Tennessee Minor Party Lawsuit to be Filed on January 23

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According to Darrell Castle, the long-awaited joint Constitution, Green and Libertarian Party lawsuit against the Tennessee ballot access law for new and minor parties will be filed on January 23. Darrell Castle is the local cooperating attorney for the case. As noted in earlier posts, no party besides the Democratic and Republican Parties has been ballot-qualified in Tennessee since 1972. Many attempts have been made, but they have all failed.

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  1. Trish Says:

    Doesn’t it only take 25 signatures to get a Presidential candidate on the ballot in TN? Couldn’t the money and time of a lawsuit be better spent trying to get the Constitution Party’s Presidential candidate on the ballot in neighboring Georgia or some other state? Just wondering.

  2. Cody Quirk Says:

    Only problem is that it takes 45,254 for a political party itself to be ballot-qualified.

    The CP and the others want to fight this- why not let third parties on the ballot in full, and not just their Prez. candidates?

  3. Trish Says:

    Just wouldn’t an effort like this make more sense in 2009 & 2010 or back in 2006 & 2007? It just seems like a poor use of resources in 2008 when the CP is struggling to get money for further ballot access according to Gary Odom. How many signatures does an “independent” need for other offices in TN? I don’t know. I’d like to know. So what if it doesn’t say “Constitution Party” on the ballot.

  4. Tannim Says:

    About time this happened.

  5. Richard Winger Says:

    This lawsuit is being done very, very cheaply. It is not depriving any petition drive of money resources.

  6. jre Says:


    Thanks for all of your help and input into our lawsuit. As Richard has stated, no funds for this lawsuit came from the LP national. This lawsuit is a perfect example of how third parties can work together in areas that we agree on. The republicans and democrats have such a strangle hold on the electoral system that its is going to take a team effort to fight for equality on the ballot. By involving all three third parties in one lawsuit, we spread out the costs and negated repetitive work that would have had to have been undertaken by each individual party on its own. This is surely a win/win situation for all. In Tennesee, this is hopefully the beginning of collaborative efforts that will extend into other areas such as fighting the real id act or forcing the state to keep a paper trail from all voting machines.

  7. Cody Quirk Says:

    This lawsuit is being done very, very cheaply. It is not depriving any petition drive of money resources.

    =Your response Trish?

    ....Or should I say Bri?

  8. Trish Says:

    I don’t know who this Bri person is that you speak of, but I appreciate the information. Carry on, then, and good luck. I agree that third parties and independents are unfairly blocked from the ballot.

  9. Cody Quirk Says:


  10. Cody Quirk Says:

    Almost thought you may be someone else.

  11. Glen Harris Says:

    The democraps and repugnants are not going to like having their monopoly threatened. Free and fair elections for Tennessee might be a daring do, but is my dream for sure.

  12. Robert N Smith Says:

    Having run as a Green though listed as a independent I only hope that the lawsuit is successful. I have done my share to make people aware of the minor parties besides Green and will continue to do so. The Republican/Democrat Party is two sides of the same coin. Doesn’t matter what the person running says, the results are the same.

  13. George DeCarlo Says:

    I read in one of the first messages concern about resources, money being spent and why do anything since TN only requires a very few signatures to get on the ballot.

    Ballot Access is a greater topic than one of its many issues of getting a name on the ballot. I always suggest to those that I speak with to read 2 or 3 years of past issues of Ballot Access News to get an idea of the issues involved regarding full equality for political parties.

    New Jersey is another state where getting on the abllot is quite easy but it is also the worst state for ballot access allowing for organizing of a political party to operate. Without full equal rights there will not be another national party beside the two that exist. The elite prefers two parties represeting means to their own ends.

    George DeCarlo
    Chair - GPNJ

  14. glassmanwood Says:

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