Unity08 to Disband to Support a Bloomberg Campaign?

That’s the allegation, at least. Elizabeth Benjamin writes:

A source familiar with the Bloomberg for president movement says the bipartisan Unity08 effort is poised to shut down its Web site, reconstitute as a Draft Bloomberg site and launch its own 50-state signature-gathering operation on behalf of the supposedly reluctant would-be independent presidential candidate.

This move has been apparently been approved by the Bloomberg people.

I’m told Unity08 has $1.4 million in the bank and about 124,000 people signed up on its site. I have tried - so far unsuccessfully - to reach a spokesperson for the organization.

It’s unclear whether this would be some kind of publicity stunt for Unity08, which has been ignored, or even flat-out ridiculed, in some corners, or a real, honest-to-goodness sign that Bloomberg is serious about running for president and not simply trying to maintain relevancy in his lame-duck years.

Despite the fact that Bloomberg has repeatedly insisted he’s not a candidate, he has never said - nor really been pressed on - whether he would not heed a call of people trying to draft him into the race.

I’ve been hearing whispers about this all week, but this is the first news source I’ve seen covering the issue. It will vindicate the comments which have been made by a lot of people at this site about the ultimate goals and motivations of Unity08.

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  1. Fred C. Says:


  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Seems very strange for this Bloomberg talk to be building up so much as McCain and Obama are both well positioned to be the nominees. And if even one was successful, I’ve heard Bloomberg didn’t want to take either on. So is he hoping for a Hillary vs. Giuliani race or something? Or perhaps Hillary vs. Mike Huckabee?

  3. Tom the Trotskyist Says:

    Exactly, Mike Bloomberg should only run if Hillary Clinton and or rudy Giuliani run, because they are the great enemies of the anticonstitutionalist socialist revolutions. The Grand Masonic Committee Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul, John McCain, Barack Obama, Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney and John Edwards will lead the world into the light of the great libertarian socialist Trotskyist resurgance.

  4. paulie Says:

    Off topic,

    Leonard Schwartz and Chris Bennett will be on Liberated Space with Angela Keaton today (TH 1/10) at 7:30 Eastern, 4:30 Pacific time.

  5. Fred C. Says:

    Politics1’s sources say he won’t run if it’s Obama or Hillary. Months ago it was Giuliani or Hillary. Now it’s McCain. I think I even read somewhere that it was contingent on Ron Paul getting the GOP nom.

    I don’t trust any of these contigency theories anymore. If he’s really starting to do polling, then more than likely he’ll go off of that.

  6. DonLa [email protected] Says:

    As some one whom has registered Unity and whom has participated in Unity08 focus groups and other meetings, they don’t [in Southern California, any way] seem to be doing much beyond ‘stall ball’. Just one observation.

  7. rj Says:

    Well so much for me being a Unity08 delegate.

    No matter, Bloomberg’s their best and probably only shot.

  8. Michael Says:

    The thing that is troubling about this situation is that many people gave Unity08 their personal information and donated money to them. Many of them would not have done so if they knew that it was for a Bloomberg draft movement.

    My questions are:

    Do we know what happens to the money donated to Unity08?

    What about Unity08 members personal information?

    I got a call from a bloomberg draft campaign poll claiming to be a “media opinion poll”. My personal phone number is private and unlisted. I did give Unity08 my personal number.

    Can a draft Bloomberg group use the information and money from Unity08 members, when that is not what they signed up for?

    Unity08 laid off their ballot access coordinator some time ago. Yet, I think that I do recall getting a Unity08 email asking for money after that person was laid off. Were they planning this long ago and still kept deceiving the people that thought they were a part of a ‘people powered’ movement where members shaped the issues and elected two candidates.

    These are the questions that make this so troubling to me. And not that they weren’t doing much.

    Michael Thompson
    New American Independent Party

  9. joe lance Says:

    At first I didn’t put 2 and 2 together; when I saw the news about the Oklahoma meeting, I thought the media got it wrong by invoking the official “Unity08” name in connection with that story.

    But it does seem rather coincidental that that meeting occurred, and today I got an email from Unity08 telling me that they are shutting down, mostly.

    Never mind, then. I’ll just back Barack Obama, who seems to embody the “third way” even from within one of the establishment parties.

  10. Robert Says:

    Let me see if I can answer a couple of questions.

    First, the membership list is safe and not going to be sold, reused, or manipulated in the future in regards to the bloomberg effort.

    Second, there is no money being spent from the Unity08 treasury on any candidates campaign, much less Bloomberg’s effort. We are sticking to fighting the FEC to allow Unity08 to hopefully start back up and still be a force in this election cycle!

    While it’s not what we wanted to have happen, we are pleased that we moved the ball in some regard to the national agenda of getting partisans working together, and think that without the restraint placed on Third Parties by the FEC, we could be much further along in our effort.

    Bob Bingham

    Bob Bingham, Board Member Unity08

  11. Fred C. Says:

    “While it’s not what we wanted to have happen, we are pleased that we moved the ball in some regard to the national agenda of getting partisans working together, and think that without the restraint placed on Third Parties by the FEC, we could be much further along in our effort.”

    Does that mean you or others from Unity08 are going to actively try to do something about that restraint?

  12. Unite For Mike Says:

    Movement to Draft Mike Bloomberg For President Gets a Boost!

    As Elizabeth Benjamin of New York Daily News reports here, some people from Unity08 have taken a new course and will joining the movement to Draft Mike Bloomberg. The following is an excerpt taken from a letter to their membership.
    “And, of cour…

  13. Chinx Says:

    Does anyone read the non-libertarian party posts? Who gives a fuck? Unity 08 could run a jack o lanterine on a stick and no one bust one out over it.

  14. Michael Bloomberg for President Says:

    Actually, the Wall Street Journal also covered this before you made this post:

    Unity08: Splitting Up Over Bloomberg?
    by Ben Casselman

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