Dondero’s GOPUSA column on Ron Paul and third parties

GOPUSA has published an article by Eric Dondero about Ron Paul:

In the Fall of ‘91 Burt Blumert, Paul’s longtime partner with his Camino Coins Gold business in Burlingame, CA and the Ron Paul Investment Letter, finally secured permission from Paul to launch an exploratory committee, and to raise money for the effort. Paul himself wanted to keep all his options open, including the option of another 3rd party bid . . .

But two weeks before our scheduled first trip to NH Pat Buchanan muscled his way into the campaign. On PBS’ McLaughlin Group, Buchanan announced that a “good source” told him “a former Congressman” was about to jump in and challenge Bush in the New Hampshire primary . . .

Ron Paul and I had tickets in hand and a schedule mapped out for a New England swing. Then Buchanan called Paul up the night before our trip and asked him to drop out. Buchanan wanted to run himself. Paul agreed . . . The Paul effort quickly morphed into Pat Buchanan for President . . .

The loosely conceived 1992 plan was to utilize the ballot access of the minor constitutional parties as a fall back after losing the Republican primaries . . . On Meet the Press with Tim Russert Sunday, Dec. 22, Ron Paul responded that he “needed a little wiggle room” on the question of running as a 3rd party candidate. This could possibly signal that much like 1992, he plans to utilize the New Hampshire primary as a launching pad for a 3rd party effort either on the Constitution or Libertarian tickets, or possibly as a fusion candidate or Independent candidate with support from both parties.

The Libertarian Party or Constitution Party route still seems to still be up in the air. Ron Paul, famously a ditherer right up until the end, may not even know the answer to that question himself right now . . .

You can read the entire editorial here.

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  1. Fred C. Says:

    Dondero’s really stepped in it now. He just misrepresented an organization known for its litigiousness and courting the richest potential draft candidate out there as being “quasi-secessionist.” Those kinds of lies might fly on the comments here at TPW, but we’ve corrected him on it before. He can’t plead ignorance. If he’s smart, he’ll go for a quick settlement.

  2. David Says:


    What a clown.

    He’s a Dick Morris without the Morris.

  3. Flo Says:

    Who cares Dondero constantly spews garbage and attacks at people.
    One day he will be called to account. You can’t run your mouth forever with out it coming back to haunt you.

  4. voter Says:

    Who cares what this guy says.

  5. Elaine McKillop Says:

    Dondero and his type of Old Media propagandist have themselves irrelevant. We can all point at them and laugh!

  6. BillTX Says:

    Where HAS Dondedumbass been lately, anyway?

  7. Fred C. Says:

    Too busy crafting this fine contribution to English literature.

  8. Steven R Linnabary Says:

    Not to forget, the republicans had a mini disaster at that time. They HAD to find a conservative candidate. If we recall, that was the year David Duke was running against Bush, and getting ALL the free publicity by being the only republican alternative to Bush.

    I wasn’t aware of the particulars that Eric mentions, but they do fit with what I already knew.

    BTW, Eric can refer to Paul as a “ditherer”, but Paul is in Congress, and Eric isn’t.


  9. Tom Blanton Says:

    This appears at the end of Dondero’s article:

    UPDATE: Ron Paul told the Washington Post yesterday that a third party bid would depend on “if the money is there…”

    Has anyone seen this? I can’t find this quote on Google.

  10. Gsalou Farshard Says:

    Dondero is a bitter ex employee, that endlessly searches the web to spit his idiotic childlike rhetoric… Nothing new here, he is a nobody. He wishes he was part of Ron Paul’s crew now. Ron Paul may not win, but the fact that so many people have supported Ron, with almost no mainstream mentioning is astonishing… Do you think that any other of the “top-tiers” would be polling at 10% or more in Iowa if no one ever even heard of them… Well you could ask Duncan Hunter, because Rudy McRompson and any other GOP clone would be down below Paul..

    Keep up the hard work, spread the word of Ron Paul so we can stop the spread of the war…

    100 years McCain, how about you go back and fight since you have been a part of every information failure as you like to brag about.

    Dondero whoooo? Oh yeah nobody.

  11. Fred C. Says:

    Here you go:

  12. Rick Cain Says:

    This not the first time Dondero has been in the news. he tried a smear against Ron Paul earlier in 2007 when RP’s name was just getting popular and he was hoping to get his name somehow hooked to Ron’s star because frankly, nobody knows or cares about Dondero.

  13. Dan Says:

    Eric Dondero penned racist screeds for the Ron Paul Survival Report back in the 80’s.

  14. Jeffersonian Says:

    Dondero is a hack. He is pushing war with Iran, Pakistan, and Iraq. He is a warmongering, bitter and angry man. The Freedom Train is coming Dondero, you have missed your stop- and now it will run you over.
    Dondero is an embarrassment to all of America.

    Listen up-
    A vote for anyone other than Ron Paul, is a vote for murder and eternal war. There will be no peace in the middle east as long as their is oil. Our soldiers are counting on us to wake America Up!
    Watch this video by one of our Iraq War Veterans-
    There is no honor in this unjustified war. The only honor that is left lives in our duty in bringing them home. We must save them from our own CFR and Tri-Lateral Commission and our Military Industrial Complex war machine. It is up to the people to come together and demand accountability and freedom!

    BRING THEM HOME STOP THE WAR Ron Paul is the only one who can do this. We all know it. You know it. The rest are bought and caught. They have sold their souls to greed and power and control.
    I urge all freedom fighters to come together, regardless of party affiliation and DEMAND to be heard! This war must end! ***Georgie now has his puddin’ n pie sights on Pakistan and Iran***** WE MUST STOP IT.
    GB is a puppet of the elitists. We must sever the strings.

  15. Steven R Linnabary Says:

    I almost forgot, by the fall of ‘91, the LP had already chosen it’s candidates for ‘92.

    The LP was forced to have it’s conventions in the previous year to the election because of USA’s draconian ballot access laws.

    The LP chose Andre Marrou & Nancy Lord sometime in the summer of ‘91.

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