Open Letter to Ron Paul Supporters

Editorial Note: The following is a letter written by former Lago Vista (TX) City Councilman, Texas Libertarian Party Chair and Libertarian National Committee Representative Patrick Dixon. It was originally addressed to a person in a leadership position within the Ron Paul campaign, but that name has been omitted from this publication of this letter. The letter also serves as a reminder to Ron Paul supporters of the consequences of the actions of a minority of Paul activists. Having witnessed and been embarrassed by similar behaviors (including trespass, placement of signs on private property without the permission of the property owner, nasty vicious attacks on fellow supporters with minor disagreements), my personal opinion generally reflects Mr. Dixon’s.

UPDATE: Here’s another example of Ron Paul Supporters Gone Wild.

I submit this not as a representative of the Libertarian Party, but as a supporter of Ron Paul who has donated the federal limit to his campaign.

I have been aware of Ron Paul supporters vandalizing property by spray painting “Ron Paul” on fences in Austin. I have viewed videos of Ron Paul supporters threatening other candidates. I have viewed videos of Ron Paul supporters chasing and antagonizing Sean Hannity in New Hampshire. I have heard additional reports of rude and obnoxious behavior by Ron Paul supporters.

Such reprehensible behavior causes me to seriously reconsider my support of Ron Paul. I do not wish to be associated with this.

I understand the zeal of supporters that feel powerless when their candidate is ignored and excluded. I also understand that these zealots may represent a minority of the supporters. I understand the campaign cannot control the behavior of every supporter.

However I am not aware of a single time that Ron Paul has condemned such behavior and promoted tolerance, respect, and decorum in his campaign.

As you, I have disagreements with Hannity, Guiliani, and others in the Republican Party. I have disagreements with the Democratic Party. That does not cause me to label all our opponents as evil and treat them with contempt. I treat them with appropriate decorum and tolerance in order to persuade opinion and grow support.

These zealots harm Ron Paul, the campaign, and the liberty movement. As one of the leaders in the campaign, I ask you to consider a formal means of addressing what I consider a serious problem. I do not intend to micro-manage you or the campaign and I appreciate all the work you do. I trust you are capable finding a means to address this, and would be happy to help if you desire.

I don’t know if I am the only Ron Paul supporter that feels this way. I not feel proud having a Ron Paul bumper sticker or yard sign when the campaign is associated with embarrassing behavior. I suspect some supporters and many undecided voters will have nothing to do with Ron Paul unless the campaign makes it clear that we represent tolerance and decorum.

I only insist that this is a high priority. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. For Ron Paul, the campaign, and the liberty movement, I ask you to act.

Yours in Liberty,
Patrick Dixon
Chair, Libertarian Party of Texas

88 Responses to “Open Letter to Ron Paul Supporters”

  1. Gene Berkman Says:

    Thank you, Mr Dixon, for putting into words what I and many other Ron Paul supporters and Libertarians believe about the need for respecting our opponents, even as we strongly oppose them.

  2. Tom the Trotskyist Says:

    I wish that more of this type of behavior would happen in American politics. Respect and decorum are outdated conservative concepts. Our opponents do have the right to not be put in jail, but that is the extent of freedom. Such vigailantism by the Ron Paul supporters is practice for the greatness of the true world socialist revolution.

    By the way, may Obama come back in the last votes of the New Hampshire primary. He is one of us.

    Yours in Libertarian Socialism,

  3. Michael Cathcart Says:

    Libertarian and Socialism do not and cannot ever go to gether.
    Get over yourself.

  4. Gene Trosper Says:

    I absolutely agree with Mr. Dixon on this matter of great importance.

    This reminds me of an old bumpersticker I once saw: ” I love Jesus, it’s his followers I can’t stand”.

    Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I believe in civility and respect. Unfortunately, I have came across too many supporters who get some sort of thrill of shoving Ron Paul down people’s throats. It’s a shame because Ron Paul is essentially a decent (if somewhat flawed, but aren’t we all?) person and their actions are sullying his name.

    Interesting: the bad rep Ron Paul is receiving is NOT due to his actions, but due to the actions of others IN HIS NAME.

  5. Stephen Gordon Says:


    Are you suggesting that people should be able to spray paint the buildings of mom and pop stores against the wishes of the owners?

    Peaceful protest is one thing, vandalism of private property is another.

  6. James Moore Says:

    Thank You, Mr. Dixon. I hope all the Ron Paul supporters get the message. We will not gain support for the best by acting like the worst. I should think those of you that understand Ron Paul respects the law as well as individual freedom would know better. Your behavior reflects on our best hope for the future - thanks for all you’re doing to SCREW IT UP, a-holes.

  7. Stephen Gordon Says:

    Gene—Locally, we’ve (from the official campaign side) put out the word to be respectful in dealing with others. This isn’t (as I hear, at least) happening in other states—and I’ve never seen anything come down from campaign HQ suggesting that people moderate their behavior in cases like these. I’d say, at this point, the campaign should make such a statement.

    In the meantime, I love the bumpersticker. :)

  8. James Moore Says:

    I think Tom the Trotskyist’s comments were intended to be humorous, and aimed at linking Obama with socialism. Not funny Tom, but like a political cartoon, “allegedly” based in reality!
    Politics sucks.

  9. John Suarez Says:

    I’m a conservative who plans to vote for Dr. Paul and also add my voice to the call for respecting the property of others, and battling in the arena of ideas and obtaining votes not ad hominem attacks.

    If you are going to represent Dr. Ron Paul and campaign on his behalf than you should emulate his civility and class.

  10. yoduh Says:

    these Ron Paul supporters have no respect for this subtle facist takeover why don’t they just go get it out of their system by going shopping at a hot topic at their friendly (secure) local mall gosh spray painting and trespassing now that’s just not right, i mean sibel edmonds comes out to the times london and informs the world that we are giving WMD information to the middle east you might have thought they would have at least attempted to wedgie sean hannity by his lepeord granny panties

  11. Brian Says:

    I agree. Over the past few months my excitement over Ron Paul has dwindled, mostly because of how some of his other supporters act. It reminds me of the Anti-Bush crowd in 2004. When you get too smug and too self-righteous, it turns off your average person who might otherwise be swayed by a good message.

