Ron Paul calls Huckabee Christmas ad ‘fascist’

Ron Paul

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...Ron Paul bashed Mike Huckabee’s new Christmas TV spot airing in Iowa and New Hampshire. The Huckabee spot “reminds me of what Sinclair Lewis once said. He says, ‘When fascism comes to this country, it will be wrapped in the flag carrying a cross.’ Now, I don’t know whether that’s a fair assessment or not, but you wonder about using a cross like he is the only Christian or implying that subtly,” said Paul, during an appearance on FOX News on Tuesday…

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  1. Derrick Says:

    I find Paul’s statement somewhat accurate, but maybe not the best thing for him to say. I can see how it would turn off some Iowa voters.

  2. Bryan Says:

    That is the extent of Ron Paul loosing control you could tell that the fox knuckle heads where getting under his skin. Ron has already said that it was not meant to be an attack. and for him maybe it was not the best thing to say. But i agree with that statement whole heartily. Huck like most Christians have went war retarded, i to am a Christian but know that Jesus is the Prince of Peace not hate and revenge.

  3. Greg Says:

    The person at Politics1 must not have watched that segment himself.

    Ron Paul did not specifically call that particular ad fascist.

    He was told that the ad had a cross in the background and was asked whether he thought it was appropriate to use that symbol in a political ad.

    His response was aimed at those who use religious symbols for political purposes.

  4. Eric Dondero Says:

    No Bryan, it’s a sign of his age. The campaign is clearly waring on him.

    I served as his close Personal Aide for 12 years. I can read the man like a book. He looked tired, and even a bit cranky, in that interview.

    He’s got bad problems with his knees. At times he’s almost handicapped. I’d have to carry him out of the car on many occasions.

    And this was 4 years ago.

  5. Cody Quirk Says:

    His response was aimed at those who use religious symbols for political purposes.

    =I think Huckabee just may have been doing that.

  6. Mark Says:

    Don’t listen to Dondero. He’s a disgruntled former employee of Ron Paul and he was fired. Now he’s challenging Ron for his seat in the House. Google it.

  7. lane filler Says:

    Anyone interested in a funny (but it really happened) column about what Huckabee is really like face-to-face should try:

  8. M.A. Hargett Says:

    To Eric:

    You’ve been smearing Ron since May, and suddenly you take on this “objective” caretaker position when posting about him at TPW?

    To the rest:

    The reason Eric Dondero left Ron Paul was to pursue his own political fortunes and jump in the Pro-Bush/Pro-War conga line where he believes he’ll have a good shot at making a name for himself as the “rational libertarian Republican,” unlike his ‘crazy’ ex-boss.

    Ron made an intelligent and salient comment, it was the soundbite of the year and with Meet The Press and other interviews coming up on Sunday he’ll have all the opportunity in the world to provide further explanation of his wickedly witty comment.

    To demonstrate the general idiocy of the pundits in this country, Dennis Miller made mention of the comment yesterday and said, “What he said isn’t possible because the cross would be hidden by the flag,” and “fascism means ‘closed-mindedness.’” Rush Limbaugh, never one to be accused of firing any brain-cells said, “So, Mike Huckabee is a fascist?”
    —M.A. Hargett

  9. Brent Says:

    He didn’t call the commercial fascist, I don’t even think he saw it. They asked him what he thought of using a cross in a commercial,he said it reminds him of that quote, but stated “I dono of that’s a fair assessment or not,”

  10. Tom Blanton Says:

    When asked for comment about the cross in his ad, Huckabee blew it off by saying it was a bookcase and then joked that if you played the ad backwards it said Paul is dead, Paul is dead.

    Does anyone know which came first - the Huckabee “joke” or the Sinclair Lewis quote by Ron Paul?

    The FOX News clown responded to Dr. Pauls statement by saying that Huckabee isn’t selling fascism. So, what exactly is Huckabee selling? In terms of economics, perhaps Huckabee is selling fascism.

