Reform Party USA to Hold National Convention

Reform Party USA, not to be confused with the Reform Party of the United States of America, will be holding a national convention in Sacramento this upcoming Saturday and Sunday. From the Reform Party USA website:



Please join us for the 2007 National Convention of the Reform Party of the United States of America to be held:

Saturday December 29, 2007 - Sunday December 30, 2007
Opening Gavel 6pm Saturday


1708 H Street #6
Sacramento, California

or in the event a substitute physical location becomes necessary, the exact substitute location site will be displayed in a prominent notice at the original location site at least 4 hours before the listed opening gavel of the Convention and any such substitute site will also be in the Sacramento California Area within 5 miles of the stated original location.

Only properly Registered Valid RPUSA Delegates will be authorized to fully participate and vote at this 2007 Convention.

Telephonic participation in this Convention has been authorized by the RPUSA National Committee and will be allowed for Valid properly Registered Telephonic Delegates.

Only properly authorized Valid Delegates who have submitted the proper documentation and Registered for dial-in access are authorized to participate fully telephonically (“Valid Telephonic Delegates”). The documentation requirements for Telephonic Delegates may exceed those for in person Delegates to ensure the integrity of the Convention.

The dial in and access codes for Valid Telephonic Delegates are available only upon proper validation of Telephonic Delegates. Prospective Telephonic Delegates must contact the Party Secretary at 510-215-5368 to initiate the Telephonic Delegate process to receive the Telephonic Dial In Number(s) and Access Codes.

Telephonic Delegates must initiate this process no later than Dec 22, 2007 12 noon pacific time and request and receive an initial Telephonic Application Number and all final paperwork must be received by the RPUSA Secretary no later than Dec 27, 2007 12 noon pacific to ensure potential telephonic access. Exceptions after these dates can not be assured. Later potential Convention Delegate applicants should plan on in-person attendance.

There is a history of legal issues between the two Reform Party entities. Here’s how Politics1 currently describes the conflict:

The RP was just about bankrupt by late 2004, having less than $50 remaining in its bank account. A few state Reform chapters remain active as of 2006—particulary in Kansas and Florida—but the Reform Party is virtually dead as a national entity. The factional in-fighting in the party even spills over into the RP website or, more correctly, the two rival “offiicial” sites. One is the one linked above and the other is—with a pending lawsuit to decide which one can claim the “official” status.

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  1. Marat Balagula Says:

    san francisco, or sacramento?

  2. Stephen Gordon Says:


    My bad—corrected the error.

  3. Hugh Jass Says:

    Are they any candidates even running for the Reform Party nomination? Even Imperato decided to run as a Libertarian. Maybe some Ron Paul supporters could try to secure ballot access for him by making him the Reform nominee.

  4. Don ald R. Lake Says:

    Hugh, the various Reform Party dysfunctional factions are not ballot accessed in very many places. [“Looking for votes in all the wrong races?”]

    From one fifth of the 1992 popular vote [Perot, Bush41, Clinton42] to fighting over the ‘honor’ of assuming a $333,000 FEC debt! Oh how the mighty have fallen—-via self inflicted wounds!

  5. J.R. Says:

    Run! Don’t walk from the Deform Party Invention of the living dead

  6. Cody Quirk Says:

    Talk about a Big Fat Waste of Time!

  7. Allen Hacker's Consulting Firm Says:


  8. BillTX Says:

    The main problem with the Reform Party (Parties?) was that they never seemed to have a consistent platform or coherent ideology. What a joke.

  9. Sean Scallon Says:

    And in other news the Judean People’s Liberation Front (not to be confused with the People’s Liberation Front of Judea) announced it was having its convention…...

  10. Cody Quirk Says:


  11. Janice Miller Says:

    The problem with this is, this isn’t the real Reform Party.
    The Reform Party is alive and well.

  12. headwoodhous Says:

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