The WAR on Gambling

From a Las Vegas Sun article on the most “memorable high jinks, happenings and scandals of the past year:”

On the WAR path

TV sports prognosticator Wayne Allyn Root of Henderson entered the political arena by announcing a run for president as a Libertarian and quickly became the party’s front-running candidate. A former Republican, Root became disillusioned with the GOP as the party’s socially conservative wing gained more power. “The word ‘gambler’ is demonized while a word like ‘investor’ is respected,” Root said. “The issues are personal freedom and personal responsibility, not gambling.”

2 Responses to “The WAR on Gambling”

  1. Tom Blanton Says:

    Was W.A.R. investing or gambling when he sent Joe Lieberman $1,000 in October 2006?

  2. Andy Says:

    Wayne Root sent a campaign contribution to the socialist gun grabbing police state loving warmonger Joe Lieberman in 2006! That sure doesn’t make me want to support him for the LP Presidential nomination.

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