  11. Pliny Says:

    Dr. Paul’s point, which everyone seems to have missed, is that something is not inherently good just because it touts patriotism (flag) or religion (cross). Huckabee isn’t campaigning on his own merits, he’s just talking about religion as if that somehow qualifies him to be President.

  12. Sean Scallon Says:

    Please address Mr. “Dondero” as “Mr. Rittberg” since that is is real name and we quite don’t know what “Dondero”means. It very well could be a code word for terrorist activity.

  13. Ronald Kane Hardy Says:

    I think the more the word “Fascist” is used this election cycle the better! Imagine the talking heads:

    Which candidate is the biggest fascist?
    Why do you support fascism?
    How do you define fascism?
    Is fascism possible here in America? (See Sinclair Lewis’ ‘It Can’t Happen Here” )
    So-and-so’s policies smack of fascism…
    The Neo-Fascists are offering….

    Yes - America needs to talk a little bit more about fascism.

  14. J.P. Says:

    The very few people who know who Dondero is know that he’s a jealous jackass. Here’s one of his gems:,%2005-03-03.htm

  15. N. Pannbacker Says:

    I’m very disappointed. I read the Third Party Watch often enough, and will likely to continue to do so, but I must register my disappointment. The quote was not quoted in its totality. Ron Paul specifically said that it was not fascist. He said that it is highly inappropriate to use such charged religious imagery. He has said very similar things in the past - when he reacted to a question about evolution by saying it was inappropriate for any president to get involved in a scientific matter.

    Ron Paul wants us to get OUT of the business of culture wars. He recognizes that the office of the President is not about controlling culture and embraces humility.

  16. David Says:

    I’m voting Eric Donderoooooooooooooooo.

    He’s not a complete LOSER at all.

  17. Tom Bryant Says:

    Is Donderoooooooooo pronounced like “Scooby Doobie Dooooo” or is it just a very long “Oh” sound?

    Remember that Ron Paul fired Eric, and he hasn’t been able to find any political work since then other than collecting and forging signatures.

  18. Jay Matthews Says:

    RP explained his comment later in the day on Jan Mickelson’s show. He wasn’t calling Huckabee fascist.

  19. Mike Gillis Says:

    Where can one watch this “fascist” ad?

  20. Anthony Distler Says:

    I’ve seen it. Huckabee’s arguement is that it wasn’t really supposed to be a cross, and that it was the light reflecting off the bookcase. From afar, you can hardly see it, but close-up you can plainly see the cross. Take it as you wish.

  21. Dr Coles Says:

    No, matter your political party affiliation, and setting aside your thoughts on issues. We all need to remember what it is to be an American Citizen. We need to make sure our elected representatives obey their Oath of Office and keep their Oath of Allegiance. See Know whom you are voting for.

  22. Richard Winger Says:

    Ron Paul, like hundreds of thousands of other people, has had knee replacements. So Eric Dondero’s comments about having to carry Ron Paul out of an automobile probably refer to a time before Ron Paul had his knee joints worked on.

    Many men who get to the age of 65 or 70, who were active in certain sports when they were much younger (especially football) need knee replacements.

  23. Elaine McKillop, Esq. Says:

    Huckabee is always disingenuous. If his lips are moving, you know he is lying. He does not have a degree in theology, but he does have one in communications. Any media student would be aware of the staging of this ad. The cross was intended without a doubt. I agree with Dr. Paul’s Sinclare Lewis quote. Huckabee also reminds me of a Sinclare Lewis character, Elmer Gantry, another corrupt and immoral cross waver. Huck is being financed by Hillary’s Arkansas inner circle, including Tyson Foods and Stephens Inc. and promoted by the liberal press so he will be the Republican nominee. A vote for Huck is a vote for Hillary.

  24. BillTX Says:

    You all need to quit bashing Eric Dondero. He speaks from 10 to 20 (!!) different languages (guess he’s not sure how many) and he gets pussy 24 hours a day. LOL!

  25. Jeff Wartman Says:

    I agree that Mr. Huckabee’s policies are watered down fascism, but not necessarily because of the “cross” in the ad. He’s a fascist because of his policies and rhetoric.

