Reform Party USA Elects Executive Director

The following is a press release from Reform Party USA.



Frank MacKay, Chairman of the New York Independence Party and Independence Party of America, has been just been elected Executive Director of the Reform Party USA at their annual convention in Sacramento, CA.

MacKay has long been a vocal supporter of the Bloomberg for President movement and has been traveling the nation to bring independent political activists together to create a “New Major Party.”

The Reform Party USA has organizations in most states in the nation. The Ross Perot founded organization received more than twelve million dollars in federal campaign funds in the 2000 presidential election and is one of eight FEC nationally recognized political committees.

At Sunday’s convention, MacKay addressed the party’s delegates and urged consensus: “We can no longer have a fractured independent movement in the nation. It’s time to put our differences aside and answer our call to action.”

He added, “Should Michael Bloomberg decide to launch an independent bid in 2008, there is already a thunderous level of support across the nation. Independents know 2008 is our year and together we are forging a strong coalition should a prominent candidate emerge.”

The Independence Party of America is a national political organization which seeks to challenge the American two-party system.

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  1. NewFederalist Says:

    Does anyone really care if Eric Dondero is happy because Ron Paul did not get delegates from Wyoming? Sheeeesh!

  2. Fred C. Says:

    So is this reform faction moving towards integration into the IP, or are they just winging it?

  3. Deran Says:

    And is the IP out of NY under the leadership of the Newmanites/Leonora Fulani, et al? Because if they are, I would be surpised if Bloomberg were to use them as a vehicle for his possible candidacy,

  4. Says:


    The fact that STRANGE things happen inside the Reform Party USA since its founding on 4 NOV 1997 is no secret, but the location of the “Sacramento Caucus” was a secret unless John Blare, Chair / Reform Party of California, personally provided the exact location via his discretion alone! So much for the “democratic process” of ‘reform’ these days at the hands of the new “Blare-faction”! Not only did just a handful actually show up the day before New Year’s Eve, but the prize for showing up was to gain a ‘title’ obtainable by no other means! Thus the “Call to Convention” turned into “IF YOU SHOW UP, YOU’LL GET A TITLE”!

    On 28 DEC 2007, Rodney Martin issued his farewell as Chairman for the past two years and his declining of any current or future “titles” pursuant to the internecine turmoil still engulfing the RPUSA. During his tenure, Rodney persevered through two lawsuits filed by the “Dallas-faction” in which the Good-Guys won and the “Dallas-faction” lost! See . And currently three civil law suites against the “Dallas-faction” are proceeding through the Federal Courts in three different federal districts. Thus Rodney saw his tenure under siege - yet he was Victorious to the end and Rodney proved to be a very honorable person! His presence will be missed indeed!

    Meanwhile, the “Blare-faction” is now contending that Frank MacKay, Chairman / Independence Party of New York (IPNY) is the new “chairman” of the RPUSA, at the same time claiming to be “chairman” of the “Independence Party of America” (IPA). See “Officers” at IPA prototype website at , listing:

    Frank MacKay, Independence Party of America Chair, New York State Chair;

    Thomas McLaughlin, Vice Chair Independence Party of America and Reform Party of Pennsylvania, Chairman; Thomas Connolly, Independence Party of America Finance Chairman; Gene Gentile, Independence Party of America Party Building Chair; Doreen

    M. St. Thomas, Independence Party of America Issues Chair; Andrew Gentile, Director of Technology; Mike Zumbluskas, Acting Treasurer; and, Nicoletta Francesca, Director of Public Relations. [Read a profile of MacKay at ].

    What makes this charade all the more laughable and tainted is that the Independence Party of New York (IPNY) officially disaffiliated from the RPUSA, SEP 2000, following the disastrous 2000 Long Beach Nominating Convention, when the IPNY walked out of the convention before any votes for nomination took place, so as to not violate any New York State Laws requiring “Pledged Delegates” to vote as pledged for at least two floor votes! Since their disaffiliation the IPNY has had little to no influence or contact with the RPUSA - until Frank MacKay showed up to encourage support for Mike Bloomberg, Mayor of NYC, and to then urge Bloomberg to run for president in 2008.

    Apparently MacKay has taken a page from the movie, “Field of Dreams”, whereby a farmer believed that by building a baseball field in the middle of his cornfield, that former legendary baseball players would come - hence the slogan, “If you build it, they will come!” Thus Bloomberg runs his name up the flagpole to test the wind, and folks like MacKay start scrambling to position themselves as somebody important should Bloomberg actually make such a decision! In this way, rich folks like Bloomberg save their money while financial peasants scramble to organize in the hope of obtaining a few crumbs that might fall from the political table! For the past decade, MacKay has hustled for a government job - called NEOPOTISM - as chairman of the IPNY from both former NY Governor, George Pataki, as well as from NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg which the IPNY endorsed as candidates! And now the groveling continues as Bloomberg taunts the idea of becoming an independent candidate! The scenario is not much different than that of Perot in 1992 & 1996! In short, the scenario becomes, “IF YOU BEG ME LONG ENOUGH, PERHAPS I MIGHT DO IT!” While the ideal ticket for the IPA would have been Mike Bloomberg & Lou Dobbs - a proposal first made two months ago - BOTH POTENTIAL CANDIDATES HAVE RECENTLY DECLINED THE OFFERS! So “now what” becomes the question of the day - all dressed up and nowhere to go!

