IAP Running Ron Paul ‘Clone’ Candidate

Nevada’s Independent American Party is promoting and/or running San Diego’s Christie Taylor - a self-described “Ron Paul Clone” - for a Las Vegas-area congressional district (CD-3).

The race would pit Taylor against incumbent Republican John Porter in the GOP primary.

Anyone know of other Ron Paul-inspired candidates in the country that third parties are backing and/or promoting?

Kevin George of CD-4 in Texas is running in a crowded primary to replace longtime Congressman Ralph Hall. He has openly campaigned as a “Constitutional Republican.” Same goes for Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia, who faces a tough re-election battle next year. Broun openly campaigned as a “Ron Paul Republican” last year. Several Libertarians are helping his campaign in that state.

For more information about Taylor’s campaign, or to view her campaign flyer: [email protected]

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  1. Gene Berkman Says:

    In Florida’s 21st Congressional District, Dean Santoro is challenging Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart in the Republican primary. Dean is running as a Ron Paul Republican, and campaigning for Ron Paul.

    His website is http://www.politicalgateway.com/cand.php?id=684&page=cand

    If you click on endorsements, he has been endorsed by individuals running in GOP primaries for Congress in California and Pennsylvania.

  2. matt Says:

    Wait, is the IAP endorsing Ms. Taylor in the GOP primary? Is that legal in NV? If all the IAP’s registered Independents vote in the GOP primary, what will happen to their ballot access? If she loses will she be able to run for the seat on the IAP’s ballot line?

    My first instinct is to be excited, but questions abound.

  3. matt Says:

    Moshe (Michael) Starkman is running in the GOP primary for MD-4. He promotes himself in Ron Paul’s facebook group, although he seems to be more Buchananist on foreign trade.


    Terry Terbolizard (yes, that’s his real name) is running in the GOP primary for the CA-4 house seat. He has a weekly podcast show with Dean Santoro and has Ron Paul stuff all over his campaign website.


    His race is against a crowded field, and he’s trying to defeat an incumbent.


    It will be interesting to see what happens out there.

  4. Trent Hill Says:

    Moshe Starkman has NO shot. He ran in his district last time,capturing less than 40% if I remember correctly.

    I hope this IAP-supported candidate does well.

    In fact, I hope they ALL do well.

  5. Cody Quirk Says:

    Not sure, Matt

  6. Rev. Pat Robertson Says:

    Turbo-lizard? That can’t possibly be real.

  7. Trent Hill Says:

    It’s not his BIRTH name.

  8. Michael Moshe Starkman Says:

    Matt, I appreciate your astute observation regarding foreign trade (and the same can be applied to foreign policy as well.) I do not take as strong a stance against the war as Congressman Paul does but I am committed to NOT starting another war. There, we are more inline.

    Regarding foreign trade, I do not advocate for any specific measures against China but would like to make clear the faults with our trade relationship.

    Also, it is important not to lose everything at the cost of something. Meaning, I am strong Liberty Candidate who upholds the authority of the Constitution. Furthermore, I am best positioned in Maryland to make a difference and create gains for the Liberty movement. Though I may differ with Ron Paul regarding “get out now”, I do not believe that this disqualifies me as a strong choice for Liberty voters.

    In freedom,

  9. Michael Moshe Starkman Says:

    Trent, unfortunately, I received even less than that. (33,000 votes, or 20%) On the other hand, considering that I spent $68 dollars overall I would consider that pretty good.

    To date, my campaign has raised nearly $15,000 and I have a campaign staff ready to engage voters and bring the election results closer to what we would like to see in Maryland.

    It’s not just about all-or-nothing in 2008; especially in Maryland. It’s about building towards a stronger, freer country. Please see my support page for more info: www.starkmanforcongress.com/support-the-campaign.aspx

    All the best,

  10. Peter James Says:

    Moshe is a small government republican. Moshe is a authorized Convention delegate for Fred Thompson in district 4.
    Check the BOE website here: http://www.elections.state.md.us/elections/2008/documents/2008_candidates.pdf

    Would you call someone a “Ron Paul” candidate that has pledged to vote for his oppenent?

    Moshe makes no mention of Paul on his web site. Please compare our websites.

    Also, Robert Brodus is running in District 4 as a Ron Paul Congressional candidate but unlike Moshe, Robert walks the the walk and talks the talk. Robert does not live in our district does the fourth candidate. But I figure at least Robert will draw more votes for Paul. Robert still isn;t up to speed on the monetary/fed issue.

  11. Michael Moshe Starkman Says:


    You are a busy man, no doubt. I have yet to be on one blog where you haven’t talked about this. To say the least, I am impressed.

    Unfortunately, I do not have the time to follow you and explain how I had at least 3 pages dedicated to Ron Paul before you decided to run against me as a Ron Paul fanatic. It does not make sense to run 2 Ron Paul candidates in the same district - it seems unorganized and odd. Not to mention that we have 3 now!

    So, basically, once you squished me out of the Ron Paul group in this district, I accepted one of the three campaign requests that I received to serve as delegate. It is unfortunate that your unwillingness to work with me - because of your feelings about my understanding of the Federal Reserve - created a situation where other campaigns had the option to authorize my delegation. Because of this, Ron Paul lost one delegate.

    I hardly suggest that you continue to antagonize me as I am a Liberty-minded person who embraces Ron Paul’s message. Your speculation about my views on the war are false and I only ask that you campaign on your merits and not try to knock mine.

    Robert may draw more votes for Paul, maybe, but I will serve as a strong Liberty candidate in the US Congress.

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