The Big(ger) Story: Ron Paul Passes 100,000 Individual Donors for the Fourth Quarter

As Steve Gordon mentioned earlier, the Ron Paul money bomb that is taking place today is really something else to watch! The campaign has easily rolled past the goal of $12 million for the Fourth Quarter and is now poised to hit $14.5 million by the time I finish writing this post.

Those are amazing numbers and will surely earn Paul another round of positive media coverage and “who is this guy?” style stories on local news stations around the country.

But I think the real story here is, beyond just the money raised, that Ron Paul has just passed the 100,000 mark for individual donors in the Fourth Quarter. That large donor base is important for several reasons…

1. It shows a serious depth of national support for Paul’s campaign.

2. It’s easily competitive with the top tier candidates like Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani.

3. It can be tapped again should Paul decide to run as a third party or independent candidate.

The last point in the one that is really interesting to me.

If Ron Paul fails to win the Republican nomination (and I still believe that he will fail), he will be sitting on a list of hundreds of thousands of donors. Add to that hundreds of thousands of frustrated volunteers who don’t want to give up the fight and you’ve got an explosive situation.

If he did run in the general election as either a third party or independent candidate, Paul supporters who have donated the maximum could turn around and donate again. The slate is wiped clean, except this time Ron Paul has a giant list of everyone willing to give him money. And he’ll have a volunteer and grassroots infrastructure that easily surpasses any third party candidate in modern times.

Oh, and he’s got all of those assets in the bank by February— far, far before another candidate like Mike Bloomberg or whoever Unity08 nominates.

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  1. Jonathan Cymberknopf Says:

    How many times does Ron Paul have to say he will not run outside of the Republican Party?? and the other assenide coment you made is he has no chance to earn the Republican nomnation. As far as I know no one has gone to the future and seen whom “The People” voted for and come back to tell us. The fact you even agree Dr. APul holds a large donor base should give you an insight on the very real chance Dr. Paul has in winning the Republican Nomination. After today, Dr. Paul will have the money to aggresively push in advertisement before the Iowa Caucases. And may I remind you one more time Dr. Paul has over and over said he will spend every penny. Too bad you do not take Dr. Paul at his word. He has never lied in his 10 terms as Congressman, why would he start now? Go Ron Paul Go, please donate and please spread the word.

  2. Matt Shelby Says:

    The biggest problem with a Ron Paul third party run is that he isn’t quitting his quest for the GOP nomination anytime soon. He’ll at least run through Super Tuesday. And the fact is that there are a lot of states with “sore loser” laws that make it impossible to get on the ballot for a general election when you’ve lost a primary election for that same post. So Dr. Paul could turn in a million signatures in those states and still never get on the ballot. That’s a huge problem that he’s not discussing explicitly, but that he is quite aware of.

  3. Austin Cassidy Says:

    I believe he will spend the money on the primaries, which is why his donorbase is important. He can go back to them if he decides to run as an independent or third party candidate.

    As far as him not winning the GOP nomination, I said it was my opinion. But I would be willing to bet you $1,000 on it… he’s just not going to get the GOP nod. But he will be in fantastic position to run independent should he decide to go for it.

  4. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Matt, would that apply if he won the nomination of another party—like the Libertarian or Constitution Party? I honestly don’t know that much about those laws… I usually just ask Richard Winger. :)

  5. Brian Dean Says:

    Yeah, I’m, REAL tired of the “he won’t get the nomination” statements and expectations, as well as the “third-party candidacy” discussions that subsequently ensue. I think a lot of other people are too. I think it’s enough people that actually will vote, and enough to actually win the nomination AND the election.

  6. Danny Says:

    No doubt, he’ll win the GOP nom. and will beat any democratic nom.

  7. Steven Yantis Says:

    I can’t believe that Third Party Watch even allowed this sick excuse for an article to be posted. If Ron Paul doesn’t win the Republican nomination, I’m sorry to say, that other kinds of donors will probably be needed. The revolution is on. Wake up!

    - Steven

  8. Lex Says:

    I think the sore loser laws don’t apply to presidential candidates, because you’re voting for the actual candidate in the primaries, but you’re voting for a slate of Electoral College Electors in the general election.

  9. Lex Says:

    I agree with Austin’s assessment of Ron Paul’s chances as a third party candidate, but I still think he has as good a shot as any of the top six Republicans to win the nomination. If no one delivers a knockout blow in January, February 5th is likely to split in 3 or 4 different directions. That would leave only Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and maybe Rudy Giuliani with enough cash to compete all the way to the convention.

  10. Shohadaku Says:

    The only way he will not win is if the election is stolen. Second-People REALLY need to get out of this mentality to vote for who they are told “has the best chance of winning”

    We need to start voting on who is best for our Country. For this the only choice is Ron Paul.
    No other Candidate would have ROn Pauls money if they didn’t have their special interest big buisness donors. No other candidate has the support of the people like Ron Paul.
    Stop downplaying his chances. He has won MORE STRAW POLLS then ANY Candidate he’s up against. The ONLY poll he does not do well in is the “official scientific poll”. DO research on this method. It’s called “scientific” because they use science to get the answer they want. It’s a Scam, the media is a scam. Enough is enough. This is our one chance to take our Freedom and liberties back from a over opressive bunch of criminals driving our economy into the ground.

