Ron Paul on Meet the Press: The Third Party Angle

GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul was interviewed by Tim Russert on Meet the Press this morning. Here is Paul (from this transcript, YouTubes are here) on the Republican Party and a possible independent or third party run.

MR. RUSSERT: You’re running as a Republican. In your—on your Web site, in your brochures, you make this claim: “Principled Leadership. Ron was also one of only four Republican Congressmen to endorse Ronald Reagan for president against Gerald Ford in” ‘76. There’s a photograph of you, Ronald Reagan on the right, heralding your support of Ronald Reagan. And yet you divorced yourself from Ronald Reagan. You said this: “Although he was once an ardent supporter of President Reagan, Paul now speaks of him as a traitor leading the country into debt and conflicts around the world. “I want to totally disassociate myself from the Reagan Administration.” And you go on to The Dallas Morning News: “Paul now calls Reagan a `dramatic failure.’”

REP. PAUL: Well, I’ll bet you any money I didn’t use the word traitor. I’ll bet you that’s somebody else, so I think that’s misleading. But a failure, yes, in, in many ways. The government didn’t shrink. Ultimately, after he got in office, he said, “All I want to do is reduce the rate of increase in size of government.” That’s not my goal. My goal is to reduce our government to a constitutional size. Completely different. I think that—matter of fact, he admitted in his memoirs that he had a total failure in Lebanon, and he said he relearned the Middle East because of that failure. And so there—he—you know, he…

MR. RUSSERT: But if he’s a total failure, why are you using, using his picture in your brochure?

REP. PAUL: Well, because he, he ran on a good program, and his, his idea was a limited government. Get rid of the Department of Education, a strong national defense.

MR. RUSSERT: George Herbert Walker Bush, this is according to Ron Paul: “`Bush is a bum,’ Paul wrote in” “November” 15th, “1992 issue of his newsletter, the `Ron Paul Political Report.’” And asked about the current President Bush, whether he voted for him in 2004: “Paul says no: `He misled us in 2000.’” Asked if he voted for Bush in 2000. No, “`I didn’t vote for him then, either. I wasn’t convinced he was a conservative.’” And actually, in 1987, you submitted a letter of resignation to the Republican Party: “I therefore resign my membership in the Republican Party and enclose my membership card.” If Reagan’s a failure, Bush 41 is a bum, and you didn’t vote for Bush 41—41’s a bum and 43 you didn’t vote for, and you resigned from the Republican Party, why you running as a Republican candidate for president?

REP. PAUL: Because I represent what Republicanism used to be. I represent the group that wanted to get rid of the Department of Education, the part, that part of the Republican Party that used to be non-interventionists overseas. That was the tradition, the Robert/Taft wing of the party. There was a time when the Republicans defended individual liberty and the Constitution and decreased spending. So the radicals, the ones who really don’t belong in the Republican Party and why the Republican Party is shrinking, why the base is so small, is because they don’t stand for these ideals any more. So I stand for the ideals of the Republican Party. I’ve been elected 10 times as Republican. I’ve been a Republican all my life except for that one year that I ran as a Libertarian. But, no, I represent the Republican ideals, I think, much more so that the individuals running for the party right now.

MR. RUSSERT: If, if you do not win the Republican nomination for president, will you run as an independent in 2008?

REP. PAUL: I have no intention to do that.

MR. RUSSERT: Absolute promise.

REP. PAUL: I have no intention of doing that.

MR. RUSSERT: Well, but no intention’s a wiggle word.

REP. PAUL: Well, OK, I deserve one wiggle now and then, Tim. I mean, what the devil…

MR. RUSSERT: So no—so no Shermanesque statement.

REP. PAUL: You know, I…

MR. RUSSERT: “I will not sun as an independent.”

REP. PAUL: Well, I can be pretty darned sure that I have no intention, no plans of doing it, and that’s about 99.9 percent. I don’t like people who are such absolutists, “I will never do this, or I will win, I’m going to come in first.” I don’t like those absolutists terms in politics.

MR. RUSSERT: But the door’s open a little bit.

REP. PAUL: Not very much. It really isn’t. I, I don’t—Tim, we just raised $10 million in two days. We haven’t even had a race, we have February 5th coming up. We have a campaign to run. Why—do you ask all the other—how many other candidates have you asked, “Are you going to run as a third party candidate if you don’t win?” Have you asked John McCain that?

MR. RUSSERT: Well, if someone has a history of running as a third party candidate, sure. You ran in ‘88 as a Libertarian.

REP. PAUL: Yeah, well, I know…

MR. RUSSERT: It’s a logical question.

REP. PAUL: ...but there are independents. So I—ask them, too.

MR. RUSSERT: I will.

Additionally (of interest to some readers of this site), frequent TPW commenter Eric Dondero was mentioned in the interview.

MR. RUSSERT: You mentioned September 11th, a former aide of yours, Eric Dondero said this. “When September 11th happened, he just completely changed,” talking about you. “One of the first things he said was not how awful the tragedy was, it was, `Now we’re going to get big government.’” Was that your reaction?

REP. PAUL: Well, I’m, I’m surprised somebody like that who’s a disgruntled former employee who literally was put out. But, yes, thought…

MR. RUSSERT: He said he quit because he disagreed with you.

REP. PAUL: Yeah, no. The point is, Randolph Bourne says war is a helpless state. I believe that statement. When you have war, whether it’s a war against drugs, war against terrorism, war, war overseas, war—the mentality of the people change and they’re more willing to sacrifice their liberties in order to be safe and secure. So, yes, right after 9/11 my reaction was, you know, it’s going to be a lot tougher selling liberty. But I’m pleasantly surprised that I’m still in the business of selling liberty and the Constitution and there’s still a lot of enthusiasm for it…

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  1. Chris Says:

    The transcript is a bit off. War is the HEALTH of the state.

  2. Stephen Gordon Says:

    Chris, I know it’s off a bit. I had started typing it by hand before they put a transcript up online. Hopefully, they will correct it. If not, I’ll do some manual editing. I think their current version is close enough (for the moment).

  3. Mayberry Says:

    Ron Paul received contributions from over 100,000 different people this quarter. He received $18,000,000 from those 100,000 people. His support is wide and deep. Look around your town and notice you see RP signs everywhere. Grab a cup of coffee and go to

  4. Bill Wood Says:

    Okay, I’m starting to believe he just might run as a “Minor Party” or “Independent” Candidate, if enough of his Supporters would agree to follow him.

  5. Brian Says:

    Ron Paul is not running as a 3rd party candidate!! Can we please cut the bulls—t here?

  6. Bill Wood Says:

    Brian, I use to think that way also, but Dr. Paul has refused to say “No” and today he openly stated that he wants to allow himself some “wiggle room” on that one question. For one who is billed as Dr. No , I do find it interesting that this is the only time he doesn’t come out and say no.

  7. Eric Dondero Says:

    What a liar I can’t believe he said this on National Television.

    Ron Paul was active in the Libertarian Party for almost 10 years, from about 1986 til at least 2004. He only rejoined the GOP in late Spring of 1995. I know I was there. And there are tons of witnesses to this.

    I tried for years to get Ron Paul back into the Republican Party, but he wouldn’t budge.

    As late as early Spring 1995 when Ron joined us on Capitol Hill to lobby the newly elected Republican Congress to abolish the Draft, he was still identifying himself to the Congressmen as a LIBERTARIAN not a Republican!

    The first time he ever identified himself as a Republican again, was at a Texas Congressional Caucus meeting for the GOP in late Spring of that year. He informed Kay Hutchison, Tom DeLay, Dick Armey and other Texas Republicans on Capitol Hill at that meeting that he was rejoining the Party, and was exploring a potential run for Congress against then-Democrat Greg Laughlin.

    You all want a witness?

    Ed Clark, 1980 Libertarian Party Presidential candidate.

    Mr. Clark was the one single person keeping Ron Paul in the LP. He begged and pleaded with Paul for years not to leave the Party and join the GOP.

    Ron told me for years afterwards that it was Clark’s insistence that was one of the major reasons he stayed in the LP and never joined us in the RLC in the early 1990s.