    Then again, these same people are also the reason Paul is as popular as he is. That same energy that chased down Sean Hannity (Which was wrong, as much of an ass as he is) also helped bring in 6 million in one day, and made some people stand up and take notice. So its really been a double-edged sword.

  12. Scott R Says:

    Sorry, but I take issue with this post. And I take issue with the censoring that has been done (another person disagreed and I now see that his reply has disappeared). That censorship, and much of the content of Patrick Dixon’s open letter, run counter to the libertarian principles as I understand them.

    Mr. Dixon threatens to retract his support for Paul because of the acts of a small minority of Paul’s supporters? Are you voting for his supporters or for him?

    I certainly don’t condone acts of vandalism, harrassment, or just plain “being stupid”, but this is a bottom-up movement. Mr. Dixon, a libertarian party leader ought to “get” that. He seems to be claiming more authority than he has. What position does he think he has that he could even contemplate “micro-managing” a *movement” based on freedom?

    To paraphrase/repeat the comments of the other person whose comments were deleted: Socialism and libertarianism aren’t compatible. Get over yourself.

  13. Scott R Says:

    My apologies to the editor of for the accusation of censoring legitimate posts here. I see that the reply I thought had been deleted was not.

  14. Elaine McKillop Says:

    In my opinion we should not vandalize anyone’s property. We should all be respectful as to where we place our signs and paint. Sean, Rudy, O’Riley and others of their kind, do not deserve respect. For me one of the few bright moments of this political season were spent watching Ron Paul supporters taunt them. They have ignored, ridiculed, disrespected, defamed and marginalized the most honorable man in Washington. They are fair game! I am a grandmother, but if any of them cross my path there will be hell to pay!

  15. RM Says:

    I’ve been wondering if some of these people might even be opponents of Dr. Paul.

    I’m not a truther or anything even close to that, but what better way to diminsh his impact on the general public than to cast doubt on the man through his supporters.

  16. Rob Kelly Says:

    Sean Hannity was on the air bragging he stood up to the Ron Paul supporters. The video of him running inside shows no such thing.

  17. John Says:

    I feel the same way. Probably cost us a few % in NH. So it goes.

  18. TexanTornado Says:

    You have GOT to be kidding me! “Be Nice to Shawn Hannity!” WAHHHH!
    I have had ENOUGH. I will not take it anymore! I have NO SYMPATHY, and people should be ANGRY AS HELL!
    this is not even about Ron Paul, it is about our THE WAR MACHINE THAT OWNS THIS COUNTRY AND OUR SOLDIERS!
    I for one will NEVER, NOT EVER feel one ounce of guilt and NOTHING OTHER THAN PRIDE for what those true patriots said to that demon clone Klannity!
    you should be ashamed!

  19. Jackumup Says:

    I agree vandalism, harassment has no place in a Ron Paul Campaign, however Sean Hannity called for those who disagreed with war to be locked up. He is a treasonous piece of shit and should of been lynched. FUCK HIM

  20. Jeanette Doney Says:

    There is no proof that these are Ron Paul supporters. I’m not buying that they are. I believe they are supporters from another campaign who are jealous of the money bombs and grassroots support and are sabotaging the campaign by knowingly breaking the law. It’s called DIRTY politics and it’s done by the same morons who sign “Mickey Mouse” on petitions of competitors. I’ve seen it done by republicans and democrats and young and old. People do stupid, mean, terrible things, and indeed this is one, and I don’t buy it’s Ron paul supporters. proove it. Spraying Ron paul isn’t proof.

  21. Tom Blanton Says:

    There is certainly a number of things about Ron Paul and many of his supporters to be embarrassed about. Not a day goes by when I don’t cringe and think about pulling the Ron Paul bumper sticker off my car when I read about the Paul campaign or the idiotic statements or actions by his supporters.

    Then I look at ALL the other candidates from EVERY party and their supporters and I realize the entire political arena is totally embarrassing.

    The political dirty tricks carried out by professionals paid by the major parties don’t seem to embarrass their politicians or supporters. The entire state of New Hampshire should be embarrassed by the selection of Hillary and McCain. Do these people even deserve respect?

    How can I respect people who support a police state, a surveillance state, a fascist/corporatist state? How can I tolerate people who wish to confiscate my earnings to pay for genocidal wars of choice based on lies?
    The truth is that some of these creeps are evil and should be treated with contempt.

    A lot of people are pissed off and they are pissed off for a reason. If politicians and their propagandists like Sean Hannity have to deal with angry mobs, so be it. After what some of these people have done, they should fear the public. There is more going on here than just minor differences of opinion.

    Ron Paul’s supporters are giving their opponents plenty of ammunition to use to portray them as kooks, but they were being portrayed as kooks from the very beginning. Ron Paul has been portrayed as a fringe nut-case from day one.

    Those of us who have been around the block at least one time (which would include Pat Dixon) have known or should have known that Ron Paul has had virtually no chance of winning the GOP nomination. For those of us aware of this obvious fact, supporting Ron Paul has been about getting a message out - even if we disagreed with some of Dr. Paul’s message. He’s done a pretty good job of advancing some issues.

    Maybe we have come to a point in this embarrassment we call American politics where part of the message is that there a lot of people who are pissed off and are demanding change. Maybe this spontaneous behavior gets ugly on occasion, but it certainly isn’t as ugly as the behavior of our own government.

    Wearing nice neckties and acting like polite Republicrats hasn’t gotten the freedom movement very far. Maybe shouting down tyrants and propagandists in the street isn’t such a bad thing.

  22. Stephen Gordon Says:

    Jeanette Doney Says:

    There is no proof that these are Ron Paul supporters. I’m not buying that they are. I believe they are supporters from another campaign who are jealous of the money bombs and grassroots support and are sabotaging the campaign by knowingly breaking the law.

    This person was a Ron Paul supporter and admitted to being arrested for trespassing on private property.