  11. Joe Lawson Says:

    Not sure why this article was written like it was, but from what I can tell almost all the people that are in third parties are registering as Republican to vote for Ron Paul. From what I can tell, its probably the first time this has happened since the 1800’s.

    When Reagan ran in 1980 he ended up third in Iowa - Bill Clinton wasn’t even on the map and Jimmy Carter was polling lower than Ron Paul at this same point in time. What you need to do is look past Iowa and New Hampshire (which I think Ron Paul will win) and look at South Carolina where Ron Paul is surging in the old MSM polls - this is very important and this year so is Nevada because its a boom state and I look for Ron Paul to win there. This will be the first year we have had a brokered Republican convention in along time, and for those of you that still can’t see it, remember that Ron Paul supporters are taking over delegate positions everywhere and that is what is going to be important come crunch time at the convention.

  12. disinter Says:

    Earth to Austin: He is NOT going to run as an independent or third party candidate IF he loses the GOP nomination.

  13. Little Jim Says:

    As a Ron Paul fan, sometimes other Ron Paul fans are beginning to piss me off with their overzealousness.

    Stating that Ron Paul WILL win the GOP nomination is silly. He may win, and I hope he does. He’s also got a very serious battle with very serious contenders and the odds are against him. That’s a fact.

    Talk about Ron Paul running as a Libertarian is normal, too. To talk about that possibility isn’t a slam at Ron Paul; it’s merely a statement of reality.

    To the people who say that Paul has ruled out running as a Libertarian, take another look at his exact words:
    “no intention”. As someone on this site pointed at the other day,those are the same exact words Hillary once used to describe her 2008 presidential ambitions. It’s the traditional political non-answer that Paul should be giving at this time.

  14. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Delegates to the Republican convention are largely awarded based on victories in states or in Congressional districts.

    The “this time of year” arguements don’t hold up any more. In past cycles, like 1992… the contests didn’t begin until mid-February and the big states didn’t vote until well into March.

    Right now we’re a little over 2 weeks to Iowa and then it’s rapid fire for a month… and by February 5th it’s all over.

    Another point is that Ron Paul will not get any endorsements. It is all about delegates and if by February 5th it’s all split up… the “mainstream” candidates will endorse each other. There is no other Republican in this race that is closely aligned enough with Ron Paul to endorse him. That is why I believe he will not win the Republican nomination. But that’s just my opinion and I’ve stated it before on this site and identified it as such (MY opinion).

    Regardless, my point here is that he would be the best positioned candidate in modern history to make an independent bid. He’s got the money, the footsoldiers, the grassroots, and he’s earning the name recognition. The better he does in the GOP primaries—the stronger the push for him to run in the general election.

  15. Austin Cassidy Says:

    “Earth to Austin: He is NOT going to run as an independent or third party candidate IF he loses the GOP nomination.”

    Fair enough… let’s revisit this come April or May. :)

  16. disinter Says:

    Earth to Little Jim: He is NOT going to run as an independent or third party candidate IF he loses the GOP nomination.

  17. Jonathan Cymberknopf Says:

    Mr. Austin Cassidy should channel his daily citizenship to getting Ron Pual elected within the Republican Party instead of posting false rumors of a Third Party Run when Ron Paul has said repeatedly and most recently with Wolf Blitzer that he is 99.99999% sure he won’t run under a Third Party or as an Independant. Dr. Paul has never lied. I hope you don’t believe in Santa Clause either. Please call all you know, people that owe you favors, send emails, we need money today, we need to break records today. Urge everyone to make a donation,it could be $10 We must breakthrough the media and this is the only way Dr. Paul will be elected. In America, it is the one with the most money who wins !!

  18. Eric M Says:

    The Republican National Committee meeting to select the republican nomination won’t be until September… we still have a long fight to go.

  19. Fred C. Says:

    For reference:

    “Robert Milnes Says:
    October 25th, 2007 at 8:30 pm

    Carl, I predicted a geometric downward-$3>Oct, 2>Nov, 1>Dec.”

  20. revotenow Says:

    Maybe we need to start thinking that Ron Paul is bringing the rise of a third party. Moving the Republican Party away from the Neo-cons leaving them to rot away in time. The issue is not the two party system, but what the parties have become. Once they are corrected democracy can return to make it easier for the other parties to thrive without all the hurdles that have been put in place. Watch out Democratic Party, your next.

  21. disinter Says:

    Austin - he is running for re-election for his House seat. He has no plans to retire. If he runs as an Ind or 3rd party, he will lose that seat. Not to mention it will be a huge waste of his time. He has said both of these things and he is right. You assume he is much dumber than he is.

  22. disinter Says:

    Eric M - Austin is correct, it is all over in Feb.

  23. charley hardman Says:

    will one of the “ron paul will not run as a third party candidate” people please provide a source where paul states that exactly? i’ve heard him discuss the issue countless times, yet don’t recall a single definite refusal. every time i’ve heard it, it’s “i have no plans” politico-speak, quite obviously leaving the door open. he might hate to go through all of that, but anybody swearing he won’t hasn’t been paying rigorous attention to his language. if i’m wrong, please provide the precise quote, date, and verifiable source evincing his complete, unalterable refusal.

    ron paul may get the ‘republican’ nomination, but i think it’s more likely he’ll go outside and demolish the one-party nimrod-mobile, including MSM. anybody who seriously thinks he’d pack up and quit after losing the ‘republican’ nomination, where are your eyes?