    This makes me furious. Ron Paul just blatantly lied on National Television

  8. Jess Says:

    Well there is no need to run as a 3rd partty once you win ;) Be prepared to support Ron Paul as the republican nomination. Where I live Ron Paul is every where. Go Ron Paul.

  9. Eric Dondero Says:

    “Except for that one year in the Libertarian Party…”

    Anyone with half a brain can go back and check old issues of Libertarian Party News. Hell, that resignation letter he sent to Frank Farenkopf, Republican National Chairman was dated I believe 1986.

    He announced for President as a Libertarian in late 1986. He campaigned all through 1987. He campaigned all through 1988 except for late November an December.

    So, that’s at least 3 years.

    But then he was a Delegate and Guest Speaker to the 1989 Libertarian National Convention in Philadelphia.

    He was also a big supporter of Andre Marrou for President in 1992. Anyone can go back and look at the C-SPAN coverage of that Nominating Convention for Marrou that Paul attended as a Keynote Speaker. C-SPAN did a one hour interview with Paul, in which he eagerly backs Marrou and the Libertarian Party.

    Now we’re up to 6 years.

    In fairness to Ron Paul, yes, he did make a brief appearance on the outskirts of the Republican National Convention in Houston in 1992. But he did not attend the convention itself. Rather, he attended a Party in River Oaks for Pat Buchanan, entirely separate from the GOP Convention miles away on the southside of Houston at the Astrodome.

    So, now we’re up to 7 years.

    Like I said previously, Ron Paul did not make any public statements that he was leaving the Libertarian Party and re-joining the Republicans until that Capitol Hill appearance at the Texas Congressional Delegation Republican Caucus in—I believe—April or May of 1995.

    That’s 10 years folks.

    Ron Paul just lied to the Nation, saying he was only in the Libertarian Party for “one year.”

  10. Robert Milnes Says:

    I found the post 9/11 item interesting. Paraphrasing & interpreting. After 9/11 there was a withdrawal from liberty in favor of national security. That lasted through the 2004 election what with the recently rvisited support by Hospers for Bush in 2004. But now that has reversed with public opinion against the war & GB & no third term for GB. The demand for the reverse is now in play. Yet it doesn’t seem to be nearly as strong for leftist candidates.

  11. Ernie Says:

    Dr. Paul has had the same reply to the question of the third party run for as long as I have been a Paul supporter, since January 2007, That he has no intention of running as a third party candidate, and then he says why, because of the bias for the two corporate parties built into the electoral system:

    Ballot access, access to the debates and public exposure on lame stream media

  12. Eric Dondero Says:

    Stephen, I heard “pushed out.” Did you interpret that as “put out”?

    If so, that’s worse. Almost sounds like he put out a Mafia hit on me or something.

  13. Eric Dondero Says:

    Last time I checked I was still alive and kicking…

    Oops, give me a second. There’s someone at the door, and the dog is barking.

    Hey, what the hell is this. There’s some big black car that just pulled up to my driveway…

    Gotta go…

  14. Stephen Gordon Says:

    Eric, I heard “put out,” but I’m on a laptop with small speakers right now. I’ll try it on a system with a better sound system when it becomes available (got lots of company at the house right now).

    Is there any significant difference between the two? It doesn’t sound like a Mafia hit to me.

  15. eric dondero Says:

    I am a paid political pundit who was given 100,000 dollars to smear ron paul because i used to work for him but i like his ideas so much i tried to sleep with him and when he shut me down i decided i would get him back and make some money doing it. He is so sexy ya know?

  16. John Says:

    Eric Dondero, Until today I’d not heard of this story of you and RP’s relationship. But from the rhetoric you’ve laid out here, I’d say “disgruntled” is probably a fair generalization.

  17. Tom Blanton Says:

    I heard “put out” - like you would put out a dog. “Put down” is when you would have a dog “put to sleep”.

    I also heard “war is the health of the state” and not “war is a helpless state”.

    I also heard Russert say Dunero instead of Dondero or Rittberg.

    I heard Dr. Paul say he ran 10 times as a Republican except for the one year he ran as a Libertarian, implying that he was a Libertarian for one year. Technically, I’m not sure he lied. He only ran as a Libertarian once for an election held inone year.

    On the scale of political truthiness, I’d say Ron Paul gets pretty high marks compared to other politicians and political hacks like Dondero.

    I’d give Paul about 85% on the truthiness scale. On the low end of the GOP candidates, I’d give Romney and Huckabee about 5% and Giuliani about 10%. However one must also consider the bullshit factor also. Ron Paul scores higher on that scale than I’d like to see, but compared to the others, he is fairly low.

  18. Stephen Gordon Says:

    “Ron Paul is not running as a 3rd party candidate!! Can we please cut the bulls—t here?”

    1) To what BS does Brian refer? All I did was to provide a transcript from a news program.

    2) I never heard the Shermanesque “I will not run as an independent” line come from Paul when he had plenty of opportunity to make such a statement. He’s had this opportunity plenty of times in the past, too. As a matter of fact, he chose these words: “I deserve one wiggle now and then.”

    I’d like to know exactly what BS I’ve been accused of providing.

  19. Bob Fanning Says:

    I love the long, long responses from the Ron Paul opposition , denigrating him and calling him names .

    What I love more is the short responses fro Pauls supporters.

    Call it like you see it Ron ….

    “In fact, Ron Paul has received more campaign contributions from active-duty military personnel than any other Presidential candidate from either party.”

  20. Jane Galt Says:

    Eric Dondero should hide in shame. I’ve seen him on the internet countless times plugging the Authoritarian Guiliani as a libertarian! Whatever term Dr. Paul used to describe Donderro’s departure from his staff it was mild - Donderro was FIRED. Dondero has 0 credibility. He lurks on boards like Reason magazine where the other commenters now use his name as a verb.

    By the way, the first thing I said to the person who told me about 9/11 after it happed was “Oh no! Now the government will use this event to further erode our individual liberties!” Such a fear is not out of whack when considering the way our government has operated in the last 30+ years; it does not imply an unempathetic attitude toward the 9/11 event or its victims. Infringements such as the patriot act and the suspension of habeas corpus prove that Paul’s worry was on target. Now we are in a situation where countless more victims are added to the travesty and we are not one bit safer or free. Our economy and dollar are in the toilet and our standard of living as well as our cultural heritage and sovereignty are about to be flushed.

    Donderro, hang your head in shame for abetting the NeoCON machine against the good Doctor. Is that the best dirt you could come up with against Ron Paul? That just shows you have nothing on him.

    Meet the Press, hang your head in shame for conducting an inquisition rather than an interview and using unimportant tidbits to quibble about rather than discussing (or even attacking) the real issues of the presidential campaign.

  21. Ken Hamilton Says:

    I don’t think that Ron Paul will run as a minor party or independent candidate. I wish he would. I wish he would leave the Republican Party. The GOP is heading back to the same state it was in after the 1974/1976 elections.

  22. Lex Says:

    Ron Paul may have no intention of running third party, but his supporters will insist on it, and give him the mother of all money bombs to talk him into it, if he doesn’t win the Republican nomination.

    That being said, it’s absolutely ludicrous to ask the candidate with the most money and the most actual supporters if he will run as a third party candidate. He’s in the lead—how is it relevant?

  23. Tom Blanton Says:

    Dondero - While you are now basking in your 15 seconds of fame, you might consider going full tilt to discredit Ron Paul.

    I’d suggest calling the Glenn Beck show and claiming that you serviced Ron Paul sexually for years. You might also want to accuse Dr. Paul of performing abortions on Osama’s wives as a personal favor. To really spice things up, you could claim you drove Paul to numerous cross burnings. A story about how you witnessed Dr. Paul spray painting swatikas on synagogues might also get traction.

    I’d also suggest getting Saddam in the mix. Maybe you could claim Saddam made regular payments to Ron Paul in exchange for nuclear secrets.

  24. Max in WA Says:

    Regarding this “one year” thing—I don’t see it as dishonest, I see it as a reasonable speech flow concerning an event from 20 years ago. People don’t realize how very different and less accurate the spoken word is compared to the written word. I’m a lawyer and I’ve read piles of transcripts of me speaking. Things that sound right spoken can look so wrong written. Things that seemed so clear in my mind, because of unspoken surrounding thoughts, can sound confusing on paper.

