LaMarche Rules Out Future Bid — For Anything

Pat LaMarche, the Green Party’s former Vice-Presidential nominee, has announced that she will never seek public office again. She’s twice run for governor of Maine, in 1998 and again in 2006. This is unfortunate for the Greens because LaMarche’s 10% showing last year was easily the party’s second best Gubernatorial performance.

Rich Whitney, in Illinois, outpolled her by slightly less than 1%.

The story, from Maine Today...

Green Independent Pat LaMarche, who has run for governor twice and vice president once, said she’ll never run again, though she’s willing to help other Greens take the plunge.

“I’m never running for anything ever again as long as I live, or even longer,” LaMarche said this week.

Her comments came during an interview about a visit to Maine by one of the Green Party’s presidential candidates, former U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney.

McKinney, a former Democrat, recently moved from Georgia to California, where Greens are a recognized party. She came to Maine earlier this month on a campaign swing, and is expected to come through again before the Greens caucus in February.

LaMarche said there are seven or eight declared Greens running for president, none of whom are household names.

In 2004, LaMarche ran for vice president on the Green Party ticket. Green presidential candidate David Cobb got 2,936 votes in Maine, finishing behind John Kerry, George Bush and Ralph Nader, yet ahead of Libertarian and Constitution Party candidates.

For her part, LaMarche said her 10 percent draw in the 2006 gubernatorial race sent her a strong signal.

“There’s something about me that doesn’t resonate with the body politic,” she said.

4 Responses to “LaMarche Rules Out Future Bid — For Anything”

  1. Robert Milnes Says:

    Too bad she won’t get to try the progressive alliance strategy. But at the rate things are going, nobody is going to get to try it.

  2. Paul Wayne Snyder, PhD Says:

    Too bad she did not feel this way in 2003!

  3. will Says:

    why? shes done alot of good for the greens in maine, they can do better, but she still one of the top greens in the country, i agree with robert , a progressive alliance strategy is the way to go.

  4. Paul Wayne Snyder, PhD Says:

    Maine, Spaine: yet another Local Saint whom ‘blew it” on the national scene!

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