  24. Fred C. Says:

    Oh, and Richard Winger’s explained several times that sore loser laws don’t apply to presidential candidates. Click my name for the BAN post.

  25. Matt C Says:

    be fair: writer did not say RP “has no chance”. He said he thought he would fail, i.e. that it was more likely than not.

    The way I see it, Paul’s chances have been upgraded to 49%. I’ll take it.


  26. Little Jim Says:

    “Dr. Paul has never lied.”

    This is such a perfect example of the bizarro world that some of my fellow Ron Paul supporters live in. To listen to some of them, one might think Dr. Paul’s mother was the Virgin Mary.

    If Paul loses (I hope he wins) the GOP nomination, will he also rise from the dead after three days?

  27. disinter Says:

    charley hardman - he won’t be packing up and quiting, he will be running for his House seat. Anyone that thinks he plans on losing that, where are you eyes?

  28. DWornock Says:

    Okay fool, I will take your $1,000 bet. There are ten Republican candidates so I get 10 to 1 odds. You bet against Ron Paul. You put up $10,000 since there are ten candidates and I’ll bet $1,000 that Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination. Let a third party hold the money and the winner of the bet gets the $11,000.

  29. Austin Cassidy Says:

    “Mr. Austin Cassidy should channel his daily citizenship to getting Ron Pual elected within the Republican Party instead of posting false rumors of a Third Party Run when Ron Paul has said repeatedly and most recently with Wolf Blitzer that he is 99.99999% sure he won’t run under a Third Party or as an Independant. Dr. Paul has never lied.”

    I didn’t post a rumor of anything. I posted my ANALYSIS of his current situation and said that I believe he is well positioned to run as an independent. That’s different than a rumor.

    Furthermore, don’t tell me what I should be doing with my time. I don’t even support or plan to vote for Mr. Paul at this time, but thanks for asking.

    And I’m glad that he’s never told a lie—I hope you won’t consider him a liar if/when he does decide to run as an independent.

  30. Stephen Gordon Says:

    disinter—About the House seat, well, there is always Donderooooooooo.

  31. disinter Says:

    Dumbdero has about as much chance of winning as a LP candidate does.

  32. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Those odds aren’t worth all that trouble, and I don’t have $10,000 just laying around. But I appreciate the offer.

    Save your money and donate $2,300 to his general election campaign. ;)

  33. Al Says:

    As he has done so far he will do better than his detractors expect, whether or not it will be enough remains to be seen.

    We can break Hitlary’s record today if enough people give, no donation is too small.

  34. disinter Says:

    Live Dec 16th updates via:

  35. Chris Says:

    Paul should forget Iowa and focus everything on NH. He isn’t going to convince the mid-western hicks to vote for him. The Republican party has brainwashed middle Americans too well.

  36. james Says:

    My fellow Ron Paul supporters should stop attacking people who write fair articles. This writer offered his opinion that Ron won’t win the® nomination. If you disagree and wish to comment - do so.

    He did not attack Ron Paul. Please don’t attack him.

    I believe that Ron Paul can win the nomination, but I also hope that if he doesn’t, he WILL run as a 3rd party candidate.

    Not every journalist is out to get Ron Paul, and remember- you will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!

  37. Jason Says:

    Has anyone seen what a 3rd party has to do to even get in on the ballot? Let alone no TV show will let a 3rd party in on a debate. Forget it. He wins the GoP or it is over.

    Hope he gets elected and he fixes up the election laws to allow for more third parties.

  38. Fred C. Says:

    Hey Austin, is there a general election scenario where you’d vote for RP?

  39. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Clinton vs. Romney—then maybe. :)

  40. Fazsha Says:

    If he doesn’t win the nom, let’s all go to every campaign stop for the actual nominee with our Ron Paul signs, EVEN THOUGH HE’S NOT RUNNING. It will drive them friggin’ batty!

  41. Bill Wood Says:

    99.9999% that he will not run as a Minor Party Candidate, hmmm, to quote from “Dum and Dumber” “Sooo, there is a chance” LOL. If he does run as the Libertarian Party Candidate (he would have to win that Party’s nomination) he’d be on the ballot of at least 47 States.

  42. Steven Yantis Says:

    Watch These. (listen to the words)

    I’m a 58 year old Independant voter and have never voted for a Repulicrat in my life. Since I am a Washington state resident, I don’t need to register as a Republican to vote for Ron Paul, but if I had to, I suppose I would (temporarily) to vote in the best person for the job. Being a TRUE Republican is probably not such a bad thing anyway, if you look at their original platform. After all, the United States is constitutional rebublic. The Republican party is a far cry from what it was ever intended to be, for sure.
    I am voting for the man, not the party and I am the original founder of a coalition of third parties and Independents.
    I cannot and do not speak for any of the parties or Independents in our coalition. I can only recommend that they (and you) all support the ONLY
    candidate who really has a chance of turning our country around so that
    our forfathers who sacrificed their all for our liberty may once again rest in peace and our descendants may enjoy all that was intended for them.
    I truly believe that it is “live free or die” time, people. We cannot endure another 4 to 8 years of tyranny. The eyes of all nations are upon us to see
    what we will do. GWB said that if we are not with him and his gang of thugs then we are with the tyrannists. No! If we are with them then we are with the tyrannists!
    Friends, If ANYTHING happens to Ron Paul before his nomination or after his election, it should be an automatic call to arms and I think everyone knows what they need to do and let no man stop you. I think that is already the general consensus of the patriot community.
    Godspeed and God bless the United States of America and her patriots.

