TX: Libertarian Councilman in Dallas Area

Not sure if this was the same Libertarian the Texas party was hinting about, but a campaign strategist that helped Duncanville City Councilman Paul Ford get elected in May told me that Ford is a Libertarian.

Duncanville is south of Dallas and one of the most populous suburbs. Ford represents District 3. He knocked off the incumbent, which is a feat in of itself.

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  1. timothy west Says:

    OT to the story, but check this out.

    Frontal Assault on Freedom: FBI Raids Liberty Dollar
    Posted by BJT on Nov 15, 2007

    Read this email closely. I just got it this morning. Those of you who consider the gold standard a quaint anachronism, pay extra close attention. If Ron Paul supporters, gold standard advocates and the Liberty Dollar were nothing but harmless kooks, why would the FBI raid their offices when no crime was ever committed? This is a currency competing with the USD, yes, but they never, but never make the claim that it is legal tender or anything other than what it is: private currency. And private currencies are numerous in the USA.

    No. This raid happened because the Liberty Dollar, the second most popular currency in the country, threatens to usurp the entrenched power of the Fed’s Almighty Dollar. People can see the buying power of the greenback eroding, and they will choose something else if it is available, and the Liberty Dollar is ready and waiting. And that’s why the government must resort to force in order to protect its stranglehold on the economy.

    From Liberty Dollar Headquarters:
    Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters:

    I sincerely regret to inform you that about 8:00 this morning a dozen FBI and Secret Service agents raided the Liberty Dollar office in Evansville.

    For approximately six hours they took all the gold, all the silver, all the platinum and almost two tons of Ron Paul Dollars that where just delivered last Friday. They also took all the files, all the computers and froze our bank accounts.

    We have no money. We have no products. We have no records to even know what was ordered or what you are owed. We have nothing but the will to push forward and overcome this massive assault on our liberty and our right to have real money as defined by the US Constitution. We should not to be defrauded by the fake government money.

    But to make matters worse, all the gold and silver that backs up the paper certificates and digital currency held in the vault at Sunshine Mint has also been confiscated. Even the dies for mint the Gold and Silver Libertys have been taken.

    This in spite of the fact that Edmond C. Moy, the Director of the Mint, acknowledged in a letter to a US Senator that the paper certificates did not violate Section 486 and were not illegal. But the FBI and Services took all the paper currency too.

    The possibility of such action was the reason the Liberty Dollar was designed so that the vast majority of the money was in specie form and in the people’s hands. Of the $20 million Liberty Dollars, only about a million is in paper or digital form.

    I regret that if you are due an order. It may be some time until it will be filled… if ever… it now all depends on our actions.

    Everyone who has an unfulfilled order or has digital or paper currency should band together for a class action suit and demand redemption. We cannot allow the government to steal our money! Please don’t let this happen Many of you read the articles quoting the government and Federal Reserve officials that the Liberty Dollar was legal. You did nothing wrong. You are legally entitled to your property. Let us use this terrible act to band together and further our goal - to return America to a value based currency.

    Please forward this important Alert… so everyone who possess or use the Liberty Dollar is aware of the situation.

    Please click HERE to sign up for the class action lawsuit and get your property back!

    If the above link does not work you can access the page by copying the following into your web browser. http://www.libertydollar.org/classaction/index.php

    Thanks again for your support at this darkest time as the damn government and their dollar sinks to a new low.

    Bernard von NotHaus

    Monetary Architect——————-

  2. timothy west Says:

    “Ron Paul” dollars????

    this is gonna be interesting…..

  3. Wes Benedict Says:


    That’s not the office holder I’ve been hinting about but thanks for finding this guy. I take back all the bad stuff I ever said about you.

    Find another Libertarian Party of Texas officeholder (that I’m not aware of and that would qualify according to my standards - LP Member, not a member of another party, and willing to be public about it, etc.) and I’ll be one of your biggest fans with lots of unsolicited nice things to say about you.

    Sorry to interrupt the bank robbery . . .

  4. Tom Bryant Says:

    The Liberty Dollar folks started to get in trouble, and got attention, when consumers started to claim about receiving them. Associates were insisting, when purchasing products, that the Liberty Dollars were legal tender, and the complaints started rolling in as banks refused to accept them at value. Likewise, some associates were handing them out as change when a purchase was made, insisting that they were legal tender. These complaints prompted the US Mint to post this warning:

    If the Liberty Dollars associates did not try to force their currency on others, there would have been no problem. If the Liberty Dollar creators made it clear on their products that they are not legal tender, there would have been no problem.

    Unless you consider a financial scam where you sell someone $10 in silver (supposedly in a vault) for $20 to be a problem. I consider that a wash: it’s a crappy thing to do, but if you’re dumb enough to fall for it, you pretty deserve it.

    By the way…since all the money was backed with silver - what’s up with all the gold and platinum being taken?

    I wonder if the raid actually happened…or if this was just part of the business model to throw people off your trail when they ask to see the silver.

  5. Wes Benedict Says:

    Kind of like selling “Liberty Gallons” of gasoline with 64 ounces of gasoline per “Liberty Gallon.” Not only that—you can fit lots more “Liberty Gallons” in your gas tank than the other kind.

  6. timothy west Says:

    phhppppht. whutta load. even a year ago if one pointed out that exact stuff one was accused of all sorts of statist ambitions, or at least I was. I never supported it, so I just wasn’t libertarian enough. I called it a pyramid scheme, and it’s never been anything but.

  7. Wes Benedict Says:


    On this issue I suspect you selectively listened to the Liberty Dollar supporters who claimed you weren’t a real libertarian, but tuned out the libertarians who did not support the Liberty Dollar yet still called you not libertarian enough.

    Selective hearing is a manly trait.

  8. timothy west Says:

    no, pretty much everyone said that, Liberty Dollar or no. Turns out they were right, in the manner they take the word to mean.

  9. Wes Benedict Says:

    Since I haven’t heard anyone say anything since my last comment I’m out of here.

  10. DiBianca Says:

    timothy west, are you suggesting that Councilmember Paul Ford traffics in Liberty Dollars? Do you have any evidence to back that up?

  11. matt Says:

    Liberty dollars are a joke. I am too poor to afford precious metals, but I’m also too smart to buy intentionally and obviously overvalued ones.

    Of course the confiscation is awful, but so is trying to pass off Liberty-Half-Dollars as currency. You can bet the Ron Paul campaign is trying to quietly distance themselves from this, no matter how many donations they’ve gotten from these people.

  12. Eric Dondero Says:

    Wes, the LP doesn’t really care about finding Libertarian officeholders.

    I stumbled upon an elected Libertarian city councilman in a small town in Montana last year, who had previously run for State House on the LP ticket. He was a current dues paying member of both the State and National LPs. I called the LP HQ to tell them about him, and they just yawned. Nothing ever came of it.

    Ditto for a New Hampshire State Legislator who wanted to switch parties to the LP last year. (He actually did switch for a very short while.)

    I called up the National LP, and again, I was met with thank yous, and “we’ll get right on it,” and nothing ever came of it.

    They’re so focused on fundraising $$$ that they have little if any interest in elected officials.

  13. trustkitchen Says:

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