    Meanwhile the “Blare-faction” is now faced with a series of crucial defects as a result of their secret caucus held in Sacramento on the final days of 2007! And according to Blare since the “rules” require a “convention” once a year then 29 - 30 DEC 2007 were the two last days possible! This is but example “one” of why the 2003 RPUSA Constitution is such a DEFECTIVE document and was and is being replaced by the 2004 Charter & Bylaws by all the legitimate State Party Organizations (SPO’s)! Pursuant to the “Resolution for Substitution”, each SPO can choose for itself what governing document is best and replace the defective constitution with the Charter & Bylaws that establishes a real political party and replaces the RPUSA - PAC! See

    where the Charter & Bylaws, Resolution for Substitution, and Registration of National Committee Members can be reviewed accordingly.

    Yet the major irony for the “Blare-faction” is that the legitimate RPUSA just fought off a two-year civil legal challenge brought by the illegal “Dallas-faction” for their holding of a “rump convention” in Tampa, 3 - 5 June 2005, in which THEY FAILED TO HAVE QUORUM (among other deficiencies)! And they too only had a handful of persons show up and then claim to have elected new national officers of the RPUSA - only to be told by a Federal Jury and Federal Judge they were INVALID! Now the “Blare-faction” takes a page from the same “Kennedy-Book-of-Magic” and does the same stupid séance! DAH - John, while you never were the brightest bulb on the tree - c’mon - are you really that dim as well?

    And for those that know John Blare & his handful of cohorts, does anyone really believe that a “convention” starting at 6 pm on 29 DEC 2007 could plow through 41 pages of “rules changes” led by Blare himself - the one-dimensional micro-manager? Oh, that’s right, dear-ole Beverly of the “Dallas-Bag Lady-faction” did the very same thing in Tampa - she simply tossed out the RPUSA Constitution, dug into her paper-bag, and PRESTO - came out with her own version of “rules” - and what a bastardization they turned out to be! So congrats John for coming full cycle in copying the antics of ole-Bev Kennedy and becoming just like her!

    The FACT that neither the “Dallas-faction” nor the “Blare-faction” has any clue as to how to run a real political party has been obvious for many years so far - all they seem to want is to CONSTANTLY REVISE THEIR VERSION OF “RULES” - but “rules” do not build political parties - ONLY CANDIDATES BUILD POLITICAL PARTIES - and neither faction has provided a single candidate! And that’s just another reason why the 2004 Charter & Bylaws established an integrated management system so the RPUSA could build upon itself with real leadership instead of make-believe-wannabe-flakes!

    Need we point out that Nelson ‘Skip’ Foley, Maine State Chairman & National Chairman / Reconstituted Reform Party National Committee under the 2004 Charter & Bylaws tried to follow the instructions to become an OFFICIAL OBSERVER at the secret caucus as per the instructions posted at - BUT WAS DENIED! Yep, even after he called the telephone numbers listed to become a nonparticipating Observer - he was denied by John Blare (CA), John Bambey (CA) and Ken Jones (CT)! Now we wonder just what a Federal Jury would say about that along with all the other deficiencies by such misfits, malcontents & miscreants if or when necessary to find out the reasons why?

    Makes one wonder if a SECRET CAUCUS also included being SWORN TO SECRECY as well! Oh well - ‘tis just another day in the strange world of “reform politics” Blare/Kennedy-style! And then they wonder why the legitimate SPO’s have signed on to the 2004 Charter & Bylaws to make the RPUSA a real political party instead of a private club or fiefdom of such IDIOTA!

    In the interim, IF & WHEN the “Blare-faction” releases its “official minutes” - we will then list for everyone the DEFECTS as to just how the “Blare-faction” broke all its own rules just as did the “Kennedy/Dallas -faction”! These two sets of IDIOTA almost deserve each other since it’s hard at times to determine which faction is more incompetent than the other! BUT NOT TO WORRY - good things are beginning to take shape as the Reform Party gets “REFORMED” by the growing list of legitimate State Party Organizations!

  5. The King of Understatement Says:

    A little bit more English composition training wouldn’t be the death of the Reform Party.

  6. Independent populist Says:

    The New American Independent Party will welcome in Reform Party members that still want to end illegal immigration and preserve their gun rights.

    Bloomberg= Amnesty + More H1B visas + more L1 visas

  7. matt Says:

    The Reform Party has more scare-caps than members at this point.

  8. Cody Quirk Says:

    Sorry, but the CP will always get the Lion’s share of right-wing independents.

  9. John Dennis Coffey, J. D. Says:

    Well the American Reform Party, the various factions [fractions?] of the reform party USA, the various brands of ‘Progressives’and the Independence Party affiliates do self identify themselves as Centrists.

    No need to be sorry [except that ONCE AGAIN your comment is a disconnect from the others in the string and comes ‘from left field’] as long term reform will come from the muckie, murkie middle.

  10. Andrew MacRae Says:

    If you are looking for more information on the growing effort to Draft Mike Bloomberg, join us at

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