  23. Jason C Says:

    I don’t doubt anything in this letter. I said a while back that I scaled way back on my support because of the supporters I met. One word for the whole R[evol]ution: kooky

  24. TexanTornado Says:

    dear Tom Blanton and everyone else,
    time for a dose of good ol’ TEXAN PRIDE that we as a people “back in the good ole’ days” were hammered with…back when the DOE begab the infiltration our schools in 1980, back before that horrendous, No Child Left Behind….
    FEEL PROUD that there are people out there who shout for those who cannot speak!
    I cannot fathom why in the WORLD anyone, ANYONE would be ashamed of a RON PAUL bumper sticker! are you kidding me?? The US is an embarrassment to the WORLD.
    Ron Paul is the lone wolf howling SANITY.
    Geezus Christ, never ever be ashamed!

    TRY THIS!!
    say NO to the SPP!
    say NO to the Amero!
    say NO to the CFR!

  25. Richard Wicks Says:

    In 4 more years, you’re going to wish people spoke up a lot more than they currently have.

  26. Mark Berglund Says:

    Thank you Mr. Dixon, I agree.

    TexasTornado, you are free to do what you do as an individual as long as it is within the law, but take off all RP gear and don’t mention his name if you do so. You don’t want to make RP look bad, nor the rest of his supporters.

    I think some people need to keep their theories to themselves, it just makes us all look “nuts” like Bill Clinton said. If you want to say your theories out loud, please distance yourself from RP and RP supporters, please. Speak your peace by yourself or start a new group that silently supports RP.

    Everyone else who agrees with Mr. Dixon, the “Paulites” if you will, please copy and paste his message to any comments section where you find video or so-called “Paultards” comments that makes RP or his supporters look bad to average folks who might be deciding whether or not to vote for RP. We don’t want to scare these people away.

    Also, spamming people doesn’t help, it just pushes undecided voters away.
    A great message gets cast aside when it comes as spam, and the next time they see the topic (RP) they will dismiss it and look away. Stop the spam please.

    I’ll include this info for those that want to copy and paste it to combat the latest timed smear:

    Jamie Kirchick: “I don’t think Ron Paul is a homophobe; I’m just cynical and enjoy getting supporters of political candidates riled up.”

    From Gays and Lesbians for Ron Paul:

    Jamie Kirchick, assistant editor of The New Republic, appeared tonight on Tucker Carlson’s show to announce-with a smirk on his face the size of Manhattan-that his hit piece accusing Ron Paul of racism, homophobia and anti-semitism would be appearing online the next day-which, by astonishing coincidence happens to be the very day of the New Hampshire primary.

    I first met Jamie at a holiday party held by the venerable libertarian magazine Reason just a few weeks ago. When Jamie saw my “Ron Paul 2008″ button, he snickered and said, “Oh, Ron Paul… I’ve been reading up on him. Have you read the stuff that guy’s written? Nasty stuff! Racist, anti-semitic, homophobic!”

    I emailed Jamie the next day to engage him further and to ask just what he found so offensive. His response:

    Hi Berin,

    Thanks for writing; and I’m glad you enjoyed by [sic] piece in the Boston Globe. I’ll try and make the [DC Log Cabin Republicans] party tonight, though [LCR President] Patrick Sammon isn’t particularly happy with me after I wrote this piece [attacking LCR for not endorsing Giuliani, whom Kirchick calls “the most pro-gay Republican White House contender in history”]

    Anyways, I don’t think Ron Paul is a homophobe; I’m just cynical and enjoy getting supporters of political candidates riled up. If you were a Giuliani guy I’d have called him a fascist. But I must say, the Ron Paul supporters are the most enthusiastic of the bunch! [Emphasis added.]


    When I responded to ask him when his article might come out so I could read more, he answered: “Patience, my friend :-)

    Patience, indeed.

    Let me not mince words. Jamie is a muckraker, a charlatan, and a hypocrite. For being so careless about concealing all these, he is a fool to boot. His bottom-feeding journalism dishonors The New Republic’s history as a bastion of high-minded political discourse. His story was deliberately timed to inflict maximum political damage on a man of such uncommonly principled integrity that he is attacked for statements written decades ago by others in his name.

    The richest irony is that the Ron Paul grassroots campaign in Washington, DC-Jamie’s hometown-has found its earliest and strongest supporters in DC’s gay community. It would not surprise me if our slate of delegate and alternate delegate candidates for Ron Paul is the gayest slate in DC (measured by number of gay individuals-not gayness of individuals), very probably the gayest slate in DC ever, and probably one of the gayest slates for a major party Presidential candidate of any state ever.

  27. Greg Says:

    I’d also like to thank you for your comments Mr. Dixon. I have been following Ron Paul for more than 10 years at this point, I have always believed that his views regarding our constitution and government as a whole, closely mirror those of our founding fathers. The checks and balance system that is laid out by our constitution, intends to even the playing field for all citizens. By empowering smaller local governments we have a way to counter act what is naturally going to be a more influential and ultimately more out of touch federal government.
    With that said, I have leaned towards the democrat side of things for the past few years. I look at our forefathers intended government in much the same way as I view labor unions, when you get past all of the spin … The intent of both is to preserve and improve the working/living conditions of the majority. Without checks and balances in our power structures, we allow others to set our working conditions/ standards of living for us.
    This happens ultimately because we lack in education, while it is true that most Americans goto school and do receive formal education, that education has ultimately been dictated to us by the powers that be. Critical thinking is no longer a desired trait of the average American, instead our focus has been shifted to consumerism. The powers that be would have it no other way, anything else ultimately limits their influence over us.
    I for one am seeking change. Doing the same things over and over, expecting different results is a description of insanity. At this point my fellow Ron Paul supporters, I hope that we can agree that many of the behaviors mentioned in the article I am commenting on have been played out over and over again, sadly these behaviors are often committed by the people who are seeking office.
    Lets make a promise to each other to truly seek change for the better and stop the insanity that has overcome this great nation. Now is our opportunity, lets lead by example so that attraction is our most powerful form of promotion.
    Best regards to all
    Ron Paul for President 2008

  28. david from texas Says:

    I donated twice to Ron Paul, and was planning to donate again to meet the $2300.00 limit. After tonight, I have been considering ending and withdrawing my support of Ron Paul for exactly the same reasons as specified by Patrick Dixon.

