Republicans trying to harm Ron Paul in northern Nevada

A post from IAP Chair, Christopher H. Hansen…

“Anonymous wrote:

Nevada State Republican Leadership:

I have been having lots of calls because the State Leadership has sent out wrong polling place cards. Then because of these erroneous cards which were sent out with polling places that were wrong, I received an automated telephone call yesterday, 1-15-08, and it sounded like Jackie Kaiser’s (from Leadership) voice. This woman said the card that I received in the mail from the Republican Party was wrong and that my polling place was REED HIGH SCHOOL in SPARKS, WASHOE CO! Of course my correct polling place is still the Hillside School IN STOREY CO! This is extremely frustrating. What if you just called all of my Storey Co. people and told them the wrong polling place? In my opinion that is (accidentally) manipulating the people’s right to vote….THAT IS SERIOUS! I STRONGLY OBJECT!

I also received a call from the Comstock Chronical, one of the Storey Co. media, that the Gazette Journal newspaper 1-15-08, indicated that Storey County had three polling places. It DOES NOT! It has TWO POLLING PLACES—the Senior Center in Virginia City for the Highlands and everything south; and in the north, the Hillside Elementary School in Lockwood for the “River District”. What is the State Leadership going to do about this error?

It appears that I have at least one polling place with people in a precinct who are not recognized by the State. I do NOT HAVE A PRECINCT PACKET for #7. My County Clerk indicates there are two people in that precinct. What happens when those two people show up from that precinct which is in the north in the River District and should really be going to the Hillside School but your list indicates that they should go to the Virginia City Senior Center many many miles (50 or 60 miles round trip) from their homes? This information has been published in the newspapers. I wonder if you even sent cards out to these people and I wonder what polling place you sent them if you sent a card? I also wonder if the State called them since then or if they were even called or sent another card in the mail? I wonder where those poor people will go or will they loose their right to vote or be a delegate?

Precinct Packet Irregularities:

#1= Virginia City

Your voter list indicated 170 voters. There are only 18 ballots enclosed for those 170 voters! Why so few numbered ballots?

#2= Gold Hill/Virginia City

Your voter list indicated 165 voters. There are 18 ballots in your packet.

#3= River District/Lockwood

Your voter list indicated 9 voters. There is 1 ballot in your packet.

#4= Mark Twain

Your voter list indicated 195 voters. There are 21 ballots in your packet.

#5= V.C. Highlands

Your voter list indicated 473 voters. There are 54 ballots in your packet.

#6= Rainbow Bend/Lockwood

Your voter list indicated 265 voters. There are 30 ballots in your packet.

#7= River District/Belgium Court — You indicate they vote in Virginia City? They should vote at the Hillside School in Lockwood!

There is no packet or voter list for the 2 voters. There is no ballots, delegate or alternate forms NOTHING—NO PACKET!

#8= River District/Coyote Valley Way

Your voter list indicated 2 voters. There is 1 ballot in your packet.



#11=River District/ McCarran/ Wild Horse/ Tracy/ TRI

Your voter list indicated 9 voters. There is 1 ballot in your packet.

#12= River District/Corda Vista

Your voter list indicated 1 voter. There is 1 ballot in your packet.



#15= River District/Painted Rock/Cantlon Ranch

Your voter list indicated 22 voters. There are 2 ballots in your packet.

Since there are less ballots for the number of people in the packets, what am I suppose to do for the other people who want to vote? In precinct 8, they are a couple. I would imagine that if one came, both would come to vote. So what do they do with the ONE BALLOT—flip a coin? The rules say that the ballots are numbered and come from you. Why didn’t you give us enough ballots for all our voters to vote if they want to? What happens to the kids under 18 who sign up at their precincts on Saturday? How are they to vote—without a ballot? What about precinct 7? There is no packet, no Delegate, Alternate, Affidavit, ballot forms etc. What would you like me to do? How are YOU going to inform those people in time for this election so their rights are not violated?”

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  1. Dave Says:

    gee…could election rigging get any more obvious? Don’t ask them what to do….tell them what needs to happen! Theoretically, the govt answers to US still, right? Demand what is ours and do not let them decide for us. If it came down to it…have all voters write in their choice and count the ballots by hand (in plain view) and report the numbers. Who cares if they have an assigned number on it? The only thing important is the vote itself…not the number the ballot has been assigned. Have people forgotten how to take the initiative anymore?

