Weren’t We Promised a Final Report?

I hate to rehash old news, but I was just thinking that we haven’t received disgraced campaign manager Allen Hacker’s final report in last year’s Badnarik for Congress race (CD-10 in Texas).

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  1. Trent Hill Says:

    Jesus. Can we drop this?

  2. Dan Says:

    I think he went to Xenu with the mailing list. He said he was going to need like 55,000 more dollars to create the final report on why “Smile if you heart liberty” didn’t catch on, and his invisible alien subcontractors didn’t get very much work done.

  3. Tom Bryant Says:

    Yes, I believe Austin has requested that this subject be dropped. I agree.

    It appears that Joey just wants to stir the pot and get people riled up. Not appropriate for TPW, since this doesn’t provide any news - just Joey trying to rehash an old debate.

  4. Paul Wayne Snyder, PhD Says:

    The truth, the truth, the truth, what do you have against the truth ??????

  5. will Says:

    yeah i think it would be stupid to let this drag on.

  6. Joey Dauben Says:

    No, it wouldn’t be wise to drop the subject until we are given - publicly - a full report like Allen Hacker said he’d provide.

    If you don’t want to “rehash” it, that’s your deal. But for the sake of the future LP movement, you might want to demand full accountability with these people…

  7. matt Says:

    I want answers.

    Hacker might have expected people to forget about this whole fiasco, and I applaud Joey D. for not playing into his hand. That campaign was an actionable offense.

  8. rj Says:

    Joey, if you expect full accountability from someone involved in fleecing people for money in the business of politics, you’re a loony.

  9. Wes Benedict Says:

    Since we’re rehashing old news, at least Joey was honest with us during his failed 2007 campaign for Waxahachie City Council.

    Here’s what he self-reported on the LP Candidate Tracker:

    His parents, who grew up as next-door neighbors in Ovilla, saw to it that Joey would lead a successful life. They did this during the elementary school years. In an attempt to help Joey in the future, his parents held him back in 4th grade and in 6th grade. Growing up in the Midlothian school system, Joey quickly became popular due to his being a solid two years older than his fellow classmates.

    “I didn’t understand it then why my parents did what they did, but it paid off in so many ways I can’t even describe it,” Joey says. “Aside from all of the jokes and adversity of growing up in a class that was two years younger than I was, it was truly the best thing.”

    Known as the “class clown” . . .

  10. Ninfreak08 Says:

    You guys are so funny. I always get a laugh when I read your comments…You guys really liven up my day!
    Thank you all. Lol

  11. Wes Benedict Says:

    Hey Austin Cassidy,

    You wouldn’t hold back Joey Dauben the way his Momma did, would you?

  12. matt Says:

    I don’t care about Joey D’s school schedule. I care what Allen H. did with the donations. If he’s even trying to get an answer on this issue, then hat’s off to him.

  13. Wes Benedict Says:

    For people who still wonder what happened with the Badnarik campaign funds, here’s a short and simple answer of what I think happened.

    They geared up for a $2 million plus campaign with overhead and an office and staff sized for it, but only raised about $450,000 so most of that $450,00 went towards the overhead. They made plenty of mistakes along the way.

    The rest is mostly just details. Get over it.

  14. Austin Cassidy Says:

    “They geared up for a $2 million plus campaign with overhead and an office and staff sized for it, but only raised about $450,000 so most of that $450,00 went towards the overhead. They made plenty of mistakes along the way.”

    That’s exactly what happened. So let’s all just consider that the final report on this matter.

  15. Susan Hogarth Says:

    I expect it will be published as ‘breaking news’ on Libertymix.

    Remember Libertymix?


  16. Dan Says:

    I don’t think “It all went to overhead” is a good enough answer.

    I think the fact that the “overhead” went to hacker’s company that had employees he will not identify doing things nobody saw them do means there was some fleecing, too.

  17. Devious David Says:

    Hacker says in an email sent to donors, in response to Wes Benedict:

    “Yes guys, that is essentially it. Thanks

    I’d say that my two worst specific errors were not fully vetting the candidate, and not getting a real-world demonstration of the support promised by the outside interest groups before I factored them into the budget.”

    “...Mine was the most self-destructive, back-stabbing and dishonest candidate imaginable…”

    So now, Hacker is putting part of the blame on Badnarik.

  18. Cruise Says:

    So now, Hacker is putting part of the blame on Badnarik.

    Well, part of the blame does rest on Badnarik. He never fired Allen.

  19. Allen Hacker Says:


    Had you done any research at all, such as actually reading the email, you might have had something a lot brighter to say. Then again, if you are in Joey’s class, probably not.

    Michael did make a mistake something like what you’re suggesting, but it was quite the opposite: he begged me to stay every time I offered to resign (each time promising to finally do his job and then beytraying that promise yet again).

    So if you were half as sharp as you seem to think you are, you could have taken a legitimate shot at me by amplifying my admission that one of my biggest mistakes was in trying to protect Michael from exposure by not actually resigning on any one of the subsequent betrayals.

    You could learn a lot from DD’s post: even if his intent was questionable, at least he quoted the parts of the email that related directly to the partial summary he gave, and he made it clear that it was only a partial summary. In that respect, clean, to the point, with substance.

    When you speak out your ass, it’s obvious to everyone who knows anything. What’s the sense in playing cute to the other two ignoramuses who pollute this blog?

    Another thing you would know had you read the email is that I’ve been asked by the Chair not to publish the detailed report. To an extent, the spirit of that request covers detailing Michael’s (and everyone else’s) misbehaviors separately. That would include trying to educate you to the specifics on this blog. So what you just got is all you’re getting.

    Anyway, at this point you don’t need details, or even an explanation. What you really lack is manners and an understanding of the essentials of intelligent discourse.

    Besides, as you’ve just helped prove again, and as I admitted in the very next clause after the last part DD quoted, my biggest mistake was thinking intelligent discourse was possible here.

    And yet, Wes, Yes—there I go again, engaging.


  20. houston fred Says:


    It is simply a case of your word. You promised everyone a final report letting it all out.

    It has nothing to do with any one else. Your word, your honor and our trust in you.

    Nuff said

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