    Although I share in the anger directed towards Fox News and towards Hannity in particular, watching the video of those people chasing Hannity down the street, and listening to Ron Paul’s speech tonight in New Hampshire was the final straw for me.

    Many of Ron’s ideas will live on, particularly when the coming economic collapse arrives. Libertarianism is seductive and alluring, yet it can also be dangerous when it is placed into irresponsible hands. I prefer to take the course of our Christian forbears… to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It is far better to lose with dignity to gain respect that will come in handy down the road, than to lash out in unbridled rage to appease anger and resentment.

  29. TexanTornado Says:

    what a load dave. You aren’t kidding any one.
    get a life, don’t you have better things to do rather than damage and crisis control?
    Who’s knocking at your door?
    It’s coming. Brace yourself.

  30. Jason C Says:

    Agreed….Paul is a footnote and he fostered the sort of behavior.

  31. Jay Matthews Says:

    Tom B., what is it about RP himself that embarrasses you?

  32. TexanTornado Says:

    Bill Clinton is a treasonous, lying, cheating, murderer.
    If Bill Clinton calls Ron Paul supporters nuts, I will jump in further, and roll.
    DO NOT tell me what to wear or when to wear it. I will wear what I want, when I want.
    We see.

  33. Jason C Says:

    agreed with David that is…not texantornado

  34. TexanTornado Says:

    Politics, and being “politically correct” DON’T WORK.
    don’t let ANYONE try to brainwash you in to feeling differently.
    The gloves are off.
    Again, if one TRULY worries about the destruction of property, THEN BOYCOTT EMINENT DOMAIN!
    If people TRULY worry about protest and dissent, THEN DEMAND THAT THE PRESS GIVE US A CHOICE!
    No one can tell me that Fox News hasn’t committed an UNSPEAKABLE CRIME in that they pushed us in to war!
    How for will we let these people go?

  35. Fred C. Says:

    “Again, if one TRULY worries about the destruction of property, THEN BOYCOTT EMINENT DOMAIN!”

    Amen! The LAUSD had their eye on my block a couple months ago. This, with at 4 public schools within LA walking distance and at least 3 fair sized parochial schools that I’m aware of. I’m pretty sure I would have been extremely hooped since I rent.

  36. Rob Kelly Says:

    Yeah…a minority of super-enthusiastic Ron Paul supporters are really the big
    problem in this country…I agree.

    Let’s all withdraw support from Ron Paul, after all, the other candidates are running such nice, polite, Good American campaigns and we can’t be associated with people who climb railroad trestles and crazy stuff like that.

  37. greg Says:

    About time. Although, I wouldn’t complain that Paul has failed to denounce the activities. He can’t possibly know what all is happening while he’s spending his days on campaign stops.

    The Hannity thing was total nonsense. What did they think they were accomplishing? You can’t hurt an egomaniac’s feelings. They would do a lot better to sit down and write a poignant letter to Hannity about why he should endorse Ron Paul. “You suck” doesn’t get us anywhere.

  38. Wes Benedict Says:

    All parties and candidates have a small percentage of activists who cross the line.

    I think the reason Ron Paul didn’t do better in New Hampshire was because his paid advertisements on radio and TV were dull.

    The vandals need to cut back, and the official Ron Paul campaign needs to let loose!

  39. Deran Says:

    I am not a libertarian capitalist: but the activist presence of Mr. Paul’s supporters endears me to them more and more. They are standing up to the MSM and the party establishments. God bless them for chasing Hannity.

  40. Joe Says:

    Don’t worry Pat. After H.R. 1955 is passed into law those pesky Ron Paul supporters can be rounded up and jailed. Enjoy your freedoms while they last. Which won’t last very long.

  41. TexanTornado Says:

    Wes, you have GOT TO BE JOKING!
    Yet here we are, believing this shit, and even THINKING that this is what the message is all about.
    The brainwashing MUST STOP.
    it is OVER.

  42. matt Says:

    fuck you.go put your chains on if you wanta vote for someone else

  43. Talk Show Host Says:

    You can’t blame Ron Paul; people are extremely angry about the potential loss of freedom if another candidate is elected. None of these encounters above used violence.

    It’s refreshing to see people stop being so passive about the blatant media blackout and destruction of the US Dollar.

    Rise up.

  44. TexanTornado Says:

    and soooo will MANY MANY others, even those who do not speak but with their arsenal!
    I am NO Michael Moore Fan, and his endorsement of that rat lying bastard of an Edwards pisses me off to no end, and makes me question his intention, HOWEVER, I will repeat something he said once…
    “In France, the Government fears the people. In America, the People Fear The Government”.

  45. TexanTornado Says:

    The Media will burn just as the papers they once distributed to the mass. They then found themselves burned in the fires of the homeless and destitute. The only step that follows—- they will eventually suffer the loss from even those that are awake, in the stands of their “last frontier”—the web.

  46. steve Says:

    WOW! Well we now have a divide. Those that are fed up and, hopefully like me, not pro violence but hey, ever go to a college football game? Soccer game in England? I have. Shit happens. Ever had your children threatened then , after them telling you they are scared, had them kidnapped to another country. Had death threats warning you not to investigate. I have SO PISS OFF those of you so offended. How much is your freedom worth. Answer me!!

  47. TexanTornado Says:

    There is no divide. There are those that organize, and those that will FIGHT TO THE DEATH. This has never changed. We must assume our rolls and recognize them is all.

  48. Mark Berglund Says:

    Hey TexasTornado,
    Be a John Hancock and use you own name.
    Whatever you do, please do it in your own name.
    We probably agree on most things, so we don’t need to debate.
    I’m not telling you what to do, so calm down.
    I’m asking you not to stain RP’s name with your actions that he might not agree with.
    This is because you might make him look bad to people who might vote for him.

    Give it a thought.
    Think Gandi and MLKing.

  49. Mark Berglund Says:

    In other words,
    please don’t give fuel to the enemies fire

  50. TexanTornado Says:

    oh please. gmab
    “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”
    “I believe in equality for everyone, except reporters and photographers. ”
    “I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.”
    “It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence.”

  51. TexanTornado Says:

    It is unwise to be too sure of one’s own wisdom. It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err.

    Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

    You must be the change you want to see in the world.

