to my head and
    tried to kill myseld, is a complete fabrication, along
    with much of the material contained in his/her poorly
    researched attempted smear.

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