    Anyway, I think it is a bit unfair to nit-pick an extemporaneous oral statement to the same extent one might a writing. If you are inclined to disagree with me, I’d suggest having two hours of your normal conversation transcribed, and then read it again 12 months later—a better test would be to have the transcript taken when you are being attacked publicly. I’ll bet that you will have at minimum, one “why the heck did I say that” moment, as well as a slap in the face realization that very few people are innately majestic speakers.

  25. Eric Dondero Says:

    I’m back. Boy that was wierd. There was some big guy at my door named Tony. He was looking for “Eric Dondero”. I told him he had the wrong house. Didn’t know what the guy wanted. He might be some sort of salesman you know.

    As he was leaving he mumbled under his breath, “if I find that Dondero I’m gonna put him down…”

    What a strange day it’s been.

  26. Robin C. Westmiller, J.D. Says:

    If someone says that there is a 99.9% chance they will NOT do something, that does NOT automatically mean there is a 1% chance they will unless you also believe you can make snowballs in a very HOT place!

  27. Robin C. Westmiller, J.D. Says:

    If someone says that there is a 99.9% chance they will NOT do something, that does NOT automatically mean there is a 1% chance they will unless you also believe you can make snowballs in a very HOT place!

  28. John Says:

    Mr. Eric DUMdero was FIRED by RON PAUL. What more is there to say?? Alot
    of articles about RON PAUL I read are ALWAYS discreditied by this disgruntled employee. GET A LIFE DUMdero…..

  29. Bob Pylant Says:

    Eric D. we all know you were FIRED from the campaign by Ron Paul and continue these viscious attacks… Go and get a life back SOMEWHERE PLEASE… you are not a credible poster by any stretch of the imagination but a person on a SMEAR CAMPAIGN because you are so RESENTFUL of being let go from the Ron Paul campaign.
    One only needs to look at your picture to see you are WEIRD LOOKING FREAK of a person…

  30. True American Says:

    If Ron Paul ran as a 3rd party candidate or a Martian I could care less. The media makes way too much out of party affiliation. This is not the fraternal era anymore. Fraternities are for morons who can’t think or who are scared to make their own minds up. I support Dr. Paul because he is honest, speaks his mind, and admits when he is wrong. Those are traits of a real person. And I want a real person for President. If the media and it’s followers are content to check whatever name is in their parties box then more power to them and they deserve the country they get and they can also go back and reinstate King James as their own leader if they so choose. But don’t expect the rest of us who actually think to be be quite and happy about the status quo morons screwing everything up because they are too lazy or lack the brain cells to think!

  31. Bob Pylant Says:

    Eric D. is just upset because he wanted to s&ck Ron Paul’s member and was FIRED. Eric D. you are a piece of SH&T… go flush yourself from the internet please… we are SICK AND TIRED OF SEEING YOU TRYING TO SMEAR RON PAUL
    go get a life but seeing how UGLY YOU ARE from your picture I can see why you have trouble getting anyone to be your friend with those piggy little eyes, fat face, moronic look etc. etc. etc..
    I am SICK AND TIRED (again) of seeing you post over and over and over again your same sickness…

  32. Patriot Jones Says:

    The last thing Russert said to Dr. Paul was, “ careful..” I believe that was a threat coming from Russert’s bosses high above. You know, those CFR gangsters.

  33. xtrabiggg Says:

    In this interview, the worst ‘dirt’ they came up with was quotes form a guy Ron Paul fired from his campaign 20 years ago (who then went to work for his opponent!), and out-of-context quotes from columnists, who themselves took quotes out-of-context from Dr. Paul in order to try and smear him!

    This is journalism? Looks more like yellow journalism, or propaganda in the Geobbels/Stalin/Mao vein! I loved it when Dr. Paul asked him if he had asked the same stupid ‘will you run as a third party candidate’ question of all the other candidates! Russert got that deer-in-the-headlights look for a moment, then weasled his way out of answering by changing the question.

    I expected less of a ‘hit piece’ from Meet The Press and Tim Russert. The only question he didn’t ask Dr. Paul was ‘Do you still beat your wife’. All the rest of the questions were framed in the same logic-trap propagandistic mode. Interesting how there were NO questions asked about the economy or the war in Iraq- the top two concerns of the majority of the American electorate! Perhaps Dr. Paul’s message and position would prove too popular with the viewers. Instead, Russert concentrated on 20-year-old out of context quotes from one unreliable source, and quotes from COLUMNISTS about one-or two-word quotes by Dr. Paul which were ALSO taken out of context!

    Seems like they were trying too hard for a ‘Gotcha’ moment to actually do a service to the voters and ask Ron Paul about the REAL issues that MATTER. Instead they concentrated on peripheral and non-issues. How sad for Tim Russert, NBC and thier owner, defense contractor GE. Hmmm… see a pattern there?

    xtrabiggg +++++++++++++++++

  34. Eric Dondero Says:

    Wow, such vitriol here.

    I notice not a single one of you has addressed the issue of Ron Paul stating that he was “only a member of the Libertarian Party for 1 year.”

    Don’t take my word for it. Ask just about any LP member you know who has been around for more than 10 years or so. Ask them in what year did Ron Paul finally leave the LP and join the GOP.

    Everyone will tell you “it was either 1995 or ‘96.” This is very easily documented. There are tons of witnesses.

    Yet you all attack me? It’s Ron Paul who has just blatantly lied on National Television. You trust his word, but not mine. Yet he’s the one who said he was an LP member for “1 year,” when the truth is he was with the LP for 10 years!

    That’s not a little lie. That’s a huge lie.

    1 to 10???

    If he had said “Oh, I think a couple years,” or even, “I was a member for the LP for a few years.” No problem. Nothing wrong with stretching the truth.

    But 1 to 10

  35. Eric Dondero Says:

    Xtris, “Ron Paul fired me 20 years ago…”

    First off, he did not fire me, I resigned. This is easily verified by numerous witnesses including the very guy I handed my resignation into Tom Lizardo, Ron Paul’s Congressional Chief of Staff at 202-225-2831.

    Secondly, it happened in 2003, actually early 2004. I resigned mid-December 2003, but was not officially off campaign staff til early February.

    That’s hardly “20 years ago.”

    20 years ago would have been 1988!

  36. Bob Pylant Says:

    I think Tim Russet was trying to tell the American Public watching that he was being forced into “reading each and every question verbatim from a pre-prepared SMEAR LIST of questions” it was so obvious they were given to him that he even stumbled NUMBEROUS TIMES over reading the questions! Never seen such an intense smear questioning EVER from Tim. He was obviously told to Smear Ron Paul however he could.
    Ron Paul took each and every question and thew them BACK IN TIMS FACE in a professional and decent manner that Tim Russert was startled numberous times and had nothing to say for quite a long pause. He did have that DEER STARTLED LOOK as another poster said.

    I think Tim Russert sincerely meant that last comment to Ron Paul, especially after Ron Paul tore CORPORATE MEDIA FASCISM apart in his final comments (directed very pointedly at MSN) you scr&w with me and I will scr&w with you… but in a very professional manner. This shows what a super President he will make - hard to mess with, and the ever present ideaology of SPEAK SOFTLY BUT CARE A VERY BIG STICK… Ron Paul is pure gold…

  37. Patriot Jones Says:

    Can someone please post a web page with the stats on Dr. Paul’s years spent with the Libertarian party? I am a strong Ron Paul supporter but if he lied as bad as you people say he did, I would really want to know, because that would really suck.

  38. Bob Pylant Says:

    Eric D. Normally I just ignore your pitiful rants and raves and only want to inform Ron Paul people who you are but after reading your posts today I have only one thing to say:
    This is the WORST thing you can find in the whole interview… i.e. Ron Paul lied about being a libetarian??
    Even if he did (though Ron Paul does endorse and follow the truly original dictates of the past Republican party… always has and always will),
    this is sooooooo minor that he was obviously simply trying to say I have always been a TRUE REPUBLICAN AT HEART… its no big thing… get a LIFE you are so Ron Paul obsessed you are a known media disgrace and object of ridicule that you simply make yourself more and more into a KNOWN HATE PERSON… what a wonderful label you slap on yourself!