    Mahatma Gandhi

  52. TexanTornado Says:

    What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy? - Mahatma Gandhi, “Non-Violence in Peace and War”

    Freedom is not worth having if it does not connote freedom to err. It passes my comprehension how human beings, be they ever so experienced and able, can delight in depriving other human beings of that precious right.

    Mahatma Gandhi, 1931

  53. Mark Berglund Says:

    Hey Texas,
    Thanks for correcting me on how to spell Ghandi, like you said above we have the freedom to make mistakes.

  54. TexanTornado Says:

    No correction at all, that was my mistake, as duly noted after your quick note. :) I stand down, and corrected.

  55. TexanTornado Says:

    Us Texassassinians are surly, eh?

  56. Mark Berglund Says:

    Ron Paul comments at the end of this video about the Sean Hannity incident.
    Not Violent, Have Fun

  57. Aimee Says:

    Do you not love Jesus because of his followers?

    Because let me tell you…......they are FAR more violent and crazy than any little Ron Paul graffiti artists.

    Get REAL!

    Go Jesus!

    Go Ron Paul!!

  58. Stephen Gordon Says:


    Pardon the obvious cliche, but two wrongs doesn’t make a right.

    Still supporting Ron Paul, but questioning it more and more these days.


  59. TexanTornado Says:

    whatever Steph.
    We know. We see. We Hear.

  60. Stephen Gordon Says:

    whatever Steph.
    We know. We see. We Hear.

    More cryptic language, I presume. Hasn’t there been enough of that already?

  61. J Do.. Says:

    Well it’s like they say.. “You either lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

    I completely understand where you are coming from on the negative issues. But I believe that in a diverse campaign such as Paul’s it is important to emphasize tolerance, and to not get caught up with the way the media pundits characterize the supporters. We can only be accountable for ourselves. Of coarse there will be some bad eggs along the way, but we must stand our ground and make our own choices as to what is right. I hope you continue to support Paul’s cause and not be disgruntled by obnoxious and/or passionate individuals. We are all for the same cause.. and if someone wants to judge you by the actions of others, it is by there own fallacy.

  62. Tom Blanton Says:

    Jay Matthews asks:

    “Tom B., what is it about RP himself that embarrasses you?”

    I thought Ron Paul’s last ad about immigration was embarrassing and not particularly effective for NH. The reference to “terrorist nations” was particularly vacant.

    I think it is embarrassing that Ron Paul has been unprepared for attacks that could easily be anticipated. For example, being sucked into questions regarding the civil war by Tim Russert. Stating to Russert that Iran has no army was another embarrassing blunder.

    The response of “that’s old news” isn’t particularly effective against the recent charges of racism for those unfamiliar with Ron Paul. Attacks regarding these old newsletters should have been anticipated as they have come up before.

    On issues like the gold standard, Ron Paul could deflect a lot of criticism by talking about commodity based currency. On the issue of sovereignty, Ron Paul should realize that it is not the UN or other globalist organizations that threaten US sovereignty, it is in fact the US government that gives up sovereignty by agreement.

    All in all, I agree with much of what Ron Paul has to say. Often is is how these issues are framed or nuanced that I have a problem with - especially when presented in a way to invite unwarranted criticism.

    Ron Paul is fantastic compared to the other candidates. But, the bar is set pretty damn low. Compared to the gang of liars, idiots, charlatans, gangsters and thugs seeking office, the bar is nearly nonexistent.

    For me, the message is everything since I never believed he stood a chance of being the GOP nominee. So, my criticism is based entirely on Ron Paul’s message and his delivery of same - not on some political strategy to pander to certain groups using emotional appeals.

  63. rj Says:

    I agree with most here.

    I talk about politics in other places and despite me being small-l libertarian, I am perceived as a loony wingbat because I am associated with some loony wingbat Paul supporter. Yesterday, for example, Bill Clinton in New Hampshire was hounded by a group of Paul supporters that were saying 9/11 was a government conspiracy. He then turned around and said those people were nuts.

    I pass along my agreement that Paul needs to be publicly denounce these views and these people’s behavior. He has lost complete control over his supporters, and therefore has lost complete control over his message.

  64. Andy Says:

    “This person was a Ron Paul supporter and admitted to being arrested for trespassing on private property.”

    The person in question was arrested on railroad property. I don’t know what railroad it was, but hasn’t the railroad industry recieved billions of dollars in tax payers subsidies? If they’ve been subsidized by government I don’t consider them to be legitimate private property.

  65. Andy Says:

    “Yesterday, for example, Bill Clinton in New Hampshire was hounded by a group of Paul supporters that were saying 9/11 was a government conspiracy. He then turned around and said those people were nuts.”

    And Bill Clinton is such a credible source of information (sarcasm)...

  66. Kev K Says:

    Paul has publically denounced the 9/11-Govt-conspiracy thinkers. He did on Russert, as I recall. And I know he’s spoken against initiation of force. But I think he’s trying to keep his message focussed on what’s he FOR and his view of Constitutional restrained government.

    Yeah, there’s some impassioned nutjobs out there for Paul. God knows, the NeoCons have more than a few. So have the fundamentalists. So are the “flaming liberals” who can believe whatever gibberish they are fed from their liberal icons.

    There’s impassioned people who want different things. It makes NO SENSE to me to abandon support of what I fear may be the last honest politician out there, with a deep respect for limited federal govt, running for office simply because not all his supporters are prissy pure in their behavior. The press, by and large, is hostile to us anyway. They’ll typically present us in a bad light. Sure, don’t act like assholes, agreed. But withdraw support for Paul because of it? That’s monstrous.

  67. Stephen Gordon Says:

    The person in question was arrested on railroad property. I don’t know what railroad it was, but hasn’t the railroad industry recieved billions of dollars in tax payers subsidies? If they’ve been subsidized by government I don’t consider them to be legitimate private property.

    So does this mean I can break into any public housing, or physically harm any person who has ever been on welfare? The same logic would apply.

  68. nellie olsen Says:

    As a libertarian, I have toyed with whether or not I should or shouldn’t support Ron Paul as he isn’t running for President of the Banana Republic as a Libertarian.