    Please donate all you can to Ron Paul’s campaign today on this anniversary of the Boston Tea party.

    Yours in Liberty,


  43. Steven Yantis Says:

    Thank You, James. You are absolutely correct about the honey and vinegar. I’ve been told that before. I have a tendanct to be overly abraisive at times and I need to work on that. I don’t believe Ron Paul will run as an Independant nor a third party candidate. There’s just not enough, time.

    My apology to the author of this article, whoever you are. I’m just biting at the bit and raring to go over whatever is in the path of our liberty. Try to speak a little more faith and encouragement rather than sowing doubts of discouragement.

    Respectfully yours,


  44. Hugh Jass Says:

    Right now, here is my analysis on the candidates’ odds to win the GOP nomination:

    Romney 25%
    Giuliani 20%
    Huckabee 15%
    Paul 10%
    McCain 10%
    Thompson 10%

    Also, the 2006 elections were a sign of the people telling the GOP that it needs to stand up for its limited government principles if it is to get the peoples’ votes. And since Ron Paul is the only limited government candidate running, his chances of winning are somewhat correlated with the GOP’s ability to read the writing on the wall nd realize that a limited government candidate is the only way the can win against the Democratic nominee.

  45. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Hugh, I think the last 7 days has shown that Romney’s odds are less than 25% and McCain and Huckabee are in better position that you’ve suggested.

  46. Mike Says:

    “He has no endorsements”

    Barry Goldwater Jr isn’t an endorsment? It wouldn’t surprise me if Ron Paul were to win the Presdiential White House. If you don’t see it then you are comepletely oblvious to America’s problems and Ron Paul’s message.

    Let me make this easy for you:

    On September 11, 2001 the United States was struck with terrorist attacks that killed 3,000 Americans. This got people into politics and patriotism soared. The US Government started taking away freedoms by enacting the Patriot Act shortly after 9-11. Congress voted to go to war in Afghanistan and go after Osama bin Laden who along with an organization called Al-Qadea was located in Afghanaistan. The United States did bomb the terrorists training camps and then went into nation building while forgetting about Osama. President Bush despite preaching a humble foreign policy declared a “war on terror” and decided to invade Iraq based on WMD’s. The WMD’s were not found. Later Bush would state that Iraq was part of the “war on terror” and that the US was trying to liberate Iraq from Saddam Hussein. The Hussien regime was taken over within three weeks and Hussein was removed from power. Hussein was later arrested for War Crimes if it would only stop there. Insurgents who didn’t want Americans in Iraq would kill 3,500 American soldiers over the next four years. During this time, despite being a conservative controlled Congress with a Conservative President, government spending shot through the ceiling. The national debt went to over 8 trillion with spending at 2 trillion. Republican voters were furious and in 2006 the Democrats promised to end the Iraq War and stop the corruption. They did not stop the war in Iraq and they had plans to increase taxes. Then comes Presidential Candidate Ron Paul who wants to end the war in Iraq(because of troops deaths, civillian deaths, blowback, and for fiscal spending) and also wants to control spending by eliminatiing federal departments that do not belong in the Constititution. On top of this he wants to abolish the IRS and replace it with nothing. Because republicans lost there way and with democrats promising more socialism and failing to get out of Iraq, the only one with appeal is Ron Paul. The internet is making it easier for Ron Paul to get name recogintion and funds. Also with him running as a Republican and not a Libertarian he is allowed in the debates, is on the ballot, and doesn’t have to deal the Electoral College which plagued third parties since the beginning of American history.

  47. Austin Cassidy Says:

    The endorsements I was talking about are from the other Republican candidates. If the situation after Feb 5th were somehow to be a 3 or 4 way split of delegates… none of those other Republican candidates would ever endorse Ron Paul.

  48. Mike Says:

    “The endorsements I was talking about are from the other Republican candidates. If the situation after Feb 5th were somehow to be a 3 or 4 way split of delegates… none of those other Republican candidates would ever endorse Ron Paul.”

    Look at the 1996 campaign he was in a very similar situation as he is now. Actually what you are seeing is typical Ron Paul campaigning at a national level:

    In 1996, Paul was re-elected to Congress after a tougher battle than he had faced in the 1970s. Since the Republicans had taken over both houses of Congress in the 1994 election, Paul entered the race hopeful that his Constitutionalist goals of tax cuts, closing agencies, and curbing the UN would have more influence,[50] but he quickly concluded “there was no sincere effort” toward his goals.[14] The Republican National Committee focused instead on encouraging Democrats to switch parties, as Paul’s primary opponent, incumbent Greg Laughlin, had done in 1995. The party threw its full weight behind Laughlin, including support from House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Texas Governor George W. Bush, and the National Rifle Association. Paul responded by running newspaper ads quoting Gingrich’s harsh criticisms of Laughlin’s Democratic voting record 14 months earlier.[38] Paul won the primary with support from baseball pitcher, constituent, and friend Nolan Ryan (who served as honorary campaign chair and made ad appearances) and tax activist Steve Forbes.[10][33]

