TX: LP Only Rival for Indicted State Rep

Texas Libertarians in Dallas County need to brace for a potentially press-friendly atmosphere: state Rep. Terri Hodge, D-Dallas, was indicted earlier this year on federal corruption charges stemming from a developer’s housing credits scheme (read: bribery), but the good thing about it is, if Hodge doesn’t get removed from office or draw a primary challenger, a Libertarian will be the only thing standing in the way of re-election (well, that and a federal judge/jury).

Enter District 100 candidate Robert M. Pritchett, the only opponent - so far - to Hodge. Republicans have a hard time in Dallas County where most of the districts are heavily Democratic, so they don’t bother running challengers.

However, given the climate in Dallas surrounding this federal bribery situation, Pritchett could land the LP some much-needed DFW news coverage.

6 Responses to “TX: LP Only Rival for Indicted State Rep”

  1. NewFederalist Says:

    What a shame! A Libertarian losing to a corrupt Democrat. Oh well, it happens often.

  2. Joey Dauben Says:

    No, the election hasn’t occurred yet.

    It’s November 2008.

    This story is detailing a Nov. 2008 (barring primary challenges) race.

  3. Eric Dondero Says:

    Wow. This is really cool.

    What part of Dallas? That’s important. If it’s southside, no chance. But northside of Dallas, maybe?

  4. Stephen Gordon Says:


    What are the chances that the GOP will recruit a candidate to exploit this circumstance?

    When is the Texas filing deadline? Jan 3, if I recall correctly.

  5. Joey Dauben Says:

    Actually, the filing deadline is Jan. 2, and it would be very, very difficult for the GOP to field a candidate due to the overwhelming Democratic demographics.

    If I were a GOP mover and shaker in Dallas, I would field a paper candidate regardless, just to make this an issue, but due to the racial politics, I believe the Black community views this as just more “white vs. black,” despite the fact the housing developer is a rich white guy who paid the monthly rent bills on one of his projects that state Rep. Hodge lived in.

  6. Bill Wood Says:

    Hmmm! I smell another “bending” the rules to allow a republican on the ballot after the deadline a coming…;-)

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