TPW Report from D/FW

Most know me as an opinionated blogger—supporting Wayne Allyn Root, co-hosting Libertarian Politics Live!, etc.—but what many of you might not know is that I’m a former newspaper reporter; however, I’ve re-landed at my previous employer—The Ellis County Press (south of Dallas). It’s an independent paper, so we report on all of the political goings-on in the Dallas area.

And we’re very third party-friendly (we used to run Ron Paul columns every week; we now run his future VP choice Walter Williams), having covered the Phil Smart campaign/elections arrests before the blogosphere picked up on it.

Anyway, the reason I’m telling TPW this is because I’ll be actively seeking third party news in the D/FW area, not just Texas (and actually getting paid for it!), and that’s a good thing for TPW readers. I’ve got a nose for news, especially when it’s political.

Election results, candidate profiles and bios, etc., whatever. I’ve got it covered. And The ECP has been described as “the best newspaper in DFW” by D Magazine Publisher Wick Allison. (bragging: it was based off a story I did on the “myth” of Texas electrical deregulation)

Some of you might not agree with me at all in my opinions, but I have six years (and counting) of newspaper journalism experience and campaign know-how to make it in this blog business. So prepare for even more third party news out of the Lone Star State!

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