    Paul’s Democratic opponent in the fall election, trial lawyer Charles “Lefty” Morris, lost in a close margin, despite assistance from the AFL-CIO. Paul’s large contributor base outraised Morris two-to-one, giving the third-highest amount of individual contributions received by any House member (behind Gingrich and Bob Dornan).[51] It became the third time Paul had been elected to Congress as a non-incumbent.[10]

    Morris ran numerous attacks, including publicizing issues of the Ron Paul Survival Report (published by Paul since 1985) that included derogatory comments concerning race and other politicians.[52][53] Alluding to a 1992 study finding that “of black men in Washington … about 85 percent are arrested at some point in their lives”,[54][55] the newsletter proposed assuming that “95% of the black males in Washington DC are semi-criminal or entirely criminal”, and stated that “the criminals who terrorize our cities … largely are” young black males, who commit crimes “all out of proportion to their numbers”.[56][57]

  49. James Tiscione Says:

    New 2008 RON PAUL POSTER:

  50. Mal Says:

    I don’t think Dr. Paul has completely ruled out running as an independent, nor do I think it would be wise to do so.

    His winning of the GOP nomination is not guaranteed although I agree looking more and more achievable.

    He should keep all options on the table. The people have spoken.

  51. Ryan from Philadelphia Says:

    He is gonna win the GOP nomination.

  52. Ryan, AL Says:

    With support like this he may not be able to shut it down. But I’ll tell you this- McCain Lieberman may be a real Unity 08’ ticket to try and steal Ron Pauls chance at a 3rd party run. But lookie there- all three parties are running on the same old foreign policy…. :(

  53. Gerry Schmidt Says:

    If you go to and check out the TR (traffic rating) for the official Ron Paul website—- he has a TR of 8,221.

    Mike Huckabee has a TR of 74,346
    John McCain— TR 117,073
    Hillary Clinton— TR 33,848

    According to Huckabee’s website he has collected $1,157,098 to date for his forth quarter donations.

    At this moment Dr. Paul has $15,277,800 and counting.

    So you have to ask yourself how can Huckabee be number one in the polls and Dr. Paul is not in the top five. I smell a rat here. These numbers above tell me something and I am getting the word out to all of my friends and associates.

    America needs Dr. Paul…….

  54. Austin Cassidy Says:

    That $1.15 million is his December raised so far, not his overall total for the quarter. My guess is that he’ll bank $2 million or more for the month and double that when all is said and done for the quarter. No any where close to Ron Paul, but not horrible either.

  55. Jeff Says:

    Please stop the fighting.. we all have the same goal. I would urge everybody in this forum to vote for Dr. Paul in the primaries but, if you won’t vote for either of the major parties it’s your right. I can understand being disillusioned with the two party system. I’ve never voted major party for president in my life, but that will change feb. 5th. I think it’s safe to say that third parties are far superior to either wing of the party in power. I’m afraid that we have to infiltrate one of the majors though to bring any change.

  56. Deborah S. Says:

    I think all of Ron Paul supporters know what Ron Paul’s position is about what party he’s running under - but to tell you the truth I wouldn’t care what party it is as long as I can vote for him in the General Election. I think a great many of Ron Paul supporters would feel the same way - I’m standing firm we will see him do wonderful in the primary but still the same all of us should allow Ron Paul to change his mind if need be. The main purpose utimately is that Ron Paul is our next President!

  57. Bo Says:

    Rudy should run on a third party ticket. He won’t win the Republican nomination he could win the Green Party nomination. Ron Paul will get so many new people into the Republican Party that he will absolutely win the nomination and the presidency.

  58. Steven Yantis Says:

    Republican Party Platform of 1856

    The original Republican Party were a “third party” that I think most of us would have agreed with at the time and under the circumstances of that time. The Republican party has been hijacked by the fascist neocons and has devolved into something that not even our forefathers could have ever imagined.

    As Patrick Henry (of “give me liberty or give me death” fame), I would have prefered a confederacy of the states rather than the federal BS that we have now. Patrick Henry was an anti-federalist, for those of you who didn’t know that.

    BTW, I’m anti-slavery but I am pro state sovereignty.


  59. [email protected] Says:

    Two things:

    Jonathan writes:

    “How many times does Ron Paul have to say he will not run outside of the Republican Party??”

    Once would be enough—but it hasn’t happened yet. If Paul wanted to say “I will NOT run outside of the GOP,” he would by God say “I will NOT run outside of the GOP.” Instead, it has ALL been “no intention” and “99.999% chance,” etc. That’s politicalese for “I won’t SAY I intend to run third party if I don’t get the GOP nomination—but that’s EXACTLY what I mean.”

    Matt writes:

    “And the fact is that there are a lot of states with ‘sore loser’ laws that make it impossible to get on the ballot for a general election when you’ve lost a primary election for that same post.”

    Well, yes. There ARE a lot of states with sore loser laws, if by “a lot” you mean six. And those laws DO make it impossible for a primary loser to get on the ballot after having lost a primary, if by “impossible” you mean “there used to be 8 states with such laws, those laws have already been overturned in two of them, and those laws would likely fall like rotten trees to any significant court challenge in the remaining ones.”

    Also, as someone else pointed out, when you vote in the presidential election, you aren’t voting for Ron Paul or Mitt Romney or Hillary Clinton anyway—you’re voting for a slate of electors pledged to one of those candidates. So far as I know, none of those electors will have previously lost a primary, so the “sore loser” laws have nothing to do with it.

