CPTX Recruiting RP ‘Clone’ Candidate

Top leadership and members of the Constitution Party of Texas are actively trying to court a Ron Paul-inspired Republican to take on centrist Democrat Chet Edwards (CD-17). The CP does not hold ballot access in Texas (the Libertarians are the only minor party with a ballot line), but recruitment efforts are under way to persuade a well-organized GOP challenger to Edwards.

Expect any RP-associated candidate to immediately draw a primary challenger, though. Edwards is liked by many Republicans due to his centrist voting record and strong support of the military.

20 Responses to “CPTX Recruiting RP ‘Clone’ Candidate”

  1. Christopher Jagge Says:

    Good for them/us.

  2. Rev. Pat Robertson Says:

    Human cloning is Anti-Biblical. If Ron Paul wants to be known as a Christian he will not allow himself to be cloned.

    Then again if he wanted to be known as a Christian he would not side with the Islamic terrorists against America.

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