Hostage Taker not a New Hamphire “L”ibertarian

There are reports circulating around the Internet that the hostage taker at Hillary Clinton’s New Hampshire office was libertarian. Here’s the earliest of such reports that I saw (with bold headline fonts) on the web:

Fox News reports Hostage Taker at Hillary Clinton Campaign HQ is a “Libertarian”

Updates Below

Hillary Clinton HQ Hostage Taker a “Libertarian”

On the Neal Cavuto Show on Fox News, minutes ago, a Guest confirmed that Troy Stanley, the identified Hostage Taker at the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign in Rochester, New Hampshire is a “Libertarian.”

The guest further stated that his longtime friend Troy Stanley had a history of mental problems, believed that he had a chip planted inside his head and that the government was “out to get him.”

First of all, this particular report accused the wrong person. Additionally, I’ve contacted the vendor responsible for maintaining the Libertarian Party’s voter registration and membership data list. According to my source, of both names mentioned as that of the hostage taker, neither of them (or close facsimile thereof) exist in the database they use. In other words, there is no Leland Eisenberg, Lee Eisenberg, Leeland Eisenberg or Troy Stanley in their voter database. There is no similar name listed as a party member or as a registered Libertarian in New Hampshire.

Whether the arrested party is a libertarian or not, I have no clue. None of the libertarians in New Hampshire who I’ve talked to know the name. However, people suggesting (as happened in the example I cited) that person arrested is a member of the Libertarian Party seem to be way off base.

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  1. Eric Dondero Says:

    The AP is now reporting that Eisenberg held a one man protest in front of city hall against cops handing out tickets for unlocked cars in Rochester. Eisenberg apparently “cited Constitutional principles” for his protest.

    So, we now have further proof that he may be connected to the libertarian movement in some way.

    Note - Only a small portion of Ron Paul supporters are dues paying members of the Libertarian Party and/or on any LP lists.

  2. Fred C. Says:

    He wasn’t protesting over any kind of ticket, the AP says he was protesting the fact that cops were opening people’s cars to put in warnings about leaving their car unlocked. They also say he was one among several people complaining about the tactic, though apparently he stood out from that pack.

    Note - labeling someone a Libertarian but finding they’re not on any LP lists does not make them a Ron Paul supporter.


    I heard that Kent Snyder was actually the bomber. My brother from Memphis told me so.

  4. Cody Quirk Says:

    Apparently this guy may be a Libertarian in thought and belief, but not a actual member or supporter of the LP.

  5. Eric Dondero Says:

    Twas not I who labeled him a “Libertarian.” It was a friend of his who was being interviewed on Fox News by Neal Cavuto. He explicitly said, “and he’s had ties to the libertarian movement.”

    He didn’t say “he’s a libertarian.” No, he said, “he’s had ties to the libertarian movement.”

    That means someone doesn’t it? I seriously doubt the guy was talking about the Republican Liberty Caucus, or Cato or the Reason Foundation or the Club for Growth. Could be, but not likely. RLC, Cato and the others are not terribly welcoming of the tin foil hat anarcho-libertarian crowd.

    But there are 3 libertarian groups that do welcome such folks: Libertarian Party, Free State Project and the Ron Paul for President Campaign.

  6. Eric Dondero Says:

    Cody, doesn’t matter if he’s dues paying. What matters is if a report surfaces, probably in the New Hampshire media, a few days from now, that Eisenberg/Lealand “attended meet-ups for Ron Paul for President.”

    If that happens it’s bad news for the entire libertarian movement.

    I’m betting that it’s actually not the LP, but rather Ron Paul. The minute the word “Constitution” popped up in the story, I said to myself, Yup! Tin foil hat-wearing Ron Paulist.

  7. Rev. Pat Robertson Says:

    Mr. Dondero nails it, as usual!

    Only tin foil hat wearing anarchists would believe in “the Constitution,” as if any sane adults believe in that any more. You might as well believe in shape-shifting alien reptiles disguised as people, or the easter bunny.

    True libertarians like Rudolf Giuliani (Libertarian par excellence) and Richard Nixon and Daryl Gates (California Republicans, therefore, libertarians, by definition) wouldn’t be caught dead being bound by it.

    In fact, if you go off spouting about the Constitution, we all know you must be on the side of the Islamo-fascist terrorists.

    Don’t these people know that 9/11 changed everything, and we don’t have a constitution now?

  8. I thought Hillary Clinton looked very presidential last night dealing with the hostage crisis in New Hampshire… « White Noise Insanity Says:

    [...] Of course, because of my ideology and political stances, I figured this person was a typical reich wing nutcase who was probably paid to do this to Hillary’s staff to put the fear in them. A Ron Paul supporter? Yep, I figured this guy was. Now that the truth is known that this man was mentally ill, I still believe the wacko is a reich winger. LOL Hey, most of them are mentally ill, aren’t they? My proof and answer to this question lies in the comment section of most posts here on White Noise Insanity! I’ve not met a reich winger yet online who doesn’t show some kind of mental dysfunction. They truly are insane! [...]

  9. Sean Scallon Says:

    $10.3 million Eric. Let me repeat that again you piece of sh#t, $10.3 million in the fourth quarter raised.

    Crazy, schizo usually don’t give money to political candidates.