  2. James A. Says:

    Who wants to take bets that Romney’s campaign got enough ballots? Who wants to bet that Romney’s people got the proper cards with the correct information about where to vote?

  3. Billy Coffey Says:

    I am going out on a limb here, but maybe they have plans for those missing ballots.

    Just in case the wrong candidate gets to much support.

    Just a thought

  4. Eric Says:

    How bizarre.

    Can you ‘Xerox’ extra ballots like the folks in NH did?

  5. Jim Says:

    I’m with the Dave (1st post). Take some initiative. Make your own ballots. Ask people to remain at the caucus - even if you’re at the wrong place. Call the local news to come out and video tape everyone. Vote for the cameras with a show of hands. Better yet get some guys out there into a car and drive directly to where ever it is they mail these things out from and demand the proper number of ballots and then some. Where counting on you out there. Let’s roll.

  6. Robert Says:

    Take some initiative if the ballots werent sent out in the packets then where are they and if there are ballots missing then where is the big giant red flag. I mean come on people if you voted in NH and your vote wasnt counted, because the ballot did not get put in a packet to be turned in obviously something is going on.

    So what to do, if the ballots cannot be found, then a revote has to be done.
    annoying as it sounds if ballots are missing? then what backup do we have that will show the results of the actually vote?

    What plans are in place in case of missing ballots?
    What plans are in place to produce accurate votes if ballots go missing?
    How is this occurence able to be avoided in the future?

  7. Jack Q Says:

    Vote rigging, yet another infringement on our rights by the gov’t. Add it to the ever-growing list of violations:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by opening mail, caging demonstrators and banning books like “America Deceived” from Amazon.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns during Katrina.
    They violate the 4th Amendment by conducting warrant-less wiretaps.
    They violate the 5th and 6th Amendment by suspending habeas corpus.
    They violate the 8th Amendment by torturing.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting 2 illegal wars based on lies and on behalf of a foriegn gov’t.
    Support Dr. Ron Paul and save us all.
    Last link (unless Google Books caves to the gov’t and drops the title):

  8. Dan Diebold Says:

    Don’t worry we have machines that will fix any of these wee problems. Take care my children.

  9. FedtheF*CKUp Says:

    I am thinking more and more everyday that renouncing my citizenship to this country is the only way to go - and move to the Lakota Souix reservation, and live tax free for the rest of my life.

    Don’t worry - not gonna happen - my wife says she wont let me go…LOL

    So here is my rant of the day:

    This vote rigging and election stealing is so apparent - so obvious, and in our face, and no matter what we do, no matter what we say…short of taking to the streets in a very disobiedient manner - they just ignore us, and roll all over us.

    The sad part about this is - its not really just the feds doing this. Think about it. These elections are run and maintained at the local, county level. They buy the machines, they order the ballots, and they handle the voting machine vendors. That means it’s OUR Neighbors, OUR friends…people who we thought we could trust, that are taking this away from us. Just think about that for a moment….

    And these Diebold Optical Scanners - try this on for size: Everyone focuses on the memory cards and the years old technology that is so easy to hack. Well - guess what the easiest way to hack an election is with these machines?

    It’s not the software
    It’s not the hardware

    Believe it or not - its the f*cking pens that you use to mark the ballots. If those pens are NOT using ink that can be read by the scanners - the scanners read the ballots as unmarked, and run them through as NO VOTE.

    Which leads me to this little item: How many polling places are using PENCILS to mark optical scanner ballots? No pens - but pencils…no ink…no mark - can’t be read by the machines -which means your vote never gets counted, and the machine itself is blameless!

    So - whose ready to head to the reservation with me? LOL

    Vote FOR RON PAUL -


  10. Francis Steffan Says:

    It’s obvious what is going on.
    Not enough numbered ballots.
    It would be a violation of Citizens Rights to not let them vote, so voters will have to use un-numbered ballots.
    Are you getting it?
    They number the ballots for a reason. It is called a “control number.”
    Why is this important to a legitimate election?
    IMAGINE the federal reserve notes in your pocket have no serial numbers. Now you know what they are attempting, the question now is, whadda ya gonna do ‘bout it?

  11. Fred C. Says:

    “What happens to the kids under 18 who sign up at their precincts on Saturday? How are they to vote—without a ballot?”

