Peace and Freedom/Socialist Party USA Presidential Candidate Hospitalized

Here’s the scoop from News10 in the Sacramento, Modesto and Stockton area:

[Brian] Moore, 64, is one of seven candidates running in the California primary on the Peace and Freedom party ticket. He’s one of 28 so-called “minor party” candidates on the February ballot.

Moore is actually a member of the Socialist Party USA, but was invited to run as a Peace and Freedom candidate in California because the socialists didn’t qualify for the ballot.

Moore described the challenges of running as a minor party candidate.

“If you’re not a millionaire, the political pundits don’t give you a chance,” he lamented.

Moore spoke to News10 from his bed at Sutter General Hospital, where he hoped to be released by the end of the weekend.

“When I came in Saturday morning, it was all red and inflammed,” Moore said of the leg infection that forced him to cancel a half-dozen appearances.

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6 Responses to “Peace and Freedom/Socialist Party USA Presidential Candidate Hospitalized”

  1. paulie Says:

    My wishes on a full and speedy recovery to Mr. Moore.

    He can be heard here in a radio debate with a Libertarian.

    Additional information and links

  2. Brian Says:

    Best wishes to Mr. Moore. I’m glad to see he’s not one of the 47,000,000 uninsured.

  3. ElfNinosMom Says:

    I hope Mr. Moore has a speedy recovery. :-)

  4. paulie Says:

    I hope it won’t be considered inappropriate in this thread, but since the issue of health care policy reform is being discussed here, Kris Overstreet has a post about health care I would recommend people read:

  5. Stephen Tash Says:

    I am shocked that I have not heard of this yet. I’ll probably contact him later today and let him know he has multi-ideological well wishes.

  6. Stewart A. Alexander Says:

    Do you believe America ready for a third party president? I frequently have people ask me this question. I do not believe America is ready to support a third party presidential candidate in 2008 and that is unfortunate, especially today. The U.S. is facing the most difficult times that we have seen in over 75 years and neither of the two corporate parties represent working people.

    I am running as the Vice Presidential Nominee for Socialist Party USA and as a candidate for nomination for Peace and Freedom Party, and my present goal is to be a voice for working class people in a political system that is totally disconnected with the tens of millions of people that need representation. Americans are calling for an end to the occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Democrats and Republicans are not listening; millions of Americans are afraid they could lose the homes and their jobs and the Democrats and Republicans are not listening. Millions of Americans are without health care coverage and the Democrats and Republicans are not listening; millions of Americans can not afford to take care of their aging parents or to pay for child care for their children or to send their children to college, and again the Democrats and Republicans are not listening. I see signs everywhere saying, “Support Our Troops” and again the Democrats and Republicans are not listening to Americans and our veterans.

    As I previously mention, I do not believe a third party presidential candidate will win in 2008; however, the way I see things, there is two speakers on the American stage, the Democrats and Republicans. There are voices that are coming from the crowd; with no microphones, unseen and always ignored by the corporate media; however the people are still listening. These are the socialists candidates representing Socialist Party USA, Peace and Freedom Party and Freedom Socialist Party, addressing complex national and international issues and offering workable solutions for working people.

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