    On the day the LNC invited Paul to run for the LP nomination, I estimated that there was a 90% chance that he would do so—for the simple reason that Bob Barr is a serious guy and wouldn’t have made the LNC motion to invite him if he hadn’t run it by the Paul campaign and gotten the go-ahead first.

    That chance went up to 92% when instead of Dr. Paul saying “no,” he had a spokesman say “no intention.” And it went up to 95% when Dr. Paul told Wolf Blitzer not “no,” but “99.999% chance not.” The remaining 5% is reserved against the possibility that he’ll win the GOP nomination. I don’t really think his chances are as good as 1 in 20, but I like to overcompensate a bit.

    Best regards,
    Tom Knapp

  60. sam boushaki Says:

    I have to say, this thread of arguments and stances is exciting. Thanks to the writer for what I perceive to be a fair and openly opinionated piece, and reading all the counter claims and refs jumping in is great too. Just one question to the writer.

    I suspect you entertain the idea that Huckabee, Romney, and even Giuliani have a “more likely than not” chance of getting the nod in relation to Paul’s odds. It is my strong personal opinion that the gallup polls and others, which are representative of the main media outlets’ projection of support in this race, are fatally misconducted.

    The fact that the individuals contacted in these “scientific” polls are all registered Republicans who voted in the 2004 presidential primary cycle is a red flag to anyone who shares my concern. President Bush was running for his second term, not a nomination; primary voters in the GOP were also at record lows.

    Now, you have explained to me why he has a good standing as an Ind or 3rd party run. My question to you is simple: why do you think he will fail in the GOP nomination?

  61. Steven Says:

    I believe it is quite possible that Ron Paul is God’s man for the hour…for such a time as this! We need to pray for the protection of Dr. Paul and his family as the globalists, including those currently occupying the White House, are desparate.

  62. mookrit Says:

    Realistically, money raising is only half the equation. Mick Huckabee has not raised anything like Paul’s money, but is leading in the polls. Money matters, but not if voters don’t connect with your personality.

    Too little too late. Ron Paul may be the lead fundraiser for the 4th quarter, but he has not spent enough money on building name-recognition overall. If you include 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter totals, Paul is not in the top three.

    That said, Ron Paul is now in a position to influence which of the three main contenders—Mick Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney—should win. In that sense, he has already won. He has started a movement that, given the right leader, will only grow in the future. Americans can still take their country back.

  63. Jonathan Cymberknopf Says:

    Dr.Paul has said time and time again he will not run. Look it up.
    I’m beginning to think these posts are being written by teenagers.
    Believe me no one would be happier than me to see a Third Party run like the one done by Ross Perot but it won’t be with Dr. Paul.

  64. Timothy West Says:

    he’ll be a true IND like Anderson in 1980. No party. There’s no way he’ll throw in the towel after the org his followers have built. He wont get the GOP nod, but he is in the position that RONALD REAGAN of 1964 was in when Goldwater was the nominee, and set the stage. he knows he will lose the primary, but he can now advance a movement to wrest the GOP from the Neo-Cons, or split the party in convention.

  65. Tom Blanton Says:

    Jonathan, Mr. Knapp is correct in noting that Ron Paul has never said never. He has only said that he does not intend to run as an independent or under the banner of a third party. Look it up.

    However, I am a very old teenager, so I could be wrong.

  66. Austin Cassidy Says:

    I do lots of things I didn’t intend to do six months ago. :)

  67. Eric Dondero Says:

    Again, if Ron Paul goes 3rd party he will have to relinquish his House seat here in Texas.

    Does anyone here honestly believe he’s willing to do that?

    Not too mention he’s got Wayne Root now nipping at him from the Libertarian Party side. He’d have a strong challenge from Root, and maybe even other contenders for the LP nomination.

    The Constitution Party is not an attractive option for Paul cause they have shitty ballot access.

    And my former boss, knows ballot access very, very well. He ain’t gonna do some Independent run sort of deal, cause of the nightmare on the ballot access front that would entail.

    His only realistic option is the Libertarian Party. And with Root cutting him off from that route, I think that’s looking less and less likely.

  68. Eric Dondero Says:

    Bo, if by chance Ron Paul were to win the GOP nomination in some sort of fluke brokered convention or such, you’d see a massive defection out of the Party of Fiscal Conservatives and Defense Conservatives, both of whom despise Paul.

    Remember, for all the hoopla, Ron Paul’s running average at RCP has been stuck at 4.3% for the last two weeks, which is actually down a tiny bit from a high of 4.7% 3 weeks ago.

    Also, the very latest California poll had him at a low 3%.

    Yes, Paul does well in smaller states like Alaska, New Hampshire and South Carolina. But his support in big states like Cali, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and Texas is pitiful.

    No offense to Alaskans or New Hampshire-ites, but you that delegate count is not going to secure anybody the nomination.

  69. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Eric, I seriously cannot imagine Wayne Root being any problem for Ron Paul if he were to seek the LP nomination. He would brush aside all competition with ease.

    Unity ‘08 might also present an easy path to 50 state ballot access.

  70. Jimmy the Book Says:

    Rudy Giuliani 3-2

    John McCain 15-1

    Fred Thompson 10-1 Actual Vegas odds from

    Mitt Romney 2-1 to win Republican nomination.