    Just because someone is a card carrying member of an organization does not make them a member. I mean, I am a card carrying member of the Hair Club for Men, but I do not buy their products. Therfore, I am not a member in good standing. To wit, Congressman Paul isn’t a member in good standing in my opinion if he isn’t running for president on our platform and carrying our coat of arms…and to be quite honest, I am glad he isn’t. I am not here to espouse the virtues of my candidate but to give you in my opinion why we should quit talking about Ron Paul all together.

    The libertarian party is against Racism in all of its forms. We accept homosexuals, we are against any form of bigotry. However, Ron Paul and his minions are fans of these things…while at the same time being fans of some very good things.

    It is very infortunate that a man can be in favor of good and bad, light and dark at the same time. We must simply cease our support of Ron Paul and ask for our donations back.

    Read the following and you will know why:

    If you are a critic of the Bush administration, chances are that, at some point over the past six months, Ron Paul has said something that appealed to you. Paul describes himself as a libertarian, but, since his presidential campaign took off earlier this year, the Republican congressman has attracted donations and plaudits from across the ideological spectrum. Antiwar conservatives, disaffected centrists, even young liberal activists have all flocked to Paul, hailing him as a throwback to an earlier age, when politicians were less mealy-mouthed and American government was more modest in its ambitions, both at home and abroad. In The New York Times Magazine, conservative writer Christopher Caldwell gushed that Paul is a “formidable stander on constitutional principle,” while The Nation praised “his full-throated rejection of the imperial project in Iraq.” Former TNR editor Andrew Sullivan endorsed Paul for the GOP nomination, and ABC’s Jake Tapper described the candidate as “the one true straight-talker in this race.” Even The Wall Street Journal, the newspaper of the elite bankers whom Paul detests, recently advised other Republican presidential contenders not to “dismiss the passion he’s tapped.”

    Most voters had never heard of Paul before he launched his quixotic bid for the Republican nomination. But the Texan has been active in politics for decades. And, long before he was the darling of antiwar activists on the left and right, Paul was in the newsletter business. In the age before blogs, newsletters occupied a prominent place in right-wing political discourse. With the pages of mainstream political magazines typically off-limits to their views (National Review editor William F. Buckley having famously denounced the John Birch Society), hardline conservatives resorted to putting out their own, less glossy publications. These were often paranoid and rambling—dominated by talk of international banking conspiracies, the Trilateral Commission’s plans for world government, and warnings about coming Armageddon—but some of them had wide and devoted audiences. And a few of the most prominent bore the name of Ron Paul.

    Paul’s newsletters have carried different titles over the years—Ron Paul’s Freedom Report, Ron Paul Political Report, The Ron Paul Survival Report—but they generally seem to have been published on a monthly basis since at least 1978. (Paul, an OB-GYN and former U.S. Air Force surgeon, was first elected to Congress in 1976.) During some periods, the newsletters were published by the Foundation for Rational Economics and Education, a nonprofit Paul founded in 1976; at other times, they were published by Ron Paul & Associates, a now-defunct entity in which Paul owned a minority stake, according to his campaign spokesman. The Freedom Report claimed to have over 100,000 readers in 1984. At one point, Ron Paul & Associates also put out a monthly publication called The Ron Paul Investment Letter.

    The Freedom Report’s online archives only go back to 1999, but I was curious to see older editions of Paul’s newsletters, in part because of a controversy dating to 1996, when Charles “Lefty” Morris, a Democrat running against Paul for a House seat, released excerpts stating that “opinion polls consistently show only about 5% of blacks have sensible political opinions,” that “if you have ever been robbed by a black teen-aged male, you know how unbelievably fleet-footed they can be,” and that black representative Barbara Jordan is “the archetypical half-educated victimologist” whose “race and sex protect her from criticism.” At the time, Paul’s campaign said that Morris had quoted the newsletter out of context. Later, in 2001, Paul would claim that someone else had written the controversial passages. (Few of the newsletters contain actual bylines.) Caldwell, writing in the Times Magazine last year, said he found Paul’s explanation believable, “since the style diverges widely from his own.”

    Finding the pre-1999 newsletters was no easy task, but I was able to track many of them down at the libraries of the University of Kansas and the Wisconsin Historical Society. Of course, with few bylines, it is difficult to know whether any particular article was written by Paul himself. Some of the earlier newsletters are signed by him, though the vast majority of the editions I saw contain no bylines at all. Complicating matters, many of the unbylined newsletters were written in the first person, implying that Paul was the author.

    But, whoever actually wrote them, the newsletters I saw all had one thing in common: They were published under a banner containing Paul’s name, and the articles (except for one special edition of a newsletter that contained the byline of another writer) seem designed to create the impression that they were written by him—and reflected his views. What they reveal are decades worth of obsession with conspiracies, sympathy for the right-wing militia movement, and deeply held bigotry against blacks, Jews, and gays. In short, they suggest that Ron Paul is not the plain-speaking antiwar activist his supporters believe they are backing—but rather a member in good standing of some of the oldest and ugliest traditions in American politics.

  69. amy Says:

    Either you believe in a candidate’s issues or you don’t. Dropping support for a candidate simply because you do not agree with some fringe supporters is smoke and mirrors. No other candidates have fringe supporters? You are embarrassed to be grouped with trespassers and curses? I have solid respect for property rights and do not condone these acts. These are not the acts of the man Ron Paul.

    So tell me, just which pure candidate with flawless supporters will now get your support? Or do you drop out of the whole political process? Are you part of the problem or the solution? Calling on others to be respectful is a solution, dropping out is part of the problem.

    For all you too embarrased to hold you head high for what you believe in remember:

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” ... or “Be the change you want to see in the world” or “You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result” ... Mahatma Gandhi

  70. Andy Says:

    “So does this mean I can break into any public housing, or physically harm any person who has ever been on welfare? The same logic would apply.”

    Considering that taxation is theft and that they are the recipients of your stolen property, I would say yes.

    If I steal your car and park it in my garage it is still your car and you would have every right to break into my garage and take your car back or to take something from me that’s of equal value to your car.

    Whether or not these are realistic options in the world in which we live is another issue, however, technically they are correct.

    I think that there is actually more grounds to go against the railroads. I’m pretty sure that the government outright owns Amtrack.

