Ron Paul’s Michigan Results

The New York Times titled it: Paul Beats Giuliani (Again):

The bad news for Rudolph W. Giuliani Tuesday night in Michigan was that Representative Ron Paul of Texas appears to have beaten him handily again, just as he did in Iowa.

With 89 percent of the precincts reporting at 11:20 p.m., Mr. Giuliani was in a distant sixth-place, behind Fred D. Thompson, who was in fifth place, and Mr. Paul, who was in fourth place and who received more than twice as many votes as Mr. Giuliani.

Salon: Ron Paul rolls in Michigan:

With 77 percent of the precincts reporting, Ron Paul is running fourth in the Michigan GOP primary—behind Mitt Romney, John McCain and Mike Huckabee but ahead of Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani and Duncan Hunter.

Paul’s current vote total is 44,530, which is just a little less than Thompson and Giuliani are getting combined.

Dave Weigel seemed a bit startled over at Reason:

I’m genuinely surprised that Ron Paul scored his first fourth place finish in Michigan, a state where his organization has always been weak, certainly weaker than in Iowa or New Hampshire. But he’s locked in at about 6.3 percent of the vote, scoring about as much as Giuliani and Thompson combined, and the beleagured Paul base is feeling a little cheerier. (I’m amused at Thompson’s attempt to sound like a winner after coming behind Paul for the second consecutive primary.) After tonight Paul will have clocked around 85,000 primary votes, putting him right behind Huckabee for fourth place. (He’s still only got two delegates.)

Paul seems to have done well with independent young voters again.

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  1. Eric Dondero Says:

    What’s not being reported by any libertarian media including Reason is the big overlap between Romney and Giuliani. Funny, how libertarian media have completely ignored Romney’s big win last night. Not a peep anywheres about Romney this morning on any of the Blogs.

    Folks, there’s a lot of libertarians who are involved in the Romney campaign. Jason Bonham of is the leading libertarian with Romney. Romney also has the strong support of former Mass. Gov. Bill Weld, one of the “original” libertarian Republicans.

    Instead of badmouthing Giuliani this morning, don’t you think it would make more sense congratulating our libertarian friends in the Romney campaign for beating Fiscal Lib Huckabee, and the old Guy Centrist?

    Last night was a win for Fiscal Cons/Liberts. With 39% no less. We should all be celebrating!

  2. (Ryan Brennan Says:

    Go Ron Paul! Let Freedom Ring!

  3. Nigel Watt Says:

    “Folks, there’s a lot of libertarians who are involved in the Romney campaign.”

    To steal a point from Stephen Gordon (if I recall), if Eric’s imaginary friends called themselves turtles, Eric Dondero would call the Michigan primary a victory for turtles.

  4. BillTX Says:

    “Our Libertarian friends” in the Romney campaign can suck my ass.

  5. Doremus Jessup Says:

    PLEASE, if you support Ron Paul, you MUST get these very revealing videos of the “front runner” candidates (in their own words) out to as many voters as you can!!

    Romney on Abortion

    Huckabee to Change the Constitution

    McCain: Make it 100 Years in Iraq

    “Ron Paul is running fourth in the Michigan GOP primary—behind Mitt Romney, John McCain and Mike Huckabee but ahead of Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani and Duncan Hunter.”

    No need to really do anything about Thompson as it appears his campaign is crumbling.

    Giuliani? Here’s one for all the NRA people:

  6. Andy Says:

    “Folks, there’s a lot of libertarians who are involved in the Romney campaign.”

    Too bad that Mitt Romney is not one of them.

  7. Cody Quirk Says:

    Many Mormons might be supporting Romney too, but I’m not supporting him.

  8. Robert Milnes Says:

    This is absurd. Iowa 10%,NH8%, now Mich. 6%. RP/RP is gradually losing support just as predicted by The Libertarian Vote/Cato Institute. THAT is the story. Now, what’s next? Nevada-4%. Then S.C. 2%.

  9. Jason Gatties Says:

    I actually thought Paul would get a higher vote count here in Michigan, closer to 10%. The 4th place finish I was on the money with though. I thought Romney vs McCain would be closer than it was.

  10. paulie Says:

    Michigan was an open primary, and the Democrats will not let Michigan delegates vote at their convention. I think it was a huge blown opportunity to not focus on Michigan with a peace and civil liberties message aimed at independents and Democrats, letting them know that the Democratic vote would not count. Nevertheless, fourth place is exactly where Ron Paul was before Michigan in the cumulative vote total.

    Hmmmm…I wonder if any news organizations are going to leave Giuliani out of the debates now? Is their trailer too small to fit a distant sixth place finisher? Are they going to ask their focus groups if it was a mistake to have him on the stage? (I’m not saying do that, just pointing out the double standard).

  11. Jose C. Says:

    Republican Party Delegate Count & Percent

    Romney 42 45.16%
    Huckabee 22 23.66
    McCain 19 20.43
    Thompson 6 6.45
    Paul 2 2.15
    Giuliani 1 1.07
    Hunter 1 1.07

    total delegates: 93
    Source: CNN (as of 1-16-08)

  12. Sean Scallon Says:

    Oh you’re such a riot Eric Rittberg! Apparently in Eric’s universe, he cannot lose because he simply latches on to another “winning” candidate and proclaims that candidate’s “libertarian” values. Sure, and the moon is made of green cheese too.

