Housekeeping Notes

Dear TPW Reader:

Expect a few changes at TPW though the holiday season. Several new writers will soon be coming on board. As a Libertarian, sometimes it’s a difficult struggle to handle news from other political parties. Fortunately, people like Brad Winthrop, Cody Quirk and Anthony Distler cover a lot of what I miss. Joey Dauben also seems to hit a lot of material I didn’t catch, too. Site founder Austin Cassidy will continue to post material here, as well.

I fully realize that the Green Party is under-represented on this site. As a result, I’ve a few Green Party friends who will be posting here soon. If someone else would like to cover Green Party issues, please contact me. Additionally, Thomas Knapp has told me that he will be coming on board soon, which will provide some additional left-right balance (from a libertarian perspective) to this site.

I’d love to find a Unity08 supporter who knows how to write (or even get their media person to answer an e-mail). Any suggestions?

Also, we are changing the advertising structure on the site. I’m very aware that independent and third party candidates (and parties) don’t have the financial resources the major parties and their candidates do. Towards that end, we’ve structured an advertising schedule that any serious minor party candidate can afford.

Michelle Shinghal, who was recently featured on Tucker Carlson’s show as the stripper for Ron Paul, will be handling ad sales. When you are done checking her out, contact her to find out how you can best take advantage of a pretty unique advertising opportunity.

My goal is for this site to provide a lot of news and a reasonable amount of opinion that’s applicable to the third party world. I welcome your comments on how to make this site better.


Steve Gordon

18 Responses to “Housekeeping Notes”

  1. Eric Dondero Says:

    Tom Knapp, love him to death, but he’s a Leftist. How does that bring balance to this site?

    How about a little more Pro-America, Pro-Military, Pro-War on Islamo-Fascism viewpoints Steve? That’s what’s lacking here. Outside of me, it’s seems to be that this entire site is dedicated to hard Left foreign policy. Even the Constitution Party people here, are sort of weak on fighting Islamo-Fascism.

    I suggest a writer from the Pro-Defense wing of the Libertarian Party: Dan Rego, Bob Hunt, Ryan Cristiano, Cliff Thies, Johnny Ringo, Kevin Bjonsen,

    Or, how about someone from the New York Conservative Party? A Herb London sort?

    Adding Tom Knapp to the line-up, and otherwise fabulous writer, only excacerbates the problem.

  2. Fred Mangels Says:

    Seems to me this site isn’t supposed to be dedicated to commentary, per se. It’s a site that takes a look at what’s going on within the various third parties. If people want to know what’s going on within the War Party, they can always head up to the web sites of the various Republican and Democrat candidates, save Ron Paul, of course.

    War Party candidates seem to be a very small minority, if they exist at all, within the various third parties, from what I’ve seen, so why waste ink on a handful of people that don’t represent the rest of their party?

  3. paul adams Says:

    Why not just make eric dondero a writer on this blog. That guy spends his entire day writing here anyway.

  4. Andy Wilson Says:

    I’ve been known to put together a sentence or two. And am reasonably good at answering email. But be warned: in every post I’d just be pimping Unity08. S’ok? Give me a holler.

    “I’ll take the case”—Harvey Birdman, Attorney-at-Law

  5. Michael Says:


    Will TPW have a reporter/ writer covering the New American Independent Party???

    If not, we would be happy to offer up a writer to do so.

  6. Tannim Says:

    What’s Dondero doing out of his straightjacket and padded cell over at the GOP neocon looney bin?

  7. Tom the Trotskyist Says:

    I hold the opposite extreme from Dondero. We need more coverage of socialist parties. If people realize how many socialist parties there are it is possible that some of them may settle their differences and thereby become at least as big as the Constitution Party.

  8. Anthony Distler Says:

    I’ve been doing what I can to cover the leftist parties. Since I’m in college, though, sometimes I just don’t have the time.

  9. Cody Quirk Says:

    I could do it.

    I don’t have any issues with covering Leftist Third Parties; as we work to bring down the two-party system on the Right, so do the same on the Left.

    However I usually report on stuff that’s newsworthy or of interest to people here- not just on run-of-the-mill party meetings and such.

  10. Stephen Gordon Says:


    This is Third Party Watch, not LiberHawk Watch. I’d like as much diversity as reasonably possible on the site, so long as the party and candidates involved are serious.

    If you know of someone suitable from the NY Conservative Party, that would be a great site addition. They are clearly a respectable political organization.

  11. Eric Dondero Says:

    I’ll keep my eyes open.

    Interesting Factoid: I do believe that the New York Conservative Party is actually organized in other States, too. I know definitely New Jersey. Vermont might be the other one? Oh, Connecticut too.

  12. Gregg Jocoy Says:

    While I realize that what you want is a Green to write for you, I can offer an alternative.

    My blog is called Green News and Opinion. In that blog I cover local GP news from across the US. I update it most days, often times with several posts a day.

    I am willing to have literally anyone take anything from my site and use it as they see fit. All my text at the site is covered by the Creative Commons copyleft 2.5

    Feel free to steal any time. Credit appreciated, but not required.

    Then again, I can be persuaded to write original text for this site. Just cross my palm with silver. ;-}

  13. Babblemur Says:

    I would be willing to post here once a week on the Green Party.

  14. Tom Blanton Says:

    Maybe Dondero knows somebody in the Likud Party who could post propaganda about the imaginary Islamofascist threat to America.

    But, to keep things balanced, someone from the al Qaida Party should post here about the imaginary caliphate they will impose on America, forcing Dondero wear a burka.

  15. Google Yahoo Says:


    You are a member of Al Qaida Party?

    I did not Al Qaida guys partied.

    Party like it’s 2001?

  16. John Coffey, J. D. Says:

    One more time: Green, Unity08, Peace & Freedom, Reform Movement and general Leftie Centrist Philip Sawyer of Sacramento!

  17. Freelancer Says:

    I just want to say that I am still going to kind of miss Austin, but I know Steve will do a good job. You did a super job these past years, Austin. I wish you the very best. Merry Christmas, ya’ll. :)

  18. Stephen Gordon Says:


    Austin will still be around. He promised. He’d better!

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