I Was Wrong on Geshlider

Chuck Geshlider, for all his dealings in Constitution Party/Libertarian circles, has a lot of good ideas, and I have to admit: I was wrong.

I was wrong to publish half the stuff I did, mainly on this website. But it was at first justified - at least in my eyes at the time - due to his abrasive behavior.

Geshlider is heading to the Dallas area to help recruit Ron Paul-type candidates, and I’ve already offered my concessions. This is a new development in the third party movement, yes, but I admit to being wrong, and this was the only way I could think of to make amends.

5 Responses to “I Was Wrong on Geshlider”

  1. Joe Says:


    Please elaborate.

    Your original charges went beyond merely an abrasive personality. You made some very serious allegations of wrongdoing and offered evidence for your accusations. Are you saying you were wrong just because he has offered to help you? If not, please explain how you were wrong about each accusation you made.

    Assuming you were so far wrong in making such serious allegations, why should we pay attention to anything you say now. How do we know you weren’t wrong then and right now?

    If this next project you are working on with him goes sour, can we expect you will return to your original assessment of him?

  2. Wes Benedict Says:

    I’m sorry for calling Joey Dauben “Two-Cent” Joey Dauben and I’m sorry the next time I do it as well.

  3. Gene Trosper Says:

    I’m not convinced. Chuck Geshlider nearly destroyed the Riverside County (CA) LP back in 2000. The general consensus around here is that he’s a maniac. he once threatened to BEAT UP our former Registrar of Voters (Michele Townsend) in a restaurant parking lot after she made a presentation to us about the electronic voting machines the county was planning to unveil. My wife stood up to him and escorted Michele Townsend to her car. I’m hoping Gene Berkman will comment on this.

  4. disinter Says:

    My god this blog has more drama than a gay pride parade.

  5. Son of Scratch Says:

    “My god this blog has more drama than a gay pride parade.”

    Now if it only had as much sex.

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