    But I’ll take manic depressive over a John like you any day of the week.

  10. Eric Dondero Says:

    Not reported yet here at, but there’s increasing reports that has infiltrated the Ron Paul for President Campaign particularly in the States of Nevada and Colorado.

    Blog Critics has a big piece on it today.

    Yeah, sure, Ron Paul is raising a lot of money. But now you’ve got to ask yourself, how much of that is coming from George Soros backed efforts, or maybe even Soros himself?

    We already know that a significant amount of his contributions come from Neo-Nazis.

    Golly gee, Moveon-org and Neo-Nazis. You want to support a many whose being supported by those two entities. Be my guest. As for me, I’ll stick with supporting libertarians.

  11. Stephen Gordon Says:


    I know about the Blogcritics article, they link to GordonUnleashed in it.

  12. Stephen Gordon Says:

    “Apparently this guy may be a Libertarian in thought and belief, but not a actual member or supporter of the LP.”

    Big L “Libertarian” means a member of the Libertarian Party. Small l “libertarian” means someone who has libertarians thoughts and beliefs.

  13. Eric Dondero Says:

    Ahh, so you’re admitting that the guy could have ties to the “libertarian movement.” Finally!

    Okay, I’ll grant you that little exception if it makes such a difference to you.


    My apologies to all. I should have noted that Eisenberg/Leeland had connections to the “small ‘l’” libertarian movement, not Big ‘L’. My sincerely and humblest apologies. Don’t know how I could have ever made that mistake. But I’m deeply, deeply sorry.

  14. Trent Hill Says:

    “We already know that a significant amount of his contributions come from Neo-Nazis.”

    Significant amount? So far,$500 has been found from neo-nazi’s. Im willing to say that as much as 25,000 could have come from the Stormfronter types.

    So what? If people are stupid enough to donate money to someone who DOESNT believe in their message, the candidate should NOT give it back. Neoconservatives, pro-war liberals, pro-choice activists, and anti-gold standard economists are all welcome to donate to Ron Paul——but he won’t change his issues.

  15. Anthony Distler Says:

    The man was an insane drunk. Can’t we just leave it at that?

  16. Fred C. Says:

    And was this a friend of Leeland Eisenberg being interviewed, or Troy Stanley?


    Paul hates Jews, too.

  18. Sean Scallon Says:

    Sigh, Eric’s being Eric again.

  19. Gene Berkman Says:

    I think Mr Rittberg/Dondero proves that you can be mentally unstable without having any libertarian beliefs at all.

  20. Steven R Linnabary Says:

    I don’t usually listen to Rush, but yesterday he did point out that NOTHING happens around the Clintons by coincidence.

    He may have a point. But by believing that, according to Eric, I would be a “tin foil hat conspiratorial nutcase”.

    I think we can assume that the Clinton spin will be that this guy was a plant from the “vast right wing conspiracy”, sent to derail the Clinton campaign.


  21. Tom the Trotskyist Says:

    Articles today says that the crisis actually is helping Clinton’s campaign. Could the hostage taker actually be a fanatical Clinton supporter who is willing to go to jail to improve her campaign?

  22. Eric Dondero Says:

    Good point Trent. Problem is some of Ron Paul’s views are actually aligned with some of the same beliefs as the Neo-Nazis, for example his hatred for Israel.

    If he was a Pro-Israel supporter, and Neo-Nazis gave to his campaign, I’d agree with you. I’d say Screw those stupid sons-of-a-bitches. They’re throwing their money away. Problem is that’s not the case. Ron Paul has had a very questionable past on racial issues. He’s got a very questionable past on his views on Jewish concerns.

    And vallah! Money comes in from Jewish-hating racist groups.

    And at the same time the American Far Left, which used to be Pro-Jewish, and Pro-Israel has turned vehemently Jew-hater in the last few years. And now we’re learning that activists are getting involved in the Ron Paul campaign.

    Starting to see a pattern here?

  23. johncjackson Says:

    In Dondero’s World- anyone who believes in the Constitution is a ton-foil hat?

    I would say most “normal” people I know would also have a problem if police were opening their cars without permission for no reason. ( Though the same normal people wouldnt take hostages. My point is the other opinions are normal and irrelevant.)

    Then again, these things do seem the like type of thing Rudy the Libertarian would do.

  24. johncjackson Says:

    And Gene Berkman had the best comment.

  25. Tom the Trotskyist Says:

    Opposing Israel does not mean someone is a neo-Nazi. Indeed, it would have been better if Israel was not created. It is great that is contributing to Ron Paul because they have been infiltrated by Trotskyite socialists and Trotsky was a Jew by the way. Ron Paul will usher in the age of Constitutional World Socialism.

  26. Cody Quirk Says:

    So this guy is a small ‘l’ libertarian?

    What specific ties has he had?

  27. Rev. Pat Robertson Says:

    My sources at CBN news say that he has Adam Smith and Harry Browne neckties.

  28. Sean Scallon Says:

    Yes according to Eric unless you kiss AIPAC arse you’re anti-semitic.

    Meanwhile, back at the whorehouse…

  29. johnjohnp Says:
    Don’t forget your PRIMARY responsibility

  30. Josh Says:

    Great post. You may be interested in this too:

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