    The NV GOP lets minors vote in their caucus?

  12. FedtheF*CKUp Says:

    Quote From Francis Steffan (Above):

    “IMAGINE the federal reserve notes in your pocket have no serial numbers. Now you know what they are attempting, the question now is, whadda ya gonna do ‘bout it?”

    Yeah - just imagine that…a control number gives legitimacy to what? All it gives is the ILLUSION of legitimacy.

    I think Francis Steffan is spot on if I am reading that entry right. Because, that serial number lends no more value to that federal reserve note in your pocket than the control number lends legitimacy to the ballot you vote on. It is purely an ILLUSION - because the count is down behind closed doors, in secret.

    Now I hear that in NH, the recount has started, and they are delivering the ballot boxes to the recount centers with broken seals…so the chain of custody issue is a moot point if that is the case, right? Cause nobody can say what has happened to these ballots over the last several days since the end of the election itself. Funny that the SOS of NH never posted legitimate, original count numbers out in public before the recount…hmmmm

    Oh well - so much for control and legitimacy.

  13. Jeff Says:

    I have inform all the state’s major newspapers to look into and report on this. It’s the best I can do from where I am.

  14. Fanakapan Says:

    Systems Rotten, and stinks so bad, I can smell it here in Limeyland

  15. Tom Blanton Says:

    Has anyone in Nevada considered going to court and trying to get an injunction to stop all voting until a sufficient number of ballots are provided?

    Fred, many jurisdictions allow 17-year olds vote in primaries if they will be old enough to vote in the November election.

  16. Ron Holland Says:

    Let’s Shake Up Bernanke and the Federal Reserve

    Please sign and promote our “Ron Paul Is Right - Abolish the Federal Reserve Petition”. The housing market, stock market and the dollar are all crashing due to past Federal Reserve easy money policies. Two thousand signatures and comments say Abolish the Federal Reserve. Do what you can to publicize this petition. URL is

    Ron Holland, Wolf Laurel, NC

  17. taylor Says:

    Evil people are going to pay soon….

  18. Derek Says:

    Taylor, may your wish and the wish of every one of us who are fed up with these totalitarian schemes be heard. Sometimes I just fell like giving my citizenship up but I would never do such a thing as my family has fought in almost every war since the American Revolution. I will stick
    it out and fight for what’s ours my friends! Giving up will mean a victory for the anti-American totalitarian corporatists that are in power and that’s why I’m very well committed (even though I’m temporarily studying in Chile until I finish) to put up a fight even if the going gets tough. And I cherish my country with all my heart, I’ll never ever please these thugs by giving up my American citizenship! We can’t allow voting fraud in any election for crying out loud and this should be a case of treason. Those that don’t respect the Constitution deserve to burn for their anti-freedom tactics. We must unite in this fight for the good of the country!!

  19. Jason Says:

    Nevada is a caucus state. Voters do not receive individual ballots in a caucus.

    Ron Paul supporters need to talk it up during the Nevada Caucuses and get those votes!!

  20. Mark Says:

    “This vote rigging and election stealing is so apparent - so obvious, and in our face, and no matter what we do, no matter what we say…short of taking to the streets in a very disobiedient manner - they just ignore us, and roll all over us.”

    You said it brother. Amazing isn’t it?, all this evidence of horrific scandalous corruption, outright lies, obvious manipulation.. and all manner of DC mafia nastiness out in the open for informed people to find, yet “the man” & his media machine just keeps on rolling as if “all is well”, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a paranoid conspiracy freak.

    “Don’t believe your lying eyes”, a public service announcement from your friends at the RNC & DNC.

  21. Meg Says:

    All politics is local, truer words were never spoken. If you want fair elections you have to join and take over the local Republican party, become committee members, and be active within the party.

    It’s always been my opinion that the people who want these local and state positions in the parties are the same type of people who want to run the local homeowners association. You know, the ones who relish giving their neighbors fines and warnings for leaving their trash can at the curb too long on trash collection day.

    Most of us who have lives and aren’t control freaks, power seekers and ass kissers, don’t want to invest the time. Local politics, meh, who cares… Well now you know why the rest of us have to make the investment; it’s the only way we can beat the rigged system.

    I’m going to hold my nose

  22. Meg Says:

    and take the plunge.

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