    Romney won basically because a majority of voters were 60 plus (which confirms my theory that the GOP is agining and dying) and they all remember his Dad. He also basically pledged to subsidize the auto industry. On top of his health care plan in Massachucetts and his opposition to gay marriage, please pray tell Mr. Rittberg what libertarian values there are in Mitt, (at least as of today because you never know when the man changes his mind)? You might of been right six years ago when he first elected for office but given all the flip-flops over the years, it’s hard to tell what Romney stands for or believes in.

    But go right ahead and kiss his arse Eric. It didn’t take you long to ditch your “transgender” Guliani but at least you knew when to jump sinking ship. And if you’re a real good suck-up (and God knows you are) maybe Romney Administration will give you a job sweeping floors in the basement of the Library of Congress. How ‘bout that?

    Besides, tomorrow you’ll be back supporting Wayne Allyn Root right?

  13. Sean Scallon Says:

    Given that the Michigan primary allowed Democrats and Republicans to vote in it, Paul’s 6 percent is a good indication of percentage he could possibly get in a non-major party run. Again I am of the opinion that such run should only happen in certain circumstances and for the right reasons in terms of accomplishment, but if it does happen he could get a decent percentage in the context on non-major party run history,

  14. Robert Milnes Says:

    Sean Scallon, 6% would make RP a good spoiler. The anti-war Ronulans will have paid for the warmongering gop to win. Lube, please!

  15. Ronald Kane Hardy Says:

    Ron Paul should run on the Libertarian (or Constitution) Party ticket. He would surely get 5% of the national popular vote, which as you third party junkies know comes with a whole lot of benefits.

  16. Eric Dondero Says:

    Okay, folks, for the millionth time, let me go on record:

    Eric Dondero Rittberg supports:

    1. Rudy Giuliani

    2. Mitt Romney

    3. Fred Thompson

    4. Wayne Root

    Beyond that, I’ll end up voting NOTA. (Maybe McCain - but only if he picks Sarah Palin or JC Watts as VP)

    Ron Paul - NO, Huckabee - HELL NO! Hillary or Obama, not even if I was threatened with a Saddam Hussein style torture chamber.

    Bloomberg? Yuck!

    I’m a solid “Romna-Thomps-Iani” supporter. Always have been. Always will be.

  17. Eric Dondero Says:

    Sean Scanlon, perhaps you’re a Newbie to our libertarian movement. Perhpas you weren’t around in the 1990s.

    If you had been, you’d know that back in the 1990s there were essentially only three people in the entire United States of any stature or celebrity calling themselves “libertarians”.

    One of them was Howard Stern.

    Another one was PJ O’Rourke.

    The third one was Massachusetts Governor William Weld. Weld essentially put the term “libertarian Republican” on the map. He was a groundbreaker. He established single-handidly that one could be both an Economic Conservative (Hayekian as he liked to call himself), and Socially Tolerant guy, as well.

    Today, Weld is not only supporting Mitt Romney, but he’s actively campaigning for him around the United States.

    Sir, ANY politician who is good enough for William Weld, is more than good enough for me.

  18. Sean Scallon Says:

    I guess’s Eric Rittberg’s philosphy is why have one when you can have four? Hey, if it works in a Mexican whorehouse, more power to ya.

    Unfortunately Mr. Rittberg, you weren’t Mitt singing praises all last year. It was all Rudy and all WAR. As I said, six years ago you might have been right but Romney is nothing more than a political cameleon, whoring himself to whatever audience he’s in front of. (You know what a whore don’t you Eric?) In Michigan he promised to subsidize the auto industry the tune of $25 million and now he’s promising to do the same to the textile industry in Sotuh Carolina. Some libertarian.

    Weld’s libertarian phase lasted half his first term, then he became a liberal Republican. Romney could have been that too, then he decided he wanted to run for President.

  19. G.E. Says:

    paulie - Democrats in Michigan do not care about civil liberties or the war. They care only about protectionism and welfare, period. We worked our asses off here. My CD, for which I was Field Coordinator, netted 8.7% of the vote. Others dropped the ball. But it was an uphill battle and appealing to “civil liberties” would have only further alienated fascist Repugs.

  20. paulie Says:

    There are lots of Democrats and independents who don’t fit that profile.

    BTW let me know if you are still having any problems posting at LFV - post at LFV wordpress and let me know, I’ll transfer it.

    Also I can sign people up at Cannoli Wordpress…

  21. Lex Says:

    He did well with independents and young voters, but lost the anti-war vote to McCain somehow. 12% of voters thought Ron Paul was the most likely candidate to effect needed changes, but only 48% of them voted for him!

    I guess the media was wrong all along when they called Ron Paul “the longest of long shots” and “quixotic” and a “fringe candidate.” Who really deserves that title? John Cox? Jim Gilmore? Sam Brownback? Tommy Thompson? Alan Keyes? Tom Tancredo? Duncan Hunter?

    They all seem to be longer long shots than Ron Paul right now, don’t they? Heck, even Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson may drop out before Paul, since they’ve received fewer votes so far.

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