Redpath Lobbed Soft Questions in Recent Interview

Libertarian National Committee Chairman Bill Redpath is certainly accustomed to the media. I can also understand why some people might choose to not participate on hardball programs like Bill O’Reilly or Michael Medved. However, Redpath’s lastest interview was about as soft (and furry) as it gets. Redpath was interviewed by two long-eared furry critters named Buns and Chou Chou.

In the YouTube teaser for the interview, the two rabbits were quite understandably concerned about Redpath’s position on gun control. Apparently satisfied that they weren’t heading for Redpath’s cooking pot, the two bunnies concluded the interview below:

I found watching the LNC Chairman talk about show girls, gambling and brothels with cute and cuddly bunnies pretty darned funny, as did this YouTube commenter: “How in the world did you get Bill Redpath to appear, and do such a great job satirizing himself? 5 stars for everyone involved!”

My favorite site comment:

Kids we try to be fair to all sides. If Hillary, Obama or Rudy want to express their views, we’re here waiting for them. What are they afraid of? A coupla wittle bunny rabbits?

6 Responses to “Redpath Lobbed Soft Questions in Recent Interview”

  1. Richard Winger Says:

    Little do most unsuspecting viewers know the whole truth…Redpath lives in a household with 2 rabbits! He has the inside track for the rabbit media monopoly.

  2. Ryan Brennan ( Says:

    Hilarious! Redpath, you’re a bit charming in this interview…

  3. Carl Says:

    ‘Twas a hoot!

    Bill Redpath makes the LP look as reasonable as CATO. Too bad he is an outlier within the party he leads.

    Liberal on social issues, conservative on economic issues…if only.

  4. Citizen1 Says:

    Bill, There is more than one alternative to the duopoly and the Libertarian Party is not the third largest party.

  5. Richard Winger Says:

    Knowing which is the “third largest party” is a matter of great ambiguity.

    If one uses registration data, then the Democratic Party has always been larger than the Republican Party, ever since 1936, because at no time since 1936 have there been fewer registered Democrats than Republicans. But obviously the Republican Party has been dominant over the Democratic Party during the years 1994-2006, and arguably 1980-1992.

    If one uses ballot status, then the Libertarian Party has been the third largest party ever since 1978.

    If one uses votes cast for congressional candidates, then the Libertarian Party has been the third largest party since 1976.

    If one uses number of members who hold elective public office, then again it’s the Libertarian Party since 1978. But if it’s the number of members who hold important public office, one could make a case for the Green Party, since its office-holders tend to be in larger population jurisdictions. But if it’s state legislators, it’s the Libertarians, since there are 12 instances at which a Libertarian was elected to a state legislature, compared to only 3 instances for a Green, and one for the Constitution Party.

    If it’s presidential vote totals, then it was the Libertarians 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, and it was the Reform Party in 1996, and it was the Green Party in 2000, and it was back to the Libertarians in 2004.

    In balance, I agree with Bill Redpath.

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