    Ron Paul is the most consistent voter of any of these candidates. He even admits he was wrong? None of the other candidates have the gall or honesty to admit they changed their mind on an issue and explain why! They simply go into a flip-flop discussion that someone lied somewhere they never said this they never said that… etc… None of them will admit they were wrong or changed their policy.

    So again if this is the best/worst thing you could pull from the interview (if that what you want to call it) it is the most REDICULOUS thing to come up with…. GET A LIFE… your obsession with Ron Paul borders on insanity.

  39. Bob Pylant Says:

    Eric D. = Patriot Jones…. gee Eric D. disappears and Patriot Jones appears alot later…???? still beating the dead libetarian horse issue??

  40. Devious David Says:



    Absolutely perfect. See ya in the administration, Eric… oh wait. You won’t be there! The best you will ever be is what you are now: a fourth-rate political do-boy.

  41. Stephen Gordon Says:

    “Can someone please post a web page with the stats on Dr. Paul’s years spent with the Libertarian party?”

    I don’t know of any web page. Here are a few facts, however.

    Ron Paul was a Republican both before and after his LP presidential campaign.

    Ron Paul is considered a Life Member of the Libertarian Party by the LP. This means that he made a one-time $1,000 donation (in today’s dollars, don’t remember what it cost then) to the LP. It’s a status the LP has determined, not Ron Paul.

    Paul does frequently speak at national and state LP conventions. However, many people who aren’t LP members speak at LP conventions.

    In my opinion (others will differ), whether one is a member of any particular party is often a matter of personal feelings or overt political action. In this particular case, how Paul feels about that particular moment in relatively distant history is what’s most important.

  42. Ken Hamilton Says:

    “I notice not a single one of you has addressed the issue of Ron Paul stating that he was “only a member of the Libertarian Party for 1 year.” ”

    I haven’t addressed it, Eric, because I really don’t care whether it was 1 year or five years or whatever. Whether Ron Paul recollection or yours is correct is irrelevant. Do you remember everything from 10-20 years ago flawlessly, much less while being interviewd on national TV?

    It has nothing to do with Ron Paul’s campaign to return limited, constitutional government to the executive branch of the federal government.

  43. Ferenc Says:

    Hello Girls and Boys
    Please stop this doing nothing, going nowhere libertarian party shit.
    Every normal person know if any republican runing as a third party candidate,is a clear victory for Hillary,and womeniser Billy Boy. We must stand behind Dr. Ron Paul . Dandero,you looks like a shit person.
    God Bless You All

  44. Randy Says:

    Eric, the impression I got was that Paul claimed he /considered/ himself a Libertarian at that specific point, and jumped the Republican ship because the party got hijacked. I don’t think it was a blatant lie so much as a personal opinion.

    But, hey, what do I know?

  45. Stephen Gordon Says:

    Eric D. = Patriot Jones….

    In all fairness to Dondero (with whom I frequently disagree), the IP addresses from whence the Patriot Jones comment appeared is from a different company and different part of the country than Dondero’s comments. It isn’t very likely to have come from Dondero.

    One of the comments attributed to Dondero probably didn’t come from Dondero, either.

    Certainly plenty to disagree with Dondero about, but I’d prefer to keep it factual and honest.

  46. G.E. Says:

    Bob Pylant - Interesting you say Ron Paul adheres to the “original” ideas of the Republican Party, based on his comments about Lincoln on the same show!

  47. Patriot Jones Says:

    You can be assured that I am far from that Eric idiot. I live in Florida am have registered with my local Ron Paul group and have NEVER in my life been so inspired by any politician before. Truth is, I’ve voted Democrat every time but once (Reagan) and am very much looking forward to registering this coming week as a Republican so I can vote for Dr. Paul in Florida’s closed primary. I just thought that if he lied blatantly, it would suck. Still, Dr. Paul is going after the Fed cartel and to me, this is the most important issue.

    I still say that Russet’s “be careful” comment was a threat.

  48. Eric Dondero Says:

    Randy, you bring up a very critical point.

    Okay, it is true, the Party did get hijacked in Philly in 1989. But what was astounding to us at the time, including my then allies Lew Rockwell, Rothbard, Alan Lindsay, Alan Turin, Paul Jacob, Mike Holmes, is that we all walked out of the LP, Ron chose to stay and even argued with us about it.

    Even if you conclude wrongly, but in theory if you conclude that Ron left the LP in 1989 at that Philly Convention, that still means he was with the LP for 4 years, not “1” as he just claimed on National Television.

    This is infuriating. You cannot believe how all of us were pissed off at Ron Paul for not walking out of the LP with us at that 1989 Philly Convention. And now he has the audacity to claim that he was “only in the LP for a year.”

    Man this is really starting to piss me off.

  49. Eric Dondero Says:

    Will someone PLEASE contact Ed Clark in California. He will confirm that he was the very last person to speak with Ron Paul before he switched back to Republican in 1985.

    I remember it just like it was yesterday. Ron told me the whole story tons of times. He said that Clark begged and pleaded with him for days on end not to go back to the GOP. Clark and Ron had a close friendship. Every time Ron would go out to California they’d have dinner along with Ed’s wife Alicia.

    For one week straight Clark called Ron up every single night and pleaded with him not to leave the Libertarian Party. Ron told me that the very day he made the decision to switch back, Clark was the first person he called, cause he felt it would be the most honorable thing to do.

    Please someone confirm this story with Ed Clark!

    It was 1995.

  50. Eric Dondero Says:

    Bob Pylant, I would most certainly agree with you if he had fudged a bit. If he had said, “yeah, I was an LP member for a year or two.” And then Russert shot back, “well which is it, a year or two.” And he said, “might have been two maybe three or four.”

    Well, that’s a stretch to 10, but I might still give him a pass.

    But we’re talking 10 friggin’ years he’s lying about.

    He said “1 year.”

    It’s actually 10 years.

    That’s a huge difference.

  51. Eric Dondero Says:

    Patriot Jones, in between posting here, I’ve been up in my attic and in my garage searching through old issues of LP News, Republican Liberty and Liberty Magazines. Haven’t found the smoking gun yet, but I’m confident it will be very soon.

    As soon as I do, I’ll report it back here, first. And if Stephen Gordon can give me a fax number I’ll run up to Office Depot and fax him what I’ve got so that he can confirm this.

    This is huge. Ron Paul just lied to a national television audience on NBC.

    You don’t think the folks at NBC might find this interesting, as well? Fox News? Human Events? American Spectator, National Review, Little Green Footballs, ect…

  52. Google Yahoo Says:

    Dear Ron Paul Supporters,

    Here are YouTube links to Ron Paul’s interview on Meet The Press with Tim Russet this morning for those who missed it and for those who wish to share the links with friends.

    Warm Regards,
    Greg Chamberlain
    MySpace Moderator for Ron Paul

    Part 1 of 4:

    Part 2 of 4:

    Part 3 of 4:

    Part 4 of 4:

  53. David T. Says:

    Just so you know the head of the LP and even the person running for the Precedent for the LP endorse Ron Paul…. So who gives a damn when or why he stopped being in the LP…. Can’t we all agree he is better than anything else.

  54. Google Yahoo Says:

    Via blog

    (To Be Sung to the Traditional Christmas Tune)

    It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Freedom!
    Everywhere you go;
    As you drive along North 210,
    You’ll see Ron Paul signs again
    Held by happy smiling folks you’d like to know!

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Freedom,
    Let’s be done with war!
    Then the prettiest sight you’ll see is the promise of Liberty
    In our land once more.

    Freedom from government meddling and theft
    Is the wish of real women and men;
    To be left alone to live life on our own
    Would be like starting fresh once again!
    Moms and Dads, Imagine a land restored for our children again!

    It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Freedom!
    Everywhere you go;
    There’s a crowd by the Liberty Bell, one in The Mall as well,
    Though the media seems not to know!

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Freedom;
    Soon the votes will start,
    And the thing that will make them ring is the freedom that you feel
    Living in your heart.