    Mike Huckabee 7-2 *was 200-1 in May

    Ron Paul 5-1*

    Tom Tancredo 100-1

    Duncan Hunter 100-1

  71. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Wow… 15-1 for McCain? Where can I place my bets? :)

  72. Deran Says:

    As much as I am fascinated by Mr.Paul’s camapign, his supporters (at elat most of those posting here) are pretty ignorant of the history of elections and get a bit, er. up tight. The Republicans will never let the Mr. Paul get the nomination. Anyone who thinks that is seriously lacking in an understanding of how the current two party system works.

    I think that if Mr. Paul does not run as an indie in Nov. he will have lost an amazing opportunity: To perhaps get elected president, and at the very least to change of the course of US history.

  73. Mike Says:

    Deran, they said the same thing about Ronald Reagan in 1980 also. When the people speak, the party leaders had better listen or it will be an all out abondoning of the republican party.

  74. Robert Capozzi Says:

    Eric Dondero: Again, if Ron Paul goes 3rd party he will have to relinquish his House seat here in Texas. Does anyone here honestly believe he’s willing to do that?

    Me: Seems plausible to me. Dr. Paul is 72. This may be his last chance to establish a national legacy. In the House, he’s largely uninfluential. As a presidential candidate, far more so. If he believes there’s a shot to relaunch a REAL 3rd party—the LP or otherwise—perhaps that might be appealling to him at this stage in his life.

    I don’t know, but I suspect he’s been SHOCKED by the support his presidential run has garnered. He probably wanted to take a shot at the Iraq War in the debates, then go back to the House.

    But now, things have changed.

    It’s all speculation, of course. We’ll all know soon enough.

  75. [email protected] Says:


    “Again, if Ron Paul goes 3rd party he will have to relinquish his House seat here in Texas.”

    And again—you’re wrong. He doesn’t “have” to relinquish his House seat to run for president on a third party ticket.

    “Does anyone here honestly believe he’s willing to do that?”

    Actually, I think the only reason he hasn’t done it YET is that it would make him look old and tired at a time he’s seeking the GOP nomination. At the point where it becomes absolutely clear that there’s no way he’s going to get that nomination, I expect that one of his first orders of business will be to publicly state that he’s retiring from the House.

    “Not too mention he’s got Wayne Root now nipping at him from the Libertarian Party side. He’d have a strong challenge from Root, and maybe even other contenders”

    Bullshit. If Paul runs for the LP nomination, he’ll pull 80% on the first ballot without breaking a sweat. I don’t have to like that to admit that it’s true.

  76. (Ryan Brennan Says:

    Tell everyone: The next money bomb will be Dec. 31, 2007 - New Year’s Eve. Visit the site for it here:

    There is also a possibility that the Ron Paul Blimp will be flying over Times Square in NYC on New Year’s Eve! Imagine how many millions of people would see the blimp on their tv’s if that happened!

  77. Eric Dondero Says:

    Now maybe the major media will start to focus a bit more on questionable fundraising tactics by Ron Paul in past campaigns, like:

    1988 - Nadia Hayes, Ron Paul’s Chief Aide, convicted of embezzling $140,000 from the Presidential campaign. Insiders doubted that Nadia acted alone. But she ended up going to prison for 6 months over it.

    1992 - Burt Blumer raises tens of thousands of dollars for the “Ron Paul for President” Exploratory committee. After 3 months of fundraising letters, all of a sudden Paul and Blumert pulled to plug on the entire effort. They made vague references to a PAC being set up to help “Ron Paul type” Congressional candidates with all the money raised, but nothing ever came of it. Donors wondered what ever became of all their money?

    Former Jesse Helms operative, David Mertz, alias David James is the super secret guy behing the Ron Paul money making machine. Strong ties to extremist fringe groups. But nothing is ever seen or hear of Mertz.

  78. FRanklin76 Says:

    Whatever they try to throw at him will just fall to the wayside as everything else has. I hope Dr. Paul gets the nomination and IF not then I hope he will listen to his base and continue on by running as a Third Party Candidate…or Libertarian Party. This is going to be a VERY interesting next year. RON PAUL 2008!

  79. Sean Scallon Says:

    Good morning Eric Dondero:

    If Rudy Guliani is so popular with libertarians, why are they giving their money to Ron Paul?

    $6.4 mil Mr. Dondero, over $18 mil for the quarter. Count it and weep.

    Or should I say, Mr. Rittberg?

    Eric Rittberg aka Eric “Dondero”.

    Yes apparently our brave little “libertarian” has some sort of stage name he goes by. Maybe its his favorite Mexican beer, who knows? I’ll let him explain it. Meanwhile I’ll provide a little background of what life was like in Ron Paul’s Congressional office from one former staffer who used to work with Mr. Rittberg:

    Yes, I would agree with that. Although I must ask Mr. Rittberg, if your mom was embarassed with for working with Ron Paul because RP would kiss AIPAC’s arse, how does she about you being too embarassed to go by your own family name? Hmmm?

  80. Sean Scallon Says:

    Good morning Eric Dondero:
    If Rudy Guliani is so popular with libertarians, why are they giving their money to Ron Paul?

    $6.4 mil Mr. Dondero, over $18 mil for the quarter. Count it and weep.

    Or should I say, Mr. Rittberg?

    Eric Rittberg aka Eric “Dondero”.

    One Eric Rittberg aka Eric “Dondero”.