  26. Gluck-Lake Jackson-TX Says:

    Eric Dondero,

    I have to laugh every time I see your name.

    How did it make you feel when Ron Paul fired your sorry butt?

    And how does it feel to campaign in Brazoria County knowing everyone absolutely hates your guts because you are a whiney tiny weenie kind of guy.

  27. Danj Says:

    Title is demonstrably false.

    You fail.

  28. matt Says:

    I don’t think it’s demonstrably false, just an oversimplification that isn’t quite 100% accurate.

    Paul was clearly talking about fascism (and Huckabee) when he answered the question, and he was wise to do so, since Huckabee is pimping out his religion in a way that would even make Bush blush.

  29. SovereignMN Says:

    The cross/bookshelf has backlighting. You only backlight something that you want highlighted and focused. So why would you backlight a plain white bookshelf? Simple…it’s supposed to look like a cross. Nothing else in the background of the commercial is backlit..even the Christmas tree!

  30. Vladimir Opal Says:

    The title is just wrong. Incorrect. Erroneous. Paul was referring to a historical quote, and was no endorsing its views. Huckabee’s ad is just another way for Huck to capitalize on the Christian vote. Personally, I consider myself very religious but would not ever support someone who uses their religion as a political issue. Paul is honorable to never make an issue out of his own strong religious beliefs. That’s how politics should be.

  31. Alex Peak Says:

    Dear Third Party Watch:

    Dr. Paul did not call the ad fascist. He was commenting on the use of substanceless symbolish. I expect better reporting from this site.

    Respectfully yours,
    Alex Peak

  32. Eric Says:

    Why didn’t you post the quote where “Ron Paul calls Huckabee Christmas ad ‘fascist’”? You posted the quote Paul says the ad brings to mind but you didn’t post the quote where “Ron Paul calls Huckabee Christmas ad ‘fascist’”. If you’re going to tease us with the headline, why not post the quote?

  33. Eric Dondero Says:

    Look, anyone who knows Ron Paul knows of his problem with his knees. This is not something I’ve made up. This can be easily confirmed with ANY of his staffers, close friends or volunteers.

    Heck, Ron will even tell you this if he’s asked.

    He’s pushing 73 friggin’ years old! Same age as McCain! Both of them are too damned old to be President.

    Do you all realize that if either one of them serve an 8-year term they’ll be 81 when they leave office?

    Average life expectency for an American male is only barely 74.

  34. Devious David Says:

    The best part of this whole thing is that Dondero’s vendetta will backfire. He cast his lot with the neocons. And when Dr. Paul is the President, Dondero could have been right there in the freaking White House! But no, he cast his lot with scum and gets to be a nutjob third rate political do-boy. Poetic justice!

    Dr. Paul walks, swims and bikes regularly. He’s in good health, despite your lies and half truths.

    You know Dr. Paul is winning when Dondero starts pulling out things like this. In fact, I’ll bet the neocons will start trying to talk about things like this since all the other attacks are failing so miserably. McCain would have to be sacrificed in order to do so.

  35. Jay Matthews Says:

    Paul and McCain are not the same in age. They are a year apart. Dondero cannot get the most basic of facts right. No wonder RP fired you.

  36. Tom Fitz Says:

    Dondero is pathetic. Does Libertarian mean peckerwood, trailer park yahoo?
    It does on his website. Click on his name and it will take you there.
    I sure am glad the good Dr. fired him!

  37. Cody Quirk Says:

    I’m very disappointed. I read the Third Party Watch often enough, and will likely to continue to do so, but I must register my disappointment. The quote was not quoted in its totality. Ron Paul specifically said that it was not fascist. He said that it is highly inappropriate to use such charged religious imagery. He has said very similar things in the past - when he reacted to a question about evolution by saying it was inappropriate for any president to get involved in a scientific matter.

    =Take it up with Politics1, I was just quoting them.

  38. Immigrant Says:

    At no point did Ron Paul actually call Mike Huckabee a fascist. Watch the clip on youtube and listen VERY carefully, he NEVER does it. This is simply media sensationalism.