  55. Mike Says:

    Eric Dondero - In 1989 Milli Vanilli was numbers 8 and 16 on the Billboard’s hot 100 - Point is WHO CARES!

    Let’s try and focus on issues of the day please.

  56. Mike Says:

    Was it just me or did Tim Russert seem different than usual today? He rarely made eye contact with the camera and seemed to clear his throat prior to many questions. He almost seemed borderline embarrassed to be asking some of the questions.

  57. JB Says:

    Paul made a complete fool of himself on MTP. But some folks will listen to him dodge and weave and think he’s some sort of genius… I just don’t get what it is about Ron Paul that gives him this Jim Jones power over a certain breed of angry anti-American right now.

    I was reading some blog comments yesterday on “liberal democrat” web sites where RP supporters are trying desperately to get democrats into the republican primary booth for RP. They are meeting with the same resistance over there as they receive with 96% of all republicans.

    And when they hit that resistance, they instantly turn nasty and start accusing anyone not for RP of being some new type of “Nazi.” These folks are the Nazis…

    What planet did I wake up on this morning?

  58. JB Says:

    Paul was clearly lying through his teeth through 2/3 of Russert’s interview. In the end, Russert cornered him into basically denying 3/4 of his alleged platform??? He said he wasn’t really for abolishing any of the fed programs he tells voters he wants to abolish???

    If we could just get Paul to pass some Jim Jones juice to his followers, that would go along way in solving one of Americas biggest problems. Mass insanity…

  59. Preston Says:

    Dude—Eric. I don’t care for Ron Paul much either. But why don’t you respect his views? You support Giuliani, and I respect you for that—but its not as if his record is squeaky clean. Just calm down and let Paul’s supporters support him. Damn.

    And P.S. Patriot Jones—claiming the MSM is going to ‘get’ Ron Paul makes Ron Paul supporters look crazy. I am still confused on why people think the MSM is out to get Ron Paul. He has had two hour long interviews in the MSM in the last week. If they really despised him they wouldn’t give him any press. Besides, if Ron Paul is returning to free markets, the corporate media should be happy if he does well. Then Murdoch and the others could continue to consolidate the media.

    And just so I don’t look biased, I support Kucinich, but when people make comments about how the MSM is out to get him, I call them out as well. Don’t be ridiculous, this conspiracy shit is why third parties never get anywhere.

  60. JB Says:

    Most unpopular Republican Presidential candidates among ALL voters
    (Cross section of Republicans, Democrats and Independents)
    Asked - “would you definitely vote FOR or AGAINST?”
    Core Favorability/Opposition - All Voters
    Candidate% Def. FOR% Def. AGAINSTNet

    That’s right… Mayor Bloomberg, who is not yet running, is the most UNPOPULAR Republican contender, followed by Ron Paul, the most unpopular declared Republican candidate among ALL voters.

  61. Mike Says:

    JB thanks for your insightful comments… but aren’t you usually busy with football commentary on Sunday

  62. JB Says:


    But this Paulhysteria has me concerned about many fellow Americans. Until I actually started listening to the man, I thought Paul was a lil’ ole harmless doc soon to be headed towards the congressional glue factory.

    Then I listened to him and realized that this could be one of the most dangerous men in America. He seems to have some Jim Jones effect on a certain unstable and angry type of American. He belongs in a white coat alright… with really long sleaves…

    What’s really scary is some Americans actually think he’s some sort of genius…

  63. Google Yahoo Says:

    Hemp Shirts to Support Freedom


  64. Ken Hamilton Says:

    JB wrote: “I just don’t get what it is about Ron Paul that gives him this Jim Jones power over a certain breed of angry anti-American right now.”

    So not agreeing with you and supporting Ron Paul makes me “anti-American” and “angry”?

    Unless you were born before 1955 I have been pro-America longer than you have been. And I only get angry every now and then.

  65. Ken Hamilton Says:

    Eric Dondero wrote: “You don’t think the folks at NBC might find this interesting, as well? Fox News? Human Events? American Spectator, National Review, Little Green Footballs, ect…”

    Frankly, I don’t care. I am going to vote for Ron Paul on February 5th and there ain’t one cotton pickin’ thing you or any news organization or any blog can do about it.

  66. Eric Dondero Says:

    Okay, I found something. A whole file labeled “Ron Paul for President Campaign 1988.” Interestingly there’s a mint condition red, white and blue “Ron Paul, Libertarian for President” bumper sticker in the file. Wouldn’t that freak people out?

    On to business. Lots of documentation, including a letter from Ed Clark, and a brochure by Murray Rothbard backing Ron Paul and answering the Pro-life question.

    The main campaing brochure (some may remember the Tweedle-dee, Tweedle-dum theme of this blue crochure) says specifically, “On February 16, 1987 Ron Paul announced his candidacy for President of the United States on the Libertarian Party ticket.”

    So, we now have a solid date. (Of course this will be in the faxed materials I’m sending to Stephen Gordon.)

    Early 1987 means that he was campaigning and an LP member at least months before, which means 1986.

    He was even in the most conservative estimates, and LP member through 1989, which means we now have solid confirmation that for at least 3 years, NOT “1” as Ron Paul said on national television, he was an active member of the Libertarian Party.

    We’ve got 1986-89. Give me a few more minutes, and I’ll find more proof to expand those dates out.

  67. Ken Hamilton Says:


  68. Randy Says:


    My suggestion, /eBay that/.

  69. Eric Dondero Says:

    Randy, good suggestion. Unfortunately, I’m not an eBay whiz. Don’t know the first thing about eBay. Oh, well.

    Okay, on to business. Just found LP News dated November 1986. Front page story Lefthand column:

    “Ron Paul in 1988 Group Formed”

    Now operating with offices in Texas and California… Support for his candidacy has been expressed by Ed Clark, Jim Lewis and David Bergland… he has met with Libertarians on both coasts… The committee is being directed by his friend Burt Blumert…

    Also a full page interview with Paul by Bill Evers on Page 5 of the issue.

    So folks, that’s as early as November 1986. A solid date.

    Hmmn? Nov. 1986 to the election of Nov. 1988? Isn’t that two years? Ron Paul just said on National TV that he was active in the Libertarian Party for “only 1 year.”

  70. Eric Dondero Says:

    Got the LP News from July 1995. Says on the front page Paul is exploring a Congressional run, but “he has no intention of resigning his Libertarian Party life membership.”

    That’s 1995 folks.

    1986 til 1995, that’s at least 9 years.

  71. Hugh Jass Says:

    Okay, so Dr. Paul told one white lie out of probably hundreds or thousands of truths. Compare that to Rudy Giuliani, who lied twice to the women with whom he momentarily wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

  72. Eric Dondero Says:

    Libertarian Party News, August 1993

    Front page story:

    Watchdogs: LP Forms Shadow Cabinet to offer public policy alternatives

    Libertarian Party national chair Mary T. Gingell recently unveiled a list of distinguished policy experts who have agreed to serve as members of the Libertarian Party’s shadow cabinet…

    (Jump to Page 10)

    Secretary, Department of the Treasury HON. Ron Paul

    (Goes on to list bullet points of Paul’s Career.)

    Key sentence, “have agreed to serve as MEMBERS of the LP’s shadow cabinet…”

  73. Eric Dondero Says:

    Hugh Jass, it could be called a “white lie” if he had said, “yeah I was a member for a year or two in the LP” and it turned out to be 4 or 5. That’s a white lie. I don’t think anyone would give him crap for that.

    But he said “only 1 year.” And it’s over 10 years Maybe even 11.

    I’m still hunting…

  74. Nick Says:

    Mr. Dondero,

    You seem to have a lot of animosity towards Dr. Paul. You are right on one thing, he said “put out” in reference to you.

    I find your energy in shouting to the world he lied interesting. I, for one, don’t give a rats tail whether he was a Libertarian for 1 year or 10 years. It really makes no difference to me as it’s clear he’s outside any of the mainstream platforms either the GOP or Dems are offering. Paul has been quite blunt that the system itself is biased against a 3rd party run, and I for one believe that. The “R” moniker is simply one of convenience at this point-it gives him a small chance to win-unlike the notion of doing it the 3rd party route. I have a feeling that even if he ran 3rd party he’d have to be dragged into it kicking and screaming as he knows now the pitfalls of doing so.