    Yes apparently our brave little “libertarian” has some sort of stage name he goes by. Maybe its his favorite Mexican beer, who knows? I’ll let him explain it. Meanwhile I’ll provide a little background of what life was like in Ron Paul’s Congressional office from one former staffer who used to work with Mr. Rittberg:

    “He rarely showed up for work, he regularlly slept on a couch in headquarters instead of going home like everyone else in the building, and his personal hygiene was a serious cause for concern.

    He announced he would run against Dr. Paul in his own district, which amounted to exactly nothing. He now spends his time trolling internet forums proclaiming himself a libertarian or a neo-libertarian, all the while being unfamiliar with the sole axiom of libertarianism, the non-aggression axiom

    Any efforts to engage him on this inconsistency will be received with such gems as, “you’re stupid” and “na na na na na na”

    Best thing to do is just leave “stinky” to his own idiocy.”

    Yes, I would agree with that. Although I must ask Mr. Rittberg, if your mom was embarassed with for working with Ron Paul because RP would kiss AIPAC’s arse, how does she about you being too embarassed to go by your own family name? Hmmm?

  81. Robert Capozzi Says:

    yes, Eric, I recall the Hayes incident. It looked to me that Dr. Paul handled it appropriately.

    Neither of these scandals will likely have traction. Dr. Paul’s chances of being the GOP nominee are remote at best. And these scandals are tiny compared with the Clinton Chinese connection, for ex. While I certainly don’t agree with all his positions, I believe Dr. Paul would be a net plus for the LP at the top of the ticket. He might even get on the debates, esp. if Bloomberg runs, too.

    It’s far more likely we’ll see all the far-right stuff come out…links to JBS, David Duke, etc. These are most unfortunate.

    Agree with Mr. Knapp…Paul crushes Root. Indeed, I suspect it wouldn’t come to that. Probably most of the candidates back off if Dr. Paul decides to continue his campaign with the LP.

  82. Ton Holland Says:

    President Ron Paul - Could He Really Win?

    Learn how outside economic and foreign policy events just might elect Ron Paul. is a two part article on how current events outside the political process could elect Ron Paul as President.

  83. Robert Capozzi Says:


    Yes, if some exogenous event like your article lays out were to happen, all bets would be off.

    However, it’s my observation that during calamitous times, Americans become MORE statist, not less.

    Of course, anything’s possible.

  84. charley hardman Says:

    Dr.Paul has said time and time again he will not run. Look it up.
    I’m beginning to think these posts are being written by teenagers.
    i agree. isn’t one of the primary traits of teens in internet forums to assert that a fact is so easily found and verifiable that its very abundance is the reason they fail to offer even one tangible example? interesting (and predicted) that not a single person in this thread alleging untruth in my earlier comment has provided the requested reasonable evidence.

    oh, BTW: the moon is made of green cheese. i said so.

  85. Tom Bryant Says:

    I’m sure that Ron Paul’s enemy would bring up his most shameful act in a heartbeat - employing Eric Rittberg for years before firing him.

    I suppose Ron Paul could say that was a private act of charity, and back it up with the fact that Eric hasn’t been able to find consistent work in politics since then.

  86. Robert Milnes Says:

    Robert Capozzi, I’ve already stated that I would not back off.

  87. Tom Blanton Says:

    Rittberg not only kisses AIPAC’s ass, he sucks every morsel of crap from it and regurgitates it to savor the flavor of radical zionist extremism - just like his cross-dressing idol, Giuliani.

    Why would his mom worry about Ron Paul kissing AIPAC’s ass?

  88. charley hardman Says:

    rather than wait for the delusional to cite ron paul stating definitely that he won’t do a third party run, here he is this morning plainly refusing to do so.

  89. Brad Says:

    America is being undermined on many fronts. The one most eminent is our Bankruptcy. Fueled by War, Empire Maintenance, and Fallacious Spending of congress; The economic Overtaking of America will not be far off. The effects are just now becoming evident. We will be sold to our enemies rather than forced into submission.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate running for president that has the vision of the founding fathers of this country ingrained in his heart. Core Character Counts. He is the only one in the field that I would trust my money and my family’s safety with.

    The honesty and integrity displayed by Ron Paul coupled with the message he espouses is the glue that binds the support together. The word could not do it alone and this is precisely why the media and the others are baffled. The Ron Paul Supporters Value Substance Over Symbolism. We fully believe that Ron Paul will follow his words as his record shows. He is not as the others with Pandering Platitudes.

    The commonality with all Americans is the Constitution. This is why his support group can not be pigeon holed in to a specific category. We Are Diverse And Many. There is no singular stereotype that even comes close to the specification of the group.

    To help with your education here are some sites I recommend:

    Think For Yourself; Do Not Be Easily Led.

    Views Untested Are Worthless.

  90. mmike Says:

    You can paint over the white stripe of a skunk but he still stinks. McCain the traitor stinks welcome to the new NorthAmerican Dictatorship rigged Media Fraud and cheating at the polls and the Party GOP changing the rules and lieing and cheating. Looks like Russia is more fair than USA and look what these criminals from both party who are members of CFR have done to our country I know they will rot in hell and of course they will write the histroy books and force the lies on our children. Down with the Private Federal Reserve Bank Down with the IRS down with the iLLuminati.

  91. 539b41d633d1 Says:



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