Ed Thompson to Run for Mayor (Again)

I just got off the telephone with former Tomah, Wisconsin City Counselman and previous Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate Ed Thompson. Thompson confirmed the rumor I had heard that he just filed to paper work to run for mayor, a position which he’s also previously held. Here’s Thompson’s general biography, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Ed Thompson (born December 25, 1944, in Elroy, Wisconsin) was the United States Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of Wisconsin in 2002 . He received 11% of the vote. He was elected mayor of Tomah, Wisconsin, in April, 2000, with 58% of the vote. His older brother, Tommy Thompson, was previously Governor of Wisconsin and United States Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Ed Thompson was the subject of the documentary A Remarkable Man.[1]

On April 5, 2005, Thompson won an unexpected victory in the city council election in Tomah, Wisconsin.

It was unexpected because Thompson wasn’t running for the position. He had recently decided not to run for re-election for his position as chairman of the Wisconsin Libertarian Party, and was actually planning to take a break from politics.

Although he didn’t know it, Thompson was the subject of a write-in campaign. He would receive 31 of 34 votes. His “opponent”, John Buick, received one vote from Thompson himself.

When Thompson first heard the news of his victory, he immediately declined the position. But days later, Thompson said, “I am honored by the confidence the people of Tomah have shown by electing me to serve them, and I would be shirking my responsibility and duty if I were to decline.

“I received just a deluge of phone calls, asking me to reconsider. And when I thought about all the people who don’t get involved in politics, and how often I’ve told people they really should get involved in local politics, I had to say yes.”

Thompson was sworn in on April 15, 2005, and will serve two years on the Tomah city council.

According to a blog run by Stephen P. Gordon former Communications and Political Director for the Libertarian Party, Thompson is considering a presidential bid in 2008 [2].

Earlier this week, Thompson told me that he has no presidential aspirations at this time. The other LP presidential candidates can breath a bit easier now. :)

8 Responses to “Ed Thompson to Run for Mayor (Again)”

  1. Phil Says:

    I predict he receives around 98% of the vote.

  2. Jeff Wartman Says:

    GREAT for Ed!!

  3. Don ald R. Lake Says:

    Hey Steve, you have info on the announced upcoming Greens Harry Martin [owner] and Amber Martin [Editor] of the weekly Napa Sentinel for County Supervisor and City Council. Martin lost his bid for mayor in the most costly run for city office ever, as he was out spent four to one. Until then he was the longest running council member in living memory, if not Napa municiple history!

  4. Rolf Lindgren Says:

    Ed plans to hold a giant fundraiser and/or rally for Ron Paul in between Super Tuesday (Feb 5) and the Wisconsin Primary (Feb 19).

  5. Michael Says:

    Good-bye to the LP’s one chance for a decent vote total for president. Maybe in 2012.

  6. Devious David Says:

    Dr. Paul didn’t have aspirations either, but guess what? Peer pressure is a bitch. Ed Thompson is going have to either be Dr. Paul’s running mate, or be the LP Presidential candidate. I don’t care what he thinks about it. We may have to stage a kidnapping to get it done, but I am sure he will be agreeable under the right circumstances. :)

  7. Robert Milnes Says:

    Devious David, so you say RP had no (presidential aspirations? Then what happened, the government figured some way to get him to run? He clearly was surprised by the amount of support he got.

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