    You’re obsession with this issue of how long Paul was a Lib. and the subsequent “he lied” point seems to be the least of our concerns today in our vastly corrupt, bankrupt, and war mongering nation. I think you might find more satisfaction in supporting your own candidate rather than spending all of your energy attacking a former employer.

    Best Regards.

  75. Jax Stevens Says:

    Im not sure about this but i think what ron paul said was that he only RAN as a libertarian for that one year…..every other time he ran for office he RAN as a Republican. If the issue is what his principles are then i dont care what you classify them as just as long as I know what they are. If the issue is what his party affiliation is then you should be able to see that the question is a trick question which has been posed to Ron Paul more than once….The original question was designed to get him to admit that he is not a republican, to make it seem as if he and his followers are libertarians trying to hijack the party….obviously you can see what effect this would have on Republicans who already aren’t too comfy with his platform… Ron Paul’s response to them is not to nitpick about what he is registered but to inspire a debate about what it really means to be a republican and to point out that if you go back to the core values of the party, then he with his libertarian principles is more a republican than any of the impostors running now and it is the neocons who have in fact hijacked the party for their own purposes. I think this debate about how long he was a libertarian is a lil silly…..i get it you want to prove that he lied on television ABOUT HIS PARTY AFFILIATION???? Of all the things we are worried about politicians lying about this is what we care about….

  76. T.A. Says:

    Eric, your track-record of attempting to gain attention for yourself by constantly attempting to back-stab the Ron Paul movement on every website you can possibly blog on is frankly becoming nauseating. I’m sorry, but someone’s got to let you know that you should move on. Call it tough love.

    The Ron Paul Revolution is an incredible success, thousands forming at rallies, multi-millions pouring into the campaign, MSN, The McLaughlin Group, GQ, Time Magazine and others naming Ron Paul in their “Man of the Year” honors. You could have been part of it, you were “put out,” & now you show your resentment by attempting to tear it down with childish smears, clownish antics, & chest-thumping self-denial. It’s over.

    Ron’s a huge success, he’s won. His movement is changing America.

    You’ve lost, Eric. Sorry, but you have. You’ve lost big.

  77. Google Yahoo Says:

    Why are Ron Paul detractors all in a huff?

  78. Tom Blanton Says:

    What Ron Paul actually said:

    “So I stand for the ideals of the Republican Party. I’ve been elected 10 times as Republican. I’ve been a Republican all my life except for that one year that I ran as a Libertarian.”

    Now, replace “been” with “run as” OR replace “year” with “time” and the statement becomes much more accurate. It might actually be possible that Ron Paul didn’t intend to lie. It is plausible that he misspoke. After all, the sentence in question was made in the context of being elected 10 times as a Republican. It’s just not that big of a deal and I doubt the media will jump all over this.

    Then there is JB and his faulty “analysis” here:

    “Paul was clearly lying through his teeth through 2/3 of Russert’s interview. In the end, Russert cornered him into basically denying 3/4 of his alleged platform??? He said he wasn’t really for abolishing any of the fed programs he tells voters he wants to abolish???”

    Ron Paul has said that he would like to abolish the CIA and the FBI, but he backtracked on this on Meet The Press. It wasn’t clear to me that Dr. Paul was lying through 2/3 of the interview or that he denied 3/4 of his platform. He did show a shred of hypocrisy by using Reagan on his campaign literature. But he stood up to Russert’s BS pretty well on every other issue and defended his positions well - except for the earmarks question when Russert wouldn’t let him complete his remarks.

    If JB is going to pose as a serious “common sense” commentator, he needs to be a bit more objective about facts. But, whenever I see someone describe their views or positions as “common sense”, I take it as a big red flag that there is probably a lack of common sense.

    For someone who started out with rather tepid support for Ron Paul, these jerks that attack him without actually making any rational argument against his positions are making my support get warmer.

  79. Tom Blanton Says:

    Since Dondero is so concerned about lying, perhaps he would like to address his own lies in this thread:

  80. Eric Dondero Says:

    Problem for you and your argument Blanton is that this is not the first time that Paul has said, “I was an LP member for only a year.” He has said this in numerous other media interviews these past few months. This one just happens to be the doozy, cause he said it on Meet The Press.

    There’s no getting out of this one.

    These are facts that are easily checked and are right in print in black & white.

    Ron Paul just lied on national television, and has thus destroyed a great deal of his credibility.

  81. Eric Dondero Says:

    The Ron Paul campaign is “such a huge success” ‘eh T&A?

    Check out RCP today. Ron Paul’s running average is down to 4% from a high of 5.1% two weeks ago. That’s hardly a “success.”

  82. Thomas L. Knapp Says:

    It’s not that complicated, Eric. Paul didn’t say he was “only involved with the Libertarian Party for one year.” What he said was:

    I’ve been a Republican all my life except for that one year that I ran as a Libertarian.

    Note the use of the word RAN. In every year that Ron Paul has appeared on a ballot for public office, he has appeared as a Republican, except for one year (1988). Maybe he could have said it better, and he probably should have, but it’s not nearly as important as you seem to want it to be.

    As far as the third party angle goes, my estimate of the chance that Ron Paul will seek the LP’s presidential nomination remains at 95%. Refusing to say “no, I will not do that” on Meet the friggin’ Press would have driven it up to 98% or so, but there’s no more room for it to go up, as I’m holding out that last 5% to account for the off chance that he’ll win the GOP nomination.

  83. Eric Dondero Says:

    The research on this matter is “a little silly” precisely cause it doesn’t fit the Ron Paul fanatical supporters template. Surely “My man Ron” can’t lie. No way Dude. It’s Ron we’re talking here. He’s honest to the core. He doesn’t lie.

    Again, it wouldn’t be a lie if he simply misstated by a couple years. But he completely lied by 10 Years!! Possibly 11!! That’s a huge difference.

    I think many Republicans are going to be very interested in this news.

  84. Eric Dondero Says:

    Tom, this is not the first time he has said this. It’s only the first time he’s said it on National Television.

    I’m sure I could dig up previous quotes from him where he has said precisely the same thing, but only in the manner that you prefer it to be to make it true. (Convuluuted sentence I know, but you catch my drift).

  85. Eric Dondero Says:

    It’s been fun hanging out with you all here. But now I must move on temporarily to some other “pastures.” I think there’s some folks out there who are going to be quite interested in Ron Paul’s statement on his LP Membership. And they start with a big ‘R’.

    Hint: Think African Savanaugh and a rather large animal.

  86. T.A. Says:

    If anyone really wants to continue the dialogue with E. Diddy, just type into Google “Ron Paul, Eric Dondero.” That’s what he just did yet again to see if he could find another blog that would be more interested in his political & quixotic histrionics.

  87. Daniel Morin Says:

    Eric Dondero was fried. Now he hates Ron Paul and is spamming the website.

  88. Chris Says:

    I’m sure I could dig up previous quotes from him where he has said precisely the same thing

    Ok. I challenge you to do so. Otherwise you are full of shit.

    Notice how you were claiming that Paul lied on Meet the Press. Once it was pointed out that the ACTUAL statement was not nearly at the level of being a lie, you backtrack and claim he had made similar statements that were lies sometime in the past.

  89. me3 Says:

    Dear Eric Dondero,

    I hope you get the help you so badly need. Your obsession seems to be really unhealthy.

    Best of luck with your work on the Giuliani campaign.


  90. Nancy Says:

    Mr. Dondero:

    Who cares if he was a libertarian. You say that like it is a dirty word. Have you forgotten that both Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater, Sr. both referred to themselves as libertarian-conservatives? This is the very crux of everything that a traditional conservative is all about!

    - Limited constitutional government - Personal privacy - Personal responsibility - A strong national defense - Fiscal responsibility in government - Individual liberty

    Ron Paul is a traditional conservative. Perhaps that is why Barry Goldwater, Jr. has endorsed him for President of the United States.

  91. Bob Tanchero Says:

    Dondero, you are a douchebag. Please STFU.

    Thank you.