  39. Rob Banks Says:

    Look, anyone who knows Ron Paul knows of his problem with his knees.

    So what? He’s running for president - not quarterback!

  40. Dave Says:

    Huckabee is prowar how can that be construed as prolife.Huck is a fascist.

  41. Daniel Morin Says:

    Ron Paul answered a question that was asked about the ad. This is far different than commenting or attacking an ad from someone else.

    Big Government IS fascism because Big Government cannoe exist without suppressing the individual. Huckabee is for Big Government - look at his voting record. I wonder why is not running as a Democrat.

  42. Jim McClarin Says:

    Eric Dondero tries to make the case that Ron Paul is too old for public office by highlighting a problem Paul formerly had with his knees. Today, Paul is an avid walker and bike rider and admits to being something of an exercize addict, although I’m sure the campaign has been making him miss out on as many cardio workouts as he’d like.

    A busy campaign schedule can be wearying even for someone much younger but Paul has done very well with it, a fact often remarked upon by those who have been with him on the campaign trail.

  43. Robert C Says:

    What the Fox News reporter actually asked was whether Congressman Paul thought that it was appropriate to use religion in a political campaign—in itself a very general question, and Congressman Paul replied with a general literary reference.

    Congressman Paul is a very literal man. He is one of the few who will actually respond to the question that you ask. Please consider reviewing the exchange on readily available Internet sites as objectively as possible.

    Here’s the context.

    [Reporter describes Huckabee Christmas Ad, then says…]

    FOX: We had a guest a little while a go that said he thought is was inappropriate to use religion in a political campaign. Congressman, we just wonder what you think?

    RP: We’ll I haven’t thought about it completely.

    [Ron Paul’s Sinclair Lewis fascism line]

    RP: I don’t know if that’s a fair assessment or not, but you wonder about him using a cross….

    On the other hand, if you’re just the sort who enjoys finding “gotcha’s” of political correctedness among those with whom you disagree, I suppose it doesn’t matter.

  44. Ryan from Philadelphia Says:

    Huckabee IS a fascist war-monger who cares little about the middle class.

    Fair tax is a 27% sales tax. (That means you pay the government $4,000 extra for that $15,000 automobile.)

    THAT is not conservative.

  45. Dale Legan Says:

    We must never forget that the Nazi’s had “God is on our side” on their beltbuckles. Christians supported and brought hitler to power in the begining. Ron Paul is a christian. Huckabee is using the christian label and then saying why he will violate the oath of office to stay in Iraq.( a lie and contradiction).
    If you were not a lazy or inept reporter you would know that Ron Paul is a Christian and Huckabee is not the only christian in the race.

    Statement of Faith
    By Rep. Ron Paul, MD.
    We live in times of great uncertainty when men of faith must stand up for our values and our traditions lest they be washed away in a sea of fear and relativism. As you likely know, I am running for President of the United States, and I am asking for your support.
    I have never been one who is comfortable talking about my faith in the political arena. In fact, the pandering that typically occurs in the election season I find to be distasteful. But for those who have asked, I freely confess that Jesus Christ is my personal Savior, and that I seek His guidance in all that I do. I know, as you do, that our freedoms come not from man, but from God…. Read the rest here..

  46. Eric Dondero Says:

    Ahh, geez. I’m so, so sorry guys. Stephen Gordon, my sincerest apologies to you and this entire list.

    I got McCain’s age wrong. I said that “Ron Paul and John McCain were the same age.” When in fact they are a year apart. McCain is 73, Paul is 72 1/2.

    So sorry you all. I’ll promise to be more careful in the future with my facts. Cross my heart.

  47. Jay Matthews Says:

    No Dondero, they are a full year apart. Actually a little more. Hysterically you still got it wrong even on the second try. Guess basic math is also not your strong suit. Go back to helping Rudy w/ the TTC.

  48. Dale C. Says:

    I checked and Jay M. is right. Paul is older, not McCain. 72 vs. 71. Nice job Eric.

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