  71. Andy Says:

    Here’s some info on Amtrak from Wikipedia.

    “The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, doing business as Amtrak (AAR reporting marks AMTK and AMTZ), is a quasi-governmental corporation that was organized on May 1, 1971, to provide intercity passenger train service in the United States. “Amtrak” is a portmanteau of the words “American” and “track”.[1]

    All of Amtrak’s preferred stock is owned by the Federal government. The members of its board of directors are appointed by the President of the United States and are subject to confirmation by the United States Senate. Common stock was issued in 1971 to railroads that contributed capital and equipment; its current holders[2] consider the stock to be worthless but declined a 2002 buy-out offer by Amtrak.[3]”

  72. Gene Trosper Says:

    Aimee: I don’t love or hate Jesus because frankly, that Jesus stuff just doesn’t interest me. Anyone with hate or spite in their hearts is dangerous, regardless of who or what they believe in.

  73. TexanTornado Says:

    I call BS on the supposed “I would vote for Paul, but (insert lecture).” people.
    There is no choice in the election but for Freedom. There is no choice in this election, but for Ron Paul. His supporters know this,and they understand that this is a message that will be carried on- with or without him.
    I cannot and WILL NOT believe that American’s have been dumbed down enough to buy the “we are embarassed of the impassioned people” diatribe. It is a joke. America needs to bloody wake up and become impassioned! You tell me that MLK Jr. was not passionate! Tell me that Gandhi was not passionate! Tell me that Bhutto was not passionate! It is their PASSION that made them who they are.
    We are living in a nation full of asleep sheep (hey that rhymes :) )
    We need to yell our bloody heads off to wake them up!

  74. Gene Trosper Says:

    Welcome to the real world of politics, texasTornado.

    You and I may like Ron paul, but not everyone does. Candidates are (rightly or wrongly) judged on the decisions they make and how they live their lives, not just on policy proposals.

    You want freedom via the ballotbox? Persuade. Convince.

    Not even the American Revolution had full support of the people.

  75. TexanTornado Says:

    Yes, this is why I stay out of politics and always stick with the Revolution of freedom. :) It is coming to a town near you. We don’t need the stinking majority, “Spreading Democracy” is what has brought this great Republic down to it’s knees. I am sick of the “whimpy” Libertarians who apologize for everyone, hang their head in manufactured shame, and make excuses for everyone but themselves. They need to BE PROUD of those who dissent! Perhaps this is why Ron Paul is a 10 term REPUBLICAN?

    pssst- the ballot boxes are rigged :) Freedom won’t come from Diebold, I can promise you that :)

    I only wish that Shawn Hannity would have been toilet papered! He is just disgusting. There should be no excuses, and as far as the “private property vandalized”- what a load of utter bull. Wake up or you will find that “your property” belongs to the SPP!

    “If once the people become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, Judges and Governors, shall all become wolves. It seems to be the law of our general nature, in spite of individual exceptions.”

    “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to = remain silent.”

    “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

  76. khountrygirl Says:

    I agree. We do not want to lower ourselves to their level. It is ok to be angry that Ron Paul is treated horibbly. But we fight this by leading by example and when we do complain about how Ron Paul is treated we might just get a sympathetic ear. But if we look like a bunch of crazies who are out of control no one will want to help us.

    Now, Sean Hannity deserved an earful, but with different words. Maybe “Fox be Fair” or “Let the people decide”. I don’t know. Something more mature than “Fox sucks” or “Sean sucks”. We can do better than that. We are smarter than this.

  77. Ed Wood Says:

    As a left wing, ACLU card carrying registered Democrat, I must submit that sometimes extreme civil action is needed to bring about change. I disagree with almost every political position held by Ron Paul, but I can understand and in some ways support the acts of his “people” -
    Tar and Feathers for everyone!

  78. TexanTornado Says:

    khountrygirl, we are a NATION LED BY crazies out of control. We already look like “crazies out of control” because “we” are, not because Paul supporters were are calling out FOX News and telling them the truth- they suck!
    We bomb everyone, have bases in 130 countries, are in two wars as we speak, and now Bush wants to seize nukes in Pakistan, then bomb Iran, and right now, the UN is forcing the way for the war in Africa- THIS is why we look crazy!
    People are calling Paul supporters “crazy”. This is insane, and is merely a subversion and political smear tactic fed and led by fearmongering and shamethrowing and used as an attempt at “crisis control”.

    The revolutionaries and the dissenters are the sane ones- it is our leaders and our press who are the crazies!

    It is time to take responsibility and end what we have (either unknowingly or knowingly) created.
    Good lord don’t get Roved over. Stand up and fight for your liberty, and don’t be afraid to be the “crazy one” in a Country that actually thinks our CFR leaders are sane and keep putting them in to office as they lie to our faces and pander to the hot button issue of the moment over and over again. The corpotocracy will take our strengths and turn them around on us and try to exploit them as a weakness. We have seen this over and over, yet people still fall for it… THAT is insanity. Don’t play the game.

    Ed Wood, absolutely! The time for “being polite and politically correct” is OVER. Time to get angry and time to get even. Take back the presses! Down with the MSM! They have screwed us all! It is our JOB to boooooooot them! They have betrayed us and lied us in to what we are today- The Murderous Maniac World Police hated by all.
    There is no other way to put it people- FOX SUCKS!. Would you rather have them say “Fox news is politically incorrect and hurts people’s feelings, boo hoo hoo, please stop, wahhh, please show us the way to the ‘free speech zone’ so we can protest” ?
    We should show THE WORLD our disgust and anger at what our so-called “leaders” and the MSM are doing to us- they are stealing our liberties one by one, choosing our President, and they are trying to bankrupt us as a Nation.

    Where is the outrage?

  79. ozamerican Says:

    The harassment of Hannity cast the Ron Paul campaign in a dark and scary light—not a good look! I’m sure it caused potential supporters to back away. I truly hope there are no more incidents of this type. Ron Paul, of course, must maintain a hands-off approach to campaign activities that are not endorsed by him. In other words, he can’t appear to be managing something that he’s not responsible for. To cross that line would raise all kinds of issues regarding ccampaign ontributions, etc. For example, the money for the blimp comes from paid advertising through a commercial company, not donations via a PAC. So whatever the blimp people do has nothing to do with Ron Paul—he simply couldn’t get involved. It would be foolish for him to take responsibility for people’s actions, even if to publicly criticise or disavow, when the framework is so complex.