  92. Richie Says:


    You’re making a mountain out of a mole hole. Obviously, you don’t put your “principles” over party. Political parties should simply be used as vehicles to drive your principles into office - nothing more. Who cares (besides you) if he was a Libertarian for ten years? The LP is just a political party - the message of freedom and liberty is much bigger, and much more important. So, settle down already.

  93. chris matthews Says:

    hey stinky(aka dondero)

    It is well known that you were fired for not showing up for work and for a very suspect lack of personal hygiene. They had to burn the couch that you slept on in the campaign headquarters.

    Congratulations on your 5 minutes of fame, and for goodness sake, please consider the occassional shower.

  94. Yongrel Says:

    Dondero forgot to take his Thorazine today. Poor him.

  95. Jay Matthews Says:

    I went back and watched the interview for the exact quote but I see Tom Knapp beat me to it.

    Listen to RP and hear he spoke the truth. It is Dondero who is the liar here by misquoting RP when the interview was readily accessible. (Guess he had nothing better to do with his time.)

    About 2:50 in the segment:

    You’re right Dondero, he didn’t lie, and RP supporters can still believe in their candidate.

    For future reference people, just confront Dondero with facts and the sniveling, duplicitous coward will put his tail between his legs and run just the way he did when Tom Knapp called his bluff. You can set your watch by it.

    It’s also obvious he was fired, if he left on his own terms he wouldn’t be so vindictive.

  96. Freedom Says:

    if you look at the transcript he wasn’t talking about membership he was talking about running for elected office

    ‘I’ve been elected 10 times as Republican. I’ve been a Republican all my life except for that one year that I ran as a Libertarian’

    he says ‘that one year’ he ran for office as a Libertarian, so he wasn’t ‘lying on national television’ as you claim.

    Also wikipedia says: ’ Paul placed a distant third in the 1988 presidential election, running as the Libertarian nominee while remaining a registered Republican.’

  97. Publius Says:

    There is no way Ron Paul could logically run as a Third Party candidate. He did it once before and has seen the futility of it. I guess the only way I would consider it if I were in his shoes is if there was overwhelming popular support. Of course you would think that if there was overwhelming popular support he would win the republican nomination…that assumes the nomination process is fair. So logically, if he is popular he wins the nomination, if not, why go through all the BS. I think RP is going to surprise a lot of people in the upcoming primaries.

  98. AnotherPundit Says:

    This is so funny. Like this is a big deal. Hey Ron Paul needs press if you can “expose” Ron then go right ahead. More ink and tv time for Ron! It doesn’t seem to hurt Huckabee. Huckabee has a load of dirt on him and he just gets more air time out of it. Eric Dondero you need to get laid. But hurry up with those papers.

  99. Bo Says:

    I like how Eric starts getting owned and then leaves. Typical. So Eric, why exactly should I not vote for Ron Paul based on what you are saying? You obviously seem to think it’s a big issue, since you do this all the time and on every random blod there is. Why should I vote for Rudy (or whoever else) over Ron Paul? Or are you just trying to point out Ron Paul is not as perfect as some of his supporters paint him to be? If that is the case, you REALLY need to get a life.

  100. J.P. Says:

    Nobody likes you Dondero!

  101. Paulo Says:

    Dondero is a pathetic liar and everything he says is tainted. Scum like this are whats wrong with our country and we need to get these puppets out of our government.

    Ron Paul is an honest statesman who has made huge enemies in the corrupt circles in politics. As far as powerful scum goes, Dondero amounts to nothing but a pimple on the ass of Rockefeller and the CFR.

    Maybe in the end he will serve a purpose, the same way Gollum did.

  102. Brent Says:

    Eric Dondero, I fail to see what the problem is whatsoever. Can you not be a libertarain Republican? Can you not be apart of two parties? Can you not say you represent what Republicans used to stand for, aka paleoconservatism/Old Right, rather than what Republicans stand for now?

    Who cares if he voted for a Libertarian? Who cares if he was in the conventions? Who cares if he went back to the Republican party to go back to Congress? I fail to see what the problem is.

  103. Erin Says:

    Eric Dondero is bizarre. He spends so much of his life posting on blogs and message boards trying to unsuccessfully to smear Ron Paul all the while exposing himself as the angry obsessed with profanity and obscenities man that he is. It is beyond creepy. Someone who goes around posting on blogs calling people mother effers and sucking dick can hardly be considered credible. This man talks about dicks WAY too much. Here are some gems from Eric Dondero:

    Just because I’m not an Anarchist, and don’t worship at Murray Rothbard’s Grave site, and suck L. Neil Smith’s dick, doesn’t mean I’m not a Libertarian.

    And so who the fuck are you? I’ve never run into you out on the petitioning trail for the Libertarian Party or the libertarian movement. Never heard of you before.

    Who the fuck died and made you boss?

    Don’ you fucking dare try to tell me who is and who is not a “real libertarian.”

    Bring it on mother-fucker. Bring it on…


    You’re as good as sucking Osama Bin Laden’s dick, if you oppose the War on Islamo-Fascism. Stop with all the bullshit you little fucking coward.

    I pretty much could give a flying fuck about philosophy.

    Maybe if we suck enough Radical Muslim dick than they won’t cart us off to the gas chambers.


    And while we’re on the subject WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU ANYWAY??

    Not to dumbfuck lazy-asses like you who wouldn’t know a clipboard if it hit you upside your ugly-ass head.

    Tip of iceberg.

    Look, I can curse like a sailor with the best of them but this is hysterical. This Eric Dondero wants to unseat Ron Paul all the while he is posting angry profanity filled rants in all caps at people all over the internet. Then he tries to attack Ron Paul’s credibility. Yikes!

  104. Paige Says:


    when he was talking about his party membership, don’t you think that maybe he was talking about his party membership during his POLITICAL life? I mean, really, his political life is comprised of his 10 terms in Congress and his 1988 run on the LP Presidential ticket.


    I never heard him say that he “wasn’t for abolishing the programs he says he wants to abolish.” Talking about Social Security and Medicare, he said what he’s been saying all along: you can’t abolish it in a day, you need a transition. And he clearly stated today that he favors a transition in which young people get out while we tide over the elderly today. He also said he favors abolishing the Department of Education. He stated that quite clearly in the interview. He didn’t say he would abolish public schools, and he has never called for that during this campaign. That has never been a part of his platform in this campaign. He has also not specifically called for the abolition of the FBI and CIA in this campaign; he did 20 years ago, but not today. He has said he would remove some functions, but not abolish them outright.

    He said the same thing today that he’s been saying all along. He defended his ideas and platform; he didn’t run from it at all. Rewatch the interview.

    However, noting your obvious hatred of Paul, your ability to form an unbiased judgement is seriously in question.

  105. Tim Says:

    Talk about grasping at straws. That this is the biggest ‘scandal’ a disgruntled former employee with a vendetta can come up with just shows how clean Ron Paul is.

    Thank You Eric, you have reinforced how strongly I and many others feel towards the good Doctor.

  106. T.A. Says:


    They sometimes call me E-Diddy,
    My Ron Paul obsession’s a bit of a pity!

    I just googled myself today for the 100th time,
    “Ron Paul, E-Diddy” I put on the line.

    I say Rudy’s the only Libby
    So my Ron Paul obsession’s a little snitty.

    Yea, they call me King E-Diddy,
    I’ll alone say who are & aren’t the real Libbys!

    I’m my own golden libertarian church,
    Disagree with me & you’ll get a curse.

    F-you, you-sh*t, you liar & crook,
    I’m E-Diddy & any other libertarians I’ve foresook!

    Rudy’s my man, our saviour & god’s son
    By my name, I’ll say it even when Ron’s won!

  107. Eric Dondero Says:

    Paige, nice theory. Problem is, as I’ve said before, this is not the first time Ron Paul has said this. It’s only the most prominent forum that he’s said it in.

    There are other damning evidence on this front. For instance, notice how he’s downplayed his 1988 Libertarian race in all his campaign literature this time? Notice how his association with the LP is glossed over and sometimes not even mentioned in current campaign bios.

