Drafting Mike Bloomberg

The Draft Michael Bloomberg folks have been pushing an online petition drive for the businessman and New York mayor. From their site:

If you are as disappointed as we are with the current crop of candidates, then it’s time to learn more about Mike Bloomberg.

On January 7th, Mike Bloomberg is meeting with an array of experienced politicians who are sick of the partisan war. They too, are sick of a government that does not get it right. The plan, spelled out in the Washington Post, is to draft an agreement to move forward, but this plan is lacking something.

The element missing from this high-powered meeting is us. We The People.
This is why I just bought tickets to go to Oklahoma. I will be reporting from there live on behalf of the Draft Bloomberg team.

Mind you, I am a volunteer - there are no deep pockets helping us out here. I am paying for this out of my pocket because I am sick and tired of politics as usual, and as a citizen I believe it is my duty to do something about it.

All you have to do is get involved - together all of us can change the direction of this country. You can take the first step by signing the Draft Bloomberg petition.

Happy New Year on behalf of the Draft Bloomberg team.

2008 will be our year.

As of the time of this posting, they have collected 723 online signatures.

5 Responses to “Drafting Mike Bloomberg”

  1. Austin Cassidy Says:

    I think Richard Winger nailed this. If McCain is the Republican nominee, he’s not going to run. And as it’s looking more and more like McCain will be the nominee… Bloomberg is backing further and further away from running. Like last night on television when he said flat out he wouldn’t run to Ryan Seacrest.

  2. DayOldDaddy Says:

    Bloomberg is such a tease. . .


  3. Michael Bloomberg for President Says:

    Thank you for bringing attention to Unite for Mike’s petition.

  4. Citizen Ben Says:

    Thanks ever so much for your help - while Bloomberg answered that way on the show with Secrest, I would not take that to be the moment that Bloomberg would want to have his candidacy announced.

    Sheesh - Super Tuesday is coming - and by then, we will know what is happening next…

    If you want to help, check out what is happening at http://www.uniteformike.com and sign the petition!

    Thanks for all of your help…

    Citizen Ben

  5. Theresa Boulart Says:

    NO, to the Billionaire …

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