  80. ozamerican Says:

    By the way, I was just using the blimp people as an example, not suggesting that the blimp people have done anything wrong!

  81. Gene Trosper Says:

    TexasTornado (named after the band???):

    Politics suck, plain and simple. I used to be the young and idealistic Libertarian activist who cut his hair and wore nice clothes to LP events. I took political campaigning classes. I ran successful non-partisan issue campaigns. I was one of the very few libertarians to have successfully organized a campaign that ABOLISHED a government agency (a local parks and recreation district). I helped manage a few Libertarian campaigns. I know my way around the LP and politics, but over the past few years, my outlook became a lot more pessimistic and downright cynical in terms of political action. Ron Paul’s campaign brought me out of the cynicism and made me energized again, but damn if the corrupt political machine brought me back down again. Somwhere, I still hope that the political process will focus on things like IDEAS, not personalities. Within the pessimism and cynicism, there is still a little bit of that young idealist inside of me.

    However, politics is separate from freedom. Freedom is not a policy, nor a ballot measure. It’s a state of being. That said, I live my life like a free person. In the end, that’s all I can ever tell anyone: you are free, so live like it.

    In the meantime, I am still dabbling in politics and plan on getting a bit more involved in LP stuff for the near future. Politics for me is now just a method of self-defense at the ballot box.

  82. Kris Overstreet Says:

    The problem is that every candidate claims to be for freedom. You Ron Paul supporters just happen to believe him when he says it, but not any of the other candidates when they say it.

    When you get the ballot, you won’t find the options FREEDOM and NO FREEDOM written anywhere on it, where you can choose between them. Instead you’ll find a list of names, mostly men but some women. You will be asked, among the options given (and usually only those options), which person is the best person to hold the job available.

    Some of Ron Paul’s positions are good ones- pulling all our troops home, ending the pro-corporate WTO, NAFTA, GATT and World Bank, shutting down useless or counterproductive Federal agencies and departments. Some of those attractive positions are held by no other candidate among the Republicans or Democrats. Unfortunately, you don’t get to vote those issues; you can only vote for the man who promotes them.

    And Ron Paul, as a man, stripped of his campaign issues, is deeply flawed and highly unattractive as a candidate. That’s why he only got 10% in Iowa, why he got 8% in New Hampshire, and quite likely won’t get even that much in any other state primary or caucus. Voters aren’t just looking at his platform, they’re looking at him…

    ... and what they’re seeing is a strange, semi-coherent old man who, at the very best, is uncomfortably close with some truly despicable people.

    Does Ron Paul have the best positions on the issues of the candidates? It’s debatable, but it’s possible.

    Is Ron Paul the best man when issues not covered in his campaign literature come up, and he has to deal with them? Probably not- definitely not in my opinion, and based on the fact that independent voters in New Hampshire chose Ron Paul third behind McCain and Romney, probably not most other voters, either.

  83. TexanTornado Says:

    please spare us all Kris.
    Again, this is much much bigger than Ron Paul “the man” it is the message! How many freaking times do we have to say that???

    Pardon Gene :) More power to you in the way that you fight. A am a multi multi generation Texassasin :) I have relatives that I lost in the Civil War, was brought up with a gun in hand and secession on the table :) I was told the story of why I lost my relatives in the CW and I am still angry. I won’t ever forget, and I will share my story. Over and over.

    I am a Republican. So is Ron Paul. We learned how to fight for a small government, the right to bear arms, the right to free speech and the right to a gun rack with a shot gun in the back winda.

    I am named after the twister sort, not the band. :)

    Kris, Ron Paul supports the Constitution. He is the ONLY Republican in the sea of NeoCons. The NeoLibs are socialists and are not even an option for me. I will write in RPs name if they steal the election. RON PAUL GOT THIRD IN NH. PERIOD.

    I am OUTRAGED that the Diebold machines were HACKED and that Rudy G. won 9.11 % in THREE counties. It is a sick joke and we are all stark raving MAD. We won’t give up.

  84. TexanTornado Says:

    Dear Bloomie,
    one last jab—>
    I have admired congress on both sides of the aisle, at different times, and for different reasons, but have realized a bitter lesson that I was taught but didn’t want to believe—> Congress is easily bought, blackmailed and bribed, and there is no difference between the Neo-Cons and the Neo-Libs. welllllm maybe there are some ‘discrepancies’ about how they would bankrupt our Country and flush our freedom down the toilet while wiping their asses with our Constitution; one side would tell us they prefer the water saving flush system, the other would overflow the toilet because of how many times they pushed “the button” :)

  85. TexanTornado Says:

    Do not shoot till you see the whites of their eyes is one bitter lesson I have learned. :)

  86. Kris Overstreet Says:

    Tornado: The message will not be signing bills in the Oval Office or giving State of the Union addresses. The MAN will.

    And I, for one, don’t want that man in that position.

  87. TexanTornado Says:

    you are again incorrect and misinformed. Some of us see it for what it is- BRAINWASHING.
    Ron Paul will use the CONSTITUTION as a basis for his State of the Union ADDRESS, bills will be signed only if they are CONSTITUTIONAL.
    It is sad that there are others just like you, out there still sleeping saying that you will not vote for the Constitution.
    We are out there, telling everyone that we can about our CONSTITUTION- we are also warning them that there are people out there, just like yourself, that have forgotten that we are a REPUBLIC backed by THE CONSTITUTION.
    We won’t stop. Once again, we are telling everyone about the Constitution, our BOR, and freedom.
    It’s funny, we don’t even need to say Ron Paul’s name to get attention. :)
    More and more People are waking up to the matrix surrounding them every single day. We will wake as many people up as we can. Ron Paul is just a source, the Constitution and our rights as human beings is the message. It is an easy sell.

  88. Rick Cain Says:

    Who even knows it was Ron Paul supporters. The sleaze merchants will do anything for their candidate, including posing as the opposition’s supporters and committing vandalism in their name.

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