    Look, I’m the Republican here. I can’t believe I’m defending you all on this. If I was in your shoes, if I was a Libertarian Party person, I’d be super, super pissed off at Ron Paul right now for what he just said on Tim Russert.

    After today, how is it that you all could even consider giving him your nomination?

    It’s like high school when the pretty girl turns you down for a date 5 times, and even goes out of her way to embarrass you in front of all your friends saying you’re a nerd, but one day her car breaks down on the side of the road, and you’re passing by, and you just happen to be good with cars, and like a little lapdog you stop and ask her if you can help her. She bats her eyes, and gladly accepts.

    Y’all be patsies if you take in Ron Paul right now after what he did to you all today. He embarassed the Libertarian Party on national television.

  108. Eric Dondero Says:

    T.A. this is not a scandal. There’s no money involved here.

    This is simply an embarrassment for the Libertarian Party. Ron Paul, the LP’s 1988 Presidential candidate just used and abused the LP, and you all are still defending him.

    He takes y’all’s money for his campaign, than he announces on national television, that he was involved in your Party for “only 1 year.” When the truth is, he was an active LP member for 10 years.

  109. Eric Dondero Says:

    Brent excellent question. You’re talking to the very guy who has advocated being a member of the LP and the GOP for years. Ask our host Stephen Gordon. He’ll confirm that.

    No, the problem here is that he lied about his membership. And he seemed embarrassed to be associated with you all.

    Why couldn’t he answer the question thusly:

    “Yes Tim, I have been a longtime member of the Libertarian Party, but I see no inconsistency in that. Were you aware Tim, that the very guy who founded the Libertarian Party was the State Chairman of the Colorado Young Republicans? And were you aware that 7 out of 8 Libertarian Party candidates for President were Republicans? Tim, I see nothing wrong with being a member of both the Libertarian Party and the Republican Party. In fact, here we sit in New York. This is the very state where for decades politicians have been running for office on both the Conservative Party and Republican Party lines, and also on the Liberal Party line at times. So, what’s wrong with Libertarian and Republican?”

    That would have been a fantastic answer.

    Instead he chose to lie and to deceive, and to distance himself from virtually any association with the Libertarian Party.

    How audacious of the man.

  110. hasan Says:

    Eric Dondewho???

  111. Eric Dondero Says:

    Bo, I’m always reachable on my cell phone 832-896-9505. I haven’t run away from anything. I’ve got a radio show and two websites to maintain, so I’m sorry, but I can’t spend my entire life at TPW, as much as I love you guys here.

    Bo, if you want to vote for Ron Paul be my guest. Not trying to disuade you. I’m simply pointing out that if I was a Libertarian Party person right now, I’d be super pissed off at the man. He has just take a giant dump on your Party. And it’s the steamin’ kind too.

    If you’re not LP than I could see how you wouldn’t care much. But the LPers here, I gotta tell you all, you’re being entirely hypocritical if you are defending Paul right now, after his statement earlier today.

  112. Erin Says:

    Eric - put up or shut up. If Ron Paul has claimed to only have been a member of the Libertarian Party for one year numerous times then show us proof of even ONE time. Yeah, that is what I thought.

    I’m a LP member and I am not one bit embarrassed by what Paul said today. He has always said that true conservatives are Libertarians. He did not say a single thing bad about the LP today. All he said was that he only ran as a Libertarian one year and the rest he ran Republican. The Republican party made me leave after it went off the deep end but I’m glad Paul stayed a part of it most of the time trying to bring it back to its roots. I have now rejoined to help him with that effort. I consider myself both a Libertarian and a Republican although I’ve never ran for office with either party.

  113. Erin Says:

    Eric, you ask, “Why couldn’t he answer the question thusly”?

    Because the bizarre rant you are providing us as the answer he should have given has absolutely nothing to do with the question that Russert asked. Here is the question Paul was given:

    “Why are you running as a Republican candidate for President?”

    Read that three times real slow so it sinks in because you are seriously confused. Why would he have said ANY of the things in your bizarre fake answer in response to that question. Makes no sense at all. He explained that he only ran as a Libertarian one year and all the other years he ran as a Republican.

  114. Willem de Wit Says:

    Any chance Paul meant “one election” when he said “one year”? Did Paul run for any other offices than that of the presidency under the ticket of the Libertarian Party?

  115. Kyle Says:

    This is my first visit (I think) to this website. I am a new supporter of Ron Paul (about since July). Seems like I have visited a fire storm of anger here. Lots of foul words, and what I would call hate speech; from all sides. Is this what you wanted visitors to see—seems like many of you are with the Lib party; some leaders. Why do I want to join a party so full of hate? You folks sound like clones of Bush and Cheney; where is the love and vision and passion for America. The dems and reps are bought off; this is an important cycle; our Constitutional rights are hanging by threads. I ask each of you who want to build a real third party, to uplift each other; look for what is good. If someone disagrees with you, then respect their right to their opinion. Stop using gutter language; stop the hate. I hope Ron runs as a third party; either Const or Lib. He is, while not perfect (who is), the only one in the race talking about giving back our rights under the Constitution. He really needs a good Veep; solid media and national figure. I wish to thank each of you who are Lib party members for your years of hard work, and countless hours and dollars in defense our our civil liberties. Please; get along; if we offend people, it is so hard to get them back in the group after they are gone. We need to work together; if we each walk away mad, then only the one world government wins.

  116. Jay Matthews Says:

    “he announces on national television, that he was involved in your Party for “only 1 year.””

    Dondero continues to lie, and stay in need of a hearing check.

    Notice how Dondero once again is long on bluster and nowhere on substance. No actual quotes, YouTube footage, links, zero.

    RP has done more to publicize libertarian ideals AND the LP by his campaign than any other candidate in recent history. He has NEVER said anything negative about the LP, but Dondero, if you have anything of substance, bring it. In the meantime go back to helping Rudy try to convince the public of his bogus 23 tax cuts.

  117. Willem de Wit Says:

    JB wrote: “I just don’t get what it is about Ron Paul that gives him this Jim Jones power over a certain breed of angry anti-American right now.”

    Thanks for clarifying your view of Paul and his supporters so clearly. It helps put the rest of your comments in perspective.

  118. Bo Says:

    Actually, Dondero, I was part of the Libertarian party all my life until I switched to vote for Paul recently. So my question stands. What does this have to do with whether or not I should vote for him? If it doesn’t have anything to do with that, what is your point? I could care less what he said about the party. It doesn’t have anything to do with how good of a president he will be. If you and other (L) members are outraged by this, get a life. I know a lot of (L) members who could care less about this. At least go after him on the issues instead looking like an obssesed lunatic.

  119. Paige Says:

    Ok, so I’ve done a quick, because Mr. Dondero made me think of an article that came out earlier this year in the Economist. Here’s the article:

    About mid-way down, you’ll find:

    “Running for president as the Libertarian Party candidate in 1988 (while still, oddly, a Republican) helped Mr Paul acquire a small cadre of devoted supporters around the country.”

    And according to Ron Paul’s Wikipedia entry, in the introduction:

    “Paul placed a distant third in the 1988 presidential election, running as the Libertarian nominee while remaining a registered Republican.”

    He may have turned in his membership card and “left” the activities of the Republican party, but he remained a registered Republican voter. He went back to practicing medicine after this, and he kept his Republican registration while keeping the LP dues-paying membership (which he still has while having Republican membership). Therefore, he remained a registered Republican while running as Libertarian for a year, so the claim that he “has been a Republican all his life, except the one year (he) ran as a Libertarian” is valid. (Note: He didn’t say he was a Libertarian “for just one year,” as Eric is stating. Rewatch the video.)

    Nice try, Mr. Dondero.

  120. Paige Says:

    Oh, and for the record:

    Ron Paul has been open about the fact he ran as a Libertarian, and he has embraced the label of libertarian many times through the campaign:

    Acknowledging he is a “libertarian” on Bill Maher:

    Here he is talking about the writers of the Constitution being “libertarian” completely unsolicited, remarks he has made throughout the campaign, on Glen Beck:

    We Libertarians know where Ron Paul stands with us, and it is exactly that: with us. As far as his not mentioning the fact he ran as a LP candidate in 1988 in his campaign l