Cynthia McKinney and the MSM

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution just ran an interesting article about Green Party presidential hopeful Cynthia McKinney, calling her campaign a “one-in-a-trillion quest for the White House” and asking why she’s running for president.

They indicated that the McKinney campaign isn’t spending a lot of time dealing with the mainstream media:

McKinney isn’t saying why, at least not to reporters. She declined several interview requests by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. [...]

McKinney has been traveling the country since October, staying beneath the radar of what she dismissively calls the “so-called mainstream media.”[...]

But McKinney’s aversion to the mainstream press has frustrated many Greens who see her as the only one of the five declared candidates who can bring the party the kind of attention it got when Ralph Nader was at the top of the ticket in 2000.

Instead of calling a press conference, when she announced her candidacy McKinney posted a seven-minute speech on and her campaign Web site,

When a reporter called her campaign aide, Hugh Esco, for a comment about the announcement, he hung up.

“Put it this way,” said Green Party national director Brent McMillan. “I’m not into the press blackout.”

Supporters say McKinney wasn’t raised to go along. That temperament has bedeviled her about as much as it’s bedeviled the things she rails against.

Perhaps one clear campaign goal was announced on this less-than-mainstream media outlet. As I’m a bit confused about what McKinney actually said and what the writer added (there is only one quotation mark at this time), I’ll include a full cut-and-paste of what appears on the website at the time I’m posting this entry:

‘’My goal is to be on 51 ballot lines, including the District of Columbia. In Texas our petition drive needs to collect 45,000 valid signatures from registered voters for my name to appear on the ballot. Nationally our goal is to get over 5 percent of the vote. McKinney is traveling by car. She has toured Oklahoma, Illinois and Minnesota. She said she has visited 25 states so far and her support keeps growing everywhere she makes an appearance. She visited Houston before her Austin appearance, which took place at the Ruta Maya Café. There she was greeted by a throng of supporters and Green Party activists.

In the meantime, it should come as no surprise that Fox News and CNS News are bringing up potential negatives about McKinney.

The AJC noted some potential impact of a McKinney race:

Joe Beasley, Southeast Regional Director of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, and an old friend of McKinney, said she adds an aspect to any political race that nobody else does.

“It’s not as important whether she wins or loses, but that her voice is heard,” says Beasley who thinks she’s been unfairly treated in the press. “She says things nobody else is saying. I think we need more than two parties in this country.”

Describing a campaign stop in Madison, Wisconsin, the AJC noted:

Then she names places where Americans might find inspiration for a new kind of democracy, among the rebellious regimes in countries such as Hugo Chavez’s Bush-bashing Venezuela.

Already you can hear the fuses blowing on conservative talk radio.

Cynthia, where have you been?

5 Responses to “Cynthia McKinney and the MSM”

  1. Deran Says:

    Can anyone wonder why Ms. McKinney or her supporters would dismiss inquiries from the AJC after that Democratic hack Cynthia Tucker and co did all those attack pieces on her? The AJC is a mouthpiece of the DLC/Clintonite centrists. Just look how they frame the article.

    I also would imagine Ms. McKinney and her people realize that as soon as she goes “public” the MSM and the neocons will come after like fury. And I think there is perhaps some small chance in the end Ms. McKinne does not take the nomination of the GP, Especially with tried and true losers running the GP like Brent McMillan et al. Ralph Nader was very smart to have his own people at the center of the campaign. The people that have run the GP on a national level for the last ten years or so are completely incompetent as far as electoral politics goes. None the less, I am a big supporter of Ms. McMckinney and hope she does go for the White House. Maybe her campaign can raise the GP out of its moribund state.

  2. Kyle B Says:

    The AJC ran two stories on the front page two days in a row covering the fact that McKinney was running for President as a Green. I doubt the AJC would of gave her that much free pub if they were just trying to attack her. They would of done more damage by not running any articles on her at all.

  3. Phineus Fog Says:

    Her qualifications: racist, liar, coward, and oh so much more…..

  4. Mordechai Says:

    Cynthia is a low life racist bigot. You should publish her candidacy under the tag anti Semitism because that is the sole source of her support. By supporting her the green party has outed itself as a anti Semitic hate group.

  5. Michael H Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me when a black leader in the United States speaks out on issues affecting all Americans, often saying the exactly the same things as other celebrated white leaders, they’re railed against by the white media being called ‘racist’, ‘un-American’ and ‘liars’. And what about all the vile remarks peddled on mainstream media like Fox and the never ending tirades of white leadership like Pat Buchannan, Trent Lott and the like - if they aren’t racist and un-American then who is? If you actually take the time and listen to McKinney’s Green campaign launch remarks posted on youtube and her website you will see for yourself that what she talks about is nothing more than ending Poverty, the rights of Veterans, ending then the Iraq War, dealing with Global Warming, restoring government for all the people and bringing hope to all Americans. She’s saying nothing more than what Bobby Kennedy said almost 40 years ago in his ‘68 campaign and what Michael Moore, Ralph Nader and Dennis Kucinich are saying today. If she was white she’d be loved, that’s the truth of it. Just admit it America and you’ll have taken one long step toward finding true democracy.

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